90 Day Fiance: Azan Ghosted Nicole; Have They Split?!

So, remember how it looked like Nicole had cheated on Azan again, slipping off her engagement ring to hang with a guy friend … and also lying about it?

At the time, Azan seemed to forgive her. But … suddenly, things looked bleak for the two.

Azan didn’t appear on the reunion special or even answer the phone when Nicole called him on the air. Are they over, officially?

Of all of the new 90 Day Fiance couples introduced this past season, Nicole and Azan were the least new.

In that they were not new at all, and had also been stars on Season 4.

This season, they had some of the same problems — worries about Nicole’s possible infidelities, concerns that Azan’s interview for his K-1 Visa won’t go well, and wondering if Azan could be the father that Nicole’s young daughter deserves.

(This time, in fact, Nicole brought her daughter to Morocco to see how the two bonded)

Throughout all of this, Nicole has also worked to convince her father that Azan is a worthy partner for her.

There’s been a lot on this couple’s plate, even before the revelation about Nicole’s dishonesty.

As we said, Azan said that he forgave her at the time for taking off her ring to spend time with a guy friend.

We don’t know why she had to remove her ring to hang out with him (even if she were looking to cheat … she’s literally on a TV show with the guy she wants to marry; it’s not a secret).

We don’t know why, if nothing happened, she felt the need to lie about it.

Regardless, though, Azan let it slide. He also got past her previous infidelity (to be fair, it was before she went to Morocco to meet him in the first place).

Or … did those instances weigh on him more than he initially let on?

During the 90 Day Fiance Tell All special, Nicole was accompanied by her mother but not by Azan.

You figure, okay … he hasn’t had his K-1 visa interview yet, so he’s still in Morocco and can’t come to the taping.

But you don’t need a visa to pick up a phone, now do you?

Azan basically ghosted Nicole through the Tell All, though TLC did tweet afterwards:

“Azan ended up calling Nicole back after filming concluded! #90DayFiance

Even so, it seemed to many fans that Azan was just trying to avoid getting interviewed on the special.

(Because, seriously, how do you just “forget” that the special’s happening? You’d stay up to any hour to do your part … unless you don’t want to share some bad news)

However, it looks like Azan and Nicole are still together.

We don’t know for sure, but the two have been gushing about each other on social media as recently as November.

Though a lot can change in the space of one month, our guess is that we’ll be seeing Nicole and Azan together in the US in season 6.

Assuming, of course, that Azan was able to secure his K-1 visa.

It might be odd for one couple to get three consecutive seasons of 90 Day Fiance, but hey, a lot was uncertain. Plus, they want to get paid (Nicole works at Starbucks and, even as little as 90 Day Fiance stars get paid, every little bit helps) and they have an interesting story.

That’s why 90 Day Fiance; Before the 90 Days and 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? now exist.

If all goes well, they’ll get married at the end of their 90 days (and the end of season 6), then move on to 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?

But … let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Azan has to come to the US and they’ll need to tie the knot before any of that happens.


Dannielynn, Larry Birkhead Honor Anna Nicole in the Bahamas

The world has been very critical of Larry Birkhead's apparent exploitation of his daughter, Dannielynn, accusing him of Anna Nicole Smith's life and death for goodwill. And, of course, for cash.

But we've seen less of him, lately. The last time he was really on our radar was, what, when he went on Hollywood Medium?

Now he and Dannielynn — who is now 11 years old — are back in a video (below) showing their adventures together as Anna Nicole's daughter visits the land of her birth: The Bahamas.

Larry birkhead and dannielynn posing

Anna Nicole Smith was a sweet woman who died too young.

After an epic battle in which multiple men claimed paternity of her infant daughter, it was determined that Larry had fathered Dannielynn Hope Marshall Birkhead.

Larry hasn't always been viewed as the best father. Notably, he signed Dannielynn up for modeling when she was six years old.

