Miranda Lambert to Evan Felker: Stop Talking to Your Wife or You’re Fired!

It’s been three months since the world learned that Miranda Lambert and Evan Felker are dating, and the situation continues to get more bizarre by the day.

The source of all the weirdness, of course, is the fact that Felker is still married to his estranged wife, Staci Nelson.

Miranda Lambert, Evan Felker Split

Currently, it seems Evan is caught between two worlds, simultaneously enjoying life as the boyfriend of one of the country world’s brightest stars and feeling guilty about the faithful partner he abandoned.

Not surprisingly, Miranda is not entirely cool with this arrangement and would very much prefer that her boyfriend pick a relationship and stick with it.

Of course, Evan’s situation is somewhat complicated by the fact that Miranda is not only his girlfriend —  but also his boss.

Currently, Evan and his band, the Turnpike Troubadours, are opening for Miranda on her summer tour.

And according to a source close to the situation, Miranda has made it quite clear that the gig is dependent on Evan’s ability to keep his distance from his wife.

“Evan cannot be with Staci or Miranda will kick him off the tour,” the insider tells Radar Online.

The informant claims that Evan very much wants to give his marriage another chance, but he also doesn’t want to anger his bandmates by bringing an end to the most important gig of their careers.

For now, Staci is reportedly willing to wait him out, but not surprisingly, she’s growing impatient. 

“The ball is in Evan’s court,” the source explains.

“Staci believes there is nothing more she can do to move the process.”

The insider adds:

“Evan is hoping that his wife will still be here when the tour is over.” 

In the meantime, it seems Staci is enjoying sticking it to Miranda by boasting about how desperate Evan is to win her back.

“Is 22 missed calls in 2 days to an estranged wife really the behavior of a happy person?” she wrote on Instagram this week.

Yes, much to Miranda’s chagrin, Staci has become something of a social media celebrity in recent months, with new followers loving her not-so-subtle jabs at Evan and Miranda.

While Lambert and Felker’s relationship only went public in April, Miranda has been hinting about an affair with a fellow singer-songwriter since back in February.

Despite the rumors, Staci was reportedly “blindsided” when Evan told her he’d like to take a break from their marriage.

And not surprisingly, the source says she’s very much enjoying the position of power she now finds herself in.


Miranda Lambert Makes Surprising Confession: Yep, I’m a Homewrecker!

Even if you’re not a country music fan, you’re probably familiar with the name Miranda Lambert.

Of course, the reason for that likely isn’t the cross-over appeal of Lambert’s work, but rather the tabloid obsession with her love life.

It all started when Miranda and Blake Shelton got divorced and he moved on to Gwen Stefani in unsettlingly quick fashion.

Shortly thereafter, Miranda began dating Anderson East.

The couple got serious in a hurry, but that relationship ended as abruptly as it began.

These days, the songstress is involved with Evan Felker, or — as he’s more commonly known in the tabloids — “Miranda Lambert’s married boyfriend.”

Needless to say, the situation has resulted in some negative press and some lots of very awkward situations.

There was the time that Miranda was called out by Felker’s wife on social media.

And of course, there was the time Shelton shaded Lambert by suggesting on Twitter that she has a history of unsavory behavior.

And there probably would have been many more such scenarios, were it not for Miranda’s decision to get in front of the situation.

In a remarkably candid interview with HITS Daily Double, Miranda basically told fans they can go ahead and think whatever they want about her — as a lot of it is probably true.

“I am who I am. I am honest about being flawed,” she told the outlet.

“That’s all I can be, you know? I cuss. I drink. I get divorced and get my heart broken. I break hearts. I can’t do or be that anymore, or it’ll drive me crazy. [laughs] I won’t be any good anymore.”

Lambert adds that if fans want the truth about her personal life, they can get it straight from the horse’s mouth simply by listening to her music.

“I try, but it’s not up to me,” Lambert said when asked about her efforts to keep her private life private.

“With social media, it’s a whole other thing. And it’s such bull-sh—. I’m thankful for the drama of it all, because it gets sillier and sillier,” she added.

“They make up so many lies, no one can know the truth. The truth is it’s in my music if you listen close enough.”

We appreciate what Miranda is doing here, essentially doing the haters’ work for them by calling herself out.

We guess the theory is that if you’re honest about who you are and you’re accepting of yourself, your critics will get tired of putting you down.

We hope it’s effective — but sadly, we suspect there’s no bottom to the well of hate that is social media.


