Kylie Jenner’s Milk Discovery Inspires Dairy Farmer to Name Baby Cow After Her

Kylie Jenner’s discovery — that putting milk on cereal is pretty fantastic — was so moooooving to a California dairy farmer, he decided to pay tribute … by naming his baby cow after her. David Jones — whose family owns Jones Farms in Stevinson,…


Noah Brown: Rhain IS Taking My Last Name, No Matter WHAT My Family Says!

On Wednesday, August 15, Alaskan Bush People star Noah Brown married Rhain in a heartwarming wedding ceremony.

Some “fans” of the show and the family have never liked Rhain, and rumors began to surface that Rhain wasn’t allowed to take Noah’s last name.

Noah has come forward to clear things up, once and for all.

Noah Brown spoke to RadarOnline to lay this rumor to rest.

“Rhain is my wife,” Noah affirmed.

Not that there was any doubt — but, especially for newlyweds, that statement can feel powerful.

“And,” Noah continued. “She is my wife for life.”

Noah then makes it clear: “and of course she will be taking my last name.”

Noah cannot help but gush about his new life.

“It feels wonderful to be married,” Noah shares.

He mentions that his wedding date was a long time coming.

“Rhain and I were engaged for over a year,” he reminds fans, before repeating: “And we are finally married.”

He really loves saying it. That is so cute.

He says that the feeling of being married has really improved his life.

“It is like this huge weight has been lifted,” Noah says.

They’re no longer engaged and deciding when and where to get married or trying to work out any of those details.

Noah concludes: “We can finally focus on being husband and wife.”

Good for them!

Obviously, not ever woman who marries a man then goes and changes her last name to match his.

Some hyphenate. Some simply leave their names as they are. It depends on many factors, but ultimately comes down to personal preference.

Changing a name can be a troublesome and time-consuming and expensive process. It was probably a lot simpler a century ago when few women were gainfully employed or owned property.

Sometimes, it can take a new bride some time to change her name — remember, you have to change things like deeds and bank accounts in the process.

Just because someone hasn’t raced to do so instead of going on her honeymoon doesn’t mean that she’s never changing her name. We shouldn’t jump to conclusions.

Noah has been something of a black sheep in his family, which is probably why he gets more grief from fans and viewers than Bam Bam does.

Both sons fell in love and moved on with their lives, but Noah was always a little weird (yes, even weirder than his siblings).

The kid who’s a little goth isn’t going to thrive out in the wilderness, folks. He’s a grown man and he’s allowed to live his wife.

Some fans turned their ire on Rhain, even accusing her of “copying” Noah’s sister Rain’s name, because Rhain’s birth name is Ruth.

Folks, people can change their names any time that they like. 

We’re not sure why people think that Rhain would want to copy her now-husband’s sister’s name. Noah dragged Rain on Instagram just a couple of months ago.

Also, Rain Brown’s full name is Merry Christmas Kathryn Raindrop Brown. How would you even begin to “copy” that?

We’re so glad that Noah and Rhain found each other and we hope that they continue to enjoy their wedded bliss.

Fans (and so-called “fans”) will continue to say whatever they like about Noah and Rhain, but the further removed from reality television that Noah is, the less that these haters can touch them.


David Beador to Shannon: Drop My Last Name… NOW!

Well, it turns out we were wrong:

The divorce between David Beador and Shannon Beador actually can get even uglier.

In a very specific way that you rarely hear about, in fact. Allow us to explain…

The Real Housewives of Orange County star announced her split from her husband of 17 years back in October.

From the outset of this confirmation, it was clear that extreme tension existed between Shannon and David, considering the swipe she took at him in alerting the world to their break-up.

This is what she said in a statement:

“It’s heartbreaking for me and my daughters that this is the road that had to be taken but it’s the only way.

“I felt alone in my marriage. You can do what you can to keep your family together, but you have to have willing parties. You need two people to make a marriage work, and that just wasn’t happening in our relationship.”

