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MAGA Hat Student Nick Sandmann KY Prosecutor Warns … Prison Sentences for School Threats


The Kentucky prosecutor investigating threats against Nick Sandmann‘s high school wants to punish anyone threatening physical harm … with prison time.

Rob Sanders, whose jurisdiction includes Covington Catholic High School, tells us he’s deadly serious about seeking incarceration for people threatening Sandmann’s teachers and classmates … because it’s a Class D felony in Kentucky, punishable by 1 to 5 years in a state penitentiary.

As you know … threats against Nick and others at his school have been pouring in via email, phone calls and social media, ever since his confrontation with Native American elder Nathan Phillips at the Lincoln Memorial.

Sanders says the threats include burning down the school, blowing up the school, shooting up the school and attacking students … and he wants to set an example for the nation — threats made on social media have real-world consequences.  

Sanders makes it clear he doesn’t have a political dog in the fight. His only point is it’s totally unacceptable to ever threaten kids, and watch … he’s not about to stop with fines.

MAGA Hat Student Nick Sandmann Stopped Showdown From Getting Ugly … KY Congressman Says


High school student Nick Sandmann was the perfect person to get into a showdown with Native American elder Nathan Phillips, according to a congressman from Nick’s home state.

Rep. Thomas Massie, whose district is home to Covington Catholic School, was on Capitol Hill when we asked him about Sandmann and the criticism of how he handled the face-off. Not surprisingly, he’s got a lot of love for his young constituent. 

Massie says he’s proud of the way Nick handled himself while Nathan continued beating his drum during the weekend confrontation at the Lincoln Memorial — and he gives Nick ALL the credit for defusing the turbulent situation

The congressman says he fears what kind of violence could have erupted if Nathan was drumming in front of someone else, who didn’t have Sandmann’s calm temperament.

As we reported … Nick says his smirk was misinterpreted, and Rep. Massie backs that up.

Not only does he have positive things to say about Nick’s demeanor — he also thinks the kid’s got a future in politics.

Nathan Phillips Rejects Nick Sandmann’s Offer … This is Bigger Than Us


Nathan Phillips doesn’t feel the need to sit down and hash things out with Nick Sandmann about their Lincoln Memorial face-off — instead, he’d prefer a MUCH bigger conversation take place.

Nathan was on “TMZ Live” Wednesday, responding to the Catholic high school student’s “Today” interview … where he said he wanted a sit down with Nathan. Doesn’t sound like it’s gonna happen though, because Nathan made it clear the issues go beyond them now.

Phillips believes his incident with Sandmann — which has sparked debate, outrage and lots of hand-wringing — has elevated to such a level of importance that it should be handled by the 2 major groups represented … the Catholic church and the indigenous people.

As for President Trump siding with the kids from Covington Catholic, Nathan seems to have mixed feelings and went with the ol’ “If you can’t say something nice” adage.

As we reported … Sandmann was interviewed by Savannah Guthrie and claims his infamous smirking wasn’t meant to be disrespectful to Phillips — it was simply his way of containing the situation.

Sandmann also refused to offer an apology for his actions, but did express regret for not walking away from the confrontation … and said he’d be willing to chat with Phillips about it.

The elder thinks they have bigger fish to fry, though.

Nick Sandmann No Apology for Nathan Phillips … But I’d Like to Talk to Him

The MAGA hat-wearing high schooler who drew the ire of many for standing and smirking at Vietnam vet Nathan Phillips during a protest says he meant no disrespect … but it doesn’t seem like he’s planning on saying sorry either.

Nick Sandmann is speaking in public for the first time since the incident went down in D.C. Friday, telling ‘Today’ show co-host Savannah Guthrie he feels he had every right to do what he did.

Sandmann also tells Guthrie, who asks him if he sees any fault in his actions, he respects Phillips and hopes he can talk to him … and wishes he could have avoided the situation.

As you know, Sandmann and his classmates from Covington Catholic HS in Kentucky were seen on video surrounding Phillips — a Native American participating in the Indigenous People’s March — laughing and chanting at him while he was singing and drumming.

Sandmann particularly stood out as he stood face-to-face with Phillips, steadfast with a smirk.

Many believe the vid shows the students harassing Phillips, but others came to the defense of Sandmann and the students later, claiming a longer video shows Phillips was the instigator of the confrontation. Sandmann backed this in a full written statement, claiming Phillips singled him out and he simply stood his ground.

Sandmann’s full interview will air on Wednesday morning on “Today.”

Nick Cannon Travis Scott Isn’t for the Culture And Kylie Doesn’t Help


Nick Cannon says he’s got beef with Travis Scott performing at SB LIII ’cause the dude hasn’t proven he truly cares about black culture … and Kylie Jenner is one big example.

The ‘Wild ‘N Out’ host was chopping it up with Raquel Harper for a new episode of BET’s “Raq Rants,” where he explained why he’s troubled that Travis was booked to play the Super Bowl halftime show. On the other hand, Outkast’s Big Boi getting the gig doesn’t bother Nick a bit. 

Nick — who supports Colin Kaepernick — says BB has proven over the course of his career that he’s for the culture … so, Nick’s good with him appearing in his native Atlanta to balance Maroon 5. But, according to Nick, Travis hasn’t passed that litmus test.

Check out Nick’s rationale on why Trav — in his eyes, anyway — doesn’t seem to be for black people and black causes … and what he needs to do to get there. Spoiler … knocking up Kylie definitely didn’t help his cause.

