Aly Raisman Poses Nude, Shares Inspiring Message

Aly Raisman is one of the survivors of the disgraced Dr. Larry Nassar’s “treatments.” She’s also an accomplished Olympic gymnast.

Now, she’s using her fame — and her body — for a very good cause.

And she’s doing it by defying her critics and posing nude.

Back in November, Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman revealed that she had been molested by Dr. Larry Nassar, her team doctor.

In speaking out, she joined McKayla Maroney and others in condemning the man. His accusers now number over 140.

Bravely, Aly Raisman shared the details of the sick abuse. Under the guise of medical treatment, she and so many other girls were molested over the course of years.

Now, Aly is a grown woman and she’s lending her voice to an important cause — gender equality.

A huge part of that is helping to erase the horrifying, patriarchal notion that a woman is only worthy of respect or personhood if she dresses “modestly.”

In the captions of this bold nude photo, Aly writes:

“Women do not have to be modest to be respected– Live for you!”

Women do not have to be modest to be respected is also what she has written along her torso and leg.

“Everyone should feel comfortable expressing themselves however makes them happy.”

That is absolutely true. Whether a woman wants to wear nothing but pasties and glitter or a full-on niqab, that’s her business. It really shouldn’t be anyone else’s.

And neither outfit is morally superior to the other.

“Women can be intelligent, fierce, sexy, powerful, strong, advocate for change while wearing what makes them feel best.”

She’s absolutely right.

“The time where women are taught to be ashamed of their bodies is OVER.”

Some suggest that, as a sex abuse survivor, she should feel compelled to hide her body. It’s sickening that some people would try to use her tragic history to impose their views of sexuality and nudity upon her.

“The female body is beautiful and we should all be proud of who we are, inside and out.”

And of course she gave a big shout-out to the people who made that photo possible:

“Thank you so much @si_swimsuit @mj_day @darciebaum @ja_neyney @taylorbphoto & the rest of the team.”

It is, of course, wonderful to see Aly Raisman speaking loudly and bravely about women’s equality.

Particularly just after Dr. Larry Nassar has received so much attention — for sex abuse and for possessing child pornography.

One cannot help but note that Aly’s quote, which she has scrawled upon her body, seems to be a reference to that time when Gabby Douglas seemed to victim-blame Aly Raisman.

“It is our responsibility as women to dress modestly and be classy,” Gabby wrote in a cringeworthy post. “Dressing in a provocative/sexual way entices the wrong crowd.”

One, it literally does not entice the wrong crowd. If someone’s a sexual harasser or a more serious predator, they’re not deterred by clothing.

if a predator targets a woman, it’s always the predator’s fault.

Gabby Douglas admitted that she, too was a survivor of Dr. Nassar’s abuse. Different people cope with and react to trauma in different ways, and what she said may have come from a place of her own personal pain.

We’re curious about the eclipsing of Aly’s arm, where “Fierce” is written. Is this photo merely an outtake?

Or is she taking the word “fierce” out of the equation, because the rest of the statement is true for all women — fierce or otherwise.

Regardless of the meaning — photography is art, and open to interpretation — it’s a beautiful photo.

Aly Raisman is an incredible young woman.


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Bella and Gigi Hadid Pose Nude Together: Hot or Weird?

Bella and Gigi Hadid are both models.

And they’ve both been known to pose in various states of undress.

But the new issue of British Vogue marks the first time Bella and Gigi posed nude together, and the internet is all sorts of confused about it.

On the one hand, you have two naked models, which is generally a good thing.

We’re not sure if you were aware of this, but nudity is something that the internet is pretty fond of.

Typically, if you show the online world a pair of boobs, there will be a round of applause, and no one will ask any questions.

But the situation is complicated in this case. 

Bella and Gigi are sisters, which makes the fact that they’re all nude and intertwined like that a little gross.

The ladies shared the honor of cover girl, with two editions of the mag hitting newsstands – one with Gigi on the front, and one with Bella.

Inside the issue, the Hadids open up about their personal lives in a candid interview: 

“She’s one of the only people I’ll get aggressive for. She makes me so proud. I would do anything for her,” Gigi says.

Then Bella moved on to a topic that might actually interest readers – her relationship with Zayn Malik.

“I post what I think would be normal to post of your boyfriend,” Bella said of her Instagram posts about Zayn.

“The comments are: ‘It’s extra, it’s fake.’ But if I don’t do it enough then it’s: ‘Oh they’re fake, they’re not really together.’ I try to do what feels real to me, and do it with integrity.”

Needless to say, the interview was a pretty dull affair.

The opportunity to spice things up by asking Gigi and Bella how they feel about elevating their relationship to scissor sister status.

We guess we’ll just chalk this sort of unsettling pic to differences in cultural norms.

There are lots of things that are kosher on the other side of the pond that simply don’t fly here in the States.

Some of them are cool (universal healthcare) and some of them … not so much (siblings wrapping their naked limbs around one another).

You’re making us think, Brits! We don’t like that in this part of the world!


Kim Kardashian Goes Nude, Gets Mom-Shamed on Instagram

Earlier this week, Kim Kardashian welcomed her third child.

The baby girl was delivered via surrogate, so Kim won’t have to put in the usual effort to regain her “pre-baby body.”

But that’s not stopping her from showing the world what kind of shape she’s in.

We have no way of knowing when this pic was taken, but we like to think it was last night and that Kim was wearing that look of smug superiority because she knew she was about to drop an internet-breaking bombshell the next morning.

In case you somehow haven’t heard, Kim revealed the name of her youngest daughter via her subscription-based app today.

Within minutes of the announcement, “Chicago West” became a top-trending topic on Twitter.

Yes, these days, there’s such a constant torrent of Kardashian news that Kim posing totally nude is barely a blip on her fans’ radar screens.

