Tonya Harding Gets Pissed at Piers Morgan Over ‘Real Victim,’ Her or Nancy Kerrigan

Tonya Harding kneecapped Piers Morgan, or at least her interview with him … abruptly cutting it short when he called her out for acting like she was the victim, and not Nancy Kerrigan. Tonya was on “Good Morning Britain,” and clearly expecting a…


Caitlyn Jenner Shuts Down Piers Morgan: Don’t Ask About My Body, You Creep!

Piers Morgan isn't exactly known for his tasteful questions, and he's once again demonstrating that.

This time, he asks Caitlyn Jenner about how her "physique" has changed since her youth.

As you can see in the video below, Caitlyn shut him down right away, explaining that his question isn't just inappropriate — for many trans women, it's dangerous.

Caitlyn jenner in shades

Caitlyn Jenner has been dragged by many in the trans community for not, they believe, doing a good job of representing the community.

(Remember the trans woman who called Caitlyn Jenner a fraud? That woman is now running for office)

But … it looks like things might be getting a little better.

See, Piers Morgan — through innuendo — asks prying questions about Caitlyn's body, now versus in her past.

And Cait shuts him down pretty epically, even talking about how ignorant questions like Piers' can make life itself dangerous for trans women.

Caitlyn jenner dog

So, Piers Morgan holds up an old plastic action figure of Caitlyn Jenner from her Olympian days, long before her transition.

(Total side note, but have you ever seen the episode of Murder, She Wrote that Cait was on? Seeing her deadname on the credits a couple of years ago, back when the series was on Netflix, was such a surprise for me)

Piers made the unfortunate choice to gesture to the action figure, and talk about her "physique," asking how it differs now versus then, saying:

"Obviously, certain areas we know."

Yikes. Cait doesn't let that go by unchallenged, saying:

"See you made a comment there and that's why you would get in trouble."

Caitlyn jenner in july 2017

"You just said, 'Oh certain areas.' That, to a trans person, is disrespectful."

For the record, asking anybody about their private parts in an interview is usually disrespectful unless that person has already indicated that they're fine talking about it.

Cait explains: "Because you don't make a joke about that."

"Because it's not funny, it's life."

She goes on to say:

"And it’s a part of my life and it's a very serious part of my life."

Caitlyn jenner and her book

Piers inquires why life can't be a joke, or whatever. We guess that maybe he thought that he'd get away with his creepy questions?

Caitlyn is not amused, saying: "I don't take it and I take that very seriously."

She even ties the issue to other trans folks.

"And so, out of respect to myself and the community, it's not something that you joke about."

Cait talks more about how this impacts trans women, and not just herself:

"It's something, as I said before, this is serious stuff. People die over this issue. It's not a joke."

Caitlyn jenner in golf cart

It's worth noting that Piers Morgan is hardly the first person to ask wildly inappropriate questions of a trans woman he's interviewing.

But it's 2018. This should not still be happening.

Back in 2014, Katie Couric interviewed Laverne Cox and Carmen Carrera, And during that interview, Couric asked some very inappropriate genital questions without realizing that she was doing anything wrong.

Janet Mock did a famous takedown of that behavior — if you're not going to ask a cis celebrity about their genitals, then don't ask a trans celebrity about theirs.

Katie Couric, for the record, apologized and later did a series about trans folks, and stated explicitly that part of what inspired her to do the series was her past mistakes.

Caitlyn jenner strikes a pose

Caitlyn Jenner is right — transphobic questions can be life-for-death for trans folks who aren't millionaire celebrities.

For the record, though, what Piers was saying would be rude and creepy to anyone.

Would he, while interviewing Martha Stewart, ask questions about her breasts or genitals? Would he ask any 68-year-old woman about her "physique" in contrast to when she was a young athlete? We hope not.

Anyway, while nobody's private areas are any business of ours, this is additionally true for trans people. It might become appropriate to ask if you're dating a trans woman, but that's about it.