The reality stars share three children together: Sophie, 15, and twins Stella and Adeline, 12.

This statement was far from the end of the discord between the Beadors, however.

In a set of legal documents, David accused Shannon of heavily drinking and of keeping him from his kids, writing for the court to review:

“Shannon is not fostering or encouraging a healthy father child relationship…

“Shannon’s employment encourages excess drinking and extended travel to which Shannon has chosen not to inform me and make accommodations for the kids to stay with me while she is away.”

Yes, David actually blamed Shannon’s role on television for the trouble in their relationship.

But… WAIT! There was still more acrimony to come between the estranged spouses.

Specifically, Shannon has accused David of cheating on her. Often.

On the season premiere of The Real Housewives of Orange County this month, Tamra Judge told Shannon that she had met David’s new girlfriend all the way back in October — back when he was still married to Shannon.


Of course, this girlfriend, Lesley Cook has come out and said Tamra was simply lying; that she didn’t start sleeping with David until after the marriage was over.

Wherever the truth lies, David has once again upped the vicious ante between himself and the long-time Bravo star.

Featured this week on The Daily Dish podcast, Shannon stunned listeners when she said David has demanded that she stop using his last name.

“It’s been requested from my ex that I’m not worthy of the name Beador,” Shannon said during this interview.

That’s not something you often see, is it?

Will the 54-year old agree to this request?

“For the sake of my kids, I think I’m going to stay Shannon Beador,” she said.

It is perhaps worth noting, though, that Beador’s official Instagram handle remains @shannonbeador, but her headline now includes her full name: Shannon Storms Beador.

Wait… Storms is her maiden name???

We agree that David is out of line in asking her to stop Beader, but Shannon Storms?!?

What an awesome name.


Jinger Duggar Shares New Baby Pic, Inspiration Behind Daughter’s Name

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo are brand new parents.

Just a week ago, the Counting On star welcomed her very first child into the world, a daughter named Felicity.

In the days since, Vuolo has made one thing very clear…

… having a small baby at home is tiring!

The new father shared a couple memes on Monday that joked (but not really) about how coffee is now his best friend and how he’ll never see sleep ever again.

Those made us laugh, but not Jinger is here to make us squeal in delight,

First, the reality star shared a fresh photo of her child, which we’ve gone ahead and also shared ourself above. She’s so very precious!

Second, she opened up at length to Us Weekly about various aspects of (very early) motherhood.

Before we get to that, however, a few relevant facts:

– Jinger and Jeremy got married in 2016.

– At 4:37 a.m. on July 19, the couple became parents to Felicity Nicole Vuolo.

– She was born in San Antonio, Texas.

– She weighed 8 lbs, 3 ounces at the time and measured 19.5 inches in length.

What have these first few days been like as a mother?

“It’s been so incredible,” Jinger explains to Us Weekly. “We can’t stop staring at her adorable little face!”

Sister Jessa Seewald and mother Michelle Duggar are currently in Texas to lend a hand to the parents, something for whih Jinger is grateful.

“I have been so thankful to have so much great help around me, giving me time to rest and recover,” she says.

And what about that baby name? 

Was Felicity named after the former Keri Russell drama on The WB?


It “just felt right,” Jinger says, adding that she and Jeremy “loved the name Felicity from the moment we thought of it several months ago.

“The name itself means intense happiness or supreme joy. It was also the name of a young Christian girl long ago who valiantly stood strong for her faith.”

Wow, who knew?!?

We love it.

Jinger also thinks that her child resembles her husband and has confirmed that the little girl’s nursey has a southwest theme.

Said Jeremy upon meeting Felicity last week:

“Both mom and baby are healthy, doing great, and resting well. We are very thankful for her safe arrival and look forward to life as parents!”

And, in this case, “God is gracious to entrust us with such a wonderful gift,” gushes Jinger.