Mac Miller 1st Grammy Nom … for Best Rap Album

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Another reason for Mac Miller’s fans to celebrate his life and music — the late rapper just got his first ever Grammy nomination.

The Recording Academy announced Friday morning Mac Miller’s “Swimming” is nominated for rap album of the year. The album’s got hefty competition … going up against Cardi B (Invasion of Privacy), Nipsey Hussle (Victory Lap), Pusha T (Daytona) and Travis Scott (Astroworld).

“Swimming” peaked at no. 3 on the Billboard charts when it was released back in August. It returned to the top 10 following his death in September.

TMZ broke the story … Mac died from an accidental overdose.

“Swimming” got rave reviews, including from Rolling Stone which said Mac revealed “himself to be a sympathetic, even winning presence.”

BTW, Mac wasn’t the only artist to earn a posthumous nomination. Chris Cornell — nominated 4 previous times — is up for best rock performance. Chris died by suicide in May.

Boxing’s Jarrell Miller Calls Out Deontay Wilder Trump Used You!


Deontay Wilder is being called out for hypocrisy by a heavyweight contender who loved Wilder’s passionate rant about racism, but HATED the fact Wilder visited President Trump.

After Wilder told Tyson Fury that black people have been fighting in this country for 400 years — he went off on a radio host who asked him to explain the comment. 

Wilder exploded with a passionate rant about how black people have been oppressed and mistreated in the U.S. — and he was offended that the radio host pushed him on the topic.  

But, undefeated boxing star Jarrell “Big Baby” Miller has a problem with Wilder … claiming he undermined his own message by meeting with President Trump back in May. 

Wilder had visited Trump’s White House with Sylvester Stallone and others as part of the group paying homage to Jack Johnson … after President Trump pardoned the late boxer for a 1913 conviction many believe was racially motivated. 

Miller — a legit Top 5 heavyweight contender who’s lined up to fight either Wilder or Anthony Joshua this year — says Wilder got used by Trump to curry favor with African Americans … and it’s a stain on his public image. 

“LeBron James, Steph Curry, a lot of other guys didn’t want to go up to the White House because they knew what Trump was doing was just using black athletes as a shade to hopefully get black voters to get on his good side.”

Miller sees this as Deontay talking out of both sides of his mouth and, although he loved Thursday’s rant, he’s got a message for Deontay when it comes to racial issues. 

“We have to have the same energy all the time.”

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Abby Lee Miller Returns to Dance Moms, Still Unable to Walk

This summer, we reported that Abby Lee Miller was holding Dance Moms auditions despite continuing to undergo chemo treatments.

Now, those auditions have borne fruit.

Despite fears that she will never walk again, Miller has returned to work — and is filming for Dance Moms.

On Tuesday, November 6, Abby Lee Miller shared this photo on Instagram.

“Grrrrrrrr!!!!” she wrote in the captions. “Back to the daily grind.”

That means that she is officially back to work filming Dance Moms.

It has been more than a year and a half since she departed the show (which was a couple of months before she reported to prison).

“Comment if you can guess what we’re shooting today?” she asks her fans.

She also shared a weirder pic.

Abby Lee Miller wheelchair shenanigans

Then there is this photo that we would be at a loss to explain without the caption.

“I think this dancer is finished making QUICK CHANGES from 1 Costume to another!!!” Miller captions the pic.

It’s a very goofy photo and, without that context, we’d never have guessed that it was a costume change.

Miller concluded her caption: “Thanks to all for a great day of work!”

Well, that’s certainly a behind-the-scenes look that you don’t see every day.

Abby Lee Miller is no longer staying in rehab.

As you can see in this photo (which has been edited, but she’s fighting cancer and it’s very understandable), she enjoyed pumpkin season.

Unfortunately, reports say that Miller’s departure from rehab in September had less to do with being on the mend.

They had more to do with money.

Receiving around-the-clock care is expensive.

Now she is at home and remains unable to walk.

From the beginning, before she was even diagnosed, her Burkitt lymphoma manifested in the form of creeping paralysis.

Doctors initially assumed that she had an infection, and performed an emergency spinal surgery.

Upon examining her spine, however, doctors discovered that she did not have an infection, but a rare form of non-Hodgkins lymphoma known as Burkitt lymphoma.

Burkitt is generally found in children, where it has a high recovery rate.

This fast-spreading cancer is rarer in adults, where recovery rates are said to be somewhat lower.

The good news is that fast-spreading cancers are typically more receptive to treatment than slow-spreading but resilient cancers.

That is a small comfort, but you take good news when you can.

Adding insult to injury, Miller was still at a halfway home when she received this diagnosis.

That’s right. Last summer she entered prison to begin serving her 366-day sentence.

