Ariana Grande DESTROYS Fan Who Claims She Cheated on Mac Miller!

In case you needed a reminder that Ariana Grande radiates Big Vagina Energy, look no further than how she claps back at trolls.

Ariana is engaged to Pete Davidson, but one fan blasted her for naming a new song after him — and accused her of having cheated on her ex.

She clapped back hard. Take a look!

Ariana Grande, like so many of us, is literally counting down the days until the release of her new album, Sweetener.

She shared the track list for that album, which includes a song named after her love.

Unfortunately, one rude-ass “fan” decided to troll Ariana in the comments with a nasty jab at her fiance.

The so-called fan wrote: “Pete davidson will be the song I skip all the time.”

Ariana clapped back: “Awwwww boo f–king hoo Alexa play ‘Pete Davidson.'”

Ariana Grande Sweetener Tracklist

If you’re not familiar, the “Alexa play” meme — the punchline of which varies from song to song — was all the rage on the interwebs last month.

Unfortunately, the troll wasn’t done, and had the audacity to reply to Ariana’s clapback.

In this reply, the commenter accused Ariana of having cheated on Mac Miller with Pete Davidson.

“I didn’t but go off,” Ariana replied tersely.

Ariana’s retort continued with a request: “Can you like… go stan someone else? ur boring.”

(To stan someone is to aggressively support them, beyond the normal scope or enthusiasm of a regular fan)

We’ve heard this kind of cheating accusation malarkey before — because Ariana and Pete started dating so soon after their respective breakups.

Some people can’t wrap their heads around the speedy engagement and have decided that these two must have somehow been carrying on a secret affair.

(We’re pretty sure that speedy engagements can be explained by being young, in love, and having poor impulse control, but that’s none of our business)

Maybe cheating accusations aren’t as bad as the absurd claim that Ariana “caused” Mac Miller’s DUI hit-and-run, but it’s still crappy.

But we have a question about this commenter who stated that they would be skipping “Pete Davidson” on the album.

If you believe that Ariana cheated on Mac, wouldn’t you be skipping the entire dang album?

All of Sweetener is Ariana’s work, so if you think that she cheated and you also feel worked up about it, you’d probably skip every song.

Pete sounds like a bystander in that alleged situation, right?

It sounds like this trick-ass b–ch was just trying to elicit a reaction — any kind of reaction — from Ariana.

And it worked.

You know, we here at THG have our own takes on whether Ariana and Pete or Justin and Hailey will last longer in their engagements and actually make it down the aisle.

Between their obvious chemistry and Pete’s impressive dong, Ariana’s relationship seems a little more stable — and, for other reasons, a lot less shady.

But if you think that her engagement is doomed, you don’t have to tell her.

If you think that she was running around on Mac even though that’s totally out of character for her, you don’t have to tell her.

Being nice to people on the internet is actually 100% free, folks.


Abby Lee Miller Receives Visits, Comfort From Dance Mom Alums

Abby Lee Miller continues to battle cancer as she recovers from her latest emergency surgery. Life in the hospital is … not fun.

So who better to stop by to cheer her up than some Dance Moms alums?

There were, of course, pictures. Take a look!

Maesi Caes took to Instagram to share a photo from her visit with Abby Lee Miller.

She doesn’t specify why she needed to wear a face mask, but we suspect that it may have been a precaution to keep her from infecting Miller, who is probably immunocompromised.

“HERO,” Maesi writes, defining the word as: “‘An ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles'”

From a certain point of view, Maesi suggests, this definition could apply to her former dance teacher.

“…Miss Abby,” Maesi continues. “Thank you for being my hero.”

Maesi wasn’t the only one who showed up to lend some moral support.

“A very glum afternoon quickly turned BRIGHT,” Elliana Walmsley wrote on Instagram.

“Seeing the BEAUTIFUL @therealabbylee!” her caption continued.

Elliana gushed: “Loved chatting with her about old times, new times, and future times!!!!”

“A visit wouldn’t be complete without getting a private lesson! Feet!” she jokes. “Let’s show Miss Abby SOME LOVE by commenting her fav emojis.”

Abby Lee Miller herself shared an image of her with both girls, who were each wearing face masks.

“I guess it doesn’t matter where I am or what I’m doing,” Miller writes in the caption.

“The kids,” she says. “Always migrate right toward me!”

She then makes a joke.

Miller suggests: “I guess I’m more fun than their moms!”

