Miranda Lambert and Anderson East: Have They Broken Up?

Recent rumors have had fans wondering for a while if it’s over between Miranda Lambert and Anderson East.

A new report says that the couple has finally split.

But it sounds like no one’s quite sure who ended things. Are they telling different people different versions of their breakup?

A source tells InTouch Weekly that it was 29-year-old Anderson who initiated the breakup with the 34-year-old Miranda.

And, though fans have been hearing rumors that their breakup was imminent for a while now, she was reportedly blindsided.

“She didn’t see it coming.”

The two have been dating for more than two years. They’re both attractive and work in the same industry — Country Music.

And you wouldn’t really expect Anderson to dump Miranda, since she’s the more famous of the two and their relationship has really boosted his name recognition.

At the same time, however, an insider insists that Anderson isn’t the one who decided that it was time to split.

It’s always interesting when different sources are reporting different versions of the same event.

But two people can witness the same car crash and give different accounts of what happened, so that’s human nature, we suppose.

This source does acknowledge that Anderson received quite a boost from this relationship.

“Dating Miranda took him to the top of the musical A-list,” the insider admits.

Well, the Country Music A-list, anyway.

On Miranda’s side, the source tells InTouch that she’s not going to let something like a breakup following a major, long-term relationship keep her down.

“She’s been writing songs and she’ll join The Bandwagon Tour with Little Big Town in July.”

“She refuses to sit around feeling sorry for herself.”

Inevitably, fans are going to link this to rumors that Blake Shelton dumped Gwen Stefani, leaving her blindsided, heartbroken, and desperate for his affection.

Will, fans wonder, Blake and Miranda use their respective breakups as a chance to reconcile?

That’s … a lot of speculation.

Especially considering that Blake’s alleged breakup with Gwen was never confirmed, as we cautioned worried readers at the time.

If they did have that alleged huge fight right before he went on the road, it looks like they’ve made up since. And we even mentioned at the time that Gwen and Blake might reconcile before ever announcing a breakup.

But even if both couples broke up at the same time, that doesn’t guarantee that Blake and Miranda would get back together. They split for a reason.

As always, we’re inclined to take breakup reports with a grain of salt.

Especially when it seems like sources can’t agree on who caused it.

It may be that Anderson and Miranda just had something of a spat but don’t feel like talking about it, and their friends are forced to jump to conclusions.

And, as with other breakup reports that we’ve read, they may just reconcile before it ever becomes time for them to confirm or announce that they’ve split.

Relationships, for celebrities and for mere mortals, often work out that way.


Miranda Lambert and Anderson East: Is It Over?

Just a few months ago, Miranda Lambert was happily dating Anderson East and throwing shade at Blake Shelton at the CMAs.

Now, however, she and Anderson have reportedly split. And it looks like he’s the one throwing shade at her

Are they writing diss tracks against each other?

A few years back, Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton famously split. It was not amicable.

Blake Shelton found himself in the arms of the famous and talented Gwen Stefani.

And Miranda Lambert soon found herself a younger boyfriend from within the Country Music community — Anderson East.

The two have been dating for more than two years. Word had it that they were considering getting engaged and might even elope.

Now, however, a report claims that the couple has broken up.

According to InTouch Weekly, Anderson East and Miranda Lambert “grew apart” while on their separate tours.

Though apparently they both felt the distance, it was reportedly Anderson East who actually decided to end things.

It seems that this news came as a shock to Miranda, who had perhaps assumed that they would repair their distance with some time together.

“She didn’t see it coming,” claims InTouch‘s insider.

Beyond that, there’s been some speculation that Anderson East may have used Miranda for fame.

“Dating Miranda took him to the top of the musical A-list,” their insider claims.

Clearly, of course, that refers to Country music as a genre rather than all music, as Anderson East still remains largely unknown in most mainstream music circles.

Whether or not someone was using someone else to advance their career is speculation, however — the boost may have just been a byproduct of a genuine romance.

Miranda, however, is expected to bounce back.

