Missouri State Student Emails Every “Claudia” on Campus to Correct Tinder Mistake

A Missouri State student named Hayden accidentally swiped left on a beautiful female student named Claudia’s Tinder profile, and responded by sending an email to every single Claudia with a plea to let him undo his mistake.

Is this adorable? Creepy? Both? You’ll have to read and decide for yourself.

And, of course, then there’s the intended Claudia’s response.

Hayden Moll

“Hello all Claudias of Missouri State,” his email begins.

We don’t know how many Claudias that includes. It’s a great name with a great history, but kind of rare.

Even rare names can crop up a lot when you’re talking about a student body population of about 26,000 students.

“First off, my name is Hayden, and I made a rookie mistake on Tinder. I accidentally swiped left on Claudia’s profile (left is bad), and I really wanted to swipe right.”

Oh gosh.

Claudia Tinder Profile

“If Tinder provided last names, this would be much easier, but it doesn’t, so I have to describe the profile to you.”

This is taking those old “missed connection” stories and adding another layer. Color us intrigued.

“The age next to her name was 20, but in her bio it said she was actually 18 and didn’t know how to change it.”

It sounds like they have similar proficiencies in using Tinder. Kind of a promising start to their relationship?

“The pictures she provided had some with her friends and her mom in them. In her bio she said some of her friends were single and if anyone liked them better that’s fine but they couldn’t have her mom (had me deat btw).”

Yeah that’s genuinely funny.

Claudias Email 1

“So, like I said, I meant to swipe right but that didn’t happen.”

That can happen to anyone if they’re just flipping through profiles and make the motion one time too many by mistake, but maybe he’s 

“My instagram is Hayden.Moll if you want to look me up.”

He has almost no photos on there. It’s hard to tell if he sanitized his profile just for the occasion or if he just needs to get better friends if he wants an Instagram profile that’s going to grab a thirsty fellow student’s attention.

“I’m just asking, if this is your profile that I described, please message me back with ‘right’ or ‘left’ just so I know if you’re interested or not.”

Like a do-it-yourself Tinder. Amazing.

Claudias Email 2

But what is he hoping to get out of all of this?

“If you choose ‘right’ we could totally get some doughnuts or something but if you choose ‘left’ that’s cool too. No worries!”

That’s a polite thing to say. In part for politeness but also because, well, sometimes when men feel rejected they respond with murder. Hayden was good to include that reassurance.

 “If it’s none of you Claudias and you know even more Claudias, spread the word please. It would be much appreciated!”

Well, the young woman in question did reveal herself. Her name is Claudia Alley.


Public responses have ranged from comments admiring the story to finding humor in it to others disparaging them or the entire idea of meeting someone through an app.

“He was smitten..”

“He was desperate to meet her because he could just sense she has a great personality.”

“She just wants to know who does his eyebrows.”

“Um, stalking?”

“That twink is out of his league.”

“I feel sorry for people out there that cyber stalk someone before and rely on screens during courtship.”

“No dear, not creepy at all.”

Claudia Alley

What matters, though, is what Claudia thinks of all of this.

Apparently, she’s not only entertained by the story going viral — she’s also amused enough by his endearing email that she’s agreed to go out to get doughnuts with him.

A lot of the time, viral relationships like this fall apart. You know what else falls apart? Non-viral relationships. Not everybody clicks.

That doesn’t mean that we need to start singing a funeral dirge for this “relationship.” They’re literally just going out for doughnuts.

We would point out though that Hayden seems to be pretty tall and Claudia is either exclusively friends with Amazonians or is extremely short. Sometimes height differences are the secret ingredient that make relationships click and stick.

We hope that they’re both better at a doughnut date than they are at using Tinder.


Bill Cosby: Shamed by the University of Missouri!

Bill Cosby should spend the rest of his life in jail.

The comedian almost definitely raped dozens and dozens of women over the years, yet a jury of his peers could not reach a verdict this month and Cosby remains a free man.

It sucks and it’s stupid and we really hope Cosby is found guilty when he goes back on trial later this year.

In the meantime, however, at least the 79-year old is being publicly shame in some fashion, even if it’s not exactly the same as wearing an orange jumpsuit behind cold metal bars.

On Friday, the Board of Curators at the University of Missouri voted unanimously to strip Cosby of the doctorate in humane letters that he received in 1999.

This no-brainer of a decision was the first time the school had ever revoked an honorary degree.

But it’s probably the first time a celebrity to whom it had given this distinction was accused of over 50 women of sexual assault.

In a statement, University President Mun Choi cited assault allegations from all these women as the reason behind the move, saying Cosby’s alleged actions don’t reflect the school’s values.

Altogether, around 25 other schools across the nation have similarly revoked honorary degrees and awards given to Cosby since nearly 60 women accused him of drugging and raping them.

(Seriously! This guy is so guilty!)

About a year ago, the University of Connecticut took this step, also voting unanimously to rescind the Doctor of Fine Arts given to Cosby in 1996.

The resolution at the time cited Cosby’s own admissions in lawsuit depositions.

In one, for example, he admitted he had affairs with young models and actresses and had obtained quaaludes to give to women he wanted to have sex with.

(Seriously! This guy is so, so guilty!)

“The University respects the principles of due process and Mr. Cosby’s right to a fair and public trial on the criminal charges against him,” the resolution said last year, adding in detail:

“But the conduct which he admitted in his sworn testimony provides compelling reasons for the University of Connecticut to consider the revocation of his honorary degree.

“This is an extraordinary action that is not being taken lightly.”

We live in extraordinary times, that’s for sure.

Cosby apparently plans to tour the country this summer and host seminars to help young men avoid being charged with sexual assault.

We’re not making this up.

According to spokesman Andrew Wyatt, Cosby wants kids to “know what they’re facing when they’re hanging out and partying, when they’re doing certain things they shouldn’t be doing.”

Such a show of hubris on Cosby’s part is truly remarkable.

If anyone plans on paying money for these seminars, allow us to save you some money…

Here are the two ways to avoid the fate of Bill Cosby:

1. Do not drug women.

2. Do not rape women.

There. Boom. Done. You’re welcome.