Back in May, Abby Lee Miller sported a wig while receiving a visit from another Dance Moms alum, JoJo Siwa.

These days, JoJo is busy feuding with Danielle Bregoli. But in May, she made time for a visit.

Keeping to her usual, uber-positive brand, JoJo wrote: “Got to see my favorite today!”

“Abby you have changed my life for forever,” JoJo gushed. “I am so thankful for everything you have done for me.

JoJo wrote that Miller taught her “Table manners, how to survive in a plastic bubble, and more!”

“Thank you for letting us come by and visit you today!” JoJo wrote. “I love you. FOREVER.”

Millerhas also been visited by her godchild, Maddie Pietrusinski.

All of these visits are wonderful.

Is there a risk that Miller could be exposed to some sort of outside germs or infection? Unfortunately, yes.

But it seems that her doctors feel that the brightening of her mood brought on by these visits is worth it.

Abby Lee Miller underwent emergency spinal surgery when she was suddenly experiencing paralysis.

Sadly, it was worse than an infection. Miller was diagnosed with cancer. Specifically, Burkitt lymphoma.

Though reports claimt hat Miller is preparting for the worst, the good news is that the recovery rate for this cancer is high, and that it responds quickly to treatment.

Fans hold out hope that Miller will make a full recovery, and soon.

It looks like she’s expected to make it just fine — because Dance Moms is holding auditions for its next season, and Miller herself is set to star.


Abby Lee Miller: Holding Dance Moms Auditions While Undergoing Chemo

Just a couple of weeks ago, Abby Lee Miller teased the return of Dance Moms.

Now, sources are confirming that the series is coming back for an 8th season, starring Miller, who is already looking for fresh-faced new stars.

Not bad for a woman undergoing chemotherapy for cancer just months after getting out of prison, wouldn’t you say?

Yes, if Miller’s own tease (or threat!) that she was coming back to star on more Dance Moms wasn’t enough for you, worry no longer.

A source confirms to Entertainment Tonight that Dance Moms is returning. This will be the show’s 8th season.

And, though Dancing With The Stars pro Cheryl Burke temporarily took the reigns last year, Miller will be back.

If you were hoping for further proof, the Dance Moms casting page is looking for new cast members, ages 7 to 12.

And Miller is in charge.

The page says: “Abby Lee Miller is currently holding auditions for her new ALDC elite competition team.”

Miller is known to have complained about unbearable working situations on Dance Moms in the past, but she has made it clear that this was not the fault of the children.

“I don’t have a problem working with any kid,” Abby wrote. “I love children and have dedicated my life to making other people’s children successful!”

Some have accused of her of being overbearing in dealing with children or of being unpleasant and harsh.

But Miller says that her issue with Dance Moms had less to do with the children and everything to do with male producers.



Miller is battling more than producers at the moment, however, which is why this Dance Moms news comes as something of a shock to so many people.

She has Burkitt lymphoma, a type of fast-spreading cancer that threatened to paralyze her just months ago. It was during her first emergency spinal surgery that doctors were able to identify that the “infection” was cancer.

The good news is that Burkitt generally has a 90% recovery rate.

The bad news is that it’s usually found in children, and the recovery rate in adults is said to be lower.

The other good news is that, because Burkitt lymphoma is a fast-spreading cancer, doctors say that it also responds quickly to treatment.

Last month, Abby Lee Miller underwent a second emergency surgery as part of her ongoing cancer battle.

The Dance Moms star even shared a graphic post-op photo, showing how the incision along her spine was healing.

Hopefully, she will not need to undergo any further drastic procedures.

For her sake, and for the sake of her return to the reality series that launched her to fame.

But while we don’t foresee Miller spendng a lot of time flashing her back scars on camera, there’s likely to be one difficult-to-ignore sign of her cancer battle when she starts filming the series in earnest.

In Miller’s most recent photos, she has been covering her head — with hats or towels.

In others, she simply keeps her hair out of the camera’s view.

Recently, she posted “Hair today, gone tomorrow” to her Instagram captions, warning followes that she anticipated hair loss as she undergoes chemotherapy treatments.

Many fans expect that she will wear wigs while on Dance Moms.

But it is indisputably better to lose your hair for a little while than to lose your life.

It also remains unclear how much of Miller’s cancer battle will be addressed on the series. It may be that she is soon cancer-free.

At the moment, she is focused on casting. Would you want your child to star on Dance Moms?