InTouch‘s source talks about what she has planned, and it’s … well, work.

“She’s been writing songs and she’ll join The Bandwagon Tour with Little Big Town in July.”

Which means that Miranda won’t really be taking time off to recover emotionally.

“She refuses to sit around feeling sorry for herself.”

As for Anderson East, well, he recently shared a GQ photo that featured his bandmates, but it was his caption that got attention.

“Watch out. Thanks @gqstyle for the shoot.”

While no on thinks that Watch Out is intended as a traditional threat towards Miranda or anyone else so much as a vague musical promise of more to come … we’re talking about a singer, here.

He’s very likely to write songs about Miranda Lambert and their relationship.

And, of course, about their breakup.

Will his diss track lyrics finally shed more concrete light on their split than what we already know?


But Miranda can play at that game, too. They both should be careful.

Some may speculate that part of the problem is that Miranda Lambert still isn’t over Blake Shelton.

But that couple’s split was bitter, and Blake effectively won over the Country community in the process.

While that didn’t quite ruin Miranda’s life, it didn’t do her any favors, either.

Many find it hard to picture the two exes reuniting.

Miranda Lambert and Anderson East, however, are much easier for people for people to picture reconciling.

Their alleged breakup isn’t even confirmed yet — they could always get back together and pretend that they never split in the first place.


Blake Shelton vs Miranda Lambert: Are These Exes About to Go to War?!

Blake Shelton has a lot going for him right now. He’s in a beautiful relationship with Gwen Stefani, whom he hopes to impregnate. Also he was somehow crowned People‘s “Sexiest Man Alive,” because it’s 2017 and reality doesn’t matter.

But he reportedly has one major point of conflict in his life, and it’s a very familiar face.

Just how bad is the feud between Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert?

Even though Blake Shelton recently said in a radio interview that he doesn’t “think we’re close to calling a wedding planner,” things are still going strong between the Country music star and pop icon Gwen Stefani.

But things are allegedly not going so well for Blake’s relationship with his ex.

According to Life & Style, a “new war” between Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton has “erupted, and it includes revenge songs, public digs and trash-talking to pals.”

This sounds interesting!

Their source claims that, even though they’ve both moved on romantically, neither has been able to entirely move past the wrongs done to them at the end of their relationship.

“There is still a lot of bad blood and unresolved anger between Blake and Miranda. No one thinks they will ever bury the hatchet and put their issues behind them.”

Life & Style‘s insider tells them that:

“A whole new era of warfare is starting for Miranda and Blake.”

That sure sounds dramatic, right?

Reportedly, a recent source of conflict between the two was, of all things, fallout over Garth Brooks lipsynching.

Miranda Lambert was critical of it. (Honestly, lipsynching is fine, but everybody’s entitled to their opinion)

“Blake was deeply hurt by the end of his marriage, and his anger resurfaced when he felt his ex was disrespectful.”

Specifically, disrespectful to Garth Brooks.

Life & Style goes on to describe how many of the descriptions that Blake Shelton has used to praise his relationship with Gwen Stefani 

“The exes’ mutual pals see those comments as a slam on Miranda.”

And, allegedly, Blake Shelton’s words get worse behind closed doors.

“He makes other slights in private.”

Well that sure doesn’t sound classy.

You’d think that Miranda Lambert would plan to retaliate with some well-placed barbs of her own, right?

Life & Style says that their sources indicate that Miranda has a line that she won’t cross.

“Revenge songs are where the war with Blake ends.”

In other words, they’re claiming that she has no plans to trash her ex on social media or in interviews.

She’ll just sing about it, which is really what we’re accustomed to from recording artists.

But … none of this comes directly from the stars. And all of these insiders are anonymous. Sometimes tabloids can be led in the wrong direction by somebody who really can’t read a room.

So how much of this is true?

According to Gossip Cop‘s sources close to Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert, the two really aren’t that focused on each other.

And certainly aren’t planning to go to war.

We don’t know who’s right — sometimes, different friends and sources just see different sides of the same person, you know?

