Woman Mocks Small Engagement Ring; Twitter Claps Back!

A diamond is forever, and so is the internet.

So, an Australian woman tweeted out a photo of a hand, possibly hers but possibly not, with a small engagement band on the ring finger.

She wasn't shy about mocking the ring size, indicating that an engagement ring needs to be more substantial to earn her respect.

It's possible, and many people assumed this to be the case, that this woman had received this engagement ring and was expressing her disappointment.

It's possible that she was genuinely touched but trying to be catty or whatever on Twitter.

But you know, it might be the likeliest of all that she saw this photo, maybe online or maybe sent to her by a genuinely excited friend, and decided to mock it on Twitter.

Regardless, she ignited a firestorm on Twitter, where everyone had an opinion about small engagement bands.

Below, we have her offensive tweet followed by more than a dozen responses.

We also show you that the story has a happy ending … sort of.

1. The tweet that started it all

Small ring 01
Whether a joke in poor taste or a cruel jab, this tweet set off a firestorm online.

2. Some countered with their own rings

Ring 02
Sometimes, it’s just about love.

3. Nice clapback

Ring 03
Copying the format of the original post is a great recipe for a retort.

4. Small rings, big love

Ring 04
It’s so sweet of people to share these. You hope that couples with small rings see that they’re not alone.

5. A reminder of the purpose of a proposal

Ring 05
It’s not a jewelry contest, it’s an invitation to get married

6. Some people got emotional about it

Ring 06
This is really sweet, you guys.

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Spencer Pratt Mocks the Crap Out of Taylor Swift Music Video

Taylor Swift has broken, like, every viewing record with her music video for the song "Look What You Made Me Do."

But most critics don't like it very much.

They think it's petty and immature and just all around lame.

Now, however, we have a reason to be thankful it exists:

Because it gave Spencer Pratt the opportunity to make fun of every frame!

In the footage below, the former The Hills star and expecting father makes it clear that he's studied Swift's latest video very closely.

The video opens with Pratt sipping some tea, the universal sign for throwing shade and trolling the Internet.

At other times, we see Spencer's dance moves… we see him hanging out with hummingbirds… making nectar… and chilling with both dogs and crystals.

Because of course.

Also, let's not forget the portraits of Pratt and Heidi Montag hanging in their kitchen that play a key role in this spoof.

About halfway through, we get a glimpse of Montag, who is eight months pregnant with the couple’s first child.

The soon-to-be parent is spotted by an open fridge about to, in Swift’s lyrics, throw “a feast.”

Throughout, of course, Pratt is lip-syncing to Swift's new track.

He rubs his wife's very large baby bump and dances around with her as well, making this an unexpectedly romantic piece of mockery.

To a certain extent, that is.

Taylor's actual video has garnered more than 65 million views on YouTube and it contains more than a dozen hidden messages with references to her ex-lovers Calvin Harris and Tom Hiddleston, along with feuds with Katy Perry, and Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.

Check out Pratt's amazing version now!

Spencer pratt mocks the heck out of taylor swift music video