Rick Ross Apologizes for Misogynist Remarks About Not Hiring Female Artists

Rick Ross admits he made a mistake when he said he hadn’t signed female artists to his label because he’d “end up f***ing” them. Renzel issued an apology Wednesday, backpedaling from his comments on the ‘Breakfast Club’ this week. If you missed…


Rick Ross Apologizes for Misogynist Remarks About Not Hiring Female Artists

Rick Ross admits he made a mistake when he said he hadn’t signed female artists to his label because he’d “end up f***ing” them. Renzel issued an apology Wednesday, backpedaling from his comments on the ‘Breakfast Club’ this week. If you missed…


Wonder Woman: Misogynist ROASTED by Austin Mayor Steve Adler!

Have you seen Wonder Woman yet?

I have. It was great. A friend cried during it. The audience applauded at the end.

But the film’s release hasn’t been a stranger to controversy. One particularly hateful response to a women-only screening got an epic smack-down by none other than the mayor of Austin, Texas.

Yeah, usually mayors don’t get a lot of attention for talking about superhero movies, and Mayor Steve Adler isn’t really an exception.

He’s talking about sexism and human dignity.

The controversy wasn’t so much about Wonder Woman itself, but about one theater’s decision to host a women-only screening, and one of the men who absolutely flipped out about it.

In case it actually needs to be stated, like, men-only screenings of films aren’t uncommon. Also plenty of bars still have “Ladies Night” and that sort of thing. 

It’s a little weird, sure, though we can totally understand why some women would want to see the film in the absence of guys like whatever piece of work wrote this horrifying email to Austin’s mayor.

“The notion of a woman hero is a fine example of women’s eagerness to accept the appearance of achievement without actual achievement.

“Women learn from an early age to value make-up, that it’s OK to pretend that you are greater than you actually are,” he writes, only after hoping for Austin’s defamation and accusing the theater of “sexism.”

All superheroes are pretend, not just the lady ones. The makeup comment is so weird that we don’t even know how to respond except to say that clearly this guy doesn’t ever do anything to improve his appearance.

“Women pretend they do not know that only men serve in combat because they are content to have an easier ride. Women gladly accept gold medals at the Olympics for coming in 10th and competing only against the second class of athletes,” he says as if he isn’t the wrongest person to ever live.

“Name something invented by a woman! Achievements by the second rate gender pale in comparison to virtually everything great in human history was accomplished by men, not women,” he continued, just keeping on digging that hole.

The short version of all of this is that a man who despises women claims that he doesn’t.

He then signs his name, Richard A. Ameduri, because that’s totally a letter where you’d want to include your name.

Steve Adler’s letter in response is all kinds of savage.

“I am writing to alert you that your email account has been hacked by an unfortunate and unusually hostile individual,” he begins.

“Please remedy your account’s security right away, lest this person’s uninformed and sexist rantings give you a bad name. After all, we men have to look out for each other!”

That’s tongue-in-cheek and beautiful, right?

Then he dives in and just begins solidly refuting the vile man’s sexist claims.

“Can you imagine if someone thought that you didn’t know women could serve in our combat units now without exclusion?” he asked. You can feel the sarcasm emanating in waves from the screen.

Remember that claim that women never invented anything? Adler sure did.

“What if someone thought you didn’t know that women invented medical syringes, life rafts, fire escapes, central and solar heating, a war-time communications system for radio-controlling torpedoes that laid the technological foundations for everything from Wi-Fi to GPS, and beer?”

A nicely succinct list.

Which of course could have been longer.

He also took the time to remind the whiner that a private business can hold whatever screenings they like.

“And I hesitate to imagine,” he adds. “How embarrassed you’d be if someone thought you were upset that a private business was realizing a business opportunity by reserving one screening this weekend for women to see a superhero movie.”


We love seeing intelligent politicians go off on people who deserve it.

And speaking of things getting what they deserve, Wonder Woman is already a hit at the box office after only Thursday night’s early previews.

