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Rihanna No Shade, but … The Name is All Mine, Dad!!!

Rihanna‘s rubbing it in her father’s face — she’s the only one who’s gonna cash in on the family name … it’s as plain as the designer shades on her face.

Late Tuesday night she was strolling out of her dentist’s office rocking a pair of Fenty shades — the same ones she was wearing Monday night at Sound of Brazil nightclub. You don’t need Fenty bifocals (wouldn’t those be cool) to read the subtext here.

TMZ broke the story … RiRi’s suing her dad, Ronald Fenty, over the family name … essentially.

Dear ol’ Dad launched a talent management company called Fenty Entertainment — but Rihanna says she’s trademarked Fenty for commercial use. You know she’s already made Fenty huge in the cosmetics and apparel biz, and she’s concerned Ronald’s org will confuse the marketplace.

Ronald’s little girl is making her point … the shade is real.

Band Featuring Tito Jackson Sued Leave B.B. King’s Name Out Of This!!!


Tito Jackson and the band he played with negotiated in bad faith with the B.B. King Music Co. and profited off the jazz musician’s celebrity, so the company wants Tito and his bandmates to cut them a check and stop using his name … this according to a new lawsuit. 

The B.B. King Music Co. is going after the B.B. King Blues Band Featuring Tito Jackson for trademark infringement. According to legal docs, obtained by TMZ, the band never had written permission to use B.B. King’s name on their worldwide tour. 

The B.B. King Music Co. claims they had an oral agreement for the band to use the famous artist’s name, but they never actually signed it. 

Now, the B.B. King Music Co. is suing not only for money, but also for an order forcing the band to 86 the name.

Holly Holm Files for Divorce Wants Maiden Name Back


UFC superstar Holly Holm has filed for divorce from her husband, TMZ Sports has learned. 

Holm filed court docs in Albuquerque seeking to end her marriage to Jeff Kirkpatrick … her college sweetheart at the University of New Mexico. 

The two were married in Cancun back in 2012 after dating for years. But ultimately, Holm decided it wasn’t working and filed for divorce, citing “incompatibility because of discord and conflict of personalities.”

According to the court docs, obtained by TMZ Sports, Holm says the two separated in March 2018 and no longer live as husband and wife. 

The signs were on social media — she hadn’t posted a photo of Jeff since Feb. 2018. 

Holly — whose legal name is Holly Holm-Kirkpatrick — has asked the judge to restore her maiden name, “Holly Holm.”

The two have no children together — so child support won’t be an issue. In her docs, Holly also says both of them are self-supporting and neither party should get spousal support.

Jeff could feel differently considering Holm has reportedly made more than $ 1.6 million in her MMA career with huge fights against stars like Ronda Rousey, Miesha Tate and Cris Cyborg

In fact, Holm has a big fight on the horizon — she takes on Aspen Ladd at UFC 235 in March. 

Holm shot to UFC superstardom back in 2015 when she shocked the world and beat a then-undefeated Rousey for the Women’s Bantamweight title.  

Sheryl Underwood to Kevin Spacey Let Me Be Frank … Stop Ruining Our Good Name!!!


Kevin Spacey getting into character to address his real-life sexual assault allegations was a bad move, both in culpability and name-smearing … so says a fellow Underwood.

We got Sheryl Underwood of “The Talk” Sunday at LAX, and asked what she made of Spacey’s bizarre Christmas video, in which he delivered a monologue as Frank Underwood from “House of Cards,” and suggested he was owed due process before a rush to judgment.

Considering the seriousness of the subject, Sheryl’s got a pretty humorous take on the whole thing … telling us Spacey has ruined the Underwood name for herself and other real Underwoods in Hollywood. She says this weird video of his definitely didn’t help the cause.

As we reported, Spacey has been criminally charged in Massachusetts for allegedly groping an 18-year-old’s privates in 2016 while at a bar in Nantucket. Spacey’s lawyers tried to sink the charge by claiming no sexual assault victim would allow themselves to be groped for 3 minutes … which is what they say the alleged victim told investigators much later. 

His legal team failed in their bid to get the charge dismissed.

Spacey’s set to be arraigned in court next week. He’s resurfaced in the East Coast, and is clearly trying to lay low ahead of his hearing. 

As for Sheryl … she says regardless of how things turn out for him in a court of law, she’ll never be able to watch another movie of his the same way again. Ditto on that.