See his full interview on “Raq Rants,” Tuesday night at 11 PM on BET. If you’re on the West Coast and have Dish or DirecTV, it’s on at 8 PM.

Nick Cannon I’d Take Kanye in a Fight!!! Drake is More Ye’s Speed


Nick Cannon‘s confident he’d whoop Kanye West if they ever came to blows, but if Ye and Drake ever threw down … his money’s on the guy who’s got more fire.

The “Wild ‘n Out” host sat down with Raquel Harper for a new episode of BET’s “Raq Rants,” and dished on some real hip-hop feuds hypothetically coming to blows.

You’ll recall … Nick and Kanye had beef in September after Ye got pissed because Nick talked about Kim Kardashian‘s body. They eventually squashed it, but it still lends itself to fight fodder.

Cannon makes it clear he thinks he’d take Kim’s husband down — and explained why. Now, Kanye and his current nemesis, Drake, squaring off is a different story … in Nick’s eyes.

You gotta see Nick and Raq break down the fight. BTW, they both think if Diddy ever slapped Kanye the way he allegedly slapped Drake … things would have turned out a lot differently.

Check out Nick’s full interview on “Raq Rants,” Tuesday night at 11 PM on BET. If you’re on the West Coast and have Dish or DirecTV, it’s on at 8 PM.

Nick Chubb Colin Cowherd’s Wrong … Browns WILL Make Playoffs In 2019


Nick Chubb‘s got a message for Colin Cowherd and every other Browns doubter … WE ARE MAKING THE PLAYOFFS NEXT SEASON!!!

Of course, Cowherd — who’s had a consistent (and quasi-friendly) beef with star QB Baker Mayfield — strongly disagrees … tellin’ us just a couple days ago the Browns ain’t getting into the 2019 dance.

But, Chubb thinks the FS1 star is wrong … and tells TMZ Sports straight-up, “Yeah, we will [make the playoffs]. We will.”  

Chubb’s got a good case … he turned into a star running back … Baker’s an elite QB talent — AND new head coach Freddie Kitchens seems poised to turn the whole thing around.

We also talked to Chubb about who will win NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year honors next month … Chubb says it won’t be him — and ya gotta hear why he thinks Baker will be the pick over Saquon Barkley.

There’s more … Chubb also talks about his stellar high school shot put career (he won a state title back in 2014) and if he thinks he could’ve made the Olympics!  

Julio Jones Nick Saban to NFL? … ‘Hell Nah’


Think Nick Saban would leave his college football dynasty to take another swing at success in the NFL??

Here’s Julio Jones to knock some damn sense into you … cause the ex-Bama superstar tells TMZ Sports there’s NO WAY his old coach should leave Tuscaloosa for the pros.

We spoke with the Falcons receiver about Bama losing to Clemson in the title game earlier this week … and he says there’s no need to jump ship over one loss.

“Dabo (Swinney) was just the better coach and they were the better team.”

Jones says Saban has built something special with the Crimson Tide … and says the dude should ride that wave for as long as he can.

We also asked Julio if he thought Clemson star Trevor Lawrence has what it takes to be an NFL star … and you’ll wanna hear his answer.

Kevin Hart Backs Nick Foles As 2019 Starter … If He Wins Super Bowl


If the Philadelphia Eagles win another Super Bowl, they should cut the crap and make Nick Foles the full-time starter for the 2019 season … so says Kevin Hart

Kev is a HUGE Eagles fan (remember when he drunkenly tried to grab the Lombardi Trophy last year?) … so when we saw him leaving the Barstool Sports offices in NYC on Thursday, we asked how he’d solve the looming QB battle. 

TMZ: “If Foles wins you guys another Super Bowl, what do you do with Carson Wentz?”

Kev: “We tell Carson Wentz that he is the reason for our success … we have to go with Foles right now ’cause Foles is the hot guy.”

He continued, “Doesn’t mean that Carson Wentz isn’t our guy, but ultimately you gotta understand the underdog and the underdog story. Foles is helping build that story.”

The QB issue is becoming a hot topic — because Foles is now 4-0 in his last 4 playoff games … and the team is playing pretty great right now. 

Here’s the problem … if the Eagles want to keep Foles they’d have to pick up his $ 20 MILLION option — which Foles has to approve. Lotta cash to spend on a backup QB. 

Another option … the Eagles could franchise Foles for $ 25 mil and then trade him if the plan is to go with Wentz as the starter. 

Decisions, decisions … 

Nick Young Investigated for Robbery … Allegedly Struck Man in Genitals


NBA star Nick Young has been named a suspect in an alleged robbery that went down last week — in which Swaggy’s accused of striking a guy in his testicles and stealing his phone. 

Law enforcement sources tell us … the LAPD received a call on Jan. 4 from a man who claims he was assaulted by Swaggy P when he tried to take his photo at a popular L.A. car wash.  

We’re told the alleged victim does not appear to be a paparazzo — just a basketball fan who recognized the former Lakers star and wanted a photo. 

The man acknowledged Young didn’t want to be photographed but he snapped a pic anyway — and that’s when Young snapped … confronting the fan, allegedly firing off a nut shot and swiping the phone. 

We’re told cops took a report and are investigating. So far, no arrests have been made. 

It’s not the first time Young has been accused of wrongdoing — he was arrested in August 2018 for obstruction of justice after he was pulled over by police. 

And in 2016, Young was sued for allegedly attacking a man at a pickup basketball game at a church. 

We’ve reached out to Young for comment — so far, no word back.