Bethenny Frankel SLAMMED by Millionaire Matchmaker: She Doesn’t DESERVE Love!

Bethenny Frankel is still feeling the torturous after-effects of her disaster of a marriage to Jason Hoppy, but that doesn’t mean that she won’t one day fall in love.

And sometimes people, celebrities and otherwise, need a little help — like with the help of a certain Millionaire Matchmaker, Patti Stranger.

Only … apparently that would never happen. In fact, Patti went off and shared exactly what she thinks of Bethenny Frankel.

Spoiler alert: Patti doesn’t paint a flattering picture.

Not only did Patti Stranger say that she would never take Bethenny Frankel as a client, but she says exactly why.

And it’s because she has a very low opinion of the The Real Housewives of New York City star.

At a WEtv event on Wednesday, Patti explained why she wouldn’t take the Real Housewife on as a matchmaking client.

“She’s not kind.”

Well … yeah.

It’s not that it’s impossible to be a reality TV personality without being rude.

But Bethenny is known for being a little sharp and maybe not aggressively sympathetic.

Which is sort of the stereotype for New Yorkers, but Bethenny takes it to another level.

What Patti then has to say is where this gets more severe.

“I used to date-coach her . . . When people are mean to other people, they don’t deserve love. Sorry.”


Patti’s saying that Bethenny’s general disposition and personality make her unworthy of love?

Has Patti Stranger never watched a damn Disney movie?

There are reality stars out there who don’t deserve love, but we’re not talking about Josh Duggar or Kate Gosselin right now.

Bethenny Frankel is a little intense and a lot catty, not some monster.

So are a lot of people.

She can find someone with whom she’s compatible.

Maybe one day Bethenny will find a Statler to her Waldorf.

And the two of them can hate things together.

It’ll be beautiful.

Before we try to pretend that Patti Stranger is some impartial judge, Page Six reminds us all that Patti is pretty close with Jill Zarin.

And, as we’re all too aware, Jill Zarin and Bethenny Frankel do not get along.

They also report that someone close to Bethenny didn’t think much, at all, of Patti’s statement.

In part because they don’t believe that Bethenny is in the market for any sort of matchmaker.

“[Bethenny] is doing just fine and doesn’t need anyone’s advice.”

Well, Bethenny certainly doesn’t need the help of someone who thinks that she doesn’t deserve love, right?

Considering that Bethenny’s ex Jason Hoppy was just arraigned for even more stalking charges, you might think that Bethenny Frankel would be looking for dating advice from anyone and everyone.

Like, forget the reality show drama for a hot minute — the stuff that Jason Hoppy’s been accused of is serious.

But Bethenny really seems to be the sort of person who wants to do things like this for herself.

She’s been perfectly happy giving romantic advice to Luann de Lesseps (advice that she only recently acted upon), but not everyone who’s good at dishing out advice is good at taking it.

But, yeah, Bethenny is gonna be fine without Patti’s services.