Kim Kardashian to Kanye: NOBODY Needs to Know What Porn You Like!!

A couple of weeks ago, Kanye West decided to share details of his porn-watching habits with the world. He also released a new song about wanting to bone all four of Kim’s sisters.

It’s a lot, and though Kim has always been one to stand by her man, a report says that, privately, Kim is frustrated and embarrassed.

After all, the things that he says could one day reach the ears of their three children.

A source tells RadarOnline that Kim and Kanye are not on the same page when it comes to him oversharing with millions.

“She finds it so embarrassing,” the insider says of Kim’s stance on Kanye sharing way too much information about his most private thoughts.

Reports have even claimed that he has done all of this without any warning or consultation with her or the rest of her family.

“And,” the source continues, Kim “can’t understand why he’d humiliate himself and the whole family like that.”

Who knows why Kanye says anything that he does these days, really.

In case you need a refresher on what has so many feathers ruffled, Kanye’s song “XTCY” contains some interesting lyrics.

“You got sick thoughts? I got more of ’em,” he raps. “You got a sister-in-law you would smash? I got four of them.”

It might not be unusual for in-laws, especially recent in-laws, to have decidedly non-familial thoughts about each other. But you shouldn’t really rap about it.

To make matters worse, Kanye wasn’t done, suggesting that he had pleasured himself to photos of Kim’s sisters.

“You did something unholy to them pictures, damn, you need to be locked up,” Kanye rapped. “Nah, we need a bigger hot tub.”

That wasn’t all, of course.

Kanye also discussed his porn-viewing habits on television.

He revealed that he likes to watch “a lot of black on white, obviously.”

Kanye added that the combo reflects “my own reality.”

Watching porn is normal and usually healthy. Speaking about your particular tastes on television in such blatant terms is … odd.

According to the source, Kim is concerned that these kinds of things will find their way back to their children — starting with North, who only just turned 5 last June.

“North’s at an age where she can read all this stuff online,” the source adds. 

That might be a fine age to give an early version of the sex talk — explaining exactly how babies are made and, of course, arming your child with knowledge that will help them recognize when an adult is being inappropriate with them.

But if there’s a good age for your dad jacks it thinking about your aunts and is specifically into white girls, it sure as hell isn’t 5.

“Plus,” the insider says. “Kim’s had so many people ask her, ‘What’s up with Kanye, why’s he saying all this?’”

That is a great question that people have been asking for the past decade, but that question has cropped up a hell of a lot more during the past year.

“He ignores her advice time and again,” the source spills.

“And it’s even more lame,” the insider claims. “Because their sex life is a disaster and has been for months.”

That would mean that all of Kim’s claims that Kanye is the best at boning were just a lot of hot air.

Obviously, Kanye has said a lot of things that he should not — things that no one should say. The dude blamed black people for slavery. Something is wrong.

But if Kim has private reservations about him spouting humiliating nonsense by blurting out whatever terrible thought pops into his mind at any given moment, we doubt that she’s confiding them in friends.

Kim takes that whole for better or for worse thing very seriously, and seems to still be head over heels for Kanye.

We don’t have to understand it (maybe he IS really good at boning) — but aside from what we hear in unconfirmed reports, it really sounds like she’s happy with her marriage.

For now.


Kim Kardashian: Nobody Tell Chicago West About the Surrogacy!!

On January 15th of 2018, Kim and Kanye welcomed the birth of their third child — a precious little baby named Chicago West.

Chicago was born via surrogate — a smart and healthy choice considering the health risks that Kim would have endured with another pregnancy. But reports have claimed that something’s different with this new child.

Kim Kardashian is reportedly distant — but is apparently also insisting that no one tell Chicago about the surrogacy? How long does she think that she can keep it a secret.

This is a little odd, folks, and we’ll explain why.

RadarOnline reports that Kim Kardashian asks her family to let her be the one to tell Chicago — when she’s old enough to, you know, understand language and process the information — about how she was born.

“Kim asked her family to never tell Chicago that she was born via surrogate.”

If you’re wondering how long Kim thinks that she could possibly keep that up, what with the surrogacy being famous and all, she apparently does plan for Chicago to eventually learn the truth.

“Kim said that she wants to be the one to tell Chicago the story of how she was conceived and she does not want to do so until she asks.”

So she plans to hold out until the inevitable “where do babies come from?” question. That makes sense.

However, it sounds like Kanye’s unhappy with Kim’s request — and there might be more too it.

See, there have also been some bizarre reports that lead some to believe that Kim Kardashian may be neglecting baby Chicago.

Or, at the very least, not having the sort of bond with her that she did with North and Saint after they were born.

Reports claim that Kim seems less maternal in the aftermath of Chicago’s birth.

Descriptions make it sound like she’s phoning in motherhood with sweet baby Chi.

Could it be true?

Claims made to RadarOnline go on to suggest that Kim Kardashian views family as another part of her brand.

