Jenelle Evans SLAMS Former BFF: She’s a Nasty B-tch!

For obvious reasons, Jenelle Evans has a hard time making friends.

So it would make sense for her to hold onto the ones she’s got.

Unfortunately, nothing about Jenelle has ever made sense.

The problem with Jenelle’s relationships is that while some unhinged reality stars are able to able to turn their insanity off when the cameras aren’t rolling, Ms. Evans is batsh-t around the clock. 

Case in point: Jenelle’s ongoing feud with former bestie Tori Rhyne is definitely not being staged for the sake of TV audiences.

Fans may remember the fight between Jenelle and Tori which reminded everyone that Evans is a frighteningly skilled pugilist.

(We’re thinking a career in celebrity boxing after this Teen Mom business runs its course!)

Many believed that Jenelle and Tori had buried the hatchet, in large part due to the fact that Rhyne was invited to Evans’ wedding to David Eason back in September.

Rhyne even posted photos from the event on her Instagram page:

“And with just one kiss she became EvansToEason. I love you guys. And I couldn’t be any happier for the both of you. Y’all deserve it,” she wrote on social media.

Yes, there was a time when it seemed like the epic throwdowns of their past were water under the bridge for these two old friends.

However, this week’s Teen Mom 2 behind the scenes special shed new light on the complicated relationship between Jenelle and Kailyn.

It seems Tori was actually kicked out of Jenelle’s wedding for reasons that weren’t made clear on the episode.

Ms. Rhyne took to Instagram to clear things up, and we’re guessing Jenelle won’t be thrilled by what she had to say:

Get ready for run-on sentences aplenty:

“A bunch of David’s friends were talking sh-t about Jesse because he knew him and Jesse didn’t bite his tongue he stood up for both the both of us and told them if they wanted to keep talking sh-t to walk down to the end of her drive and do something about since they wanted to ruin our time while we were there,” Tori wrote.

“Idc who’s wedding it is, not going to let someone talk sh-t and treat us with disrespect.”

She added:

“So we got asked to leave because people were about to start fighting. That’s what happens when you have an open bar at a wedding with a bunch of dudes.”

Correction: that’s what happens when you have an open bar at Jenelle Evans’ wedding.

Like so much of Jenelle’s life, there’s really nothing normal or relatable about this.

According to In Touch Weekly, Jenelle has already fired back that Tori is a “nasty b-tch,” because of course she has.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online for more of the bonkers life of the Carolina Hurricane.


Selena Gomez vs Her Mom: Selena Said WHAT Nasty Thing to Mandy Teefey?!

Selena Gomez is seeing Justin Bieber again. While the rest of us are content to whisper “I wish you made better choices but I love you” at our screens as we like her Instagram photos, her mom is not taking it well.

In fact, Selena’s mom got so upset that she had to be hospitalized. But recently, there had been signs that things were improving.

Now, though, this mother-daughter feud is worse than ever. And we know why.

Recently, we saw signs that perhaps Selena had settled her feud with mom Mandy Teefey.

So, after Justin saw that Selena had gotten a kidney transplant, it apparently occurred to him how much he loved Selena. That it took her brush with death to make him realize that is … one of the most dumbass things I’ve ever heard.

Anyway, Justin called Selena’s mom and begged her to put him in touch with his ex. Mandy apparently didn’t see the harm. She must be regretting that right about now.

Whens he realized that Selena and Justin are in couples counseling together, it finally hit her that this Jelena reunion is for real. Like the rest of Selena’s family, she doesn’t like Justin and worries about his effect on Selena.

But when Selena posted this photo, many hoped that this was a sign that mother and daughter had patched things up.

Selena isn’t sitting on just any ol’ porch in this pic.

She’s sitting on the porch of her childhood home. Other people live there now, which must be weird on a few levels.

But the fact that Selena clearly had her childhood home in mind suggested to a lot of people that perhaps she had patched things up with her mom.

Sometimes, people who experience strong negative emotions just have tempers flare and it takes a few weeks or even a few months for the people involved to cool off.

Plus, family tends to push your buttons more than anything else. But, with rare exceptions (like abuse or other toxic family things), usually people end up setting aside their differences because of their family bond.

So, did Selena and Mandy mend their fences?

Maybe they had … but that’s definitely no longer the case, according to this report by RadarOnline.

Apparently, things were going better between Selena and her mom … up until New Year’s Eve.

Because, per this report, Mandy was very unhappy that Selena and Justin went to Mexico to ring in 2018 instead of Selena spending time with her family.

(Honestly, it’s weird to imagine that Selena would have welcomed 2018 with her family anyway; she has a whole gaggle of friends and she’s a young, beautiful celebrity)

And then things got worse.

RadarOnline‘s source reports that Selena and her mom “have been going back and forth with each other over Justin, and Selena doesn’t want to hear it anymore from her.”

And it was what Selena said in response that really made things worse.

“So after Mandy came for her once more, Selena hit below the belt with a nasty insult over her failed relationship with Selena’s father. That was the last straw.”


“Selena and Mandy are not on talking terms right now.”

Yeah, we’d think the f–k not.

Adult kids really know what to say to go right for the jugular. Most of us don’t, though.

(I could watch a train wreck or surgery or whatever, but seeing my mom cry kills me)

But it’s been reported before that when Selena and her mom argue, it’s no-holds-barred and they both blow up at each other … and eventually reconnect.

That sounds … perilous. You never know when something will be, you know, too much. They could ruin things permanently.

Let’s hope that Justin Bieber, of all things, is not something that causes irreparable damage to Selena’s relationship with her mom.