Bristol Palin: It Was SO Awkward to Meet the Teen Moms!

Bristol Palin was a literal teen mom about 10 years ago.

But the daughter of ex-Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin is now a Teen Mom is the more figurative and professional sense, making a living as one of two new cast members on Teen Mom OG.

It’s pretty darn weird when you think about it.

Or not just when you think about it.

When you actually experience it and work alongside Palin, according to Tyler Baltierra.

For Bristol, meanwhile, it was pretty darn weird to walk right onto a show that had been airing for seven seasons already — and on which everyone was pretty close and familiar.

“I was like, this is their job, they’ve been doing this for so long,” Palin said on Monday’s Teen Mom OG premiere aftershow.. “I hope they like me.”

She may have also had this fear because, let’s face it, plenty of people out there do not like Bristol or her famous mother.

Bristol and Chyenne Floyd were both added to Teen Mom OG in the wake of Farrah Abraham being let go by MTV.

After plenty of back and forth with the controversial star, executives decided in February that it could no longer be associated with someone who did amateur pornography, basically.

“We didn’t want to step on toes, I think,” Floyd said of how she and Palin felt upon meeting the other OGs and starting to film by their side.

Catelynn Lowell, who also appeared on the after-show, thought back to the first time she met the new cast members, saying on air:

“We were doing a promo shoot. I think the production and everything made it was more awkward.”

Bristol agreed, chiming in as follows:

“So awkward!”

And Floyd also agreed!

“We hugged, and it was probably the most awkward hug ever. It was so awkward,” she said of meeting Palin.

Also awkward for Floyd? Some of the backlash she has received for not actually being a teen mom.

Not now. Not ever.

(Floyd shares one-year-old daughter Ryder with Cory Wharton; they welcomed their daughter whe Chyenne was 23 years old.)

But this is what Chyenne said on the topic last month:

“I think that a lot of people are stuck on the word and at the end of the day I’m still young mom. I still have the same struggles and I’m still learning just like everyone else.

I don’t think 23 is the ideal age to have a baby. She was unplanned, so in other ways, other than me not being a teen, I have different things that you can relate.

“So instead of me screaming all day long that I’m not a teen mom, I’d rather just talk about things that I am.”

For a look at how the veteran OGs feel about these newbies, click below:


Farrah Abraham Trashes New Teen Moms: What Pathetic, Dumb Losers!

Farrah Abraham is out.

Cheyenne Floyd is in.

And a new rivalry has apparently been born.

With Abraham having been fired by MTV several months ago due to her involvement in the amateur porn business, the network went out and hired two replacements:

Floyd and Bristol Palin.

Farrah has hurled a bit of shade at these newbies on occasion over the past few weeks, but she opened up in depth for the first time while speaking to Us Weekly on Friday, September 21.

What did she have to say? Scroll down to find out!

1. Let’s Just Get Right To It!

Farrah abraham is rendered speechless
Tell us how you feel, Farrah. “There’s no intelligence there and I actually feel like the Teen Mom fans deserve to have better people fill my position and they deserve to have better quality,” she told the above-mentioned tabloid in this extended interview, going right after Bristol, but especially Cheyenne, for simply not being very smart.

2. How Do We Know She’s Taking Aim Specifically at Floyd?

Farrah abraham hears but does not listen
Because she continued as follows: “They’re from other MTV shows, they’re like Teen Mom groupies. They’re Teen Mom, like, fans, and that’s fine if you are, but don’t go on my show that you watched, talk s—t about me, act like me, it’s like white Girl Interrupted. It’s not cool, it’s not OK.”

3. Where Have We Seen Floyd Before?

Cheyenne floyd and ryder together
She appeared on MTV’s Are You the One? and The Challenge: Rivals III, which is actually where she met baby daddy Cory Wharton, who will also been on Teen Mom OG Season 8.

4. So, She Had Nothing at All to Say About Bristol?

Farrah abraham gives an interview
HA! Does that sound like Abraham at all? She had plenty to say about this shocking new Teen Mom cast member.