Caitlyn jenner shuts down piers morgan dont ask about my body yo

Morgan Spurlock Posts Confession to Sexual Misconduct

All of the #MeToo stories that we’ve heard so far have come from women — and men — sharing their experiences of sexual harassment and assault. Some men like Matt Lauer have been fired, others have been named, while others still hide and wonder when it’ll be there turn to be named and shamed.

Controversial documentary filmmaker Morgan Spurlock has his own story of harassment and assault, but his isn’t a #MeToo story.

Because he’s confessing that he, too, is part of the problem. And he’s speaking up because he figures that someone will name him, sooner or later.

Most of us know Morgan Spurlock as the man whose deeply dishonest “documentary” nearly ruined fast food for the rest of us.

(Super Size Me was wildly misleading, as anyone with common sense can tell you. It turns out that measuring how a single abruptly-no-longer-exercising alcoholic’s body responds to eating fast mood for every meal every day is not a responsible sample size)

Because of Spurlock, a lot of children’s Happy Meals came with apple slices (garbage) and milk (why?!) instead of french fries and soda as people freaked out after the “documentary” aired and gained national attention in 2004.

Well, Morgan Spurlock is somehow still a thing in 2017, and he posted to TwitLonger, which is also somehow still a thing in 2017. His post begins:

“As I sit around watching hero after hero, man after man, fall at the realization of their past indiscretions, I don’t sit by and wonder ‘who will be next?’ I wonder, ‘when will they come for me?'”

Off of the top of my head, I can’t think of a man named in a #MeToo story whom I’d have characterized as a “hero” even before hearing that he was a sex monster.

But Morgan Spurlock sounds like he’s coming forward to reveal that he himself is a sex monster.

Morgan Spurlock’s lengthy confession, titled “I Am Part Of the Problem,” continues:

“You see, I’ve come to understand after months of these revelations, that I am not some innocent bystander, I am also a part of the problem.”

And he explains why:

“When I was in college, a girl who I hooked up with on a one night stand accused me of rape.”


“Not outright. There were no charges or investigations, but she wrote about the instance in a short story writing class and called me by name. A female friend who was in the class told be about it afterwards.”

A lot of trauma survivors write about their experiences, directly or indirectly. Others might process the horrors of their lives through music or visual art.

“I was floored.”

We should note that not every rapist is the kind of over-the-top malevolent predator that you see on police procedurals or in the accusations against men like Weinstein. A lot of rapists don’t realize that they’re rapists.

“‘That’s not what happened!’ I told her. This wasn’t how I remembered it at all. In my mind, we’d been drinking all night and went back to my room.”

He continues to describe his version of events.

“We began fooling around, she pushed me off, then we laid in the bed and talked and laughed some more, and then began fooling around again. We took off our clothes. She said she didn’t want to have sex, so we laid together, and talked, and kissed, and laughed, and then we started having sex.”

Spurlock says that he stopped after she started to cry.

“We stopped having sex and I rolled beside her. I tried to comfort her. To make her feel better. I thought I was doing ok, I believed she was feeling better. She believed she was raped.”

Some people might cry during consensual intercourse, but the dead giveaway should have been the lack of consent. He admits that he remembers her saying that she didn’t want to have sex.

What he’s describing, even to his recollection, sounds like rape.

And that was not the end of Morgan Spurlock’s admissions.

“Then there was the time I settled a sexual harassment allegation at my office. This was around 8 years ago, and it wasn’t a gropy feely harassment. It was verbal, and it was just as bad.”

Women have been enduring this kind of harassment for generations. That doesn’t make it any better.

“I would call my female assistant ‘hot pants’ or ‘sex pants’ when I was yelling to her from the other side of the office. Something I thought was funny at the time, but then realized I had completely demeaned and belittled her to a place of non-existence.”

It sounds like he made her workplace experience a living hell.

“So, when she decided to quit, she came to me and said if I didn’t pay her a settlement, she would tell everyone.”

Honestly, good for her. Sometimes, in an unjust world, money is the only way to get justice.

“Being who I was, it was the last thing I wanted, so of course, I paid. I paid for peace of mind. I paid for her silence and cooperation. Most of all, I paid so I could remain who I was.”