Stephen Miller Owns the Libs By Throwing Out His Own Damn Dinner

In case you’ve somehow been blissfully unaware of his existence, allow us to fill you in on the newly-hatched-larva-turned-Trump-policy-advisor whos’s adopted the human name of Stephen Miller.

Miller is, to put it bluntly, the absolute worst.

As if you couldn’t tell from those soulless pits of suffering he calls eyes, Miller is the kind of guy whose lonely and humiliating teen years drove him to a life of supervillainy, but whose lack of intellect prevented him from going full-Thanos.

The MAGA crowd is torn on Miller.

On the plus side, he’s fully committed to the cause of evil.

(It’s Miller who’s said to be most responsible for the Trump administration’s decision to separate immigrant children from their families. One source claimed the 32-year-old “enjoys” seeing photos of kids in cages.)

But on the other hand, Miller’s rodent-like appearance and Woody Allen-like mannerisms are basically what the average irate Trump supporter sees when he closes his eyes and envisions a “cuck,” something he presumably does several dozen times a day.

Stephen Miller Image

So perhaps we can all put momentarily set aside our political differences (Ed. note: LOLOLOLOL) and share in a laugh over Lil Stevey’s recent unagi-related misfortune.

You see, Miller is the latest victim of the objectively awesome trend of regular citizens giving Trump staffers hell in public places.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders was kicked out of a restaurant; Scott Pruitt caught heat from a sh-t-talking mom and then freakin’ resigned; Kellyanne Conway can’t walk down the street without passersby shouting Bible verses in hopes that she’ll explode into  Stephen Miller …

As for Stephen Miller, well … he threw out $ 80 worth of sushi and then bragged about it for some reason.

Yes, according to a new feature in The Washington Post that details the various ways in which being a Trump staffer will justly ruin your life, Miller recently picked up a to-go order from a sushi restaurant near his apartment in D.C.

As he was leaving the establishment, Miller heard someone shout his name.

Stehphen Miller Pic

He turned to see a bartender from the restaurant hitting him with a pair of one-digit salutes.

Being a member of the most ultra-masculine, supremely-alpha administration in history, Miller naturally pulled a U-turn and swiftly kicked the guy’s ass.

Just kidding, he scurried back to his apartment and tossed the sushi in the trash.

Then for some reason, he told his co-workers about the incident the next day, presumably thinking he would receive a round of high-fives and even a seductive look from a comely intern.

Instead, Miller has once again assumed the role of national laughingstock, and he has no one to blame but himself.

At least when Trump wanted to exact revenge on the people who picked on him, he did something that made sense like stealing an election.

American democracy can be rebuilt, but once your California rolls hit this morning’s coffee grounds, they’re gone forever.


Abby Lee Miller Shares Graphic Pic Following Second Emergency Surgery

Last month, Abby Lee Miller underwent a second emergency surgery on her spine. The once-and-future Dance Moms star’s cancer spreads quickly, and requires swift treatment.

Miller has now updated fans on how her spine is healing, sharing a graphic photo of her progress.

Be warned, folks. This photo is not for the faint of heart.

Abby Lee Miller is battling cancer. She has Burkitt lymphoma, a fast-spreading cancer that is usually only found in children, but there are adult cases.

She’s shared this new photo (below) update.

First, Miller provides a little context, writing: “After the 2nd surgery.”

The second surgery was performed after an MRI led her doctors to believe that it was necessary.

“My back,” Miller announces. “Is finally on the mend.”

Healing from surgery is zero fun, but healing from spinal surgery is worse. You cannot even rest on your back for a long time, for obvious reasons.

“I just wish,” Miller adds. “The top section & bottom would hurry along too!”

Abby Lee Miller back surgery pic 1 july 2018

There is the photo. As she mentiones, there appears to be faster healing along the center.

“I had 52 staples perfectly aligned,” Miller describes.

Surgical staples are often used to repair long incisions for certain procedures.

“And now,” Miller laments. “A bunch of crazy stitches are holding my neck & lumbar region together!”

If that thought makes you a little queasy, you’re not alone.

She ends her captions with tags, writing: “#abbyleemiller #abbylee #dancemoms @hoomanmelamedmd #aldc #aldcla #spjne #disc”

Dr. Hooman Melamed is her orthopedic spine surgeon.

Burkitt lymphoma has a 90% recovery rate in children. In adults, who are less likely to have it, the recovery rate is somewhat lower.

But not only is Miller getting necessary treatments, including chemotherapy, it sounds like she has a positive attitude.