Miranda Lambert’s Married Boyfriend Files For Divorce

As you may have heard, Miranda Lambert is dating Evan Felker, and the relationship is reportedly moving along nicely – except for one tiny problem:

Evan is married.

It’s a minor detail, but one that’s caused considerable inconvenience for Miranda.

She’s been forced to deal with her ex-husband, Blake Shelton, making cryptic comments about “karma.”

She’s been called out as a homewrecker by Felker’s wife, who is understandably less than thrilled with the situation.

Needless to say, the whole thing hasn’t done any wonders for Miranda’s reputation, so it should come as no surprise that she and Evan are taking steps to make things right.

No, we don’t mean they’re breaking up – quite the opposite, in fact.

According to Us Weekly, Evan filed for divorce from his wife, Staci Felker, earlier this week.

No one is claiming that Miranda put him up to it, but … we’re guessing she didn’t exactly stand in his way, either.

Lambert is likely to face even more allegations of heartless homewrecking as a result of the filing, but those who know the Felkers best say this move has been a long time coming.

“Anyone who actually speaks to Staci knows she has wanted out of this marriage for months. Evan is the one who disappeared again and changed his phone number,” says one insider.

“They both planned to end this quietly. Staci has never wanted to go to court and Evan told Staci he did not want to either, so there is probably someone a little more powerful dictating all of this.”

But just because the Felkers marriage dissolved slowly over time, that doesn’t mean there are no hard feelings.

The same day that Evan filed for divorce, Staci posted a photo of a book with the title:


She also changed her Instagram profile pic to a photo from her wedding day.

We think it’s safe to say you won’t be seeing Staci at a Miranda Lambert concert anytime soon.

Unless, of course, she comes equipped with a whole bunch of rotten produce.


Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert: Their Feud is Nastier Than Ever!

Miranda Lambert is dating Evan Felker, a man who is still married. And Blake Shelton is gloating, shading his ex for being “exposed” as an alleged homewrecker.

A couple of industry insiders dish on the resurgence of this explosive feud.

And it doesn’t sound like Miranda’s going to quietly put up with Blake’s attacks for much longer.

Now, Life & Style spoke to a few insiders on this explosive Blake and Miranda feud.

For starters, a source confirms that Blake’s cryptic subtweet was exactly what everyone thinks — aimed at Miranda facing “karma” for past alleged misdeeds.

“Make no mistake — it was a direct shot at Miranda.”

It sounds like Blake is filled with schadenfreude at the moment.

“Blake is reveling in Miranda’s humiliation now that she’s been accused of having an affair with a married man.”

This is personal for Blake, for the same reason that he divorced her in the first place.

“Because he believes she cheated on him.”

The industry insider assures Life & Style that, even though they’ve been apart for yeras, the feud between Blake and Miranda “is still on”

Blake reportedly “believes some things never change.”

In this case, it sounds like he’s believing that a cheater never changes their stripes.

And apparently Blake believes that Miranda is the same person she always was, which allegedly includes “what he sees as Miranda’s twisted relationship antics.”


The insider shares that Blake, even though he played his divorce well enough that the Country community sided with him and he even managed to land Gwen Stefani with his sob story, feels like he’s been villainized.

“Blake was always made out to be the bad guy after he filed for divorce and sent Miranda packing from Oklahoma.”

Literally packing — reports claimed that she just came home to find her belongings outside of their house.

Nonetheless, Blake apparently feels that Miranda has “played the victim.”

And now he thinks that she’s getting exactly what she deserves.

“Blake believes that if she’s embarrassed now over allegations that she ran off with another woman’s man, it’s sweet justice.”


Calling this “justice” sounds a little odd to a lot of fans, especially considering that Blake has admitted that he fell for Miranda while he himself was still married.

Another industry insider sums it up pretty succinctly: 

“He’s a hypocrite.”

They continue, pointing out that:

“Miranda still fiercely denies she cheated on Blake or had anything to do with the breakup of Evan’s marriage.”

And she’s apparently ready to hit back.

“Don’t expect her to sit back and take the disses for long.”

It’s only a matter of time until she retaliates.

“She’s going to return fire on Blake.”

It sounds like, as predicted, these exes are going to war.

Another source elaborates on their ongoing feud, even though it’s been three years since they split.

“Both Blake and Miranda were deeply shaken by their divorce, and it doesn’t look like they’ll ever get over it.”

Sometimes, you move on. Sometimes, you don’t.

“They’ll be trading insults, put-downs, and breakup songs for a long time to come.”

Well … this could at least be good for their music careers, we suppose.