(In case you've forgotten, Anna Nicole herself was a troubled ex-model, and it's widely believed that she'd still be alive today if she hadn't been thrust into the spotlight as she was)

Dannielynn is 11 years old, now. (Anybody else feeling super old?)

And Larry Birkhead decided that it was high time that he take her on a trip to the Bahamas, where she was born. Whether he did it for Dannielynn or to get his face on camera again … well, that's hard to know.

But the video's very sweet.

Dannielynn and larry birkhead pose on the beach

In the video, Larry Birkhead does most (nearly all) of the talking to Us Weekly's cameras as he and Dannielynn explore the Bahamas.

"This trip back for Dannielynn is kind of special because she doesn’t really know a whole lot about the place where she was born."

That sounds like a plausible reason to go.

"When Dannielynn was little and I used to bring her here, the people used to come out screaming, ‘The people’s princess Dannielynn is here,’ cause it was such a big deal about her birth here, and they embrace her and they come up and ask for pictures and stuff all the time."

Well, it's not Dannielynn's fault that a rich white child getting called a "princess" within the Caribbean is … awkward. Also, a couple of women did ask for a selfie.

Larry talks about the wonderful things that Anna Nicole did with her wealth.

"She was charitable and she did a lot of things for people that people don’t know."

She was, by all accounts, a total sweetheart.

"I’m still getting these cards from kids that she supported overseas and they didn’t know she was Anna Nicole, but they’d come to have found out later."

That is precious.

He takes Dannielynn to a pastel pink courthouse. The very courthouse where he won his paternity case.

"I remember coming out of this door right here and they said, ‘You can take Dannielynn home to Kentucky or wherever you’re gonna move.’ And I came out, I was so happy."

Larry birkhead and dannielynn wetsuits

Larry Birkhead tells the cameras about Dannielynn.

"She likes scary movies, like her mom. She likes to do roller coasters and fun things like her mom used to."

She also has a beautiful smile.

As for her current interests … they're very age-appropriate.

"Dannielynn is more interested in wanting to be a YouTuber and make her own videos, so those are the types of things that she’s interested in."

She's beautiful and young and famous, which describes a lot of YouTubers. (We don't imagine that she's a horrifying racist like certain YouTubers have turned out to be)

"I still have to warn her that, you know, your friend might have a YouTube account, but if you have a YouTube account that’s different, because people know who you are."

That is a somewhat clumsily worded version of very good advice.

Honestly, if and when Dannielynn gets her own YouTube channel (what a gift that would be), comments might need to be disabled. There are some real creeps who would love nothing more than to upset a famous tween girl.

Dannielynn and larry birkhead bahamas tour bus

Larry continues describe what it's like being Dannielynn's parent.

"Sometimes you feel like a bodyguard, sometimes you feel like a chauffeur."

That's, well, that's what parenting is like.

"It depends on what the day is. But my job is dad and I think I’ve done a pretty good job. She’s adjusted to it and she’s just a normal kid."

Dannielynn seems obsessed with her phone, which is relatable and age-appropriate.

Here's the video in its entirety:

Dannielynn larry birkhead honor anna nicole in the bahamas

Nicole Curtis: Rehab Addict Host Mom-Shamed for Breastfeeding Her Toddler!

Usually, you don’t want the words “rehab” or “addict” anywhere near a story about parenting, but things are a little different when you’re talking about Nicole Curtis, star of Rehab Addict.

But Nicole has stirred up controversy over breastfeeding.

Unlike many such stories, it’s not over feeding her baby in public (gasp!) … but over the fact that, well, her kid’s not really a baby anymore.

Rehab Addict is a long-running reality series about fixing up and restoring old homes, particularly when it comes to classic architecture.

Essentially, saving houses whenever possible. It’s a neat concept.

Right now, that show’s star, Nicole Curtis, is being mom-shamed.

Now, mom-shamers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Like that daddy blogger who leashed his kid, which we don’t understand but which some people blew way out of proportion.

