Siesta Key Season 1 Episode 11 Recap: Much Ado About Juliette

Changes were afoot on Siesta Keys Season 1 Episode 11 as it became apparent that no relationship was safe in Siesta Key. 

Juliette Porter got to narrate the first episode back, and it was like she made it her mission to send shots at Kelsey Owens. 

The two women were still at war. Kelsey getting too close to Alex paved the way for the demise of her relationship with Garrett. 

That’s part of the reason why Juliette was happy. She got to get back at both Kelsey and Alex, and it was clear she loved to manipulate a situation. 

When the episode kicked off, Juliette seemed ecstatic because she was still with Garrett, but things got awkward when she had to be in the same room as Kelsey. 

Juliette continued her mean girl narration, but Kelsey and Garrett met at the bar to have it out over what happened in the past. 

Garrett was quick to point out that Kelsey was blinded by the money Alex has and that’s apparently why she was willing to risk the relationship. 

Kelsey complained that Garrett made her miss her Uber, so he said he would give her a ride home. The thing is, he did not take her to her home. 

Instead, he took her to his house and Kelsey spent the night. Kelsey was doing damage control the next morning by telling new roommate, Madisson that she did not have sex with Garrett. 

Garrett kept the news on the down low because he seemed scared in case Juliette iced him out, so he lied to her and said he was working on meal plans that night. 

If you watch Siesta Key online, you will already know secrets don’t remain buried deep in the keys. Chloe informed Kelsey that she knew the truth because she stalked her on Snapchat. 

It turns out, you cannot hide anything from your friends these days thanks to the use of social media. Chloe admitted that Juliette needed to know the truth. 

At the next party, Chloe dished the goods to Juliette, and she was pissed. Juliette went looking for Garrett to hear it from him, but he was too busy hanging around with Kelsey. 

The pair admitted to Juliette but maintained that Kelsey slept on the couch. Kelsey went back to the party while Juliette compared Garrett to Alex and said that he was not the kind guy he wanted everyone to think he was. 

Juliette left and shoved into Kelsey on the way out, before getting an Uber home. The teaser for the next episode showed the two girls embroiled in their biggest bust-up yet, so we’ll be sure to have the popcorn at the ready. 

Elsewhere, new girl Canvas got a job at the bar and wasted no time in getting up close and personal with Brandon. The chick was using the cameras to create a narrative of her own. 

She apparently did not care Brandon was in a relationship with Madisson. She kept saying they did not act like they were in a relationship, so there was something wrong. 

It all came to a head at the close of the episode when Canvas started touching Brandon in full view of everyone. Instead of smacking Canvas around, Madisson complained that she was paranoid. 

Thankfully, Tarik was on hand and pulled Canvas aside. She reiterated that she did not care about a relationship and that she would do what she wanted because she can.

It was bizarre, and Brandon is a d-bag for not pushing Canvas aside.

Yes, it seems all the relationships are going to be destroyed during these final episodes of Siesta Key Season 1. 

Finally, Alex was relegated two a mere two scenes, and it’s probably down to the controversy he was involved with before the series debuted last summer. 

We found out that he had a broken jaw, and then witnessed him making a move to law school. 

The show appears to be distancing itself from him, and maybe it’s for the best. 

What did you think of the premiere?

Siesta Key continues Mondays on MTV!


Tyga to Kylie Jenner: I Miss You So Much! Let Me Deliver Your Baby!

How weird would it be to be Tyga right now?

Well, it would always be weird to be Tyga, but let’s focus on one issue at a time.

Just imagine: you’re a somewhat successful rapper who somehow found himself dating a much younger, much more famous reality star.

This goes on for years, even though your ex-girlfriend began dating your new girlfriend’s brother, and even though literally everyone thinks you’re creepy for getting with her when she was so young.

You break up, you get back together. This happens several times.

Eventually a breakup manages to stick, and you and your girl finally go your separate ways.

Shortly after that, she begins dating someone else — another kind of all right rapper, even.

And shortly after that — very shortly, to be specific — she gets pregnant.

It’s a sketchy, uncomfortable little story, but that’s what Tyga is going through right now. It’s very fitting, because Tyga himself is so sketchy and uncomfortable.

Since the news of Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy broke back in September, we’ve heard multiple reports about how Tyga is supposedly handling it all.

Most of those reports discuss how much he regrets losing her, and how desperate he is to get her back, and this report we’re going to discuss today is no different.

Though it is quite a bit creepier.

Seriously, brace yourself, because this could possibly be the cringiest thing we’ve ever heard about Tyga, which is obviously saying a lot.

A source spoke about the situation to Hollywood Life, and claimed that “Tyga wants to be in the delivery room with Kylie, supporting her as she gives birth to her baby.”

… Come again?

Why would that ever happen? In what scenario would that be a logical chain of events?

“Tyga continues to be in contact with Kylie and sends her text messages irregularly, whenever he feels lonely, which is all the time,” the source added.