Blake Shelton Blasted for Hypocrisy, Cheating by Miranda Lambert Ex

Recently, Blake Shelton shaded ex Miranda Lambert on Twitter with an unkind subtweet, seeming to gloat over the “karma” of 

Well Blake isn’t Miranda’s only ex. Jeff Allen, whom she dated for years before she ever met Blake, 

He’s since deleted the tweet, but you have to read his impassioned words.

Blake Shelton’s tweet, which got the ball rolling, reads:

“Been taking the high road for a long time…”

By which he means that he hasn’t spoken as much as he could have about how things ended between him and Miranda.

“I almost gave up.”

Now he starts his bit.

“But I can finally see something on the horizon up there!!”

He’s referring to the accusations that Miranda Lambert stole her new boyfriend from his wife.

“Wait!! Could it be?! Yep!! It’s karma!!”

Oh boy.

Jeff Allen tweeted, writing words that he must have been sitting on for years and years.

“You know, i’ve always given you the benefit of the doubt and chalked it up to just being human.”

You can feel his anger in the now-deleted tweet.

“But you must be one arrogant SOB to pop off something like this.”

And here comes the accusation:

“When I know damn good and well you were cheating on your wife and Miranda was cheating on me when you two started up.”

Jeff Allen dated Miranda Lambert for about three years before they broke up and she dated — and later married — Blake Shelton. 

Allen has since deleted that tweet, but he did tweet this:

“I kept my mouth shut for 13 years.”

That’s a long time to hold onto something like this.

But he, if you can imagine, apologizes for his tweet.

“Sorry, his karma tweet rubbed me wrong.”

As well it should have. It certainly looked like hypocritical gloating.

“All of this is pointless.”

If you believe all of the accusations, Miranda Lambert cheated on Jeff Allen with Blake Shelton, who was also cheating.

Then, Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert allegedly both cheated on each other, though the Country community seemed to side with Blake.

Then, Blake and Gwen Stefani bonded over both having been cheated on. At the time, they were both judges or coaches or whatever on The Voice.

Since then, Miranda spent over two years with Anderson East.

But now, she’s accused of “stealing” Evan Felker from his wife.

And yes, Miranda has been called out on social media by a very unhappy Mrs. Felker.

All of that alleged cheating is in the past, but that doesn’t mean that it’s going to be smooth sailing for Gwen and Blake from here on out.

Gwen Stefani has only had a few serious relationships in her life. She takes cheating very seriously.

Is she going to kick Blake to the curb when she realizes that he’s a huge hypocrite who used her heartbreak to bond with her?

Or is she so besotted that she’s going to keep going and perhaps even marry Blake … and only break things off if and when he cheats on her?

No one deserves that kind of heartbreak.

It may be that Miranda Lambert is, as some accuse her of being, a “serial cheater.” But she certainly has not stolen anyone’s husband.

Those men, if the allegations are true, have made their own choices.

And Blake was one of those men. It sounds like Jeff Allen was totally justified in tweeting what he wrote.


Miranda Lambert: Totes Called Out by Woman Whose Home She Wrecked!

According to multiple recent reports, there’s only one thing Miranda Lambert is better at than singing:

Stealing husbands from other women.

It’s scandalous, but it’s allegedly true.

The country music superstar split from husband Blake Shelton in early 2015.

She did so amid rumors that she cheated on her fellow artist; multiple times with multiple women, according to at least one magazine cover story.

Shortly after her marriage to Shelton ended, Lambert started dating some guy named Anderson East.

But that relationship ended several weeks ago… and it was immediately followed by Lambert jumping into bed with country singer Evan Felker.

On the surface, this isn’t a big deal.

It makes sense: Felker is the frontman for the band currently opening for Lambert on her current tour.

HOWEVER, there’s a lot more to this…

Radar Online obtained Felker’s divorce documents from February, a set of legal documents that were filed by his wife, Staci.

And these documents made it clear that Felker cheated on Staci, almost definitely with Lambert, when you consider the timing of everything.

This is what Staci wrote in her divorce petition:

Petitioner alleges that a state of complete and irreconcilable incompatibility has arisen between the parties, by virtue of Respondent’s abandonment of Petitioner, which has completely destroyed the legitimate aims of the marriage and rendered its continuation impossible.

Shortly this information went public, Shelton hurled some major shade at his ex-wife on Twitter, writing:

Been taking the high road for a long time.. I almost gave up.  But I can finally see something on the horizon up there!! Wait!! Could it be?! Yep!! It’s karma!!

