Kim Kardashian: Slammed For Posing Nude With Daughter on Instagram

These days, tt’s not exactly news when Kim Kardashian poses nude on social media.

Of course, that’s got nothing to do with any sort of deterioration in Kim’s appearance.

In fact, as far as we can tell, the 38-year-old mother of three is aging like Benjamin Button.

But Kim’s been a household name for well over a decade now, and the internet has the attention span of a gnat who missed its morning Adderall dose.

So it should come as no surprise that Kim’s curves don’t possess as much clout as they used to.

Although as she proved today, Mrs. Kardashian-West can still break the internet and stir up some controversy when she wants to.

That’s a pic that appeared on Kim’s Instagram page this afternoon.

“My heavenly baby! Showing off the new pink shadows in the Flashing Lights Collection wearing Flashy and High Key available at,” Kim captioned the photo.

Sadly, it wasn’t long before the most insidious form of species of troll — the North American mom-shamer — descended on the pic’s comments section.

“The baby’s shoulder is touching Kim’s breast!!” commented one follower, presumably while clutching her pearls.

“That’s so creepy..she looks like a pedo,” wrote another fan.

And since this is the internet in 2018, some folks were just flat-out cruel for no reason, with one follower writing, “ulgy [sic] baby like de father.”

Stay classy, Instagram commenters.

Interestingly, Kim was mom-shamed for two different pics today.

She also posted this photo of 5-year-old North wearing eyeliner from her cosmetics line.

Predictably, some idiots trashed Kim for putting makeup on a first grader, others for “using” her daughter to sell makeup.

“So now babies are selling eyeshadow too, I don’t know it’s just a lil much for me,” wrote one such dipsh-t.

“Not long before plastic surgery.”

Yes, because clearly, that child is miserable and over-worked.

You’ve flouted our nation’s labor laws for long enough, Kardashians!

This has been your daily reminder that social media is a curse from the very darkest depths of hell.

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we have tweeting to do.


Kim Kardashian Goes Nude, Gets Candid About Sex

Kim Kardashian is at it again.

In more ways than one.

In a cover shoot and interview with something called Richardson Magazine, the reality star takes off her clothins (again), talks about her weight loss (again) and delves into her sex tape with Ray J (again).

Why did Kim think she was done having intercourse?

How does she throw shade at former close friend Paris Hilton?

Scroll down for the answers to these questions and many others…

1. This is the Cover

Kim kardashian for richardson
For the record: Kardashian stripped way down for the publication’s 20th anniversary issue, dubbed A9, via a photoshoot from photographer Steven Klein. This wasn’t Klein’s first time shooting Kim, either, as he also snapped her for Love and Interview in the past.

2. Kim Was Asked About Paris Hilton’s Reaction to Her Famous Sex Tape:

Kim was asked about paris hiltons reaction to her famous sex tap
“I thought that for Paris it was explosive and a super lot of attention for her too, in a positive way. But once you go through it and you have those conversations with your parents and grandparents and everyone that you’d be really embarrassed about it with, I think you get to a point where you’re like, ‘Okay, we’re dealing with this legally, and it’s time to move on.”

3. And Then She Hurled Some Shade at Paris:

And then she hurled some shade at paris
“Everyone deals with things differently, and I seem to deal with things – whether the sex tape, the robbery, even the death of my dad, who was the most important person in my life – I push to just overcome it.”


Kim kardashian on keeping
“I just don’t have a victim mentality,” Kim explains in this interview. “That’s never been my personality. I’ve always been like, the victor, I can get past this, and this will not define me.”

5. Welp, This Was Awkward…

Kim kardashian is looking great
Kim said President Trump actually called her WHILE SHE WAS NAKED for this cover shoot. He wanted to talk about Alice Johnson, but Kim had to get dressed first.