5. Here She Goes…

Farrah without makeup
“Last I heard they said they couldn’t been paid enough to be like me, but yet, they are paid, they’re filling my spot,” Farrah told Us Weekly.

6. What? Was That English?

Bristol and 3 kids
Sort of — but it was a to reference to comments Palin recently made about NOT acting like the ex-Teen Mom OG star during an appearance on Jenny McCarthy’s SiriusXM radio show.

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Audrey Roloff Offers 3 Pieces of Advice for Working Moms

Audrey Roloff gets it, you guys.

Or you gals, to be more accurate.

She's a mother to a precious daughter named Ember and she also works: formerly as a cast member on Little People, Big World (until announcing her departure last month) and also as an author and an entrepreneur.

Roloff admits that she's learning as she goes, trying to find the proper balance between her professional life and her personal life.

But she's learned enough after about a year of parenthood to pass along some tips.

In an Instagram message Audrey posted in August of 2018, she passed along the following pieces of advice to "working moms" around the world..

1. Tip #1:

Up goes ember
Writes Audrey to open this lengthy caption, which she shared along a photo of herself and almost-one-year-old Ember: “GRACE. Give yourself loads of grace when you see all the things other mothers are doing that make me feel less-than.”

2. More on Grace:

One happy roloff
“I am constantly reminding myself that my standard for motherhood should be rooted in the Word of God NOT the world of Instagram,” concludes Amber on this topic.

3. But Hasn’t She Discussed Grace Before?

Pure joy
Yes, in February of 2018 Audrey wrote on Instagram: “”GRACE. If I had to sum up what motherhood has taught me into one word, it would be grace.

4. What Did She Mean at the Time?

A perfect setting
You tell us, Auds! “I can be pretty hard on myself, and motherhood is teaching me to give myself grace in the moments when I feel unequipped, ill prepared, or like I don’t measure up. On the days when I discover I haven’t been doing something that everyone else seems to be doing, grace. When my ideals don’t fit to reality, grace. When I’m overwhelmed by all the conflicting research on all the hot button issues, grace. When I start to compare myself to the other mama warriors out there, grace. When I get criticized and accused, grace.”

5. A Final Word on Grace

Smiling mom and daughter
Also from this February 2018 post: “When I realize I’m not the kind, patient, and loving wife intend to be, grace. When I get down on myself for working too much or not enough, grace. When I haven’t checked anything off my to-do list, grace. When I’ve worn the same outfit 7 days in a row, grace… I am choosing to release my harsh and sometimes worldly standards and learning to embrace His grace in my weakness. His power is perfected in my weakness.”

6. Okay, Got It. On to Tip #2!

Audrey roloff on the beach
Writes Roloff in her latest pseudo advice column: “Establish your team before you have a baby. Expect to have less than half the time you did beforehand.”

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Kailyn Lowry: Does She Have the Best Sex Life of All the Teen Moms?

If you're a Teen Mom 2 fan, then you're probably aware that Kailyn Lowry has three sons by three different fathers.

As a result, she's been criticized on a fairly constant basis by oddly puritanical reality TV fans.

Apparently, there are Amish folk with basic cable out there. Who knew? 

It goes without saying that these people are morons, and Kail has nothing to be ashamed of.

But in the interest of setting fire to gender norms and toxic double standards, we'd like to take things a step further and propose that Kail deserves a place alongside Carrie Bradshaw and Daenerys Targaryen on the short list of genuinely empowered, sex-positive women who have graced our television screens.

Sure, she doesn't have any pet dragons, but she does earn bonus points for being not only an actual real-world human, but a representative of chronically underrepresented groups such as single moms and bisexual women.

So whether you love Kail or irrationally hate her (It's pretty much always irrational when you hate someone whose actions in no way impact your life. Just sayin'.), join as we make the case for Ms. Lowry as the most sexually woke of all the Teen Moms:


1. Living Her Best Life

Kailyn lowry supporting elephants
Kail has described herself as the most hated of all the Teen Moms, and while that title could probably be more accurately applied to Jenelle Evans or Farrah Abraham, it’s not hard to see why Lowry feels so maligned.

