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The Bachelorette Recap: How (Fantasy) Suite It Is … Mostly

Three men. Two roses. The Bachelorette journey of Rachel Lindsay has nearly reached its end. Which men would continue with her on it?

The Bachelorette spoilers revealed this ages ago, but now it’s time to see if the predictions prove correct, or if we’re in for an epic twist.

Peter Kraus, Eric Bigger and Bryan Abasolo are the last men standing on ABC, as Bachelorette spoilers suggested all season long. 

But what next? How did the penultimate episode play out?

On The Bachelorette Season 13 Episode 9, Rachel took the lucky trio home to Dallas – a step typically reserved for just the top two. 

There, Peter reveals that he is indeed falling in love with her, and Rachel reciprocates that feeling, even as he’s holding back a little.

Rachel’s mom (her dad, a federal judge, is likely not filming for that very reason) asks more than enough questions for the both of them.

Both Peter and the Lindsays are questioning the admittedly bizarre notion that getting engaged in two months is normal, and it’s refreshing.

When Peter tells her mom that he’s not going to ask for her blessing to marry her because it’s not time yet, well … what can you say?

He doesn’t seem to like Rachel any less, he’s just not as swept up in this admittedly ridiculous dating process we’ve come to accept.

Eric Bigger, her next suitor, has not met a girlfriend’s family in seven years, and it shows in how nervous he is heading into this date.

Surprisingly, it was when he made himself truly vulnerable by talking about his past struggles and emotions that he really got comfortable.

Rachel’s mom does give Eric her blessing, even if it seems apparent that things with Bigger have not reached quite the same stage.

He’s honest and sincere, though, including when it comes to how slowly things have been building up and how apprehensive he still is.

Finally, Bryan Abasolo meets Rachel’s family, and the confidence that Peter believes is fake, arrogant swagger impresses them a lot.

Bryan tells them that he truly loves Rachel, but they give him the third degree anyway, at which point Rachel pushes back against them.

Can love really happen as fast as this show makes you think? Her family doubts it, even if that bothers her, and it’s surprisingly candid.

Abasolo, to his credit, strikes a good balance between the factions, showing his feelings toward Rachel without pushing it too assertively.

Then, having already met the family, all three men jet off to La Rioja, Spain, as the Fantasy Suite dates are next up in this year’s timeline.

Who will accept that coveted card?!

Eric is first up, and at the end of his date, finally manages to tell Rachel he loves her. She returns the favor, and the Fantasy Suite is on.

Peter is up next, and if there was any tension beneath the surface of their date in Dallas, it’s no longer beneath anything right now.

Oh no. This is all out in the open.

Peter’s proposal-anxiety is front and center as he says popping the question is basically an extension of marriage, and he’s getting there.

As in not there yet. Rachel cries, obviously not seeing this quite the same way, and we’re left hanging on a cliff until the finale in two weeks.

Will she make the right decision? Follow the link to watch The Bachelorette online to relive all the drama and hit the comments below.