6. It’s a Tough Life…

Kim kardashian has a tense discussion
“I’m doing a nude shoot and my phone rings, and it’s the President of the United States,” she says here. “And I’m like, ‘Okay, hold on, does somebody have a robe?’ I think he’s about to give me some really exciting information about Alice Johnson. So then having to have that conversation, and then having to call her … I think Steven Klein literally wanted to kill me because I was just so focused on my phone and it was a two-day shoot.”

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Kendall Jenner Nude Photos Have Anwar Hadid All Horned Up

As you may have heard, Kendall Jenner nude photos circulated on social media yesterday.

Usually, naked pictures of an attractive celebrity that are posted online with said celebrity’s consent are a cause for celebration.

This time, however, the uproar was such that you would have thought Kendall had once again attempted to quell a riot by handing out cans of Pepsi.

Amazingly, Kendall was body-shamed by an army of idiot trolls.

It’s a bit discouraging to see supermodels being brutally body-shamed (What hope do the rest of us have?!), but for a moment, we were ready to  the world is in shambles and the internet is dominated by the angriest and most envious members of our society.

But then, a ray of light shined through in the form of a horned-up male model.

Kendall Jenner-Anwar Hadid

You may know Anwar Hadid as the brother of Bella and Gigi, or as the dude who’s been making no effort to hide his persistent Kendall-inspired boner in recent weeks.

Not surprisingly, the president of the unofficial Kendall Jenner Fan Club was quite taken by his crush’s latest pics, and he’s reportedly been talking about them to anyone who cares to listen.

“Anwar is drooling over the leaked Kendall nude pics,” a source close to the Hadids tells Hollywood Life. 

“He thinks she looks amazing and he wants her bad,” the insider continues.

“Anwar has been crushing on Kendall for years, he thinks she is smart, successful and funny too.”

Clearly unconcerned about the possibility of coming on too strong, Anwar didn’t stop there:

“He can’t believe how beautiful and sexy she looks without any clothes on in the leaked pics,” the source claims.

“Anwar can’t stop thinking about Kendall since seeing those pics.”

Fortunately for Anwar, it seems there’s a good chance that his dream of dating 22-year-old model will soon become a reality.

Kendall recently broke up with Ben Simmons after several months of dating.

There have been rumors that Kendall was caught cheating with Anwar, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

However, Hadid seems to have swooped in immediately after learning that Kendall was single, and the two were spotted “getting close” at a party next week.

Sounds like Anwar won’t have to rely on pics and his imagination for much longer.


Kendall Jenner Nude Pics Leak, Pathetic Body-Shaming Ensues

We are not the biggest Kendall Jenner fans on the planet.

Sometimes the reality star says dumb things and often times she fails to recognize that her last name and celebrity status have played monumental roles in her modeling success.

That said, Jenner did not deserve to be the subject of immense body-shaming across the Internet when a few nude pictures of her leaked online.

As you'll see below, a handful of trolls saw these images and decided to go public with their misguided and very cruel opinions, simply because it's easy and relatively consequence-free to do so behind a screen and keyboard.

For shame.

Scroll down for more on this story and to learn what, exactly, the Kendall Jenner haters have been saying…

1. So, What Happened?

Kendall jenner with a smile
On September 11, 2018, a number of images from photographer Russell James’ new book were somehow stolen and learked online, without his permission or the permission of his subjects.

2. What Did the Photographs Depict?

Kendall jenner in purple
In Kendall’s case, they featured her in her birthday suit in a variety of positions and poses, most notably running down a beach and riding horseback.

3. Anything Else?

Kendall jenner shocked
In other snapshots, Kendall is perched beside a tree, fully naked… and in another she frolics in the sea. We are not going to publish the photos here out of respect for Jenner and the art.

4. The Internet Has Reacted Totally Calmly and Reasonably to This Leak, Right?

Kendall jenner shows nipples
HA! That’s a funny joke. If you believe that, you probably also believe that Kim Kardashian played no role in her sex tape release. Let’s take a look at some of the worst responses to the picture, shall we?