We can’t wait to see what kind of numbers she rakes in by the end of the weekend.


Vanderpump Rules Season 5 Episode 10 Recap: What’s a Misogynist?

On Vanderpump Rules Season 5 Episode 10, the drama continued in Montauk for Stassi’s birthday, with tempers rising hotter than temperatures.

Back in La La Land, Lala Kent finally surfaced, but Lisa was so taken aback by the slew of recent rumors that she pondered a change.

If you watch Vanderpump Rules online, you know Stassi is single, but not exactly ready to mingle following the end of her last relationship.

Her confidence is at an all-time low, she explains:

“[Like,] ‘Well, I spray tan once a week. I love a good blowout, and my exercise is shopping online.’ … Oh, my God, who would date me?”

A fair question, if you pitch yourself that way.

Katie told Stassi to get her flirt on, but Scheana Shay and Kristen Doute distracted her when they committed a major clambake faux pas.

“I don’t really eat fish,” Scheana whined about the food. “You shouldn’t eat anything with claws. I mean, are you going to eat a cat?”

Stassi luckily got a second chance to “flex her single muscle” as Katie put it when she found herself alone with a hot guy in a hot tub.

“I hate to say it, but maybe Stassi should ask herself, ‘What would Lala do?’” Katie said, noting the irony of channeling her inner enemy.

Not the worst idea if you’re single and horny AF …

Unfortunately, the hot tub quickly turned cold.

Drunk Kyle forgot Stassi’s name, insulted her swimsuit and told her that she looked like Steve Jobs … seriously. That’s pretty rough.

Stassi got out of that hot tub faster than Jax Taylor tells a lie when cornered about his previous behavior. In other words, very quickly.

In other birthday news, 31-year-old Ariana Madix’s NASCAR weekend turned into a drama-fest between Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright.

“Jax can honestly be the sweetest, most generous, loving guy,” Brittany said. “But then he can also be the biggest asshole on the planet.”

Pretty much, yes. Pretty much exactly that.

At the race, Tom Schwartz jokingly asked if the ladies would show off some skin; Ariana and Brittany laughed and denied that request.

Jax, however, felt he should volunteer Brit for this.

Why? “I paid for them,” he reasoned, referring to Brittany’s breasts, and Ariana was rightfully disgusted by Jax’s disrespectful comments.

“Your girlfriend is actually not a car,” she said. “You can’t just walk around showing everybody what’s under the hood whenever you want.”

Later, Ariana sat Brittany down to talk to her about Jax’s misogynist antics, which Brittany was clueless about in more ways than one.

“What does ‘misogynist’ mean?” Brittany asked.

“He gives me massages?”

Can’t make this up.

After Ariana explained it all, Brittany did confront Jax … with mixed results, as anyone who has ever tried to confront Jax can relate to.

In vintage Jax fashion, he flipped the script and said that the real problem in all of this is that Ms. Cartwright doesn’t “appreciate him.”

“Sometimes I ask for a turkey sandwich, and I only get ham,” Jax said, without irony, as he attempted to play the victim in all of this.

Guy is basically human garbage, but oh-so entertaining.

Back in Los Angeles, Lala Kent resurfaced after bailing on Ariana’s birthday … and unfollowed Ariana on Instagram before going to SUR.

There, Lisa asked Lala why she bailed on the trip.

Near tears, Lala admitted that she’s pissed at the way she’s being treated by her SUR co-workers, who are “saying that I’m a homewrecker.”

Just because Lala Kent gives good dome and her man treats her like a real sugar daddy would doesn’t mean he’s married, dammit!

(It’s not clear if he is or is not married.)

Accusing the staff of spreading “lies” about her mysterious relationship, “I think it’s best for me to walk away from this work place,” Lala said.

Lisa didn’t have time for that, though.

“Time to grow up now,” Lisa said. “If you quit, you’re going to give some people a lot of satisfaction, and I don’t think you want to do that.”