Even so, reports say that Abby Lee Miller is prepared for the worst as she continues with her treatments. That is smart, even if it can feel a little grim.

Through a combination of surgeries, chemo, and radiation, fans hope and pray that Miller can make a full recovery.

The good news about Burkitt is that because it spreads quickly, it also tends to respond to treatments faster than slow-growing cancers.

Sometimes, you have to focus on the positives and be hopeful.

Fortunately, Miller has a lot to which she can look forward.

First of all, prison is behind her. She’s done with her time behind bars and she’s also done with her time in a halfway house.

Second of all, to the shock (and joy) of countless fans, Dance Moms is coming back.

Miller surprised fans with an informal announcement on Instagram.

But, honestly, if anyone’s going to break that news, it should really be Miller, right?

Still, people’s fingers are crossed for Miller.

Her back may still be healing from her surgery, but she’s also working hard to combat the cancer itself.

Miller is 51 years old and only got out of prison a few months ago.

She can conquer Burkitt lymphoma, but it will take a lot. Cancer always exacts its toll.


Abby Lee Miller Teases the Return of Dance Moms!!!

Earlier this month, Abby Lee Miller had to undergo a second emergency surgery as part of her ongoing battle with cancer.

But she did share some good news … though it does not directly pertain to her health.

She has announced — sort of — that Dance Moms is getting an eighth season despite its cancellation. Is it true?!

In a birthday post to young Dance Moms stars Lilliana Ketchman and Elliana Walmsley, Miller lets slip some exciting information.

“Happy Birthday to you two!!! @lillykofficial & @ellianawalmsley_,” Miller writes.

She adds a note, remarking on their growth: “Do those coats still fit?”

But this is where it gets less cheesey and much more interesting.

“There is a Rumor about Season 8,” Miller writes. “We might be headed some place cold!”

The last that anyone had really heard, the series had been cancelled. That was in May. It sounds like Lifetime has changed its tune.

“Anybody have thoughts on this?” Miller asks, before tagging: “#aldcla #aldc #abbyleemiller #dancemoms #abbylee #thebestisyettocome”

Abby Lee Miller teases Dance Moms Season 8

Earlier in June, Miller had teased that something good was coming on Instagram.

“I ‘heard’ some amazing news today!” Miller wrote. “Can anybody take a guess at what it was?”

Though the most obvious reply would be that it was something positive regarding her harrowing battle with Burkitt lymphoma, many fans immediately latched onto a different idea.

Now it sounds like those fans were correct.

Assuming that Abby Lee Miller’s apparent announcement on Saturday was true, that is.

But it would be very strange for her to make such a post if it is not true.

Abby Lee Miller’s cancer diagnosis came as a shock.

She had only just completed her sentence in prison and was staying at a halfway house.

She had to undergo her first emergency surgery after a strange and rapidly-spreading paralysis began to impair her movements.

It was only during surgery, which doctors were performing in order to relieve pressure that they believe that an infection was causing her on her spine, that they discovered that the culprit was worse.

Burkitt lymphoma, more often seen in the developing world and usually seen in children, was afflicting Miller.

The bad news is that it is the kind of cancer that spreads quickly.

The good news is that this particular fast-spreading cancer tends to respond quickly to treatments — and, though the rate is somewhat lower in adults, Burkitt lymphoma usually has a 90% recovery rate.

After two intense back surgeries, Miller’s outlook sounds like it is mostly positive.

She also shared that she has begun chemotherapy.

In an Instagram post, she wrote: “Hair today, gone tomorrow” and tagged it “#chemo.”

Though she is not yet exhibiting any signs of hair loss in her Instagram photos, it is a known and feared side-effect that can occur in some people while undergoing certain forms of chemotherapy.

We hope that Miller will, at least, get to keep her thick, curly hair as she undergoes this harrowing battle.

But if she does lose her hair temporarily, it is ultimately what many cancer survivors consider a small price to pay for their lives.

Fans have their fingers crossed that this news about Season 8 of Dance Moms is real.

But they should remember that Miller still has one hell of a battle for her health and her life ahead of her.

We’ve been critical of some of Miller’s behaviors and choices in the past, but she doesn’t deserve this terrible battle with cancer. No one does.

We hope that she makes a full recovery soon and that it is as painless as possible.


Bode Miller: Listen to Tragic 911 Call About His Daughter


The following video is very difficult to watch.