Or like when fans flipped out and accused Chelsea Houska of “poisoning” her baby when, in reality, she had him get his vaccinations, as responsible parents do.

But breastfeeding seems to really get people’s garters in a twist.

(Probably because of our society’s bizarre love-hate fixation with women and with women’s breasts — which we call “bizarre” because … they’re just breasts. What’s not to love?)

Moms using their breasts to feed their babies seems to freak people out when it’s in public. It’s ludicrous, but it happens.

But sometimes, people do weird stuff.

Like using breastmilk to make brownies for a bake sale, weirding approximately everyone the eff out.

Or breastfeeding their baby while having sex, which is a kind of multitasking that makes people really, really uncomfortable.

Nicole Curtis’ alleged breastfeeding weirdness is a little different, however.

Her issue isn’t that she’s feeding her child in an art gallery (gasp!) or on a bench in a public park (no!), but that … he’s 30 months old.

For those of you who don’t enjoy math, that’s two-and-a-half years. 

Speaking to People, Nicole Curtis defends breastfeeding him despite his age.

“I keep saying, it’s not like he’s 7 or 8 — he’s still a baby.”

As critics are quick to point out … he’s literally not, though. Harper (for that’s his name) is a toddler.

Nicole advocates letting children decide on their own when to stop breastfeeding.

“It doesn’t force children to eat — it allows them to discover it and gradually wean at their pace.”

That is a great idea … up to a point. The question is, of course, where that line is and whether or not Nicole and Harper have crossed it.

Apparently, plenty of critics have decided that they have.

“Every single day I have to weather criticism about how my child is too old to breastfeed.”

Nicole wants Harper to make this choice for himself.

“But when he weans, it’s going to be his decision. I truly believe it’s the child’s choice.”

Plenty of children are allowed to decide when to be weaned. Plenty of them quit the breast earlier rather than later, as babies and toddlers like exploring and learning and experiencing the world.

Self-weaning might see a baby leaving boobs behind before they’re a year old. But Harper is clearly on the other extreme end of the spectrum.

Nicole didn’t bring this up with the world because she wants them all to know what an extra special snowflake she is, or whatever people imagine motivates minor celebrities from talking about their lives.

It’s actually a legal issue for her. A custody issue for her.

A judge has literally ruled about this. (There have been a couple of rulings, actually)

Speaking of her young son, Nicole laments a sudden change in his dietary routine:

“He had never had a bottle before, and then all of a sudden that was his only option while he was with his dad.”

That’s a rough transition for a kid to make.

“I had no idea that a judge could say, ‘You’re court-ordered to not feed your exclusively breastfed child.'”

She also had trouble producing enough milk through a pump. Until then, she’d never needed to.

“It’s important that children have both of their parents. But [preventing] me from breastfeeding my child just so he can see the dad is not right.”

Nicole says that she’s sharing this story because it’s important for people to know that it can happen. And because she wants to effect change.

“I’ve always been a fighter. If something’s not right, I’m the first person to stand up.”

She hates that her divorce is impacting Harper in this way.

“And I don’t believe that my child should have to wean because of our situation.”

A judge later ruled, giving her once-a-day visits with Harper during Harper’s time with his father. (They exchange him on alternating weeks)

Honestly, in Western countries, it’s normal to wean between ages 1 and 2, right? Sometimes a little earlier, sometimes a little later.

Worldwide, though, it’s not uncommon to see children who don’t wean until between ages 2 and 6.

That may sound bizarre — most children in the West don’t grow up with conscious memories of breastfeeding. The idea of breastfeeding when you’re old enough to read is, to many, shocking.

But Harper isn’t there yet. We’d say that, right now, he’s right on the threshold.

If he’s still breastfeeding when it’s time for preschool, then yeah, it might be time for Nicole to make that choice for him, before it hinders his social development.

Right now, though? All of that mom-shaming seems wasted when there are plenty of bad moms out there.

