Mac Miller: Will His Friends Face Criminal Charges?

It’s been nearly a week since rapper Mac Miller passed away after suffering a drug overdose at his San Fernando Valley home.

Though authorities have yet to determine Miller’s cause of death, all signs seem to indicate that he finally succumbed to the substance abuse issues that had plagued him throughout his life.

Small amounts of powdery white substances believed to be drugs in the opioid family were reportedly found in Miller’s home.

And a 911 call seemed to indicate that panicked friends of Miller were had little doubt as to the cause of his condition.

The fact that he was not alone at the time of his death combined with the revelation that Miller had been dead for several hours before authorities arrived led to rumors that there would be an investigation as a result of possible foul play.

For now, however, it looks as though police are treating Miller’s death as a tragic accident.

“This is strictly a Coroner’s Office case at this time,” Sgt. Barry Montgomery, a spokesman for the LAPD, told Radar Online.

“As far as we are concerned, we are not investigating it as a criminal activity.”

Officially, the cause of Miller’s death is labeled as “deferred” pending the results of a toxicology report.

Fans have expressed shock over the fact that there will be no investigation, as early reports about Miller’s final hours seemed to indicate a chaotic scene.

And for many, the length of time between when the rapper died and when his body was found suggested criminal negligence.

Witnesses told police that a group consisting mostly of young men was “coming in and out all night” in the hours before Miller’s death, breaking bottles and engaging in other destructive acts.

Sources claim several people left the home in a hurry just before police arrived.

“They seemed in a rush to go,” claimed one onlooker.

Sadly, many who knew Miller best were not surprised by his tragic passing.

Miller’s substance abuse issues were a major factor in his recent breakup with Ariana Grande, and she was one of many who implored him to get sober.

On Wednesday, Miller’s body was shipped from Los Angeles to Pittsburgh so that he could be laid to rest in his hometown.

Our thoughts go out to Mac Miller’s loved ones during this difficult time.


Ariana Grande: Living a “Nightmare” Following Mac Miller Death

On Friday, the world learned of the passing of rapper Mac Miller, who died of an apparent drug overdose at the age of 26.

The outpouring of love for Miller and the support for his grieving family has been nonstop in the days since his untimely passing.

And today, two new developments serve as reminders of just how many lives Mac touched in his short time on earth and how keenly his loss is felt by those who loved him.

First, People magazine reported that Miller’s former girlfriend Ariana Grande is devastated by his death, to the point that she’s shown no interest in leaving the house, and loved ones have begun to fear that she’s neglecting her health.

“She completely broke down after she found out about Mac,” a source told People of Grande’s state.

“She can’t believe he isn’t here anymore. He was such a special person to her. She is very, very sad.”

The insider concluded:

“This is a nightmare for her.”

While few were as close with Mac as Ariana was, millions felt a kinship with the rapper, largely due to the confessional, soul-baring nature of his work.

Though he never achieved the mainstream superstardom so many felt he deserved, Miller remains an icon in his hometown of Pittsburgh.

And last night, the city paid tribute to Mac with a candlelight vigil in Frick Park Blue Slide a location made famous as the title of Miller’s debut album.

“We would like to bring the city together in full force for this legendary icon,” read a Facebook post about the event, which was hosted by Nightfall Records.

“Mac deserves to be sent off with an evening of celebrating his life, discussing his struggles, and remembering his stories; most importantly for his iconic work that brought joy into the lives of everybody who listened,” the post continued.

“We are welcoming all artists to come and paint, create, draw, live tribute art for this event.”

On social media as well as in the physical world, many paying tribute to Miller say their intentions are twofold:

They wish to call attention to the music of an underappreciated talent, as well as to raise awareness of the struggles that led to Mac’s untimely passing, so that others might avoid the same fate.

We wish them luck in those endeavors, and our thoughts go out to all who have been affected by the passing of Mac Miller.


Mac Miller: Medical Examiner Says Cause of Death Is a Mystery …

Last week, fans were stunned to learn that Mac Miller had passed away at the age of 26.

Though it was reported as an apparent drug overdose, police did not really find evidence of that when they searched the late rapper’s home.

And now his death certificate has come back … with no real answers for his fans and loved ones.

TMZ reports that the L.A. County medical examiner’s report has come back on Mac Miller, but it’s not giving people the closure that they seek.

Right now, Miller’s cause of death is “deferred.”

That means that the medical examiner is still unprepared to rule on his official cause of death.

Naturally, the office is awaiting the results of Miller’s toxicology panel. We imagine that they will leave no stone unturned as they test for substances.

Unfortunately, that may take a while. TMZ notes that toxicology results tend to take 4 to 6 weeks to come back.

So the world will have to wait until October, most likely, for confirmation of Miller’s cause of death and that much needed closure.

But issuing a death certificate before the toxicology results come back is no fool’s errand — it has a purpose.

TMZ notes that the release of this document means that Miller’s family can obtain the body and make plans to bury, cremate, or otherwise lay him to rest.