5. Eat a Burger, Kendall

Eat a burger kendall



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Lady Gaga Goes Nude on Instagram: Take a Look!

Lady Gaga kicked off the New Year with a photo of her butt in a thong, but now the phenomenal singer has stripped down even further.

Sporting big hair and essentially nothing else, Lady Gaga has posted some tasteful nudes of herself, with her many tattoos on full display.

Take a look for yourself and decide if she looks better out of the legendary meat dress than in it:

On Tuesday, Lady Gaga went on Instagram to remind the world that, at 32, she’s as hot as ever.

She is sporting some majorly big hair — big enough to give off a Dolly Parton vibe.

Her attire, or lack thereof, gives off a very different impression.

Though her nipples are blurred to meet Instagram’s controversial standards, Gaga’s tattoos are on full display — and so is the curve of her butt.

Take a look:

She looks so good!

We do notice the haunting figure on the couch behind her — the one who seems to blend in with the upholstery.

What can we say? These artsy photos by Eli Russell Linnetz are more than just risque.

Photography is an art form, and sometimes that means pairing the alluring with the creepy.

That also very much matches Gaga’s brand, from her music to her role on American Horror Story.

In this photo, the incomparable singer is wearing stockings that come up to her (fashion) waistline.

The stockings are transparent, but are just visible enough to obscure her bits (though it looks like they may have deliberately smudged the image to make sure of that).

The uncensored versions of these three photos (yes, there’s one more coming) are left up to the imaginations of her fans and followers.

We’re sure that she’ll keep copies of them in a treasured place, but whether she chooses to share them on a less prudish social media app one day is entirely up to her.

In this next photo, you can see her donning those stockings.

She looks incredible.

Lady Gaga has a complicated relationship with her body.

Her figure is incredible and clearly her vocal cords are both part of her body and part of her tremendous talent.

But Lady Gaga is suffering from a disease — fibromyalgia. It causes widespread muscle pain and tenderness and can transform someone’s life in the worst way.

Lady Gaga is such a trooper, though. She’s being up front and direct about her illness and connecting with fans who also suffer from chronic pain.

Lady Gaga has been in the national spotlight for about a decade, now.

In 2008, she unveiled “Just Dance” and “Pokerface” and began her transformation of the music scene and even of the fashion industry.

Some still remained unaware of her until her powerful 2009 performance of “Paparazzi” at that particularly widely viewed VMAs (a lot of people tuned in after Kanye interrupted Taylor and that FOMO hit).

She’s also an actress and a model and, with these photos, you can really see why.

These photos may be part of a shoot for her upcoming Vegas Residency, but that is merely speculation.


Lauren Swanson Wears Nude Heels (!!!), Pays Tribute to Josiah Duggar

Lauren Swanson has gotten naked, folks.

Kind of. Sort of.

Okay, not really at all.

But the newlywed wife of Josiah Duggar has made headlines both for what she just wrote about her husband on Instagram and for what she wore while doing so.

Yes, to be more clear, of course Swanson wore clothing.

She isn’t that much of a rule-breaker.

She hasn’t gone full Cardi B on her conservative in-laws or anything.

But Swanson did get all dolled up in a flowing green skirt, striped top and nude heels to pose alongside Josiah and write the following over the weekend:

“Can’t believe it’s almost been 2 months since I married my best friend!!!’

She concluded with the hashtags “#2monthiversary #marriageisthebest #amazonoutfit.”

Swason and Duggar got married on June 30, shocking fans and supporters because they had not confirmed their wedding date ahead of time.

The ceremony took place at John Brown University Cathedral of the Ozarks in Siloam Springs, Arkansas.

It was officiated by Lauren’s father and the couple gushed afterward to People Magazine:

“What a joy it is to be husband and wife! Our wedding day was absolutely perfect!” 

And then Duggar on his own stated:

“What was even more perfect was to see my beautiful bride walking down the aisle.

“We are so thankful the Lord has brought us to this place and we can’t wait to begin our journey as husband and wife!”

