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Rich the Kid’s Estranged Wife He Needs to Pay More, But He’s Ghosting Me, Legally Speaking

Rich the Kid‘s playing hard to get in his divorce case … so claims his estranged wife who wants the judge to make him pay for being a pain in the ass.

Antonette Willis has filed new legal docs claiming she’s been trying to serve the rapper with papers, but he’s nowhere to be found. And, in her multiple attempts, she’s racked up tons in legal fees and wants him to pony up some of the dough to pay her lawyers.

In the docs, Antonette says Rich has been shelling out $ 4,500 for her rent and around $ 3k in other expenses. She says she has no income and her expenses — which includes $ 1,225 per week in a luxury car rental — makes it hard for her to pay her lawyers. She wants $ 30k from him to help with her legal bills.

She says Rich can afford it cause he makes well over $ 100k per month.

This is just the latest in their ongoing divorce. TMZ broke the story … Antonette filed for divorce in March 2018. She claimed he forced her to have multiple abortions and alleged he was violent.

Rich the Kid and Antonette have 2 kids together, whom the rapper hardly sees, according to her. We’ve reached out to Rich the Kid’s camp for comment, so far, no word back.

Godfrey Jussie Smollett Needs to Say Sorry … To Gays, Blacks and Trump Supporters


Godfrey seems flummoxed by the Jussie Smollett situation, but he’s pretty sure the “Empire” star is lying … and it’s time for him to start an apology tour.

The comedian was outside the Laugh Factory in Hollywood Tuesday night when he gave us his take on the alleged attack, but possible hoax, involving Jussie … whom he suggests might have a mental problem.

Godfrey tells us he feels duped — like so many others — because Jussie’s story tapped into racial sensitivities and took advantage of the divisive climate these days. He also points out certain details of the alleged attack he finds shady … like how Trump supporters don’t watch “Empire.”

According to Godfrey, it’s time for Jussie to start saying sorry to everyone he’s hurt — the gay community, the black community … and the MAGA fans he threw under the bus. Gotta think Kellyanne Conway would agree.

As for what punishment Jussie should receive, Godfrey believes it’s already begun … and it’s a pretty fitting plot line for an “Empire” star. 

Future Russell Wilson Needs to Man Up … Ciara Controls Him!!!

Future didn’t need a diss track to unleash his true feelings about Ciara and Russell Wilson — he just came right out and said she’s controlling … and he’s weak.

The rapper was interviewed by his friend Big Bank Black Thursday night for Beats 1 radio and took some shots at his ex … starting off by claiming she introduced their son, Future Jr., to Wilson before he gave it his blessing.

Future then blasted the Seahawks QB by declaring Ciara controls him, saying … “He do exactly what she tell him to do.”

Future seems to especially have a problem with Wilson allowing Ciara to talk trash about him on social media. Future says, “He not being a man in that position … he not tellin’ her, ‘Chill out with that on the Internet. Don’t even talk to him. I’m your husband! You better not even bring Future’s name up.'”

It sounds a tad hypocritical, but Future says if he was in Wilson’s position, he’d have more control over his girl … and wouldn’t let her publicly slam an ex.

We broke the story … Ciara wants a mediator in her ongoing custody battle with Future to help hash our their son’s travel schedule. She claims Future hasn’t been the best dad — allegedly breaking scheduled visits fairly often — and tends to hand their kid off instead of spending much time with him.

Ciara didn’t just make these claims on social media either … it’s all in legal docs.

Baron Davis UCLA Needs To Hire Earl Watson … I’ll Be His Assistant


Baron Davis says he wants to see Earl Watson be UCLA’s next head coach … and if that happens — the ex-NBA superstar says he’ll be an assistant on the staff … FOR FREE!!!

B-Diddy is one of the greatest UCLA Bruins ever … and tells TMZ Sports the former Suns head coach and ex-UCLA player is the right man to replace Steve Alford in Westwood.

In fact, Baron wants to see Earl coach the team so badly … he says he’d be down to be on Watson’s staff — and UCLA wouldn’t even have to pay him!!

“If Earl Watson was the head coach, I would coach for free. I would do whatever for free.”

Of course, lots of ex-UCLA players agree with Baron … guys like Matt Barnes and Lonzo Ball have already made it clear Earl would be their choice for the job too.