It features the audio of Bode Miller's wife calling 911 immediately after she learns that her 19-month old daughter has fallen into a friend's swimming pool.

As previously detailed, little Emmy Miller was with her mom, Morgan Beck, when this tragedy struck.

(The young girl's father, Bode Miller, is a multi-time Olympic skiier who won a Gold Medal in 2010, hence why this story has gone viral.)

The infant was retrieved from the water and, according to this just-released call, did actually have a pulse upon being found and brought to land.

On Sunday, June 10, 2018 at 6:28 p.m. a call was placed to authorities, upon which an operator was told that a “baby fell into the pool.”

“Is the baby breathing?” the operator asks the woman, who responds with, “No.”

“Are you doing CPR or do you need me to coach you through it?” the dispatcher later asks.

The woman replies: “Coach me through it, please.”

A man in the background then says that the child does, indeed, have a "small pulse," prompting the operator to say that CPR is not needed and paramedics are "coming as fast as they can."

“Come on, Emmy. Come on, baby girl!” the woman tragically says at another point.

It really is heartwrenching.

Said the parents in a statement shortly after they lost their daughter:

“We are beyond devastated. Our baby girl, Emmy, passed away yesterday.

"Never in a million years did we think we would experience a pain like this. Her love, her light, her spirit will never be forgotten.

"Our little girl loved life and lived it to its fullest everyday. Our family respectfully requests privacy during this painful time.”

Listen to the 911 audio below and join us in sending Bode Miller and his family your condolences…

Bode miller listen to tragic 911 call about his daughter

Abby Lee Miller Undergoes Second Emergency Surgery

Back in April, former Dance Moms star Abby Lee Miller had emergency back surgery after a rapidly spreading paralysis threatened her life.

That paralysis turned out to be the result of a form of cancer called Burkitt lymphoma.

Now, Miller has revealed that she had to undergo a second emergency surgery. This does not sound good.

Abby Lee Miller took to Instagram with a surprisingly calm tone to share the news with fans and followers.

“After another 2 hour MRI this morning,” she begins.

Remember, she is battling a fast-spreading cancer in some very delicate parts of her body — doctors need to keep a close eye on where and how it spreads or does not spread.

“The pros thought I needed one more quick little emergency surgery!”

Her next word is more or less what you would imagine.


Surgery is always serious. When the word emergency is slapped in front of it, it is worse.

“I’m in recovery now and texting so everything must be ok.”

Abby Lee Miller second surgery pic

Miller continues to put on a brave face, acting as if the surgery were merely an inconvenience.

“Just hiccups in my plans!”

She explains that she is genuinely very busy at the moment.

“I’m on a tight schedule; shooting two projects and I need to get out of here and on with my life!!!”

Obviously, we hope that she is able to continue uninterrupted by yet another heatlh crisis.

Abby’s post continues, as she asks fans to continue to send her good vibes for a swift and full recovery.

“Please keep me in your prayers.”

She wants everyone to know how much she appreciates their emotional support.

“I’m grateful for all the well wishes!”

She finishes her post with a series of tags.

“#ALDC #aldcla #dancemoms #abbyleemiller #lymphoma @hoomanmelamedmd”

Note that her last tag is of Dr. Hooman Melamed, her doctor.

It is worth noting that she was seeing him for his spinal expertise more than a year before her cancer diagnosis.

Another recent post by Miller shares some sage advice with her fans and followers.

Beside a photo of her head tilted back so that she can enjoy a faceful of somewhat filtered solar radiation, Miller writes:

“Going outside to feel the sun on my face was wonderful!!!”

If you’re a person who enjoys sunlight, spending the better part of a year in prison and then weeks in the hospital would make you feel almost starved for some Vitamin D.

(We mean literal Vitamin D, which your body can make from sunlight. Not the euphemism for penis. Though that may also be the case for the newly freed)

“Kids, never take anything in this world for granted!”

That is very good advice.

Simple “luxuries” like being able to choose your own meals or go outside when you choose seem almost beneath your notice until you no longer have those choices.

“It can all change so suddenly!”

Remember, undergoing major surgery that involves her spine meant that she’s been cooped up, recovering, for a while now.

“The Brilliant Dr. B cleared me for sunning this afternoon!”

She was clearly enjoying her time outside.

“Woo Hoo! Thank you sir!”

We wish her the best and hope that this second emergency surgery does not keep her cooped up for too long.

Mostly, we just hopes that she beats this cancer.