Also, we should note that Nicole seems to almost welcome the criticism. She told a recent critic that she’s also against infant circumcision (a view shared by many human rights advocates) in case people are looking for other things to hold against her.

Like she said, she’s a real fighter.


90 Day Fiance: Did Nicole Cheat on Azan … AGAIN?!

Nicole and Azan aren’t new to 90 Day Fiance, but the couple has returned to season 5 because … well, things didn’t exactly get wrapped up in season 4.

But a new development has arisen, and fans are wondering if it could tear this couple apart.

Did Nicole cheat on Azan? Or, more accurately, did Nicole cheat on Azan … again?!

First, a refresher:

Nicole is from the US, while Azan is from Morocco.

The couple managed to hit things off online, but Azan wasn’t happy when he met Nicole and her body was a little larger than he’d realized.

Azan could have handled that more sensitively.

(Remember, folks — people don’t have to be attracted to someone but they do need to be nice about it)

Azan himself is extremely fit, so that contrast adds to the couple’s dynamic.

This season, Nicole is headed back to Morocco — and she’s bringing along her toddler, May, to see how Azan is with her.

That’s great, because if you already have a kid, seeing how good of a parent someone can be is quite frankly the most important thing that you can learn about them.

(When you’re a parent, your child has to come first. Always)

And let’s not forget that Nicole and Azan’s future depends on Nicole’s father’s willingness to foot the bill for Azan to come to the US and actually go through the visa process and, you know, marry Nicole.

But, last season, we saw the first wrench get thrown into the gears.

Because Nicole confessed to Azan that, before she flew out to Morocco and met him in person, she cheated on him.

Azan was able to forgive her, which is great.

But some time after she returned from meeting with Azan in Morocco, Nicole slipped off her engagement ring … ostensibly for a night out with some female friends.

That’s what Nicole told Azan.

As it turned out, though, Nicole took off her ring so that she could hang out with a male friend.

Women — engaged or married or whatever — can absolutely be friends with men, contrary to what Mike Pence might think.

But if you have to take off your ring to hang out with somebody … that doesn’t sound like a friendship.

Not to us, anyway.

Nicole assured Azan that nothing of an intimate, cheating nature happened when she went ringless with a guy friend.

And Azan was, once again, able to forgive Nicole.

More than that, though, it looks like the two of them are still really getting along.

As in, in real-time, not whenever these episodes of 90 Day Fiance were filmed.

Nicole has been gushing about Azan on Instagram, and the couple has been showing off their fair share of PDA in Instagram photos.

Just last week, Nicole was positively gushing about how much her daughter, May, and Azan love each other. And about how much she loves them both.

That probably qualifies as spoilers for this season of 90 Day Fiance, but they’re really the best kind of spoilers, right?

Long-distance relationships are tough, so maybe these little slip-ups of Nicole’s won’t keep happening once the two of them have settled down together in the US.

Like, after they’re married and have a routine and are living together, a lot of conflicts should hopefully go away as the two of them put precious little May first.

Many fans will rejoice at that.

Of course, some “fans” of 90 Day Fiance are haters of Nicole, and try to body-shame on her own Instagram. That’s not an okay thing to do, folks.

It even looks like Azan is over his surprise and insensitive misgivings. How Nicole and Azan feel about her body is really all that matters.

We’re rooting for this couple, and we look forward to seeing where this relationship will take them both.


Nicole Walters: Rants About “Fancy” Bus Stop Moms, Wins Our Hearts

If you haven't yet seen this suburban mom's viral rant about "bus stop moms," then you're missing out an on experience.

As you can see in the video below, Nicole Walters is funny. She's just funny. Her viral rant isn't angry or defamatory, and countless people find it relatable.

In related news, where can we get an "Oprah Wasn't Built In A Day" shirt?

Bus mom nicole walters 1

So, Nicole Walters went on a Facebook video rant about the "fancy" moms (her words) at her child's bust stop.