She hadn’t yet been fully released by the state of California (a halfway house is not freedom, folks) before she began this serious cancer battle.

We’ve been deservedly harsh on Miller, but she does not deserve to be fighting for her life.

But now Miller is back to work.

We hope that her health will continue to improve.

Her wig is very close to her natural hair and it looks like she’s approaching Dance Moms with a positive attitude.

Sometimes, that’s all that you can do.

We should note that Lifetime has not yet announced a return date for the hit reality series.


Lil Xan: I Don’t Want to End Up Like Mac Miller But I Can’t Quit Drugs!

It’s a frightening time for young celebrities, as an epidemic of addiction and substance abuse is claiming lives in Hollywood at an astonishing rate.

Over the course of the past year, a number of promising lives have been lost or forever changed by opioids and other prescription pills, and it seems that there’s no solution to the problem in sight.

In July, Demi Lovato’s near-fatal overdose left fans praying for the singer’s recovery.

(Lovato recently celebrated 90 days of sobriety.)

The death of Mac Miller in September stunned the hip-hop world and left many of his fellow artists thinking twice about lyrics and lifestyles that glorify substance abuse.

One such artist is Lil Xan.

Xan is so steeped in modern hip-hop drug culture that his stage name is a reference to his former substance of choice.

The 23-year-old recently opened up to TMZ in a surprisingly candid new interview in which he discusses his conflicted feelings toward drugs and the music that glorifies them.

The rapper says he’s kicked his addiction to Xanax, but is still “weaning” himself away from other pills.

In the interview, Xan reveals that he sold drugs before making it big in music.

But he also insists he was a drug dealer with a conscience and quit dealing when the often-fatal Fentanyl hit the scene.

“My friends were taking it; they were puking. I was like I can’t … I’m out the game,” Xan says of his decision to retire from dealing and focus on music.

Xan says that like Demi, he’s capable of long periods of sobriety, but notes that he is currently off the wagon.

“I relapsed, and that’s common … Any other addict would understand that sh-t just happens,” he tells TMZ.

“You just relapse. You don’t want to. It’s a process. You need treatment and help, and sometimes that doesn’t even help.”

“It has to come from within. That’s what I’ve learned,” Xan says.

“I’ve gone periods of like six months clean of everything. And that was because of me. I wanted to be clean.”

When the interviewer states that Xan is “clean now,” he corrects her:

“I’m not completely clean. Off Xanax, yes, but I’m still weaning off Norcos [a brand of codeine-based painkiller],” he says.

Xan says he is currently not in rehab, but is living in seclusion “in the forest.”

He adds that he plans to remain in hiding until the release of his upcoming album, which he has described as a tribute to his “hero,” Mac Miller.

We wish Lil Xan all the best in his recovery.


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Ariana Grande Releases Song Just Before ‘SNL’ Referencing Pete Davidson, Mac Miller

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Ariana Grande: SLAMMED For Skipping Mac Miller Tribute Concert!

Back in September, rapper Mac Miller passed away from an overdose after years of battling addiction.

Last night in Los Angeles, fans, loved ones, and colleagues from the music world gathered together to pay tribute to the late emcee.

John Mayer, Travis Scott and Chance the Rapper were among the A-listers who performed, but one star was noticeably absent.

Miller’s former girlfriend, Ariana Grande, opted out of participating in the evening’s festivities.

On social media, some Miller fans were critical of Grande’s decision not to participate, with many pointing out that the concert was both an opportunity to pay tribute to the late musician and a fundraiser for arts education.

Others took note of the fact that Grande paid tribute to Miller on Instagram, where she posed with his beloved dog while wearing a hoodie he designed himself:

Ariana Hoodie

“She is still deeply grieving and chose to pay respect in her own way,” a source close to the situation tells Radar Online.

“Ariana is now focusing her time and energy on her music and upcoming tour, which she is very excited about,” the insider adds.

“It’s what Mac would want.”

Miller and Grande broke up in May after more than two years of dating.

There was no mention of either that relationship or Miller’s fatal substance abuse issues during the concert.

On stage, artists paid tribute to Miller through music.

Mayer performed a cover of Miller’s “Small Worlds” while Vince Staples and Anderson Paak both performed songs on which they collaborated with Miller.

Between songs, friends spoke of their fondest memories of Miller, with Chance the Rapper offering one of the night’s most memorable moments:

“Mac, thank you for so many different things,” the emcee said of his late friend.

“Thank you for the music you made; thank you for the music that you provided other people with, for the opportunities that you provided me with, but overall, for the friendships that you built through your music and through your artistry.”

Along with several other performers, Chance credited Miller with inspiring him as an artist and a performer, but most importantly as a human being.