Morgan Spurlock then admits that he also cheated on every wife and girlfriend he ever had. Every single one.

He shares his own background of sexual abuse as a child and a young teenager (which is very sad) and reveals that he has been drinking regularly since the age of 13.

You get the impression that Spurlock feels that revealing all of this makes him somehow brave or more righteous than the other sex monsters we’ve heard about in recent months.

We don’t see how.

What he describes is a story of raping a woman in college, regularly sexually harassing a woman at work, and betraying the trust of every woman who’s ever loved him.

While his story of childhood trauma (he doesn’t mention who inflicted this upon him) is absolutely tragic, the evil done to him as a child does not excuse his actions as an adult.

In fact, that he mentions this in the same post where he describes his own misdeeds reminds us of Kevin Spacey coming out as gay in an attempt to deflect attention from the accusation that, as had been rumored for many years, he’s a sexual predator.


Morgan Spurlock Admits He’s Part of Sexual Harassment Problem, Cites Past Rape Allegation

Morgan Spurlock is coming clean about his history … regarding sexual harassment, sexual abuse, and even an accusation of rape. The famed documentary filmmaker posted a shocking list of confessions Wednesday, including a detailed description of a…


Piers Morgan Slams Emily Ratajkowski as “Global Bimbo,” Gets OWNED by Model

Piers Morgan has chosen the wrong woman to go after.

And definitely the wrong time during which to do it.

To open today’s broadcast of Good Morning Britain, Piers Morgan set his sights on Emily Ratajkowski and the model’s latest risque photo shoot.

It was for Love Magazine and it featured Ratajkowski wearing more strands of spaghetti than layers of clothing.

And Morgan simply was NOT having it!

“I don’t know quite what she is. She’s a global bimbo,” Morgan said bluntly on air, adding:

“She’s posted something on Instagram about how what we are watching now is unbelievably empowering to feminists…

“For goodness sake – get some clothes on and get yourself a proper job.

On Twitter, meanwhile, Morgan shared a collage of images from the pictorial in question and wrote:

“This is Emily Ratajkowski ‘promoting feminism’. Somewhere, Emmeline Pankhurst just vomited.”

For the record, Ratajkowski never said a word about this particular shoot “promoting feminism,” as Morgan asserts.

But she has wondered in the past why there’s a double standard applied to beautiful women… versus men or more average looking women.

“When Lena Dunham takes her clothes off, she gets flak, but it’s also considered brave,” Ratajkowski previously told Harper’s Bazaar.

“When Justin Bieber takes his shirt off, he’s a grown-up. But when a woman who is sexual takes off her top, it plays into something.”

Ratajkowski seems to be missing the general critique about her: that she is only known for posing nearly naked, while the other stars she cites above rely on their talent to earn fortune and fame.

Yet Ratajkowski does not miss the mark in any way, shape or form in responding to Morgan’s harsh criticism.

She totally owns the smarmy anchor.

“Lol never said my love video was a feminist statement,” Ratajkowski Tweeted in response, elaborating perfectly as follows:

“But now it’s worth saying that telling women what to do with their bodies & sexuality is actually just classic sexism.

“I can have opinions about feminism & also do sexy photo shoots k thanks.”

Pretty great point, isn’t it?

What is more sexist, flaunting a body one is proud of… or insulting a woman for doing so?

Citing the allegations against Harvey Weinstein, and really the entire #MeToo movement in general, Ratajkowski added via Twitter:

I’m tired of having to consider how I might be perceived by men if I wear the short skirt or post a sexy Instagram. I want to do what I want to do.

Feminism isn’t about adjusting, it’s about freedom and choice

emrat tweet

Previously, addresses critics of her scantily-clad photos by saying:

“To me, female sexuality and sexiness, no matter how conditioned it may be by a patriarchal ideal, can be incredibly empowering for a woman if she feels it is empowering to her.

“The way I dress, act, flirt, dance, have sex – those are my decisions and they shouldn’t be impacted by men. Being sexy is fun and I like it.

“I should never have to apologize for that.”

Your move, Piers Morgan.

Go ahead and try to think of a comeback.