Mac Miller: Arrested For DUI Hit and Run!

It’s been a rough month for rapper Mac Miller.

Last week brought news that Miller and Ariana Grande had broken up after two years of dating.

Now, Mac finds himself in some serious trouble with the law.

According to TMZ, Miller was arrested in the San Fernando Valley last night after allegedly crashing his car while drunk.

Sources say he struck and knocked over a power pole with his 2016 G-Wagon.

That’s pretty bad on its own, but here’s where Mac really messed up.

According to a police report, an eyewitness saw Miller and his two passengers flee the scene on foot.

The onlooker called the police, who arrived at the scene shortly thereafter and ran Mac’s plates.

When they arrived at his house, an intoxicated Miller confessed to his crime and was promptly cuffed, arrested, and taken into custody.

Mac’s bail was set at $ 15,000, and insiders say he’s currently still behind bars.

Needless to say, the 26-year-old has a whole lot of legal headaches in his immediate future.

Fortunately, it seems the situation didn’t cause Mac to abandon his famously affable demeanor.

“He was the most polite and nice intoxicated person we’ve ever seen,” one of the arresting officers tells TMZ.

We suppose that’s a silver lining!

Despite recording four acclaimed hip-hop albums, Miller is best known in the mainstream for his relationship with Grande.

The Pittsburgh native and the pop princess were inseparable during their two years as a couple, and he famously supported Grande in the wake of the 2017 bombing at her concert in Manchester.

The couple has not given a reason for their split, but they reportedly parted ways on good terms.

By all accounts, Mac is a mensch, and his career and reputation will probably recover from today’s scandal.

Of course, driving while intoxicated is not something to be taken lightly, and it’ll probably be a while before Mac is able to come back from this.

Here’s hoping he’s able to find the help he needs and make better decisions going forward.


Ariana Grande & Mac Miller: It’s OVER!

Sad news out of the music world today, as a genuinely beloved couple has called it quits.

TMZ has confirmed that Ariana Grande and Mac Miller have broken up after two years of dating.

The artists have yet to confirm that their relationship has come to an end, but fans have jumped to the conclusion that their silence is currently speaking volumes.

After all, this was no mere fling.

Rumors of Grande and Miller getting married have been circulating for months, and the couple did little to discourage them.

Recently, there were even false reports that Grande was pregnant with Miller’s baby.

So if Ariana and Mac were still together, they would likely be quick to refute claims that they’d split up.

It’s not hard to see why fans are taking their lack of a statement on the matter as tacit confirmation that the breakup rumors are true.

Grande and Miller began dating back in 2016 and quickly made their relationship public.

In the years since, the two have been nearly inseparable.

As artists, they collaborated on such popular songs as “The Way” and “My Favorite Part.”

Those who know them best say Mac and Ariana were brought even closer by the 2017 bombing at Grande’s concert in Manchester that claimed 20 lives.

The tragedy remains a source of profound trauma for Ariana, and Mac was reportedly her primary source of support in the weeks after the attack.

There’s been no word on what caused Grande and Miller to call it quits, but insiders say the split was amicable.

According to TMZ, both parties have made it clear that “they love each other dearly and that will continue to be the case.”

Despite claims that they simply grew apart, however, the breakup does appear to have been sudden.

Just a few weeks ago, Miller publicly heaped praise upon Grande following the release of her latest single, “No Tears Left to Cry.”

We’ll have further updates on this developing story as more information becomes available.


Abby Lee Miller: Struggling During Chemo Treatments

Abby Lee Miller has cancer.

Though she is reportedly getting her affairs in order in case her cancer proves to be terminal, she’s fighting it.

A new report sheds some light on how that is going.

A source tells People the details of Abby Lee Miller’s cancer battle as she remains in the hospital.

“She is undergoing chemo and has good days and bad days.”

If you know someone who has undergone chemotherapy for cancer or for any other ailment, you know how hard that can be on a person.

“But overall she’s staying optimistic and looking forward.”

That is so good to hear.

Not only for her personal mental and emotional wellness, but because there seems to be corollary between optimism and defeating certain types of cancer.

Abby Lee Miller was diagnosed with cancer only a short time after leaving prison for a halfway house.

She went in for spinal surgery for what doctors had initially believed would be some sort of infection that was causing paralysis.

Instead, she was diagnosed with Burkitt lymphoma, a kind of non-Hodgkins lymphoma more commonly found in children than in adults.

Among children, the fast-spreading cancer has about a 90% recovery rate.

However, among adults, the odds of beating back the cancer are said to be somewhat lower.

Miller shared this graphic photo from her surgery.

This wince-worthy photo, taken post-op, came from Miller’s five-hour multi-level laminectomy back in April.

A laminectomy involves removing the back of vertebrae in the spine in order to access the spinal cord itself.

That alone was bad enough to contemplate without the added horror of a cancer diagnosis.

The news that cancer is fast-spreading is frightening for obvious reasons.

The good news, however, is that fast-spreading cancer like Burkitt lymphoma tend to respond more rapidly to treatments like chemo.

Miller spoke out after her cancer diagnosis without addressing her cancer directly.

With the former Dance Moms star, it has been one thing after another.

She served most of her sentence for bankruptcy fraud in prison, though the court did allow her to serve her time a relatively short distance from her California home.

While in prison, she lost a tremendous amount of weight thanks to weight loss surgery that she had undergone prior to her incarceration.

She was then released — after an unexpected delay — to a halfway house to serve out the remainder of her sentence.

She is scheduled to be released from there on May 25.

Though it is unknown at this time, it is expected that her time spent in the hospital will count towards her sentence and that, whether she’s still in the hospital or not, she will be freed on May 25 as scheduled.

But one can never be certain.

Abby Lee Miller did not do much to gain people’s sympathy while she starred on Dance Moms.