But we would prefer to think that, perhaps a few song lyrics aside, they’re happy enough with their lives now and their new partners that they don’t feel compelled to bash the other.


Miranda Lambert: Throwing Shade at Blake Shelton at the CMAs?!

It’s been over two years since Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert divorced, and by all accounts, the relationship between the two singers has remained mostly amicable.

These days, Miranda is engaged to Anderson East, and rumors about Blake and Gwen Stefani getting hitched seem to surface at the rate of about one per week.

But that doesn’t mean there’s never any bad blood between the former first couple of country.

And in the grand tradition of George Jones and Tammy Wynette, and every couple that’s ever broken up but continued to reside in the same trailer park, Blake and Miranda occasionally air their grievances publicly.

The 2017 Country Music Awards were held last night, and some folks think Miranda seized the opportunity to throw some shade at her ex.

Miranda was one of the night’s big winners, taking home the prize for Top Female Vocalist, and shining on the red carpet in one of this year’s most stylish ensembles.

But it was her performance of “To Learn Her” that made Miranda the talk of the ceremony.

Her soaring vocals gained the most attention on social media, but some fans tweeted about what they saw as a subtle shot fired against Blake Shelton.

One line in particular drew a good deal of attention, as many feel that Miranda sent a clear message by rolling her eyes when she delivered the line: 

“If you take her, you might hate her and be left with just a ray.”

Needless to say, it’s not hard to see how that line could be interpreted as low-key trash talk.

Of course, there’s also a chance that it was all in good fun.

As we said, the history of country music is filled with feuding lovers who mined their troubled relationships for song lyric material.

Hell, George and Tammy even recorded a few albums together!

We’d suggest Blake and Miranda do the same, but we’re not sure how that would go over with Gwen.

She strikes us as the type who’d like to leave the past in the past.


Blake Shelton: Refusing to Marry Gwen Stefani Because of Miranda Lambert?!

It’s been a tough year for true love, huh?

Come to think of it, it’s been a tough year for pretty much everything.

With divorces for couples like Chris Pratt and Anna Faris, Fergie and Josh Duhamel, we have to wonder if it’s even possible for two people to get together and stay together these days.

It’s depressing.

Even one of our go-to favorite couples, Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton, seems to be struggling a bit these days.

Because even though you can’t get on the internet without hearing a rumor about the two of them having a baby or trying to have a baby or talking about having a baby, things may not be as good as you’d think between them.

And it’s all Miranda Lambert’s fault.

According to a source who spoke with Life & Style, Gwen and Blake are still in love and all that, but they won’t be getting married anytime soon because of how things went down between Blake and Miranda.

“Blake had hoped that time would ease the pain of the divorce and the betrayal he felt,” the source says, “but sadly, it just hasn’t.”

“To this day, Blake believes Miranda cheated on him. It just wounded his soul.”

This insider explains that although he knows Gwen is different, and although he and Gwen have been discussing getting hitched for a while now, “he’s still devastated” by his divorce.

“Blake has been honest with her lately about not being ready to tie the knot,” how tragic is that?

It could be worse though, because the source goes on to say that Gwen has similar thoughts about getting married — that perhaps it’s just not time yet.

Her reasons are the same as Blake’s, too — while there were a few reports that claimed that Miranda cheated on Blake, it was much more widely reported that Gwen left Gavin because he had an affair with their children’s nanny.

“Gavin’s betrayal of their marriage vows nearly destroyed her,” the source says. “Gwen has also realized over time that she doesn’t need to get married again.”

But before you go and get too upset at this development, know that although we may not see a wedding for these two anytime soon, there’s still a decent chance they could have a baby!

The source explains that “Blake and Gwen are committed to having a baby together. They just don’t want to get married.”

Which is fair, because marriage is a huge commitment, while having a baby with someone is a lot more chill … except there is no universe in which that logic makes sense.

If Gwen and Blake are just not worried about getting married, that’s one thing, but if they’re avoiding it because they’re scared of being hurt again?

Maybe slow down on all those baby efforts then, lovebirds.