“Kim’s desire to have more kids comes from her need to stay rich and relevant.”

And, per these reports, that it’s driving a wedge between the Wests.

“But Kanye is starting to see how fake she is and, at this point, doesn’t want to add any more children to the mix. He is starting to not even recognize her at all anymore.”

That is stunning if true.

And Kanye is reportedly unhappy that Kim seems less devoted as a new mother this time around.

“It’s creating a lot of arguments for Kanye. He just doesn’t think that she’s into it.”

Obviously, you can’t just not be into your responsibilities as a parent.

“She just can’t quit with her selfie and body obsession — and it’s pushing Kanye away once more.”

That’s curious, since Kanye’s taken at least some of Kim’s seductive photos.

“He thought she’d calmed down when the new baby came, but it’s actually gotten worse.”

Now, we hope that someone’s just confused or has heard mixed signals, because Kim Kardashian loves her family and we’d hate to imagine her treating a baby born via surrogate any differently than she treated those she pushed out herself.

It may even be that someone is deliberately spreading rumors about her. Sometimes, a celebrity’s friend can become their worst enemy.

As for the request that no one tell Chicago about the surrogacy until she asks — well, that makes sense.

When your child asks about reproduction, you should tell them the truth — yes, even if they’re super young. That includes things like surrogacy.

We don’t think that Kim thinks that she can keep Chicago in a bubble for life. But a mom who wants to be the one to tell her daughter about how she was born doesn’t sound like a neglectful mother to us.


Prince Harry: Nobody Wants to Be a Royal!

Prince Harry … let’s just tell it like it is, Prince Harry is dreamy.

He’s charming, attractive, good with kids and animals. He’s also an actual prince. What could be dreamier?

But as Harry reveals in a shockingly intimate interview with Newsweek, he actually doesn’t have much interest in being an actual prince, or in being a royal at all.

So is he really the dreamboat we always imagined him to be?

One particular quote from the interview has several people up in arms — a quote where Harry claimed that no one in the royal family is really all that into it.

“Is there any one of the royal family who wants to be king or queen?” he asks. “I don’t think so, but we will carry out our duties at the right time.”

The issue is that Harry and his family live in a literal palace and have access to all sorts of servants and all sorts of admiration from the public.

From the moment they were born, they were set aside as special, and they never had to deal with so many of the struggles that everyone else faces.

So to hear him sound so unappreciative of all he’s been given in life … well, it’s rubbing a lot of people the wrong way.

But as he reveals in the rest of the interview, his statement comes from a deep desire to just be a normal person.

And that’s understandable, isn’t it?

“My mother took a huge part in showing me an ordinary life,” he explains, “including taking me and my brother to see homeless people.”

“Thank goodness I’m not completely cut off from reality.”

He says that “People would be amazed by the ordinary life William and I live. I do my own shopping.”

Harry admits that sometimes he gets scared that he’ll get too much attention while shopping for groceries, but “I am determined to have a relatively normal life, and if I’m lucky enough to have children, they can have one too.”

“Even if I was king, I would do my own shopping.”

He says that it’s “a tricky balancing act,” being royal and still trying to live a normal life, because “We don’t want to dilute the magic.”

“The British public and the whole world need institutions like it.”

But while he thinks the monarchy is important, he’s also intent on “modernizing” it.

He explains that while, by the numbers, he and William are doing much less work than the Queen, it’s because they’re putting an emphasis on quality over quantity.

“We use our time wisely,” he claims. “We don’t want to turn up, shake hands but not get involved.”

For Harry, using his time wisely means focusing on the kind work that Princess Diana would have wanted him to be involved with.

It also means doing something the royal family has never done: raising awareness about mental health and the importance of getting treatment when needed.

He says that after his mother died, he “shut down” for almost 20 years, and he struggled with being in the position he was in.

But William convinced him to get counseling when he was 28, and now he’s “fired up and energized and love charity stuff, meeting people and making them laugh.”

“I sometimes still feel I am living in a goldfish bowl,” he reveals, “but now I manage it better.”

“I still have a naughty streak too, which I enjoy and is how I relate to those individuals who have got themselves into trouble.”

So it seems that even though he may not have a desire to be king, he’s still embracing his role in his own special way.

And really, what more could we ask for?


Abby Lee Miller Undergoes Dramatic Weight Loss Surgery, Claims Nobody Cares About Her

Abby Lee Miller became a reality TV sensation for her quick-witted responses to her dancers on Dance Moms

Nowadays, Miller’s life is anything but glamorous. She no longer works on the show that made her a household name and is currently awaiting sentencing in the wake of her pleading guilty to bankruptcy fraud. 

The beast of the East is now undergoing dramatic weight loss surgery that could probably give the beast of the South (June Shannon) a run for her money. 

The procedure in question for Abby is a sleeve gastrectomy, which will remove 80 percent of her stomach. We’re sure Abby was probably searching for how to shave 80 percent of her prison sentence, but she probably settled at losing some of her stomach. 