“Tyga misses Kylie and likes to maintain his connection to the woman he loved for years. Kylie appreciates him checking up on her, it is a nice reminder that he still cares.”

Right. Totally normal and appropriate.

This insider revealed that since her due date is coming up soon, “Tyga made it clear to Kylie that he would love to be there for her, to help support her during her big day.”

Because, believe it or not, “He still loves her and feels that should be his baby.”

OK, but … it’s not his baby? The baby has a father, and his name is Travis Scott, so it kind of feels like regardless of Tyga’s feelings, he should be the one in the delivery room.

But the thing is that “Tyga knows that Travis is often on the road, so he told Kylie that, while he respects her new relationship, is Travis can’t be there on her big day, he would love to fill in.”

It makes sense — what woman wouldn’t want her ex-boyfriend in the delivery room with her as she welcomes a child into this world?

Oh, all of them? Literally every single woman wouldn’t be cool with that?

Come on, Tyga. You can be a little more chill than this.


Duggar Family 2018 Predictions: A Baby For Jinger & So Much More!

Well, a new year is upon us, which means new goals, new opportunities and–if you're a member of the Duggar family–lots of new marriages and babies.

Yes, not a year goes by that the Counting On clan doesn't get a little larger, and this year, they're off to a hell of a start.

Just today we learned that Jinger Duggar is pregnant with her first child, and she won't be the only member of the extended Duggar fam to bring a little one into the world in 2018.

Jump in for a full rundown of what you can expect in the months to come from reality TV's most controversial family:

1. A Baby For Jinger!

Jinger duggar weight loss photo
By Duggar standards, it’s been a long wait! Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo were married for well over a year before they announced that she’s expecting. No word yet on when the bundle of joy is due, but Jinger won’t be alone in shopping for maternity clothes…

2. A Bundle of Joy For Joy

Joy anna duggars baby bump
Joy-Anna Duggar is expecting her first child VERY soon. She hasn’t revealed an exact due date, but some fans believe Joy will deliver before the end of January.

3. Kendra and Joe’s Become Mom and Dad

Joseph and kendra duggar announcement
Yes, Joseph Duggar and wife Kendra Caldwell also have a little one on the way. And believe it or not, the list of Duggars who may be expanding their families in 2018 still isn’t done.

4. A Third Baby For Jill?

Jill duggar tortilla controversy
Some folks believe Jill Duggar will be making a pregnancy announcement any day now. it would be the third child for Jill and husband Derick Dillard.

5. A Courtship For Jana?

Jana duggar a pic
It’s widely believed that after years of searching for Mr. Right, Jana Duggar is involved in a courtship with Caleb Williams. Fans are hoping she’ll make a big announcement sometime in the next few weeks.

6. And What About John David?

Jana duggar with john david duggar image
You heard it here first! Our Duggar insider says John-David is involved in a low-key courtship with a woman who lives in Texas. (Fortunately, JD owns his own single-engine plane for easy traveling.) Will he announce his romance in 2018? Only time will tell! And of course, that would be far from the biggest surprise the Duggars have in store this year…

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Kanye West Gifts Kim Kardashian Stocks, Gift Cards, & So Much More!

Kanye West is intent on helping Kim Kardashian take over the world. 

Kanye was once one of the most controversial rappers around, but he’s been keeping a low profile these days.

He and Kim are gearing up to welcome their third child into the world, so we can imagine how busy they must be. 

We’re still shocked that Kanye appeared on some of the family’s Christmas cards because his public appearances have been scarce ever since he took a breakdown in 2016. 

That said, we do believe he was only drafted in at the last second to give the media something to talk about in light of the lack Kylie Jenner on the cards. 

Maybe this is yet another calculated plan from the business-oriented mind of Kris Jenner to keep the family being talked about. 

Now, we already knew that Kanye liked to gift his wife with some of the best things around, but he may well have gone a little too far this Christmas. 

As usual, Kim took to Instagram to show off all of her gifts and brag about how great her husband is because he went above and beyond to help her take over the world. 

In the first clip, Kim revealed a small brown box that was filled with stocking fillers like gift cards for Amazon and Netflix, Apple headphones, Adidas socks and even a Mickey Mouse doll. 

“I’m like, ‘That’s so sweet, thanks!’” Kim says as she shows off the gifts. 

Now, you may be thinking that it’s a well-thought-out gift, but Kanye took his kindness to a whole new level when Kim revealed there was a second box. 

That box was filled with certificates confirming Kanye had bought Kim stocks in all of the companies he bought her the gifts from. 

“Best husband alert!” Kim wrote in the clip. 

Yes, there really is no expense spared when it comes to Kanye West giving the gift of power to his loved ones. 

Despite rumor after rumor that the couple is headed for divorce, it appears they are still very close. Why would you spend THAT much on someone who may be about to tell you to pack your bags and get out of the house?

What do you think of the gifts?

