Jen Harley: Ronnie Magro Needs to Quit Jersey Shore NOW!

If you’ve been watching Jersey Shore Family Vacation, you’re probably well aware that the relationship between Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Jen Harley is far from healthy.

Ron is prone to fits of anger (or “ron-pages,” if you prefer), but for the most part, fans have piled the bulk of the blame on Jen — and for good reason.

After all, this is the woman who dragged Ron in her car during an argument, leaving him badly injured.

The cause of the altercation was Jen’s previous batsh-t behavior, which includes disappearing with their daughter and sending Ron on a mad search across Las Vegas, like he was stuck in some completely non-funny version of The Hangover.

Needless to say, Jen and Ron have a lot of problems.

In fact, it sounds as though there are only two paths forward for little Ariana’s parents at this point:

They can either break up or begin therapy and commit themselves to the hard work of tearing their relationship down to its foundations and beginning anew.

Of course, Jen doesn’t see it that way.

She thinks the solution to her many romantic problems is easy and obvious:

According to Jen, it’s all Ron’s fault, and he can fix everything by simply quitting Jersey Shore.

Cutting off one’s sole source of income shortly after welcoming a child may sound foolish, but Jen explained the brilliance behind her plan while she was bored on a recent flight and decided to host an Instagram AMA:

“So bored! Another 2 hours left!! Entertain me! Ask away, be nice,” Jen wrote.

Fans were quick to oblige, and while most of the questions were along the lines of “WTF is your deal?” some offered more nuanced inquiries:

“I know you won’t answer this but how do you like being on Jersey Shore,” one fan asked.

“Honestly the show has been the route [sic] to all our problems,” Jen answered.

“Would you want Ron to quit JS to make ur relationship better and peaceful?” another asked.

Ronnie and Jen Harley

“DUH,” Jen replied, in not-at-all-obnoxious fashion.

In case there was any doubt about Jen’s distaste for the show that made her (in)famous, she went on to make it quite clear that she’s not a fan:

“How do you feel seeing yourself on Jersey Shore?” another follower asked.

“I legit do not watch the show.”

Hmm … you might want to tune in this week, Jen.

The show will give you an idea as to why total strangers cross the street when they see you approaching.

Just a thought.


Catelynn Lowell: My Kid Needs Me Too Much!

OK, so Catelynn Lowell spent a good long while in rehab a while back.

We all remember how this went down, but just in case your memory is a little fuzzy, let’s do a quick little recap.

Last fall, she and Tyler Baltierra decided it was time to have another child, and she got pregnant pretty fast after they made that decision.

Unfortunately, she had a miscarriage.

And it was very, very hard on her.

She began contemplating suicide, but before acting on anything, she told her family, and they helped her check into a treatment center in Arizona.

She spent about six weeks there, missing Thanksgiving and Christmas, then came home.

But as we saw last season on Teen Mom OG, she really wasn’t feeling much better.

In one scene, Catelynn explained to Tyler that she was still very depressed and anxious, and that she felt like she needed to go back to Arizona.

The choice caused a bit of strain on their marriage, from what was shown on Teen Mom.

He tried to convince her to do some therapy and stay at home instead, but she refused to do that.

Instead, she dropped their daughter, Nova, off at daycare without telling her that she’d be gone again, then left.

After six more weeks, she came home, and that’s a bit of what we’ll see in the next episode.

In the beginning of this new sneak peek, Catelynn explains in a voiceover that she’s only been home for a few days at this point.

“It’s been an adjustment,” she admits, “but I really appreciate Tyler taking care of everything while I was gone.”

Then we see Catelynn and Tyler playing with Nova, and he asks Cate if anything’s different now that she’s home.

“She won’t leave me alone,” Catelynn says, referring to Nova.

It’s not the greatest thing to say, especially considering that so many fans thought she seemed too detached with her kid in earlier episodes.

Tyler doesn’t seem to love the comment either.

“Mom comes back and it’s like ‘Dad who? That guy who has all the stupid rules?'” he says.

“‘Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom,” Catelynn mocks.

Yeah, it’s really not sounding so good.

Later, Catelynn visits with a friend named Hayley who kicks off their chat by asking her how she’s been. 

She reveals that she has been a bit anxious, but that she feels it’s normal in life to feel a little anxiety from time to time.

Hayley tells her that she seems happier than ever, and she agrees, which is nice.

She also tells Catelynn that she’s probably more in love with Tyler than ever, after how much he’s supported her.

“Oh my god, yeah,” she agrees. “As a husband and wife, man, you say it in your vows, through sickness and in health, for richer or poorer.”

“It’s like, you gotta stand by each other, and he totally did.”

Hayley pumps Tyler up even more — he’s not even there, by the way.

“Yeah, he’s awesome,” Cate replies.

Except she doesn’t sound super convinced.

We know that Catelynn and Tyler went through some things after she came back from rehab.

He’s said that he was “repulsed” by her behavior while she was in treatment, and that couldn’t have been easy for her to hear.