It also means that the medical examiner probably did not find anything suspicion during the examination — no odd fractures or ligature marks that might indicate that Miller’s death was merely staged to resemble an overdose.

While the toxicology results will hopefully bring the family a degree of closure, the certificate will allow them to honor his memory and his death.

As we mentioned, police searched Miller’s home, but did not find what you’d expect to see in the home of a man with a substance abuse problem.

Police found only a small amount of white powder, but did not find drugs, pill bottles, or drug paraphernalia.

Reaching the natural conclusion that Miller did not clean his house, then overdose, they came to believe that someone purged Miller’s home of all drugs before police had the chance to do a sweep.

It seems most likely that a well-intentioned friend of Miller’s hoped to avoid awkwardness or embarrassment for Miller’s family and memory.

But, in general, it’s best to let investigators see as much evidence as possible when someone has died.

Miller was last seen alive on the night of Thursday, Septeber 6. He had friends at his home.

He was scheduled for a video shoot on Friday, but was found unresponsive that day, resulting in a 9-1-1 call at around noon.

Emergency responders arrived, but pronounced him dead at the scene.

It is unclear exactly when he may have passed away, but so far, no one has come forward to claim that they saw him alive after Thursday night.

This is heartbreaking for his fans, his friends, and most of all, for his closest loved ones.

Unfortunately, some people had the sheer audacity to blame Ariana Grande for Mac Miller’s death.

These awful trolls claimed that if Ariana had simply continued to date him as some sort of human emotional support blanket, he would still be alive.

Ariana’s responsibility is to live her own life. She dated Miller for two years, but ultimately his substance abuse problems played a huge role in their breakup.

The fact that she moved on and found happiness with Pete Davidson does not in any way make her responsible for Miller’s death.

Miller wasn’t the victim of a breakup. He was the victim of addiction.


Mac Miller: Home Cleaned, Purged of All Drugs After Reported Overdose, Police Believe

On Friday, the world lost a great talent. Mac Miller passed away at 26 of an apparent drug overdose.

Police seem confident that Miller died of an overdose, but when they searched his home for drugs, they found almost nothing.

They believe that someone or several someone’s cleaned Miller’s home, removing all evidence of drug use, before they had a chance to investigate.

According to TMZ‘s law enforcement sources, Mac Miller’s home was swept for drugs, which were all removed in the immediate aftermath of Miller’s passing.

Police believe this for three reasons.

One, police were unable to find any drugs in the home of a man who is believed to have died from an overdose — a man who is known for substance abuse problems.

Two, police have apparently spoken to a number of people who were in Miller’s orbit, which apparently made them more certain that his home was “tidied.”

Three, they very reasonably have a hard time imagining that Miller removed all drugs from his home before his alleged overdose.

Not only did the police search fail to find drugs (for the most part), they also didn’t turn up any pill bottles or drug paraphernalia.

(Plenty of homes of people with no substance abuse problems have old pill bottles lying around at the back of a cabinet somewhere, so that’s definitely odd)

Apparently police did find a “tiny” amount of white powder.

It’s unknown who may have cleaned Miller’s home for him, though people were at his house on Thursday night as well as on Friday when someone called 9-1-1.

Police report that no one has said that they saw Miller alive after Thursday night.

It is entirely possible that someone thought that they were doing Miller or his loved ones a favor by scrubbing his house clean of evidence of his drug use.

For all that we know, he may have asked a friend to do just this if he ever overdosed.

Worst case scenario, however, he appears to have overdosed because of some flaw with the drugs in his possession, and someone took everything so that his death could not be traced to them.

We hope not, but that is precisely the reason that law enforcement needs to be able to look at all of the evidence when someone dies.

You might think that you’re doing someone a favor, but you may just leave their grieving loved ones with more questions and less closure.

Miller was found unresponsive in his Studio City home at around noon on Friday, September 7.

A friend called 9-1-1, asking for immediate assistance for a patient in cardiac arrest.

Tragically, Miller was pronounced dead at the scene by emergency medical responders. He had been scheduled for a video shoot later that very day.

Miller’s history of substance abuse was no secret. Earlier this year, Mac Miller’s DUI hit-and-run resulted in his arrest.

Years ago, Miller opened up about his substance abuse issues through music, admitting to an addiction to a combination of promethazine and codeine known as “purple drank.”

Mac Miller’s death is absolutely tragic. Unfortunately, the narrative that immediately followed his passing has also been heartbreaking.

Awful trolls blamed Ariana Grande for his death.

Suggesting that she should never have broken up with him, or at least not found happiness when she moved on, people actually sought to fault his ex.

In reality, Miller’s substance abuse problem was a huge factor in Ariana’s decision to break up with him in the first place.

The right narrative is that it’s tragic for such a talented young man to die at 26.

Addiction is almost certainly to blame.

We hope that investigators, even working without all of the evidence that they might like, will be able to provide closure to Miller’s family, friends, and fans.