Was it too much, or just about right for the likes of Kim Kardashian?

Sound off below!


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Wedding to Make Great Britain HOW Much?!?

Let’s face it:

No one is entirely sure why so many people are excited for Prince Harry to marry Meghan Markle.

She’s really just an actress best known for her role on the light-hearted USA Network drama Suits, while he’s a handsome party animal who happened to have been born into a famous family.

Together, the couple has no real power or tangible influence of any kind.

But while we do occasionally wonder why millions of people have the Harry/Markle wedding date (May 19, 2018!) circled on their calendar, we know for certain why Great Britain itself is excited for the nuptials:

Cold, hard cash.

And A LOT of it.

According to Aimee Dunne, a London-based wedding planner who spoke to CNN, the Harry and Meghan wedding will cost about $ 670,000 (or 500,00 pounds).

That’s a chunk of change, right?


But it pales, significantly, in comparison to how much the next Royal Wedding will rake in.

According to Express, the marriage of Prince Harry and the Suits actress is estimated to bring about $ 670 million into the country.

We’ll give you a few moments to let that sink is… $ 670 million!!!!!!

From where does this figure come from? We turn to David Haigh from Brand Finance for that answer.

He predicts that tourism to London alone around the time of the wedding could generate about $ 540 million dollars in “hotel bookings,” as well as restaurant and pub visits.

Haigh also looks at the way Kate Middleton has boosted various brands (she wears a certain designer’s dress… and it gets sold out in mere minutes the next day) and thinks Markle could have a similiar effect.

“Meghan Markle is an accomplished actress in her own right, with a global popularity and a strong personal brand,” the financial advisor explains, adding:

“It can be expected that she will join the Duchess of Cambridge as a great ambassador of the monarchy and British brands in general, especially in her native United States and in Canada where she recently lived.”

Along with tourism, you can expect sales wedding memorabilia to rise exponentially over the next year or so.

Just consider the following items, which are already on sale and whose profits will go to Queen Elizabeth’s estate.

Now imagine the uptick in mugs, napkins and everything else you can imagine after the stars are actually married!


Just by holding their wedding on a Saturday, meanwhile, Harry and Meghan have saved the country the expense of creating a bank holiday.

With so many citizens so interested in the ceremony, there likely would have been a call to close businesses for the occasion.

This could have cost the economy millions, if not billions.

Instead, it just be a regular day off for most workers.

A regular day off that will involve heavy drinking and celebrating, that is.


Floribama Shore Season 1 Episode 3 Recap: Bar Brawls, Body Shaming & So Much More!

The cast members of Floribama Shore are eager to emerge from the shadows of the cast members of Jersey Shore, and that’s why they will go to extreme measures to prove they are worthy of making good TV. 

On Floribama Shore Season 1 Episode 3, Nilsa was still pursuing Jeremiah, but he had another woman in his sights: Kayla Jo. 

This sent Nilsa on a downward spiral which resulted in her calling her ex-husband for some assistance in what to do in the situation. 

Codi, who has been trying to get closer to Nilsa since he laid eyes on her was not impressed by her actions and took issue with her body.

“Maybe you want [your ex] to buy you some more a— implants, or fake eyebrows?” he yelled in a disgusting rant that proved he was no good. 

Nilsa then started saying that her vagina was “made of steel.” As if that was not bad enough, she started spreading her legs on the couch to show it off to the whole world. 

“He could f—ing beat this s— to the ground. You could put this s— in its grave, and it would still be left standing. The autopsy guy would stop and be like, That thing is still alive!”

Um, alright, then. 

Kirk was sleeping on the other couch, but Nilsa woke him up with her crazy actions. 

“Nilsa, usually, could probably get whatever she wants,” he wondered. “But Jeremiah really isn’t feeling her that much, so I feel like she really is just acting a fool. Straight up.”

After spending the night, Kayla Jo made Jeremiah breakfast and everything. Maybe she’s a keeper. 

Meanwhile, Aimee revealed to the audience that she absolutely hates doing any work. 

“I dread work every day,” she dished. “I’m biting my tongue until I can become a trophy wife, because that is my dream job.”

After a bust-up with Kirk, Aimee thought it would be a good idea to show off her lack of culinary skills to her friends. 

“I grew up super poor,” she admitted. “This is like, kind of embarrassing, but I don’t know how to cook fancy.”

But she did know how to cook taco soup, so there’s that. 

The cast then headed out to the bar for some dollar draft beers, and the drama went into overdrive. 

A local decided that Nilsa was all over the place as a person and needed to dial it back before it was too late. 

“You’re beautiful, you just need to stop acting like it,” he said.

“You just like, strive for attention. You’d actually get it if you just shut your mouth.”

This did not sit well with Nilsa who started wailing, and before long, it descended into a big bust up in the street with everyone seemingly involved. 

Wait, Jeremiah watched from a distance. This is going to get interesting!

What did you think of the episode?

Sound off below.