Natalie Negrotti Comes Out as Pansexual!

Natalie Negrotti is a former NFL cheerleader who rose to fame on Big Brother. Recently, she has been a competitor on The Challenge: Final Reckoning.

Now, Natalie has publicly come out as pansexual and revealed that she is dating a woman. Congratulations, Natalie!

This happy milestone was somewhat marred by the fact that one of her costars had more or less outed her recently. Yikes.

MTV’s The Challenge: Final Reckoning is the thirty-second season of The Challenge. Feel old yet?

After Kaleigh Morris outed effectively outed her — incorrectly referring to her as a lesbian.

Backed into a proverbial corner, Kaleigh came out as pansexual on Tuesday, July 17’s airing of The Challenge.

Sexuality is complicated and not everyone is comfortable with every label, but pansexual means that a person is attracted to people without regard for gender.

Though bisexual is a more common label, some feel bogged down by the label’s baggage. That is a personal preference either way.

Natalie spoke to Us Weekly about coming out, first opening up about what it was like to be outed by a costar.

Kaleigh had believed that Natalie was part of a “mean girl” incident on the show. Kaleigh did not believe her denials, and retaliated in a cruel way.

“She did it in a really malicious way, and that’s what really hurt me,” Natalie explains.

“The way she did it,” was vicious. Natalie continues. “She was saying, ‘She doesn’t even like d–k, she likes p–sy. She’s a lesbian.’”

Gender isn’t the same thing as genitals, so characterizing a lesbian in that way isn’t necessarily accurate, but that seems to be the least of Kaleigh’s issues from what she had to say.

“I’m not a lesbian,” Natalie clarifies. “I’m pansexual.”

Natalie Negrotti Pride Instagram Story

“She outed me in a really aggressive way and kept going,” Natalie says.

“It was really homophobic in a way,” Natalie explains. And she’s right. “To me, that’s getting gay shamed.”

Outing can make people lose their livelihoods or even their lives. Yes, even in 2018.

And while Natalie is fortunate enough to not be in that situation, she did receive a homophobic backlash on social media.

“Then there was a whole bunch of people that started gay-shaming me,” Natalie says. “Calling me a ‘d-ke,’ going on my social media and attacking me for being gay.”


“It’s been a 28-year battle for me,” Natalie explained, describing how she had taken so long to come out. 

“I wanted to set a standard because you can’t do that,” Natalie says of outing people.

“There are so many teenagers and kids that commit suicide every year because they get outed inappropriately.”

“She took something that was mine and made it her own, and she did it really in a nasty way,” Natalie explains. “Outing someone is not right and I want to set that standard … I wanted to come out in the right way.”

It should be a big moment that a person chooses, not something that someone else does out of revenge.

“I wanted to turn it into something positive,” Natalie says. “So that viewers that are going through the same thing that I’ve gone through don’t have to go through it for 28 years.”

That is so good of her.

Natalie has also made a series of not-so-subtle Instagram posts, including the tag #20gayteen — a common tag this year within the LGBTQ+ community to remind people that there is goodness within the political nightmare of our times.

“Accepting myself as I was designed led me to the day I stopped trying to fit into a world that never really fit with me and gave me the chance to blossom into the person I am today,” Natalie wrote in one post’s caption, tagging it: “#selflove.”

On Twitter, natalie shared another message.

“I came out with my story to share my truth with those who are battling the same thing I did,” Natalie says.

Natalie Negrotti Love IG

She then asks fans: Do not throw hate at anyone for their actions.”

In other words, don’t troll Kaleigh. What she did was wrong, but Natalie only harped on it because she wants people to understand why it’s wrong.

“I wanted to use my platform to educate people who are not informed,” Natalie says. “Let’s spread love and education not hate”

Good for her!


Robert Wagner Named Person of Interest in Natalie Wood Investigation

Back in 1981, actress Natalie Wood drowned off the coast of Catalina Island.

The beloved star of such film classics as West Side Story, Miracle on 34th Street and Rebel Without a Cause was just 43 years old.

In the decades since Woods’ death, the suspicion that she was murdered by husband Robert Wagner has persisted – and with good reason.

In 2014, Wagner was questioned by police in connection with his wife’s death.

In 2016, it was widely rumored that the actor would be taken into police custody, but the arrest was never made.