Blake Shelton tweet

And the insults keep flying in Lambert’s direction!

Following the reports this week that her estranged husband is dating the star singer, Staci Nelson/Felker shared a selfie and a “public service announcement” with her social media followers.

“PSA: If Staci Felker can make it through this week, so can you,” she wrote as a caption to the image.

Yup, even this previously-unknown woman is getting in on the anti-Lambert bandwagon.

And so is the rest of the Internet.

Now that Lambert has earned this sort of reputation, social media users are piling on.

Wrote one critic: Miranda Lambert sucks so bad. 

And another: Miranda Lambert knows what married means, right?

hate on miranda

Lambert herself is yet to comment on this scandal.

The divorce from Shelton has not affected her career in any way, but it will be interesting to whether these new accusations damage future album sales.

In early March, Miranda performed in Tennessee and did seem to address her East break-up at least, telling attendees:

“I want you to feel sad, mad, happy and nostalgic and really pissed sometimes. That’s my favorite. And part of feelings is also heartbreak, unfortunately.

“But fortunately for me, I can use it for my art or whatever. I like to write sad songs. I like to listen to sad songs, so I want to sing y’all one.”


Blake Shelton Throws All the Shade at Miranda Lambert for Dating Evan Felker

Blake Shelton holds many titles:

Blake Shelton, Country Music Superstar.

Blake Shelton, The Voice Coach.

And to this list, we must now add: Blake Shelton, Flamethrower Extraordinaire.

The beloved singer took Twitter followers by surprise on Wednesday afternoon when he heated up social media via one simple message that was clearly intended to burn his ex-wife to her core.

And here’s why:

Earlier this week, it was confirmed by multiple outlets that Miranda Lambert is dating Evan Felker.

On its own, this development isn’t particularly shocking, considering Felker fronts the band that has been opening for Lambert on tour.

HOWEVER, both Radar Online and Us Weekly report that Lambert very likely broke up Felker’s marriage by sleeping with the musician, as the former website has even obtained the artist’s divorce papers.

They cite Felkner’s “abandonment” of ex-wife Staci Nelson and they were filed in February, right around the time Felkner allegedly got with Lambert.

Just this revelation on its own was newsworthy and noteworthy.

Heck, we wrote an entire article about it.

But now we get to write a follow-up because Shelton has seemingly responded to the rumor that his ex-wife is a homewrecker by Tweeting the following:

Been taking the high road for a long time.. I almost gave up.  But I can finally see something on the horizon up there!! Wait!! Could it be?! Yep!! It’s karma!!

Whoa there!

Well, alright then!

Do you want a coat from all the shivering you must be doing now that so much shade has been hurled in your direction, Miranda?

Blake Shelton tweet

There’s really no way for anyone to interpret Blake’s message as anything other than a statement that Lambert cheated on him.

The stars were married for four years and then split up in 2015 amid chatter that each side was unfaithful.

But Shelton said very little at the time.

He said at every occasion that he and Lambert would always be close and he’d always have a special place in his heart for her and yadda, yadda, yadda.

However, it’s not as though there weren’t rumblings of Lambert’s cheating.

Heck, there was one rumbling that said she cheated on Shelton FIVE times.

The following tabloid cover alleged as much, quoting an insider who said Shelton caught Lambert in the act as one point and was left “heartbroken and furious” by her actions.

If these reports were accurate, it would be hard to blame Shelton for now enjoying the fact that Lambert’s reputation has taken a hit due to her sexual intercourse with a married man.

The country legend, of course, has moved very far on from Lambert.

He’s been happily dating Gwen Stefani for ages, constantly gushing over her on Instagram and considering marrying her, if certain gossip out there is to be believed.

Shelton also once said the following to Billboard about Stefani, who had recently broken up with husband Gavin Rossdale when she became intimate with Blake:

“Who else on earth could understand going through a high-profile divorce from another musician? You can’t even imagine the similarities in our divorces.”

If you’ll recall, Rossdale supposedly cheated on Stefani for years with the couple’s nanny.

Could being the victims of cheating be what Shelton was talking about when citing the pair’s “similarities.”

You tell us.

(The answer is yes.)


Miranda Lambert Has a New Man. But Did She Steal Him?

With all the talk about whether or not Blake Shelton will marry Gwen Stefani, it’s easy to lose track of Miranda Lambert these days.

The country music sensation recently split from Anderson East and has remained mostly off the celebrity gossip radar since her split from Shelton.

But not any longer!

Although, based on a new report, Lambert may wish she could go back into hiding.