Watson — whose NBA career spanned from 2001 to 2014 — has been out of professional coaching since being fired by the Suns last season.

Pablo Escobar Older Bro Wants to Impeach Trump … But Needs $50 Mil!!!


Pablo Escobar‘s family needs your help to make another person disappear — this time, it’s President Trump they want out … but, apparently, it’ll be no cheap feat.

The brother of the deceased Colombian drug kingpin, Roberto (aka El Osito), has started a GoFundMe campaign seeking at least $ 50 million in donations to bolster his company’s efforts to impeach the U.S. Prez. Sounds totally legit … we’re listening. 

Roberto and his associates at Escobar Inc. are soliciting anyone and everyone to kick in cash toward their crowdfunding page to finance “intelligence research, lobby firms and lawyers” that could ultimately lead to Trump’s downfall in Congress. Hmmmmm … yes, go on. 

Roberto claims he’s already got dirt on Trump from previous alleged business dealings between DT and the Escobar company … among other things. Roberto says his dirty secrets on Trump are something Special Counsel Robert Mueller would wanna hear.

He sounds pretty confident in himself, saying, “I am the brother of a Latino hero, I have eliminated many people from power … Trump will be impeached.” We’ll give him this … the Escobars have definitely (allegedly) gotten rid of some folks in their day.

Maybe it’s just us, but it’s weird that Roberto and co. are asking for a cool $ 50 mil to fund this project if they’ve already got the goods on Trump.

Help them if you’re so inclined.

President Trump The Obamas Have a Wall … Now America Needs Its Own Too!!!

This is bonkers … President Trump is using a brick wall the Obamas built outside of their D.C. rental home as justification for his own southern border wall. Seriously.

Trump tweeted out the strange logic Sunday, saying … “President and Mrs. Obama built/has a ten foot Wall around their D.C. mansion/compound.”

He went on to say, “I agree, totally necessary for their safety and security. The U.S. needs the same thing, slightly larger version!” 

We broke the story … construction got underway last year at Barack and Michelle‘s D.C.-area home — which they’re renting until Sasha graduates — and a brick wall was being built to fortify the property … where secret service has been assigned to protect the former First Family.

BTW … the Obamas are also building an in-ground pool at the pad, as well as a terrace of some sort … this according to building permits we’ve obtained. 

With all that in mind, it should go without saying … Trump’s rationale makes zero sense here. Also, keep in mind … the federal government has been partially shut down over this. 

Here’s to two more years … maybe.

Greg Jennings Cousins Needs Playoff Win to Justify $84 Mil Contract


When a team gives you a guaranteed 3-year, $ 84 MILLION contract, you better give them a win in the playoffs — at least, that’s how Greg Jennings feels about Kirk Cousins‘ big contract. 

The ex-Vikings WR tells us it doesn’t seem like the QB’s contract has been worth it to Minnesota based on the team’s 8-6-1 record … but there’s more to his deal than wins and losses. 

Jennings says what Cousins brings to the team in terms of leadership and other off-the-field qualities is valuable … but the bottom line, he needs to get to the playoffs and win!

The Vikings are playing the Chicago Bears this weekend — and it’s an essentially must-win game. 

There’s more … Jennings (who also played with Aaron Rodgers on the Packers) explains why the QB must share part of the blame for Green Bay’s terrible season. 

He also tells us what he REALLY thinks of Aaron’s leadership style … and why he doesn’t love it. 

Carmelo Anthony Is What LeBron James Needs … Says James Worthy


James Worthy says L.A. should sign Carmelo Anthony … ’cause the Lakers legend tells TMZ Sports Melo is exactly what LeBron James NEEDS!!!

Rumors have been swirling this week that the move could go down … ’cause John Salley hinted to us something was in the works — and then LBJ was spotted with Anthony at dinner just a day later.

Worthy tells us he supports making the move happen … saying Anthony would bring something to the Lakers that they currently lack.

“I think Carmelo has proven that he’s an outstanding shooter,” Worthy says … “Kind of what we need!”

But … for as much as Worthy respects Melo’s game — he ain’t so sure Anthony is the missing piece for LBJ to win a ring THIS season.

Worthy says that will probably need to come this offseason … and ya gotta hear how many ‘ships he’s predicting for Bron if the right piece joins up in free agency this summer!!