Ever since their big day, there’s been speculation that Swanson is pregnant, which would explain why the stars moved so quickly to exchange their vows.

This speculation has not been verified, however.

But while having sex and getting pregnant before marriage would be the ultimate in Duggar family rule-breaking, Swanson’s ensemble in the photo far above isn’t that far off.

(Okay, fine. It’s pretty far off from premarital sex. But it’s still very very frowned upon by Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar.)

According to

“You won’t catch any of the Duggar girls in trendy crop tops or mini skirts. Instead, they practice modest dress, which means keeping shoulders, thighs, and cleavage covered.

“Not only does it prevent distractions while dating, but it also ‘keeps the relationship pure’ according to Michelle.”

sweet romance

Is Swanson exposing any cleavage in the photo in question? No.

But she’s coming close to a dress that goes above the knee and some might label those “f-ck me heels” and she also shared the image directly above on Instagram.

It features her and Josiah making out in the dark — and while some may interpret it as sweet and artistic, the elder Duggars may interpret it as akin to pornography.

We’re not kidding.

And neither was Josiah when he said THIS about marriage, keeping it as real as one can about this blessed union.

Check out pictures from Duggar and Swanson’s wedding below, including the very first look at their very first kiss:


Cardi B: Offset Shares Nude Photo of His Wife to Promote His Concert!

Last month, Offset was arrested — which was a parole violation. His fans fear that he’ll miss part of his baby’s life if his court battle doesn’t go well.

For now, though, he’s still free and thirsting after his stunning and talented wife, Cardi B. And he wants everyone to know it, too.

In fact, Offset shared a nude pic of her with the world. Take a look:

In the captions of the photo that you are about to see, Offset refers to Cardi as “wifey,” “goddess,” and “beauty.”

He also adds a number of tongue emojis as well as some ring emojis.

Clearly, he remains entranced with Cardi and her incredible post-baby body.

Offset is clearly delighted that he put a ring on it when he did.

And that’s no surprise — just look at how gorgeous she is!

Though Cardi is covering her right nipple with her hand to make the photo Instagram-appropriate, her extensive tattoo is on full display.

She is even wearing bright pink hair as well.

Offset shared the photo with his fans and followers before performing with Migos at Madison Square Garden.

This built up hype for those in the audience who follow him, because Cardi also made an appearance. That was such a treat!

Kylie Jenner isn’t the only one who can promote her baby daddy, after all.

Cardi and Offset even hyped her presence earlier in the day.

The “Bodak Yellow” singer shared a snap of herself in black lingerie on a private plane, captioning it “I’m on my way to you.”

Offset, who could not contain his thirst, commented on the photo, writing: “HURRY HURRY HURRY.”

This guy was so excited to see his wife that his eagerness spilled over onto social media when he could have said that much and more in a text.

But, look at her — can you blame him? The answer is no.

It is probably worth noting that Cardi B was counting down the days until she could bang Offset again.

At the time, she said that doctor’s orders were that she had to wait “three weeks and four days.”

By our math, it has been about that long since she shared that.

We don’t know that Offset taking naked pics of Cardi is necessarily a confirmation that they’re banging again or that her vagina is once again fully armed and operational.

All that the photo confirms is that Cardi looks sexy as hell and her husband wants the whole world to know.

Some people, especially those who have so recently given birth, are reluctant to show off their bodies.

Sometimes it’s because they feel that it’s somehow immoral. Sometimes, they’re ashamed of the shape or features of their body. No matter the reason, it’s a personal choice to be respected.

But we should be equally respectful of those who choose to flaunt their bodies, who see clothing as little more than shiny wrapping paper concealing the real prize inside.

Cardi is no stranger to taking off her clothes, whether it’s before men who are showering them with money or before photographers who are ready to put her on a magazine cover. Good for her.

And good for Offset for being proud of his wife’s beauty instead of strangely ashamed of it.