Jesse Camp, Beloved MTV VJ, Reported Missing

In 1998, Jesse Camp — whose real name is Josiah Camp — won a reality contest to become an MTV VJ.

Even after he left TRL, he was able to use that platform of MTV fame to launch his music career.

He would go on to make an array of friends, including some big-name celebrities.

Well, those friends — and his countless fans — are worried, now. And so is his family.

Jesse has been reported missing and police are searching for him and hoping to find him alive and safe.

1. Jesse Camp is missing

Jesse camp
On July 19, Jesse Camp — whose real name is Josiah — was reported missing by his sister, Marisha Camp.

2. The police are involved

Jesse camp 17
The Riverside Police Department in California was able to confirm that they have an open missing person’s case on him.

3. He had been keeping in touch with his mother

Jesse camp 05
Alarm bells within the family went off when he failed to make his weekly call to his mother.

4. She hasn’t heard from him since July 11 or 12

Jesse camp 06
So it sounds like he has been missing since several days before July 19.

5. He has been an avid Instagram user

Jesse camp 11
But that social media page has not been updated since May 21.

6. His friends are concerned

Jesse camp 07
And a report that may relate to his disappearance has sent a chill down the spines of his loved ones.

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Bekah Martinez Reveals How She Became a Missing Persons Case

If you follow The Bachelor Spoilers, Bekah M's elimination probably wasn't a huge shock.

But you know what was weird for everyone? Reports that Bekah M's mother reported her missing while she was on The Bachelor

As you'll see in the video below, Bekah herself is now explaining everything to Jimmy Kimmel.

Bekah martinez eliminated

If you read our The Bachelor recap or watched the episode, you know that Bekah Martinez — the famously young contestant — was finally eliminated from the competition.

Tia, in her desperation to win Arie, sabotaged Bekah M by telling Arie that the 22-year-old isn't ready for marriage.

And then Bekah got eliminated, though Tia didn't really do herself any favors, either.

All of this comes on top of the story of how Bekah came to be reported missing to the police.

As the story goes, Bekah Martinez's mother didn't know where Bekah was while she was on The Bachelor, vying for Arie Lyendyk Jr's heart. And so her mother ended up reporting her missing.

Bekah martinez 3

As you'll see in the video below, Bekah — though she was definitely reported missing — wants to clear the air, which is why she spoke to Jimmy Kimmel.

"I wanted to set the record straight. See, a lot of people thought I lied to my mother, saying that I was on a farm when I was actually on The Bachelor."

Very specifically, a marijuana farm in Northern California. Police note that some such farms are still unlicensed, and any illegal business can be dangerous. Particularly for a young woman.

"But no, I had already been eliminated from the show."

Which, of course, happened under the cover of secrecy. But she did head out of town for a while.

"And I just decided to go up to the mountains for a couple of weeks."

Bekah martinez 2

She describes how her mother came to worry.

"And I was there for six or seven days without phone service, [and] I thought that I was going to have phone service. And I'd told my mother that I would."

Some parents are fine with that (again, Bekah is an adult). Others, well, start to panic. And apparently Bekah realized that she'd been out of touch for too long.

"And you know, I just had this weird feeling on like the sixth or seventh day, I was like 'I need to go home now.'"

But it was a little too late.

"So I got in my car, drove to where I had service, called my parents. And, yeah, come to find out, only twelve hours before, my mother called the Humboldt Sheriff’s Department saying that I was missing."

Bekah martinez 1

Bekah does clarify that yes, this was a marijuana farm, though she clearly prefers to characterize the place as "the mountains."

"I’m not a weed farmer. I’m still a nanny in L.A."

Obviously, folks, she doesn't want to get a reputation. See, her friend has a marijuana farm.

Bekah was just there visiting in the aftermath of what must have been a bizarre and high-pressure experience filming The Bachelor.

Also, it's great that she and so many of her fellow contenders keep in touch.

Bekah martinez 4

Our favorite part of that interview might be when Bekah confesses that she'd have preferred if the leading man had been Peter.

You and the viewers both, girl. The Bachelor Nation has not been subtle about how they feel about Peter or about Arie.

And speaking of Arie's reputation with fans, it was speculated before this season got started that Arie was on the show to build up his brand.

Bekah is 22. Arie wouldn't endear himself to anyone by sending her home in the first episode, but his glaring age gap would have made him seem creepy if he'd taken her too close to the end. For this reason, a lot of fans were not surprised to see Bekah go.

But a lot of folks were sorry to see her leave. She was such a treat.

Bekah m reveals how she became a missing persons case

Arielle Kebbel: Asking For Help Finding Missing Sister

You might recognize actress Arielle Kebbel from any number of roles, from playing Lexi on The Vampire Diaries to her appearance in the upcoming Fifty Shades Freed.

Arielle’s sister, Julie Kebbel, is missing in L.A. and she is begging fans and followers to help locate her.

Over the weekend, Kim Cattrall’s missing brother was found dead at 55. Let us hope that Arielle’s sister is found alive and safe.

Arielle Kebbel took to Instagram to post:

“ALERT! My SiSTER Julia Kebbel is MISSING. Her Instagram and Twitter is @jkebbz pls go there to see more pictures of her.”

(We have included multiple reference photos of Julia in this post)

“If you have seen her or know anything about her, pls DM me, contact the police, or pls call Dennis at 407-739-8991 . Pls RT share this info with everyone.”

The post has been spread and circulated by fans.

In a lengthier, more informative post, Arielle writes:

“My SiSTER JULIA KEBBEL is MISSING. Pls REPOST. She was last seen in silver lake, walking her chocolate lab, Cindy, at 11 pm wed night. 1/31/18.”

Silver Lake is an Eastside neighborhood in L.A. This information is followed by a physical description.

“She is 5’3 . Weighs about 105 pounds. Fair skin. Bleach blonde short hair. She has tattoos on both [forearms].”

We’re talking about a very tiny woman, folks. We hope that nothing awful has happened to her.

Arielle goes into further detail about her sister’s tattoos.

“She has a spiritual symbol w/ a key and the words promise on one fore arm and a blue Phoenix rising on the other.”

Here is a photo:

Julia Kebbel Tattoos

Those tattoos are beautiful and unique and should be fairly easy to recognize.

“Pls scroll through pictures to see details. Her chocolate lab is named Cindy Crawford. She is chipped. If anyone finds the dog or has seen her, pls let us know.”

If someone found a dog wandering around without her human, they might take her to a vet to see if she can be identified and reunited. That could provide clues as to Julia’s location.

(Though of course we all hope that Julie and Cindy are both together and safe)

“Julia’s Instagram and Twitter is @jkebbz pls go there to see more pictures of her. If you have seen her or know anything about her, pls DM me and call 911.”

This is the missing poster:

Julia Kebbel Missing Poster

In a statement that Entertainment Tonight obtained, Arielle Kebbel pleads for help finding her sister.

“My family and I are asking for any and all information that may help in our search for my sister, Julia.”

It’s good that she’s using her platform to share this message.

“We are so grateful and touched by the incredible support we have received from everyone.”

Other actors have also echoed her posts.

“We are hopeful that she is safe and will not stop looking until she is back home with us.”

The fact that Arielle is describing the tattoos could mean that she’s hoping that someone noticed such unique tattoos and remembers seeing a woman matching that description.

It could also mean that she fears that her sister may be unable to respond to her own name and might need to be identified using only visual cues.

That is a horrifying thing to contemplate.

Like Arielle, we hope that Julia is found safe and healthy with her dog, Cindy.