We imagine that as the season goes on, we’ll see more of their issues, but so far …

It’s honestly looking kind of bad.

And, judging by the comments left when MTV shared this sneak peek on Facebook, most Teen Mom fans are just completely over Catelynn in general.

“She is a horrible human,” one person wrote. “To complain how your daughter is showering you with attention because you left her for months on end, how pathetic.”

And that was the top comment, so …

Another commenter asked “How many times does Tyler have to stand by you before you act on his feelings instead of it being all about you?”

One person said that they were “glaring at how Nova noticed her mom mocking her desperate need for attention and validation.”

Things got especially savage when someone else said that “I think she’s just a failure of a mother and uses her illnesses as a way to escape to rehab.”

The comments go on and on and on like that, about what an awful mother she is and how Tyler needs to leave her.

Lots of people also seem concerned that she’s expecting another child now, since they think she’s so cold with Nova already.

Honestly, it’s a real bad time to be Catelynn Lowell right now.


Keeping Up with the Kardashians Rekap: Kanye West Needs a Band-Aid

Kanye West needs many things in life.

Attention. Professional mental health assistance. A clue.

On Sunday night’s episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, however, the controversial rapper just needed one thing from his wife: a band-aid.

And it led to a pretty big argument.

Kim Kardashian eats

“Last night I was just like not in the best mood and I was just like tired,” Kim told Khloe about this tiff early in the installment, explaining:

“I got home and I was like, ‘Hey’ and then I was like on my computer and then he was like, ‘Babe, will you get off your computer, I wanna talk, let’s hangout.'”

Kim was trying to meet a deadline and ignored Kanye, but she responded immediately when Saint reminded his mom that it was time for his bath.

Enter immature Kanye…

“I shut the computer and he’s like, ‘You’re gonna go take a bath with him, but I asked to hangout and you wouldn’t?'” Kim told Khloe of West’s response.

“Maybe just take a bath with Kanye and it will all be better,” Khloe quipped.

But Kim said the issue went beyond just polishing her man’s knob.

She expounded on a recent fight with Kanye, one that centered on him getting a boo-boo and his desire for his wife to fix it.

“We had a fight because I wouldn’t get him a Band-Aid,” Kim recounted, adding:

“I said, ‘Did you look in the proper place, there’s a Band-Aid here.’ He didn’t like that one. So he wanted another one, so there was a Band-Aid there and I put it on him. He didn’t like the color of the Band-Aid.”

What about one of daughter North Jesus-themed band-aids, which apparently exist?


“He was like, ‘I’ve slaved around the world making clothes for you to make sure that you find the best outfit and you let me go out wearing a Jesus Band-Aid,'” Kim said.

“I’m like, so I’m running around to find three f-cking different color Band-Aid’s when I have three kids to look after?!”


Hmm… is there something about a First World Problem we can label this as?

An Ultimate and Ridiculous and Nauseating First World Problem, perhaps?

Khloe simply told Kim that men often needed to be treated like the “first baby” and that, overall, Kanye is someone who requires attention and constant love.

Kim understood and bought some really sexy lingerie for Valentine’s Day. Problem solved!

Elsewhere, however, she continued to have problems with sibling Kourtney.

annoyed Kourtney

This time, they centered around Kim taking it upon herself to get involved in Kourtney and Scott Disick’s relationship after Disick supposedly texted Kim that he wanted another child.

Since both Scott and Kourtney were seeing other people at that time of this filming, Kim figured the two could just go the IVF route and have a fourth kid together without intercourse.

Easy peasy!

She emailed this brilliant idea to the rest of her loved ones… Kourtney included! By accident!

Kim then tried to bury the email and have it erased from Kourtney’s phone, but Kourtney caught on and was understandably furious.

“Honestly, I don’t even want to look at her after the whole email situation,” the mother of three confessed to her mom and Khloe.

“I don’t think she wants to hurt your feelings,” Kris responded, trying to play peacemaker. “I think she just communicates differently.”

Kourtney didn’t appreciate her mom “there are two sides to everything” approach and shot back:

“She did something really malicious, backstabbing and actually evil. Going behind someone’s back? It’s not okay, it’s not something I will accept in my life.”

Despite her anger at both Kris and Kim, Kourtney eventually settled down and spoke to Scott.

Disick revealed that Kim had twisted his words and vowed to Kourtney he “would not go and call up your family” to discuss this topic of children again.

From there,, Kourtney and Kim buried the tension enough to go away on a joint family skiing trip. Hooray!

Use think link right here to watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians online and check out the gallery below for more about this absurd family…


The Allman Brothers Band’s Dickey Betts Needs Brain Surgery After ‘Freak Accident’

Dickey Betts — one of the founding members of The Allman Brothers Band — has been hospitalized after suffering a head injury at his home in Sarasota, Florida. Betts was playing with the family dog in his backyard Monday when he slipped and cracked…


Briana DeJesus: My OTHER Daughter Also Needs Surgery

Think whatever you want about Briana DeJesus as a Teen Mom 2 cast member.