Speculation about Wagner’s possible motives has varied widely over the years, but the most popular theory these days seems to be that Wood walked in on her husband in bed with friend Christopher Walken while the three actors were on an overnight yachting expedition.

Wagner chased Wood on deck, the story goes, and she either slipped, hit her head, and fell in the water, or he struck her and dumped her unconscious body overboard, where she drowned.

It may sound outlandish, but it’s not just tabloids and social media gossip hounds who are still interested in the details of that fateful night.

In 2011, the investigation was re-opened, and Wood’s cause of death was officially changed from “accidental drowning” to “drowning and other undetermined factors.”

On Saturday night, a new 48 Hours special entitled “Natalie Wood: Death in Dark Water” will debut on CBS.

The episode features conversations with some of the authorities who have been investigating Woods’ passing for six years now – and they say they’re ready to interrogate Wagner:

“As we’ve investigated the case over the last six years, I think he’s (Wagner) more of a person of interest now,” says John Corina, of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

“I mean, we know now that he was the last person to be with Natalie before she disappeared.”

Public suspicion of Wagner and Walken began shortly after Wood’s death when it was revealed that they claimed she unexpectedly set out by herself in a dinghy in the middle of the night.

When family and friends revealed that Wood had a crippling fear of water and drowning, the actors changed their stories.

“I haven’t seen him (Wagner) tell the details that match all the other witnesses in this case,” Corina says.

“I think he’s constantly changed his story a little bit. And his version of events just don’t add up.” 

The special also features an interview with Detective Ralph Hernandez. who recently evaluated Wood’s autopsy report and confirmed that the actress had fresh bruises on her body at the time of her death.

“She looked like a victim of an assault,” Hernandez says.

Producers of 48 Hours say Wagner declined their request to comment on the story.


Natalie Portman Heroically Announces “All-Male” Nominees at the Golden Globes

Not all heroes wear capes. Some wear elegant black dresses.

Last night at the Golden Globes, Oprah delivered the incredible speech that everyone’s talking about. But she wasn’t the only one to catch everyone’s attention.

Natalie Portman, with just a few words, called out hypocrisy and showed that she was not even remotely f–king around. See the epic moment below!

The big chatter leading up to Sunday night’s Golden Globes award show, everyone was talking about the black dresses.

Would every woman be wearing a black dress? Was it a visual sign of solidarity or an empty gesture?

(Hint: since these women are doing a lot more than have a matching color scheme, it’s really not an empty gesture)

People also talked about men wearing black in support … but since men are generally dressed in mostly black for these events anyway, would that be significant in any way?

But once people started showing up on the red carpet, talk swiftly turned away from the omnipresent (and gorgeous) black dresses.

Debra Messing (who remains beloved, even though the Will & Grace revival is kind of a mess) called out E! for allegedly not paying Catt Sadler fairly.

The gender pay gap is serious business, folks, and it exists in so many businesses. Sadler quit E! after more than a decade, upon learning that her male costar was allegedly earning twice her salary.

Messing said this on E!‘s red carpet, while being interviewed by Giuliana Rancic.

Eva Longoria, looking pregnant and gorgeous, also called out E! for their alleged pay gap.

The highlight of this Golden Globes night of zero chill was definitely Oprah’s inspiring, powerful speech.

But Oprah wasn’t the only star speaking out or making headlines and waves from that stage.

Natalie Portman and Ron Howard came up on stage for what seemed like it would be a regular, run-of-the-mill presentation of the Best Director category and the announcement of the winner.

But, as you can see here, Natalie Portman announced the nominees by highlighting the fact that every single nominee was male:

“And here are the all-male nominees.”

Honestly? What a great reminder that Natalie Portman was the best possible choice to play Padme Amidala. Sometimes the character and actor match up.

Anyway, this moment did not go unnoticed.

Shonda Rhimes tweeted: “‘And here are the all male nominees.’ Natalie Portman calls it for what it is.”

Sarah Silverman tweeted: “Oh s–t Portman for the win! ‘And here are the all male nominees’ wheeeeWhoooo!!”

We don’t want to give the impression that the Golden Globes were business as usual. They were not.

Oprah was the first black woman in her category.

Sterling K. Brown made history with his award.

Aziz Ansari made history with his award.

But these are long overdue milestones. These are entire demographics of supremely talented actors who have been shut out for years and are only now receiving the recognition that they deserve.

Kind of like plenty of female directors who, many believe, deserved more recognition for their groundbreaking work in 2017.