Nicole is a married mother of three, and she and her family have only recently moved to the affluent suburban neighborhood.

Her "rant" isn't vicious or heated as some of the "rant videos" that we've seen recently floating around the interwebs.

Instead, her video reads more like stand-up comedy, but set in the environment that she describes.

It's 8am, so she hasn't showered yet or dressed for the day. She sent her nanny to walk her child to the bus.

(The nanny bit might not be relatable to everyone, but pretty much everything else about this should resonate with anyone familiar with suburban living)

Sporting a shirt that reads: "Oprah Wasn't Built In A Day," Nicole tells you exactly what she thinks of the other neighborhood moms.

Bus mom nicole walters 2

First, she's very direct and honest about her outfit.

She's wearing a bonnet, she hasn't showered (she has washed her face though, which is more than most of us do before showering).

She's wearing a loose-fitting, on brand tee shirt.

She also looks great, honestly. She really knows how to work a camera, and we don't just mean operate one.

The way that Nicole emotes throughout this video is pretty fantastic.

It was, you see, her 6-year-old's first day of kindergarten.

(Keep in mind that many kindergarten classes start two weeks later than fellow elementary schoolers)

And Nicole just could not bring herself to go out and deal with the other moms at the bus stop.

Bus mom nicole walters 3

(Nicole points her camera at the "fancy" mom and at her own nanny as they return from the bus stop after seeing the children off)

The bus stop moms are, you see, entirely too "fancy."

As she continues, you realize that it's not exactly the case that she's intimidated, though you'd understand it if someone did find these women intimidating.

Nicole singles out one neighborhood mom in particular.

"You don’t know how perfect she is. She’s so fancy. She’s so fancy. She’s skinny. She wears tennis clothes every day. Tennis clothes and a visor every day."

"Every day she wears that.”

Nicole says that this unnamed woman “is just so good at life. She’s just so good at life."

Rather than being intimidated, though, it seems clear that Nicole is annoyed by their superficial conversations.

Bus mom nicole walters 4

She mocks the use of vocal fry in some of the other moms' voices, but mostly her teasing seems to be in good fun.

We'll be honest, actually turning the camera on one of the moms, even from that distance, seemed a little invasive to us, right?

The woman's not a public figure; she's just a mom seeing her kid off to school.

But we have no idea who she is and, quite frankly, this funny video is a gift and we're glad to have gotten to witness it.

See it for yourself:

Nicole walters rants about fancy bus stop moms wins our hearts

Nicole Curtis Has THIS Important Message for Haters

Nicole Curtis is known on HGTV as the Rehab Addict.

But she also is known as a magnet controversy, especially when it comes to her children.

The home renovation expert has two kids, a son named Ethan from her relationship Steve Lane and another son (named Harper) from relationship with Shane Maguire.

In April of this year, Maguire filed his sixth motion against Curtis, alleging she’s been preventing him from seeing Harper.

This charge came just a few months removed from allegations that Curtis actually broke into Maguire’s home last summer and tried to steal Harper away.

Fast forward about a year from that ugly incident and Curtis acknowledges that things have been rough of late.

“I can’t say that my life is where I thought it would be,” she wrote on Instagram last week.

But she included those words as part of caption to a photograph that features her and her grandfather, adding immediately afterward:

“[I’m] so blessed and quite content…who wouldn’t be -2 beautiful children, 2 dogs, 92 yr old Gramps and love all around.”

A few days later, Curtis went into far more detail about her struggles.

She wrote that life as a woman in the real estate and construction business is no big deal; it’s a “piece of cake.”

But life as a woman in general? As a single mother especially? Well…

“Did my great-grandmother ever think we’d be in a position having to fight for our rights as mothers ? Our world is turning backwards,” she wrote on Instagram.

Curtis proceeded to elaborate on her specific obstacles, particularly what she has gone through while battling for custody of her two-year old.

