Miranda Lambert: Blake Shelton Is a Man Whore & Gwen’s His Latest Victim!

While there’s been no official engagement announcement, it looks more and more as though Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are headed for marriage.

And from a distance, it seems there’s nothing standing in their way:

Both singers’ previous marriages are well behind them, and Blake and Gwen seem more than ready to give it another go.

But these days, Stefani and Shelton are facing a challenge that may put the strength of their relationship to the test:

You see, Miranda Lambert is newly single, and it looks as though she’s very pissed off.

Lambert’s relationship with Evan Felker recently came to an end.

By all accounts, it was Miranda who dumped Evan, and the decision had much to do with the fact that dude seemed very hung up on his estranged wife.

But just because Lambert was the one to pull the trigger, that doesn’t mean she’s happy to be single.

Sources close to the songstress say Miranda is very jealous of Gwen and Blake and longs for the sort of relationship the two of them seem to have.

Obviously, Miranda hasn’t come right out and said she’s envious of her ex — but she has debuted a new song that makes it pretty clear that’s the case.

Many fans believe the lyrics to the poignantly-titled “Got My Name Changed Back” are squarely directed at Shelton:

“It takes a judge to get married / A judge to get divorced / Well, the last couple of years, spent a lot of time in court,” Lambert sings on the track.

“Got my name changed back. I got me an ex that I adored / But he got along good with a couple road whores.”

Yeah, pretty scathing stuff.

And those who know Miranda best say she’s made it perfectly clear that her thoughts are still consumed by Blake:

“Even though it’s been more than three years now, Miranda and Blake’s divorce feud is still going strong – and no one is safe,” a source tells In Touch.

“She’s not naming names in the new song and won’t come out and admit it, but it’s like the song has Blake’s name written all over it.”

The insider adds:

“Miranda is anything but happily single. She’s been partying to hide her sadness and loneliness.

“And the split from Evan, who she was considering marrying and starting a family with, is only part of the reason behind her unhappy state.”

Apparently, Miranda doesn’t want Blake back, necessarily — she just doesn’t want him to get off scot-free:

“Miranda still wants to get back at Blake for the cruel way he broke her heart, drove her out of his life, and then shoved his new romance with Gwen Stefani in her face,” says the source.

Sounds like she’s well on her way to having her revenge.

Not surprisingly, insiders say Gwen has no interest in listening to Miranda’s revenge song.


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Miranda Lambert DUMPS Evan Felker Because He “Broke Her Rules” (Report)

Well, folks, it’s late August, which means all over the country, summer romances are coming to a bittersweet end.

Most of the lovers parting ways this week are camp counselors who hooked up out of boredom or college students eager to hurry back to the campus meat market after three months of fitful sleep on some townies’ sweaty futon … but even celebrities aren’t immune to the rush of an ill-advised hot-weather fling.

Miranda Lambert, Evan Felker Split

So it was that Miranda Lambert and Evan Felker started dating, despite the pesky fact that he’s married to someone else.

But after months of tabloid headlines accusing Miranda of being a “homewrecker,” Lamber and Felker have officially called it quits.

News of the split comes courtesy of Miranda’s latest print interview, in which she copped to being newly single:

“Love is a hard road sometimes and it’s been a roller-coaster ride for me, but I’m definitely thankful for all the ups and downs because I’ve had some really good songs come out of it,” Lambert told The Tennessean.

“You’ve got to take the bad parts and put them on paper and then move on to the happy parts.”

Insiders confirmed the breakup, claiming that Felker had violated one of Lambert’s clearly-defined rules:

I don’t think it was a dramatic split, but he knew what he was ‘allowed’ to do based on her rules and he broke them,” one source tells People magazine.

“He did something that he knew she wasn’t going to approve of, she assumed he did it and he didn’t deny it.”

While it’s always sad when a relationship comes to an end, for Miranda this situation is more lining than dark cloud.

From the very start, her romance with Felker was a PR nightmare with claims that Lambert, largely due to the fact that Felker’s wife, Staci Nelson, refused to just quietly go away.

Instead, she shared her story with her ever-growing Instagram following, and Miranda didn’t exactly come away smelling like a rose.

Things seemed to come to a head earlier this month, when Nelson accused Lambert of stalking her.

It was also around that time that Felker and Nelson finalized their divorce.

“Staci very much believes in marriage and very much wanted hers to work,” says the source.

“Lucky for her, the breakup happened a few days after the legal process was over and she felt no obligation to take him back.”

We’re guessing Evan is currently wondering what he can do to win Staci back.

Good luck with that one, fella.


Miranda Lambert and Evan Felker: It’s Over!

Back in June, Miranda Lambert confessed that she is a homewrecker.

At the time, she was carrying on with another country singer, and their relationship had begun before he ever filed for divorce.

Now, they have split, and Miranda has confirmed that she is single … for now.

In an interview with The Tennessean, Miranda Lambert discusses love, heartbreak, and her current relationship status.

First of all, Miranda confirms that she is “happily single” at the moment.

That means that she and Evan Felker, who had a controversial romance that began earlier this year, are no longer a couple.

Miranda also speaks about romance and how it has impacted her.

“Love is a hard road sometimes,” Miranda shares. “And it’s been a roller-coaster ride for me.”

Despite the emotional hardship that comes from falling out of love, it sounds like Miranda wouldn’t change a thing — for a very practical reason.

“But,” Miranda continues. “I’m definitely thankful for all the ups and downs.”

She explains that she’s grateful “because I’ve had some really good songs come out of it.”

Hey, her music is her whole livelihood. That makes a lot of sense.

Needless to say, Miranda is far from the only singer to pour her love life into her music.

Miranda describes the process that she uses to deal with heartbreak and channel it into her art.

“You’ve got to take the bad parts,” she explains. “And put them on paper and then move on to the happy parts.”

That’s an astoundingly healthy attitude.

“Sometimes,” she admits. “The music is so honest that it’s like, ‘Oh, that kind of hurts a little,'”

But we can only imagine that this makes it more potent when her fans hear it.

“But, it’s good,” Miranda adds, to suffer a little at her own music.

She and others like her aim for their fans who listen to their music to understand that they are not alone, and for them to be able to process their own experiences using relatable music.

“We just want women to understand that we’re all doing the same thing,” Miranda says.

“We’re all just living our lives,” she explains. “And having the same struggles and the same joys and the same outlooks.”

That’s a powerful statement.

We can think of one woman who is grappling with recent heartbreak who probably won’t be listening to Miranda Lambert’s music to sob her way through it.

Back in April, Staci Felker called out Miranda Lambert for homewrecking, because she was carrying on with Staci’s husband, Evan Felker.

It was not until weeks later, in May, when Evan Felker filed for divorce.

Plenty of marriages come to an end long before divorce papers are filed … but many felt that the homewrecker label applied here.

Thta said, we should all keep in mind that Miranda did not kidnap anyone. If the Felker marriage was wrecked, it looks like Evan did the wrecking himself.

Too often, our society looks for a woman to blame, as if men are hapless and lack agency, and somehow can’t be blamed.