Apollo Nida Reunites With Fiancee From Behind Bars

If you’re wondering why you haven’t heard from Phaedra Parks’ ex-husband Apollo Nida in a while, then you may be in for a bit of a shock.

Back in 2014, Nida was convicted of fraud charges and sentenced to eight years in prison.

These days, Apollo is behind bars, but he’s not letting the pesky peculiarities of his living arrangement interfere with his social life.

To the surprise of many (ya know, because of the whole “being in prison” thing) Nida got engaged to a woman named Sherien Almufti last year.

The news came as a shock, because in addition to the fact that he’s locked up (Have we mentioned that?), Apollo had only been divorced from Phaedra for a few months when he put a ring he made himself on Sherien’s finger.

(We suppose “I’m in prison” is a pretty good excuse for not shelling out for a diamond.)

The news that Sherien is an aspiring famous person who was promised a spot on The Real Housewives of Atlanta helped to shed some light on the mystery of why she rushed headlong into a relationship with a convict.

Sadly, it seems there was more than just Plexiglass coming between Apollo and Sherien, and the couple broke up earlier this year.

Maybe it was the forced separation.

Maybe Sherien realized that marrying Apollo wouldn’t be her ticket to the A-list, after all.

Or maybe she simply got sick of Nida blathering on about his hobbies all the time (shiv-sharpening, ramen based-cookery, hanging posters of decade-appropriate film starlets over the ever-deepening tunnel in the wall of his cell).

Whatever the case, Apollo and Sherien called it quits.

For about two weeks.

Yes, as suddenly as they began their romance, Apollo and Sherien have reconciled.

Almufti even celebrated her birthday by visiting Nida in the clink last week:

Yes, Sherien and Apollo enjoyed a jailhouse embrace – presumably after assuring the nearest C.O. that they wouldn’t be passing anything to one another.

Almufti seemed to briefly address the breakup in her caption for the photo, acknowledging that things “haven’t always been peachy” as of late.

“God has blessed me with another year. I am so thankful for every single thing in my life,” she wrote.

“Although it hasn’t always been peachy, I wouldn’t trade it for the world! Thank you God for every mistake I have made and for every lesson I have learned. I am stronger today than I was yesterday!”

She later praised Nida, hailing him as “an amazing person inside and out,” who will someday get his due.

You may now commence being depressed about prison inmates having healthier relationships than you do.

Watch The Real Houseives of Atlanta online to relive Apollo’s many ups and downs.


Phaedra Parks Finally Reaches Divorce Settlement With Apollo Nida

Phaedra Parks can finally move on with her life, while Apollo Nida can continue to move on with new romance, Sherien Almufti

Yes, Parks and Nida have finally reached a divorce settlement. It only took them around three years, but it’s finally over. 

It sure seemed like the divorce was going to be raging on until the end of time, but we’re happy to report they have now found a way to end their marriage. 

According to TMZ, the settlement includes a parenting plan, so at least the former couple is covering all bases when it comes to bidding adieu to one another. 

It was reported previously that Phaedra had a prenup. Prenups are generally in place to protect one or both parties from destroying their net worth if the marriage goes south. 

The couple decided via the legal document how they would divide everything. That was in 2009, and now things are obviously not very good between the former power couple. 

It was also reported just a few weeks ago that Apollo wanted the prenup voided. Now, it’s entirely plausible that his wealth has taken a nose dive in the aftermath of him being put in the slammer for money fraud. 

Considering the fact that Phaedra became a fixture on The Real Housewives of Atlanta shortly after the marriage, and the drama surrounding Apollo’s money fraud scam, it seems evident Apollo is trying to ensure he has a decent pay packet to come out of the slammer with. 

Obviously, we have no clue about what they did in the end. No details have been revealed, but what we do know is that they can move on with their lives. 

Interestingly, with Phaedra Parks out of the show that made her a household name, there is no need for Sherien Almufti or Apollo Nida to appear on it again. 

Let’s just say the new couple will probably go the Marriage Boot Camp route before long. 

We have no idea what Phaedra will get up to now, but we’re sure she’ll be feeling a sigh of relief right about now. 

What do you think about all of this?


Apollo Nida to Phaedra Parks: Tear Up Our Prenup! Gimme Some Loot!

Every reality series thrives on drama, and Real Housewives is no exception.

Real Housewives Of Atlanta star Phaedra Parks is getting her share of drama … but it’s of the courtroom variety.

That doesn’t always translate well to reality TV’s ever-present cameras, especially when one of the parties is behind bars.

But legal drama is always a treat to follow.

Even if we don’t know how much of this can make it onto the small screen.