“Ask me about the struggle of having my breasts discussed in an open court room, my child’s name sold to tabloids, being court ordered to pump rather than feed my baby the only way he knows how …

“… only to be ridiculed when I cry that I can’t produce enough milk with a pump, the humiliation of sitting in front of a stranger while topless hooked up to a breatpump so they could document that yes, indeed my body doesn’t produce enough milk by pumping…

“… then the humiliation of having to put that document on public record and sit in a court room of strangers all privy to an open discussion about my body – and the worst part of all this ? I’m not the only one.”

The HGTV personality, who is currently filming Season 8 of Rehab Addict, says she never intended her personal story to go public.

She wanted to have all court records sealed, but “was laughed at.”

So now that everyone knows abouther issues?

“I’m berated for speaking out —#WomensEqualityDay we have a long way to go -sadly, I thought we were actually getting somewhere before I experienced this firsthand…

“We shouldn’t have to #normalizebreastfeeding defend #attachedparenting preach #infantmentalhealth.

“Nothing is more natural than an infant’s attachment to their mother —and before we all assume that all the parties involved stripping mothers of their right to breastfeed are men—think again.”

Pretty harsh words from Nicole Curtis, huh?

We aren’t about to pass judgment, not being fully privy to all she’s gone through.

So we’ll just leave this right here and let readers form their own opinions.


Michael Phelps and Nicole Johnson: Expecting Baby #2!

Olympic legend Michael Phelps and his wife Nicole are expecting their second child, the duo announced in dueling social media posts.

Phelps and the former Nicole Johnson are already parents to a little boy named Boomer … who seems pretty hyped to be a big brother!

The greatest swimmer ever wrote, alongside the photo above: “Number 2 on the way!!!! So excited!! Wonder if it’s a boy or a girl??”

We too wonder this, but there’s no debating that Boomer is about as precious as it gets as he holds his mom’s pregnancy test.

(Which we presume is positive, hence the post.)

Added Nicole in her own Instagram post featuring the same photo of herself and her son, “Lil mans going to be a Big Brother!!!”

The couple met in 2007, started dating in 2009 and temporarily broke up prior to the 2012 Summer Olympics before reuniting in 2014.

Michael’s been with her through a lot of ups and downs in life, but never has he seemed happier than right here, right now.

Not to be left out, Boomer, 15 months, says he’s looking forward to big brotherhood as well, according to his personal Instagram.

“So excited to see what mama is having!! Do I get to have a brother or a sister?!?” Phelps and Johnson’s son “wrote” earlier.

Nicole and Michael welcomed Boomer in May 2016, just months before he capped off his historic Olympic career in Rio that summer.

They also got married last year – two times!

Michael and Nicole, both 32, tied the knot in June and then wed again in late October during a larger event in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Clearly, parenthood suits them, as he said earlier this year they were already thinking about number two in terms of when, not it.

“Nicole has recently brought up that she would like a girl!” Phelps told People. “We definitely want more kids, it just depends on when.”

“I’m sure I’m getting pressure.”

Hey, at least she knows the swimmer’s boys can … sorry, that’s not even that funny at the end of the day, but we couldn’t resist.

Phelps said Nicole’s pregnancy with Boomer wasn’t planned, but this time around revealed, “[We’re] trying to get moving on some things!”

“We are so fortunate to have a healthy and happy baby and hopefully more coming soon, but we don’t know when,” Michael added.

“We’re going through life everyday happy and blessed with what we have. But I hope to have more kids in the future,” he said.

Now in retirement, the winner of an eye-popping 23 Olympic medals from 2004, 2008, 2012 and 2016 combined is quite content.

He may miss the competition sometimes, but having devoted his whole life to the sport, extra time at home with the kid is great as well.

So many milestones, every day.

“I think that is the coolest thing, watching him grow,” he said of his adorable young son. “Just watching him figure out new things.”

Congrats to the whole family!