Though she certainly attracted plenty of fans, some others saw her as a bully who essentially terrorized children for a living.

There was a certain level of schadenfreude when it was announced that she would be sent to prison. That’s fine.

But let us be clear: no one deserves to have cancer. Our hearts go out to Miller and to her friends and loved ones during this time.

We wish her a full and speedy recovery.


Abby Lee Miller: I Have to Get My Affairs in Order

Last week, Abby Lee Miller spoke out about her cancer diagnosis

Now, a report describes her response to being diagnosed with this fast-spreading lymphoma right after her release from prison.

She is apparently preparing herself for the worst. This is so sad.

RadarOnline‘s insider reports on how Abby Lee Miller is coping with her prognosis. And … it almost sounds like she’s given up.

Apparently, after being diagnosed with Burkitt lymphoma, the former Dance Moms star “been getting her business affairs in order.”

“Abby Lee’s deciding who gets what in her will.”

And some of her decisions may surprise you.

“She made a few friends in prison and she’d like to reward them.”

That sounds incredibly generous of her. She’s a millionaire, and even a small percentage of her wealth could transform multiple people’s lives.

Naturally, no one wants for her to die. Least of all Miller herself.

“It’s a very sad, scary time for Abby Lee.”

We would imagine so.

More than anything, it sounds like Miller feels isolated. Probably from having just gotten out of prison and living in a halfway house.

“She’s never felt so alone!”

Illness and incarceration can be two of the most isolating experiences in the world. And Miller is experiencing them both, back-to-back.

“Abby Lee’s trying to stay strong but she can’t get through the day without crying.”

That is sad, but more than understandable.

“She doesn’t seem to think there’s much hope.”

We’ll get into that at the moment. She should have hope.

“She’s strong, but not good.” The insider describes her cancer, saying: “It’s bad and very aggressive.”

Miller recently shared this graphic post-op photo of her back.

“She is devastated because she has just been released, and now this.”

it’s not good timing.

“She feels cursed.”

Okay, everybody who cursed her, take it back. You’re not in trouble.

“From what I understand, she is getting her affairs in order.”

As already mentioned, she’s planning on leaving things to specific people.

“She has no family. Everything will go to her close inner circle.”

It really sounds like she’s giving in to despair.

“She doesn’t think she is going to make this.”

In addition to of course worrying for Miller’s life, one may be wondering how this will impact the remainder of her sentence — which she is serving at a halfway house.

“Abby Lee’s medical situation may require her to stay in the hospital for at least another month.”

However, the insider expects that she won’t have to then go to the halfway house.

Miller “she will likely not have to make up the time.”

Her release date from the halfway house was intended to be May 25.

It sounds like the penal system is expected to be understanding, given the circumstances.

“Being hospitalized with severe and aggressive cancer is far worse than having to eat bad food and hang out with newly released prisoners all day long.”

It’s not like being in a hospital is the same as running free.

It is always sensible to have a plan in place for your estate, especially if you have a health concern.

But we hope that this will be unnecessary for Miller.

Burkitt lymphoma is more common in children, where the success rate for defeating the cancer is about 90%.

Abby Lee Miller is an adult, where this particular lymphoma is rarer and has a lower success rate, but to our knowledge, this isn’t a death sentence.

Is this a fast-growing cancer? Yes. But fast-growing cancers are also generally faster to respond to chemo and radiation therapies.

She needs to focus on her recovery with an optimistic attitude. Giving in to despair against cancer is a recipe for defeat.

We hope that she makes a full, swift recovery.


Abby Lee Miller Shares Graphic Back Surgery Photo

Abby Lee Miller is out of prison.

But she is not out of the woods.

Not when it comes to her health, that is.

As previously reported, the former Dance Moms host has been diagnosed with cancer (non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, to be exact), a development that has understandably caused the choreographer to take stock of her life.

She’s expected to still live a long and fruitful one, but this is still a very frightening experience.

On Friday, Miller went ahead and took fans behind the scenes of this experience, a little bit, posting an Instagram photo of her recent back surgery.

(Days before her cancer diagnosis, Miller was rushed to the hospital due to extreme back pain, which was originally determined to be a spine infection.)

“This gives a whole new meaning to being stabbed in the back!” wrote Miller, actually making us laugh with the caption to the photo below.

It’s no secret to any long-time reader of The Hollywood Gossip that we are not huge Abby Lee Miller fans.

But we’re obviously do not wish any actual physical harm or pain on the ex-Lifetime personality.

Last week, for the first time since her Burkitt lymphoma diagnosis, Miller spoke out, releasing a statement along with a hospital bed selfie.

“So much gratitude and love for those who listened, those who looked deeper and those who leapt into action,” Miller said at the time, adding:

“So much more I wish I could say……about how quickly your life can change at the hands of others.

Miller has always been a polarizing figure, due to the way she treated kids in her Dance Moms class, along with their parents.

But messages of support poured forth in response to the caption above and picture below.

Here’s a prime example:

I really really hope you get better. I am praying for you. I believe you will get through this. I haven’t met you and I’ve seen you on TV, but I can clearly see you are a strong caring person. I really hope you feel better.

“Me and all your friends, family and fans are all with you and praying for you. I hope u get better.”

Another fan added:

“We love you Abby. You can do this!”

This has certainly been quite the past year or so for Miller.

After pleading guilty to bankruptcy fraud back in 2016, she was sentenced to a year in jail.

In late March, she was then released to a halfway house, where she was expected to serve the remainder of her term.

It’s unclear if she’ll need to go back there in the face of this health issue.

Sources have told MTZ that Miller is apparently “resting comfortably” as she awaits further treatment and will probably need to undergo another spinal surgery whether the tests cancer tests come back positive or not.

We wish her the best.