Kidding aside, Abby feels like no one cares about whether something goes wrong during the procedure. In an emotional interview with Entertainment Tonight, she got very upset about the whole thing. 

“Oh, this is crazy,” she said before walking into the operating room. 

“There’s nobody freaking out if something happens to me,” Miller revealed. “I’m scared, I’m nervous.”

It was a mere month ago Miller announced her decision to part ways with Dance Moms in a scathing Instagram rant that took aim at the producers.

It reads as follows:

The majority of children that follow me may be fast asleep, however now is the critical time to make the following statement: I WILL NO LONGER TAKE PART IN DANCE MOMS.



I don’t have a problem working with any kid, I love children and have dedicated my life to making other people’s children successful! I JUST HAVE A PROBLEM WITH BEING MANIPULATED, DISRESPECTED, AND USED – DAY IN AND DAY OUT BY MEN WHO NEVER TOOK A DANCE LESSON IN THEIR LIVES AND TREAT WOMEN LIKE DIRT! #dancemoms #season7 #ALDC #aldcalways #newbeginnings #aldcla #alllovedancecourage

Dancing With the Stars pro, Cheryl Burke has now stepped into the coveted role and has posted nothing but positive images with her new students since. 

Was Abby part of the problem, or was it all down to the producers? Don’t expect an unauthorized Lifetime movie for this one. 


Stassi Schroeder SLAMS Lala Kent: She’s a Liar & a Nobody!

Though she’s been irritatingly melodramatic and self-absorbed (even by reality star standards) this entire season, we can’t help but feel a little bummed that Lala Kent is quitting Vanderpump Rules.

The reason is not that we were holding on to any hope that she could turn things around and redeem herself.

(Her problematic observation that if you’re “not ugly” and “have tits” you should be cruising on private jets all the time pretty much squashed any chance of that.)

Rather, it’s because the feud between Lala and the entire rest of the cast is heating up in entertaining fashion, but Ms. Kent is jumping ship just as things are starting to really get good.

Kinda leads us to believe she didn’t really know what she was getting into.

If only the show had been around for several seasons before she joined the cast, so that she might’ve gotten a better idea of what she was signing on for. Oh, wait…

Anyway, things really came to a head on this week’s episode of Vanderpump, as Lala lost her last allies when Sandoval and Ariana turned on her.

Sure, she still has James Kennedy on her side, but that’s like having a hybrid of Voldemort and a shaved ferret in your corner.

And even James seems to realize that Lala’s behavior is beyond the pale these days, as he offered up the best indication yet that she doesn’t really understand what makes compelling reality television work.

It was James who spread the word that Lala tried for force her “friends” to sign a non-disclosure agreement in exchange for staying at a house her mysterious sugar daddy rented for Coachella. 

All this season, Stassi, Katie, Kristen and company have taken no end of flak from fans for taking too much of an interest in Lala’s love life.

The NDA ordeal made it clear that their dislike for the newest SUR girl had little to do with Lala’s feminine wiles and everything to do with her secretive behavior.

Put simply, Lala is f–king up their cash cow by trying to keep the drama off camera.

In a lengthy Twitter tirade posted yesterday, fan favorite Stassi explained that the reasons for her squad’s disdain for Lala are simple – she’s a bully when she’s not filming, and she doesn’t play by the clear and explicit rules of the show.

Stassi writes:

In between filming seasons, Lala thought she could say the most sicking degrading degrading things about Katie & my friends on podcasts, social media, and news outlets.

“She thought she could disparage every single one of us: call us old, uninteresting has-beens; say it was ‘her’ show.

“All the while she never actually showed any part of her life. We have worked so hard for 5 years to make a great show.

“We have poured our hearts and, for better or worse, exposed our lives in every way we could. VPR has been our baby. She doesn’t get to ride our coattails without having to do any work.”

It’s a fair point, and it’s the sort of thing viewers often lose sight of:

The restaurant and hostessing gigs are for show. These folks real job is starring on a Bravo reality series, and they have reason to be protective of the following they worked hard to build.

As for the NDA controversy, Stassi has this to say:

Lala handed out non-disclosure agreements. A NDA is a COMPLETE violation of the contracts we all have to sign for our show,” Stassi continued.

“None of us have the luxury of hiding anything in our lives; therefore, I 100% made it my goal this summer to see that justice was served, regardless of what it would make me look like.

“Mission accomplished.”

Stassi and her clique will likely continue to be accused of bullying, but if they were genuinely trying to rid the cast of behaviors that might hurt the quality of the show, their actions are justified.

We imagine many fans will blame Lala’s departure on the “mean girl” behavior of her female co-stars, but the fact remains, this show has a low tolerance for boring cast members (We’re looking at you, Vail Bloom!), so if Ms. Kent was taking great pains to hide the most interesting aspects of her life, she probably wouldn’t have lasted long anyway.

Watch Vanderpump Rules online to get caught up in time for the final days of Lala. We hardly knew ye.