Arie Luyendyk Jr: I’m a Monster

Arie Luyendyk Jr's season of The Bachelor airs its finale this week — it's two-night, five-hour finale.

Everyone who doesn't follow The Bachelor Spoilers is in for a real shock. More than one, even.

In the video below, Arie calls himself a "monster." What did he do?

Lauren arie and beccaAries face

In the The Bachelor promo video that you'll see below, Arie gets real — or as real as Arie is capable of getting, confessing to the camera.

"I could choose the wrong person. That's a real fear. I'm terrified."

No one wants to make a mistake — and, in particular, no one wants to make it on camera in front of millions of people. Particularly when it's something as important as choosing a potential spouse.

As we know, his worst fears are realized. The winner he chooses is not the woman he really wanted and, months later, Arie ends his engagement and pursues the runner up.

But then he makes this powerful confession:

"I feel like a monster."

A kiss for becca

While watching the video below might help you pick up on some clues on what is making Arie feel quite so monstrous, it doesn't really spell it out.

Is this his confession of his do-over, months later, in which he goes back to the runner-up to express his regrets about having broken up with her?

Because yes, he did tell ABC about it, and their cameras were apparently rolling to capture his epic flip-flop.

Or is this just what Arie says about the planned break-ups.

Did he struggle with having to shatter women's hearts on television?

(If so, maybe that will quell the rumors that everything about him is fake)

Arie luyendyk and lauren burnham

Despite his "monstrous" acts, he's apparently looking forward to the finale being aired so that the audience can have more details on what's going on.

Arie tells E! that he's eager for fans to see the whole story:

"I think that people are going to understand me a lot more and understand the ending and understand why Caroline's upset."

He's also totally prepared for potential backlash — okay, virtually guaranteed backlash — that he's likely to receive over his decision.

"But this is my journey and this is about finding a lasting love and that road is not always the easiest. Hopefully people will understand more."

He says that he tries to keep things in perspective.

"It's all about the ending and finding that person for yourself and that's the important part. I'm very happy."

Arie with lauren b

Stars in this franchise are often accused of making mistakes.

Just last summer, the world watched in confusion and horror as Rachel Lindsay ditched Peter Kraus for Bryan Abasolo.

(For what it's worth, Rachel Lindsay predicts that Lauren wins The Bachelor)

Fans might watch Arie dump the runner-up and then dump the winner and see it as some sort of monstrous mind game in which he plays with these women's hearts.

Others may look at his flip-flop and consider it a brave choice.

Honestly, those in that second category may just be wishing that Rachel Lindsay had come to her senses and gone back for Peter Kraus.

(But it's her life, folks, and the right man for you might not be the right man for her — something that the Bachelor Nation should also keep in mind as they watch Arie)

Arie luyendyk jr shrugs helplessly

From the beginning, many felt that Arie was a random choice to play the leading man.

And fans weren't exactly reassured when they learned that he had broken up with his real-life girlfriend just a couple of days before the announcement that he'd be on The Bachelor.

But now? From the dramatic twist of him ending up with the runner-up to the knowledge that he contacted ABC to tell them about it to let them film him even after the show was over, it's clear that he's a magnet for drama.

Sometimes, a controversial choice is a smart one. Especially when you're talking about reality television.

Take a look at this epic teaser and decide for yourself why Arie's calling himself a monster.

Arie luyendyk jr im a monster

Courtland Rogers: Jenelle Evans is a Monster Who Destroyed My Life!

Jenelle Evans doesn’t exactly have the best track record when it comes to her love life.

And if you know anything about the girl, then you know that that’s probably the biggest understatement of all time.

In the seven years since we were first introduced to her, Jenelle has literally never had a solid, healthy relationship.

She was impregnated for the first time by Andrew Lewis, a serious douchebag who treated her badly and abandoned her and Jace.

From there, we saw her get with Kieffer, who was a horrific influence on her and who eventually introduced her to heroin.

Then there was Gary Head, who was arrested for assaulting her, then Kieffer again, then probably some more Gary.

We’re painfully familiar with Nathan Griffith and his history of assaulting girlfriends — he was arrested for assaulting Jenelle, too — and her current guy, David Eason, also has a history of assault.

And in the middle of all those lovely specimens, there was Courtland Rogers.

Courtland and Jenelle’s torrid affair happened while Teen Mom 2 was taking a break from filming, so we never had the opportunity to see much of their dynamic on camera.

But we do know that they both loved heroin, they got married, and they got into a whole mess of trouble together.

And thanks to Jenelle’s new memoir, Read Between the Lines: From the Diary of a Teenage Mom, we also have more details on one of the most appalling moments of their relationship:

Jenelle’s miscarriage.

In the book, she wrote that while she was pregnant, Courtland found some texts that she exchanged with another guy — possibly Gary.

She said that he became upset and began questioning if he was even the father of her child, and then he “slapped me around a few times, then started punching me in the gut.”

The next day, she lost the baby — and as Courtland said at the time, she banned him from her hospital room as she was being consoled by Gary.

It’s a pretty horrific story, right?

And according to a new interview Courtland just did with Radar Online, it’s not even true.

“Dude,” he begins. “When I read that she’s getting married to David, I thought ‘This is her second wedding. You were married to somebody who you destroyed their life and left.'”

“Jenelle’s done it to every one of us,” he continues. “Jenelle is like a hurricane. She is horrible. Everybody gets destroyed.”

“If people don’t know that now it’s sad. It happened to me.”

He has a little bit of a point — as we said, the girl has never dated a good guy, probably in her whole life.

But it’s not like she cast some magical spell on them that turned them from nice people into abusive, drug-addled jackasses. Everything can’t be blamed on her.

About her abuse allegations, Courtland says “I never in my life have hit her. I never even touched her.”

“If we were ever fighting I made sure she wouldn’t hit me. I never swung or hit her or anything. That is the God’s honest truth.”

And just in case you’re not getting his point here, he clarifies that “No, I never hit her in a million years. I never ever physically hit her in that type of manner.”

“I swear to God. Not drunk. Not high. Not sober. It never happened.”

What actually happened, he claims, is that Jenelle faked her miscarriage.

“She was with Gary,” he says, “and she sent me that picture of food coloring in her bath tub and tried to say it was her drug use at the time that cause her to have a miscarriage.”

“She was cheating on me with Gary.”

“We were arguing, she left,” he recalls. “She ended up not coming back. She called me and let me know she was with Gary and then sent me the picture.”

“She was with him for three days. The next day Gary called me and told me she took the abortion pill.”

But, as bad as their relationship was, Courtland says that “I ain’t gonna lie. I miss her sometimes.”

Who are these people and why are they the way that they are?

Thankfully, even though he still misses her, he says that “It ain’t nothing like that. I don’t miss money. I’ve always had money.”

Still, “I actually loved her. Like, a lot. It wasn’t MTV I loved, or the shoes I was wearing. It broke my heart.”

“I would have never thought this is what she would have thought or that or that she would have put about me in her book.”

So what’s the truth here? Did he beat Jenelle and cause her miscarriage? Is he totally innocent like he says — did Jenelle even have a miscarriage at all?

It’s hard to say, because it’s not like anyone in this situation is exactly trustworthy.

Really, the only thing we know for sure is that this is a remarkably terrible situation — but we wouldn’t expect anything else when it comes to Jenelle Evans.