Apollo Nida and Phaedra have a prenup, but we can get to that in a moment because that is its own thing.

So, just a few days before the couple got married back in 2009, Apollo and Phaedra signed a prenup. Apparently, in addition to an agreement on how to divide their shared property, the prenup specified that neither of them would receive alimony in the event of a divorce.

Sounds simple, right?

We don’t have the luxury of looking over their detailed financial histories, but it stands to reason that, when they got married, Apollo was confident that he’d be the one paying alimony if the two of them ever split.

The guy’s in prison for money fraud, so he probably believed all sorts of things about wealth.

As it turns out, crime doesn’t always pay. Who knew?

Well, now TMZ reports that Apollo Nida wants his and Phaedra’s prenup voided. Because of course he does.

It sounds like Apollo legal troubles — to put it mildly — have adversely impacted his finances, and like he’s hoping to be supported by his ex, Phaedra.

It wasn’t long at all after their marriage that Phaedra was cast on RHOA, and that must have turned their financial situation on its head in the best way.

Except, of course, Phaedra’s not interested. Just because she became the breadwinner while his life collapsed doesn’t mean that she owes him a thing, and she wants the prenup upheld.


We have to talk about prenups themselves, though.

Sometimes they’re a great idea — to prevent, like, nightmare universe versions of Cinderella from marrying rich and then filing for divorce in a quick grab for half of somebody’s assets.

They’re usually assumed to be legal tools to “protect” husbands from manipulative femme fatales, but that’s because men are generally valued by their success while women are in so many cases still valued by their looks.

Isn’t sexism fun?

But it looks like those sexist stereotypes and how they must have influenced his own assumptions are coming back to bite Apollo Nida in the you-know-where, because Phaedra’s the one rolling in dough.

There’s no sure way to know how this case is going to end — there’s some extra drama around Phaedra spelling Apollo’s name wrong on the prenup, so for the first time ever, your kindergarten teacher’s insistence that correct spelling matters is actually sounding kinda real.

But it seems to us that a prenup is a binding contract. Unless it was made under duress or false pretenses, and it doesn’t sound like either of those were the case, shouldn’t it be every bit as ironclad as Phaedra believes it to be?

Legal cases can surprise you, though. We may never know the whole story with this messy pair of exes.

Maybe if Apollo had spent less time on money fraud and more time working on his relationship with his wife, he wouldn’t need a court battle to enjoy some of her wealth.


Phaedra Parks Brutally Reminds Apollo Nida, Prenup Still Applies in Divorce Do-Over

Phaedra Parks is facing a do-over in her divorce but still insists their prenup should block Apollo Nida from attempting to get alimony. Phaedra filed docs in Georgia asking the court to enforce what she considers an ironclad prenup Apollo…


Phaedra Parks’ Divorce to Apollo Nida on Hold: Find Out Why!

Phaedra Parks is not getting rid of Apollo Nida for the foreseeable future. 

Even though Nida has moved on to a new woman since separating from Phaedra, he is technically still married. If you’ve been watching The Real Housewives of Atlanta online, you probably know Phaedra is trying to move on. 

That’s why it came as a surprise to hear the divorce was placed on hold by a judge. The reason? Apparently, Nida’s surname had incorrect spelling on the legal documents. 

In addition to that, he was apparently under the impression he would get to leave jail to attend any court dates, but that appears to be wishful thinking on his part. 

Phaedra’s representative, Steve Honig chatted to Page Six about these crazy developments and what he thinks about them. 

“It’’s very confusing why a man who is engaged and enjoys frequent visits with his fiancée would work so aggressively to avoid ending his marriage,” Honig revealed.

“Regardless, Phaedra is reviewing her options with her attorney to determine the most efficient path toward ending this marriage so she can move forward and focus on raising strong, healthy and happy children.””

It was announced in October 2014 that the couple was parting ways. The announcement came just days after Nida went to jail to serve an eight-year sentence after he was convicted of several fraud charges. 

It sure sounds like this clerical error could be a tactic on Nida’s part to stay married to his former lover for longer, but it sure seems silly when you consider the fact that he proposed to Sherien Almufti from behind bars. 

He made her a ring from the inside so that just shows how much of a gentleman he is … NOT.

Wannabe Z-lister Sherien took to social media to confirm the news that she was engaged. 

Bizarrely, she had pictures taken of her kissing her new man. Yes, it was pretty desperate. People would do anything these days for fame, apparently. 

It should be interesting to find out what happens next in the divorce. It’s already been going on for almost three years. Yes, it’s pretty long winded. 

What do you think about all of this? 

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