2. An Army of Haters

Kail lowry fashion
Much of the anti-Kail criticism has to do with her alleged promiscuity, which is absurd for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the fact that there’s no indication Lowry has been with an inordinate number of partners.

3. Who. Really. Cares?

Kailyn lowry bikini picture
More importantly, it doesn’t matter if Kail has slept with a lot of people. Sure, she stars on a reality show, and her personal life is bound to be a topic of discussion on social media, but that doesn’t mean every opinion that every viewer expresses about her personal life is valid or un-problematic.

4. The Obvious Point

Kail lowry on instagram
For starters, if Kail were a man, she’d be applauded for much of the same behavior for which she’s currently maligned.

5. The More Important Point

Kail on teen mom 2
On top of that, based on what we’ve seen of her on screen and heard about her from her past partners, Kail is in no way abusive in her relationships.

6. Doing It Right

Kailyn lowry and three sons family photo
She doesn’t engage in risky behavior for its own sake. She doesn’t use her sexuality in a way that’s likely to cause harm to herself or others, and she’s famously cautious about introducing her children to her partners.

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‘Dance Moms’ Star Maddie Ziegler Gunning for $130k Payday with ‘DWTS: Juniors’

“Dance Moms” star Maddie Ziegler has over 100k reasons to wanna make it to the “Dancing with the Stars: Juniors” finals … huge BUCK$ are on the line. The 14-year-old is guaranteed to make at least $ 50k for appearing on the ‘DWTS’ spinoff…


Abby Lee Miller: Holding Dance Moms Auditions While Undergoing Chemo

Just a couple of weeks ago, Abby Lee Miller teased the return of Dance Moms.

Now, sources are confirming that the series is coming back for an 8th season, starring Miller, who is already looking for fresh-faced new stars.

Not bad for a woman undergoing chemotherapy for cancer just months after getting out of prison, wouldn’t you say?

Yes, if Miller’s own tease (or threat!) that she was coming back to star on more Dance Moms wasn’t enough for you, worry no longer.

A source confirms to Entertainment Tonight that Dance Moms is returning. This will be the show’s 8th season.

And, though Dancing With The Stars pro Cheryl Burke temporarily took the reigns last year, Miller will be back.

If you were hoping for further proof, the Dance Moms casting page is looking for new cast members, ages 7 to 12.

And Miller is in charge.

The page says: “Abby Lee Miller is currently holding auditions for her new ALDC elite competition team.”

Miller is known to have complained about unbearable working situations on Dance Moms in the past, but she has made it clear that this was not the fault of the children.

“I don’t have a problem working with any kid,” Abby wrote. “I love children and have dedicated my life to making other people’s children successful!”

Some have accused of her of being overbearing in dealing with children or of being unpleasant and harsh.

But Miller says that her issue with Dance Moms had less to do with the children and everything to do with male producers.



Miller is battling more than producers at the moment, however, which is why this Dance Moms news comes as something of a shock to so many people.

She has Burkitt lymphoma, a type of fast-spreading cancer that threatened to paralyze her just months ago. It was during her first emergency spinal surgery that doctors were able to identify that the “infection” was cancer.

The good news is that Burkitt generally has a 90% recovery rate.

The bad news is that it’s usually found in children, and the recovery rate in adults is said to be lower.

The other good news is that, because Burkitt lymphoma is a fast-spreading cancer, doctors say that it also responds quickly to treatment.

Last month, Abby Lee Miller underwent a second emergency surgery as part of her ongoing cancer battle.

The Dance Moms star even shared a graphic post-op photo, showing how the incision along her spine was healing.

Hopefully, she will not need to undergo any further drastic procedures.

For her sake, and for the sake of her return to the reality series that launched her to fame.