As usual, Kim received a lot of compliments for her pic … and a whole lot of criticism.

“You know your a mom right?” wrote one grammatically-challenged paragon of parenting.

“Ok Kim it’s time for that to stop you have three beautiful kids now leave something to the imagination only your husband should be seeing you like that,” commented one stalwart Puritan who follows Kim Kardashian on Instagram for some reason.

“Yes this is totally what all moms of newborns are doing with their time,” remarked one follower who is apparently unaware that Kim is very rich, and got that way by doing exactly this.

Kim has been in the spotlight for more than a decade, and yet somehow, people who are interested enough in her life to follow her on social media are unaware that she enjoys occasionally posting a risqué photo.

Even more mysterious is the fact that they feel the need to fill her in on details of her own life, such as the fact that she’s a mother of three.

Kim has never been accused of neglecting or mistreating her children.

In fact, those who know her best say she’s an incredibly devoted mom. 

And yet, when she chooses to show a little skin, she invariably gets slammed by people who apparently think they’re living superior lives.

Here’s a fun game: click on the profiles of the people talking the most trash sometime.

Don’t say anything rude or mean, because internet bullying is for the worst kind of losers.

Just marvel at the fact that these people consider themselves better than one of the most successful women on the planet.


Kendall Jenner Poses Nude, Opens Up About Anxiety

Apparently, if Kendall Jenner’s life were a reality show it would be … well, actually Kendall’s life is a reality show, and it’s Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

But if, for some reason, you were asked to name a second television series that whose title might accurately describe Kendall’s life these days, you might say … Naked and Afraid.

Belabored joke aside, what we’re trying to say is that Kendall covers the new issue of Harper’s Bazaar, and inside the mag, she exposes herself both literally by posing naked, and figuratively by opening up about her anxiety.

“I have such debilitating anxiety because of everything going on that I literally wake up in the middle of the night with full-on panic attacks,” Kendall says in a surprisingly candid interview.

“Where do I even start? Everything is so horrible, it’s hard to name one thing,” the 22-year-old model added.

“I just think that the world needs so much love. I wish I had the power to send Cupid around the planet, as cheesy as that sounds.”

We know, we know … if you wanted to hear someone open up about their feelings of anxiety and offer cheesy, meme-speak solutions to all of the world’s problems, you would just scroll through Facebook.

You came here for the nudity, and the nudity is what you shall have.

Well, kind of…

Tehnically, Kendall’s not completely naked.

She’s wearing some sort of see-through raincoat, which is truly next-level flasher technology.

She says the photo is her way of paying tribute to Jennifer Beals in Flashdance, but at no point in the movie does Beals wear a transparent coat.

But we know better than to look gift pseudo-nudity in the mouth, so we’ll shut up now.

The juxtaposition of the anxiety comments and the risqué photo seems like a pretty good representation of where Jenner’s head is at these days.

Kendall’s modeling career is going better than anyone could’ve imagined, but that doesn’t mean she’s the perfect picture of confidence at all times.

In fact, earlier this week, Kendall opened up about her acne and other physical “imperfections” that make her feel insecure.

Fortunately, it doesn’t seem those insecurities will prevent Kendall from posing nude.

And for that, we’re eternally grateful.


Meghan Markle SLAMMED for Nude Pics, “Sex Simulation”

Meghan Markle is a disrespectful, promiscuous, unethical nobody who is not worthy of a place in The Royal Family.

So states a scathing petition making its way around the Internet, at least.

Indeed, while most of the free world appears very excited for Markle to marry Prince Harry in May, a London resident Louisa Pawsey does not share this enthusiasm.

Not even the tiniest, little bit.

The British troll has started an online petition at that doesn’t say Markle can’t become Harry’s wife – because obviously she can’t do anything to stop true love.

But it does plea for the Royal Family NOT to give the actress a title.

Based on what characteristics (or lackthereof) she believes Markle possesses?

“We the undersigned believe that Meghan Markle is unsuitable to be a member of the Royal Family and to have an official position in representing this country,” reads the ridiculous document.

It adds:

“She has shown her disrespect for the Monarch and Royal Family by pulling faces and sticking her tongue out to the visitors during her first public appearance with the Queen.”

It’s unclear from where Pawsey gets this impression, or this alleged fact.

As you can see below, Markle has come across as nothing but classy during her public appearances as Harry’s fiancee.

Continues the petition:

“Her attitude and actions in Nottingham shows her lack of respect towards Harry.

“The fact that members of the Armed forces are resigning due to the fact they had naked pictures of her in their barracks shows how little respect she will command.”

It’s true that Markle has posed for a few sexy photos during her time as a model and actress.

It certainly isn’t true that any members of the military have resigned over these snapshots.

In conclusion, the petition makes the following points and pleas:

No member of the Royal Family should have naked images of them freely available on the internet as she does.

Her constant sex simulation makes her a laughing stock and an embarrassment to this country. Her previous divorces and cheating on partners does not lend us to believe she will be faithful to Harry.

Please prevent her from having an official role or title after her marriage to Harry.

Again, this nonsense is based on something from Markle’s career.

Her pretended to give another character a blow job many years ago during an episode of 90210 on The CW.

That’s the only “sex simulation” we know of and it took place while she was acting on a television show.

As of this writing, Louisa’s petition to deny Markle a royal title has gained only 452 signatures.

It’s obviously complete hogwash.

No one is taking it seriously and we mostly just feel bad for Pawsey that she’s taking the concept of a Royal this seriously.

It’s true that Markle has been divorced and it’s true she comes from mixed heritage and it’s true she has posed for a few seductive pictures (see above).

But shouldn’t the Royal Family be applauded for adapting its out-of-date policies, guidelines and restrictions in order to evolve and welcome her with open arms?

We think so.