According to various outlets, Lambert is now romantically involved with Evan Felker, a musician in the neo-folk group Turnpike Troubadours.

She only broke up with East a few weeks ago, so the relationship can’t be all that serious. However…

“They are very much [together],” a source reveals in the new issue of Us Weekly.

And it makes sense, too: Felker’s band is currently opening for Lambert on her Livin’ Like Hippies tour, which began in January and runs through June.

This all sounds fine and dandy and sweet, but it’s what Radar Online has seemingly uncovered that makes the new romance sound less… fine and dandy and sweet.

Simply put, an insider tells Radar that Felker cheated on his wife, Staci Nelson, with Lambert.

In explosive divorce papers actually obtained by this entertainment news website, Nelson filed for divorce from the Turnpike Troubadours lead singer on February 28, 2018 in District Court of Oklahoma County.

And this is what the petition read at the time:

“Petitioner alleges that a state of complete and irreconcilable incompatibility has arisen between the parties, by virtue of Respondent’s abandonment of Petitioner, which has completely destroyed the legitimate aims of the marriage and rendered its continuation impossible.”

YIKES, right?

The Respondent’s abandonment of Petitioner?!?

This makes it rather apparent that Felker stepped out on his wife.

In his response to the petition filed on March 28, Felker confessed that a “state of complete and irreconcilable incompatibility has arisen between the parties.”

Does this mean he definitely cheated with Lambert? No.

But come on now. Just take a look at the timing here.

The divorce case remains ongoing.

Lambert, meanwhile, “started spending more time” with Felker while still “technically” dating East, Us Weekly reports.

So both parties may be a little guilty here.

Lambert ended her marriage to Shelton after four years back in early 2015… and then got with East just a few months later.

There’s clearly a pattern here of someone who doesn’t want to be alone.

Which is mostly fine. We’re not judging.

But Felkner’s wife may be.

“Staci had no other choice but to file for divorce,” says an Us Weekly insider. “She was devastated.”


Miranda Lambert and Anderson East: Have They Broken Up?

Recent rumors have had fans wondering for a while if it’s over between Miranda Lambert and Anderson East.

A new report says that the couple has finally split.

But it sounds like no one’s quite sure who ended things. Are they telling different people different versions of their breakup?

A source tells InTouch Weekly that it was 29-year-old Anderson who initiated the breakup with the 34-year-old Miranda.

And, though fans have been hearing rumors that their breakup was imminent for a while now, she was reportedly blindsided.

“She didn’t see it coming.”

The two have been dating for more than two years. They’re both attractive and work in the same industry — Country Music.

And you wouldn’t really expect Anderson to dump Miranda, since she’s the more famous of the two and their relationship has really boosted his name recognition.

At the same time, however, an insider insists that Anderson isn’t the one who decided that it was time to split.

It’s always interesting when different sources are reporting different versions of the same event.

But two people can witness the same car crash and give different accounts of what happened, so that’s human nature, we suppose.

This source does acknowledge that Anderson received quite a boost from this relationship.

“Dating Miranda took him to the top of the musical A-list,” the insider admits.

Well, the Country Music A-list, anyway.

On Miranda’s side, the source tells InTouch that she’s not going to let something like a breakup following a major, long-term relationship keep her down.

“She’s been writing songs and she’ll join The Bandwagon Tour with Little Big Town in July.”

“She refuses to sit around feeling sorry for herself.”

Inevitably, fans are going to link this to rumors that Blake Shelton dumped Gwen Stefani, leaving her blindsided, heartbroken, and desperate for his affection.

Will, fans wonder, Blake and Miranda use their respective breakups as a chance to reconcile?

That’s … a lot of speculation.

Especially considering that Blake’s alleged breakup with Gwen was never confirmed, as we cautioned worried readers at the time.

If they did have that alleged huge fight right before he went on the road, it looks like they’ve made up since. And we even mentioned at the time that Gwen and Blake might reconcile before ever announcing a breakup.

But even if both couples broke up at the same time, that doesn’t guarantee that Blake and Miranda would get back together. They split for a reason.

As always, we’re inclined to take breakup reports with a grain of salt.

Especially when it seems like sources can’t agree on who caused it.

It may be that Anderson and Miranda just had something of a spat but don’t feel like talking about it, and their friends are forced to jump to conclusions.

And, as with other breakup reports that we’ve read, they may just reconcile before it ever becomes time for them to confirm or announce that they’ve split.

Relationships, for celebrities and for mere mortals, often work out that way.