‘Hills’ Stars Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt’s Prayers Answered By Mischa Barton

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are huge fans of Mischa Barton … ‘cause they say it’s basically divine intervention she’s joining them on the reboot of “The Hills.” We got Heidi and Spencer shopping Thursday at Couture Kids on Robertson…


Mischa Barton is Headed to The Hills!

Mischa Barton is about to go full circle.

In a manner of speaking.

The actress, of course, is best known for having starred as Marissa Cooper on the Fox sensation The OC back in 2003.

The success of The OC inspired MTV to create Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County… which eventually spun off into The Hills… which is about to be revived by the cable network

… and which we’ve now learned will co-star Barton!

Set to premiere some time in 2019, The Hills: New Beginnings will reunite original cast members, alongside their kids, friends and a few new faces, chronicling follow their personal and professional lives while they reside in Los Angeles.

Barton will be making her reality television debut as a series regular on the highly-anticipated reboot.

She’ll be joining Heidi and Spencer Pratt, Brody Jenner, Audrina Patridge, Whitney Port, Jason Wahler, Stephanie Pratt, Justin Bobby and Frankie Delgado on the program.

Sadly, neither Lauren Conrad nor Kristin Cavallari will be coming back to the show that made them famous.

(“She’s in a different place in her life,” a source has said of Conrad, adding: “But she wants everyone to enjoy themselves. She wishes everyone the best.”)

Barton, meanwhile, ought to bring plenty of drama to New Beginnings.

She hasn’t really had a starring role of any kind since she was killed off The OC — yet she has found herself in a few difficult/trying/headline-making situation.

In January of 2017, for example, Barton was hospitalized for a mental evaluation after she neighbors witnessed her hanging over her backyard fence and rambling incoherently.

She said something at one point about her mother being a witch and something else at another point about the world coming to an end.

“Oh my God, it’s over! I feel it, and it’s angry!” she yelled while falling off said fence, according to witnesses.

Barton later issued a statement in which she thanked the professionals who came to her aid, and in which she said she had been drugged just prior to the incident.

“I would like to extend a big thanks of gratitude to the professionals at Cedars-Sinai for their great care of professionalism,” she said at the time, concluding:

“This is a lesson to all young women out there. Be aware of your surroundings.”

Just two months after this controversy engulfed Barton, she got swept up in a revenge porn scandal.

The actress went on record about an ex-boyfriend secretly filming the pair having sex and then blackmailing Barton with the release of their video.

A few weeks later, Barton appeared as a guest across from Dr. Phil and tried to clear up all the misperceptions of her out there.

“One of the biggest misconceptions is that I’m a spoiled rich girl,” she said.

“People find it convenient, they attach you to one particular thing. So I suppose that. And yeah, the fact that people think I’m crazy. That’s another good one.”

We’ll get to find out first-hand when The Hills hits the air again next year.


Mischa Barton: I Know Who Leaked My Sex Tape!

Mischa Barton opened way up during an appearance opposite Dr. Phil on Monday.

Among the topics touched on by the trouble former star of The OC:

Her recent mental breakdown; a sex tape an ex-boyfriend is threatening to leak; and all the misconceptions about her floating around out there within the public realm.

First, of course, we have to talk about that sex tape.

Barton believes it was recorded without her knowledge by a past lover named Jon Zacharias.

In an earlier press conference, both Barton and her attorney referred to Zacharias’ motivations for releasing the footage online as a form of “revenge porn.”

Said the actress a few weeks ago about the scandal:

“This is a painful situation and my absolute worst fear was realized when I learned that someone that I thought I loved and trusted was filming my most intimate and private moments, without my consent, with hidden cameras.”

She reiterated a similar sentiment on Dr. Phil yesterday.

“I feel very conned by the whole thing. It’s somebody I trusted, somebody I thought I loved,” Barton said, confessing that she had only known Zacharias for a total of “3 or 4 weeks” when she slept with him on tape.

Barton takes responsibility for her decision to let Zacharias into her life, saying she got too close to him too quickly during an especially vulnerable period.

“People have a way of finding you,” she said.

“They can really work their way into your lives if they have an evil purpose like this in so many different ways. And you can be manipulated in so many different ways.

“It’s just absolutely shocking that they would want to and that they would have this kind of master plan from the second you meet somebody that you have to now fear or think that they might be trying to do something like that to you, and that’s horrible.”

Barton believes the sex tape filming was pre-mediated.

In her sit-down with Dr. Phil, Barton doesn’t shy away from the other reason she made headlines this winter:

She suffered some kind of mental breakdown in January, with neighbors claiming she was rambling incoherently in her backyard and some reports alleging she was barely wearing any clothing at the time.

“The paramedics said I showed all the symptoms of [date rape drug[ GHB, and I know I was drugged,” she insisted. “I’ve never behaved like that from drinking or anything, but I am certain.”

Barton detailed on air how she awoke at Cedars Sinai Hospital after blacking out during the “terrifying” and “horrifying” experience.

“I certainly didn’t want to kill myself,” she told Dr. Phil when asked if there was anything she’d like to clear up about the situation.

“I want to make it very clear that I would not lie about these things. It’s just not in my character.”

The actress has been through a great deal over the last decade or so. She was arrested for DUI in 2007 and was placed on a 5150 psychiatric hold in 2009.

Does she regret those incidents? Yes.

But she also blames members of her entourage/team who should have been keeping a closer eye on her while she was taking medication.

“One of the biggest misconceptions is that I’m a spoiled rich girl,” she says, adding:

“People find it convenient, they attach you to one particular thing. So I suppose that.

“And yeah, the fact that people think I’m crazy. That’s another good one.”

It’s been easy to make a lot of fun of Mischa Barton over the years. But we really do wish her the best.


Mischa Barton Reflects On Sex Tape Scandal: I Couldn’t Believe It!

Mischa Barton has never been the sanest celebrity, regular saying and doing questionable things, but we can’t help but feel sorry for what’s been happening to her over the last few months. 

The 31-year-old opened up to Dr. Phil about the emotional distress she has been going through at the potential sale of a sex tape featuring her and an ex-boyfriend engaging in, well, sexual activity. 

In the interview, the former The O.C actress confirmed that one of her friends let her know about the tape’s existence several months before. 

“It got to me because somebody came up to me on the street and said ‘There’s something I need to tell you,'” she explained.

“And I didn’t believe it at first; I couldn’t believe it because I loved this person and I didn’t believe it was possible, and I later learned that it was entirely possible.”

Barton must have felt her world crashing down around her when she first heard the tape existed. Add in the fact that the tape was being shopped around with $ 500,000 being the asking price; it must have been horrid. 

“It was obviously complete emotional blackmail, but it was one of those things where I need to distance myself from all of these people immediately because there’s not much you can do; it’s really out of your hands, and it was a crime,” she said.

If what Mischa is claiming, is true, she could have a chance at taking the perpetrator down via the legal route. 

“It really is a serious crime to tape people without their knowledge like that, and I had made a mistake to put myself in that situation with that person, so I just removed myself from it as quickly as I could.”

“And then it just continued to be complete emotional abuse after that, for like the last several, several months.”

The man in question who recorded the video is apparently Jon Zacharias. To date, there has been no evidence to suggest it was that man who was shopping the video around. 

However, Barton has claimed he was secretly filming their sex sessions during their relationship. That’s not very nice, is it?

Mischa’s attorney recently spoke out about the incident and revealed her client had nothing to do with the project being shopped around. 

More recently, the star won a restraining order against the release of such move. 

What do you think about all of this? Sound off below!