Take the side of Javi Marroquin or Kailyn Lowry and think she is nothing but trouble, if you desire.

As a parent, however, Briana DeJesus has had it very rough of late. This cannot really be debated.

Below, we document how the MTV personality had to recently watch one daughter undergo surgery… and how she'll soon need to watch the other one go under the knife as well.

We wish her and her kids the best…

1. Poor Stella

Sick stella
In mid-August, DeJesus shared this photo with followers and said little Stella had just undergone a procedure.

2. Did She Come Out of It Okay?

With a therapy dog
Yes, although any sort of surgery is scary for an infant of course. “Stressful stressful day but Stella is resting and that’s all that matters,” wrote Briana as an update.

3. What Was the Matter?

Briana dejesus and lollipop
“She [had] septic arthritis,” DeJesus told Radar Online of Stella’s joint infection. “It’s common in kids.” (According to Wikipedia, septic arthritis is the invasion of a joint by an infectious agent resulting in joint inflammation.)

4. How is Stella Doing Now?

Briana dejesus child
Pretty well, it seems. No complications. No follow-ups needed in the last few weeks.

5. But What About Nova?

Briana dejesus nova and stella
The almost-seven-year old was born to Briana in 2011. Her father is Devoin Austin, who is occasionally in the picture — and DeJesus has now revealed that Nova needs surgery of her own.

6. This is What Briana Tweeted on the Subject

Nova surgery
“Nova has surgery on Friday and her bday is on Sunday and I just feel sooo bad.” Darn. We feel bad, too.

View Slideshow

Kim Kardashian to Kanye: NOBODY Needs to Know What Porn You Like!!

A couple of weeks ago, Kanye West decided to share details of his porn-watching habits with the world. He also released a new song about wanting to bone all four of Kim’s sisters.

It’s a lot, and though Kim has always been one to stand by her man, a report says that, privately, Kim is frustrated and embarrassed.

After all, the things that he says could one day reach the ears of their three children.

A source tells RadarOnline that Kim and Kanye are not on the same page when it comes to him oversharing with millions.

“She finds it so embarrassing,” the insider says of Kim’s stance on Kanye sharing way too much information about his most private thoughts.

Reports have even claimed that he has done all of this without any warning or consultation with her or the rest of her family.

“And,” the source continues, Kim “can’t understand why he’d humiliate himself and the whole family like that.”

Who knows why Kanye says anything that he does these days, really.

In case you need a refresher on what has so many feathers ruffled, Kanye’s song “XTCY” contains some interesting lyrics.

“You got sick thoughts? I got more of ’em,” he raps. “You got a sister-in-law you would smash? I got four of them.”

It might not be unusual for in-laws, especially recent in-laws, to have decidedly non-familial thoughts about each other. But you shouldn’t really rap about it.

To make matters worse, Kanye wasn’t done, suggesting that he had pleasured himself to photos of Kim’s sisters.

“You did something unholy to them pictures, damn, you need to be locked up,” Kanye rapped. “Nah, we need a bigger hot tub.”

That wasn’t all, of course.

Kanye also discussed his porn-viewing habits on television.

He revealed that he likes to watch “a lot of black on white, obviously.”

Kanye added that the combo reflects “my own reality.”

Watching porn is normal and usually healthy. Speaking about your particular tastes on television in such blatant terms is … odd.

According to the source, Kim is concerned that these kinds of things will find their way back to their children — starting with North, who only just turned 5 last June.

“North’s at an age where she can read all this stuff online,” the source adds. 

That might be a fine age to give an early version of the sex talk — explaining exactly how babies are made and, of course, arming your child with knowledge that will help them recognize when an adult is being inappropriate with them.

But if there’s a good age for your dad jacks it thinking about your aunts and is specifically into white girls, it sure as hell isn’t 5.

“Plus,” the insider says. “Kim’s had so many people ask her, ‘What’s up with Kanye, why’s he saying all this?’”

That is a great question that people have been asking for the past decade, but that question has cropped up a hell of a lot more during the past year.

“He ignores her advice time and again,” the source spills.

“And it’s even more lame,” the insider claims. “Because their sex life is a disaster and has been for months.”

That would mean that all of Kim’s claims that Kanye is the best at boning were just a lot of hot air.

Obviously, Kanye has said a lot of things that he should not — things that no one should say. The dude blamed black people for slavery. Something is wrong.

But if Kim has private reservations about him spouting humiliating nonsense by blurting out whatever terrible thought pops into his mind at any given moment, we doubt that she’s confiding them in friends.

Kim takes that whole for better or for worse thing very seriously, and seems to still be head over heels for Kanye.

We don’t have to understand it (maybe he IS really good at boning) — but aside from what we hear in unconfirmed reports, it really sounds like she’s happy with her marriage.

For now.