But while we don’t foresee Miller spendng a lot of time flashing her back scars on camera, there’s likely to be one difficult-to-ignore sign of her cancer battle when she starts filming the series in earnest.

In Miller’s most recent photos, she has been covering her head — with hats or towels.

In others, she simply keeps her hair out of the camera’s view.

Recently, she posted “Hair today, gone tomorrow” to her Instagram captions, warning followes that she anticipated hair loss as she undergoes chemotherapy treatments.

Many fans expect that she will wear wigs while on Dance Moms.

But it is indisputably better to lose your hair for a little while than to lose your life.

It also remains unclear how much of Miller’s cancer battle will be addressed on the series. It may be that she is soon cancer-free.

At the moment, she is focused on casting. Would you want your child to star on Dance Moms?


Abby Lee Miller Teases the Return of Dance Moms!!!

Earlier this month, Abby Lee Miller had to undergo a second emergency surgery as part of her ongoing battle with cancer.

But she did share some good news … though it does not directly pertain to her health.

She has announced — sort of — that Dance Moms is getting an eighth season despite its cancellation. Is it true?!

In a birthday post to young Dance Moms stars Lilliana Ketchman and Elliana Walmsley, Miller lets slip some exciting information.

“Happy Birthday to you two!!! @lillykofficial & @ellianawalmsley_,” Miller writes.

She adds a note, remarking on their growth: “Do those coats still fit?”

But this is where it gets less cheesey and much more interesting.

“There is a Rumor about Season 8,” Miller writes. “We might be headed some place cold!”

The last that anyone had really heard, the series had been cancelled. That was in May. It sounds like Lifetime has changed its tune.

“Anybody have thoughts on this?” Miller asks, before tagging: “#aldcla #aldc #abbyleemiller #dancemoms #abbylee #thebestisyettocome”

Abby Lee Miller teases Dance Moms Season 8

Earlier in June, Miller had teased that something good was coming on Instagram.

“I ‘heard’ some amazing news today!” Miller wrote. “Can anybody take a guess at what it was?”

Though the most obvious reply would be that it was something positive regarding her harrowing battle with Burkitt lymphoma, many fans immediately latched onto a different idea.

Now it sounds like those fans were correct.

Assuming that Abby Lee Miller’s apparent announcement on Saturday was true, that is.

But it would be very strange for her to make such a post if it is not true.

Abby Lee Miller’s cancer diagnosis came as a shock.

She had only just completed her sentence in prison and was staying at a halfway house.

She had to undergo her first emergency surgery after a strange and rapidly-spreading paralysis began to impair her movements.

It was only during surgery, which doctors were performing in order to relieve pressure that they believe that an infection was causing her on her spine, that they discovered that the culprit was worse.

Burkitt lymphoma, more often seen in the developing world and usually seen in children, was afflicting Miller.

The bad news is that it is the kind of cancer that spreads quickly.

The good news is that this particular fast-spreading cancer tends to respond quickly to treatments — and, though the rate is somewhat lower in adults, Burkitt lymphoma usually has a 90% recovery rate.

After two intense back surgeries, Miller’s outlook sounds like it is mostly positive.

She also shared that she has begun chemotherapy.

In an Instagram post, she wrote: “Hair today, gone tomorrow” and tagged it “#chemo.”

Though she is not yet exhibiting any signs of hair loss in her Instagram photos, it is a known and feared side-effect that can occur in some people while undergoing certain forms of chemotherapy.

We hope that Miller will, at least, get to keep her thick, curly hair as she undergoes this harrowing battle.

But if she does lose her hair temporarily, it is ultimately what many cancer survivors consider a small price to pay for their lives.

Fans have their fingers crossed that this news about Season 8 of Dance Moms is real.

But they should remember that Miller still has one hell of a battle for her health and her life ahead of her.

We’ve been critical of some of Miller’s behaviors and choices in the past, but she doesn’t deserve this terrible battle with cancer. No one does.

We hope that she makes a full recovery soon and that it is as painless as possible.