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Chris Hansen Got Cash for Bad Checks From N-Word Hurling Radio DJ


Well, this is random.

Turns out, when former “To Catch a Predator” host Chris Hansen came up with the money needed to get charges against him dropped for writing bad checks, he got a huge assist from a guy he never met … with a troubling background.

Bob Romanik — radio DJ for the St. Louis area station 1190 KQQZ-AM, best known for calling Waka Flocka the n-word — tells TMZ … he reached out to Hansen when he heard about his financial troubles and offered to help him out.

Romanik says he thinks Chris is a good guy who’s done good work, so he gave him nearly $ 13,000 to square up with a mom-and-pop shop in Stamford, CT. We broke the story … the cash got Hansen out of a jam with prosecutors, who decided to drop his larceny case.

Romanik isn’t looking for Hansen to return him any favors either, but he does tell us if Chris starts another project busting predators and helping children … he’d like to invest in the noble cause.

What’s not noble … is Romanik’s history of dropping racial slurs on the air. As we told you, he went on a racist rant back in 2017 after Waka Flocka wiped his ass with a Trump jersey. Bob called the rapper a “greasy black n***** son of a bitch” — and he hasn’t stopped using the n-word since.

In fact, Romanik has responded to criticism for his racist comments by saying it’s his First Amendment right … and he’ll stop saying the n-word when rappers stop saying it.

Missouri State Senator Jamilah Nasheed called for the FCC to remove Romanik’s license last year for his hate speech, but as far as we know … he’s still on the air.

BTW — Bob’s station is billed as “Kool Killer Kountry” … with 3 Ks for initials. Seriously.

Rap Groupie Celina Powell Arrested … Bounty Hunter Hurls N-Word


Celina Powell — who’s accused rappers like Offset, Snoop Dogg, and others of cheating and/or knocking her up — is currently in a jail cell thanks to bounty hunters … one of whom shamelessly dropped the n-word during the bust … TMZ has learned.

The social media star, who’s also Aaron Carter‘s ex, was busted and taken into custody late Saturday night in Aurora, Colorado, where she was set to attend an event at a hookah lounge called Hubbly Bubbly Brewery. Law enforcement sources tell us bounty hunters staked out the parking lot after she posted online that she’d be hosting there. 

When she showed up, they pounced … and part of it was caught on camera. While she was being taken in, however, William Ellenburg — one of the bounty hunters here, who’s white — hurled the n-word multiple times while trying to deny he was racist.

We asked him for a further explanation after seeing the video. He told us Celina had accused him making racist comments about his partner on the scene, who was black. Ellenburg said he used the n-word to prove he hadn’t said anything offensive … and, apparently, to prove he was cool with black people. For the record … this is anything but cool. 

As for Celina, we’re told she had upwards of $ 61,000 worth of outstanding bonds in her name in and around the area — ranging from shoplifting and evading police to traffic violations. 

She was turned over to Aurora PD a little after midnight on Sunday, and our sources say she’s still in custody as of this writing. She’s set to appear in court Monday. 

A pretty sh**** way to ring in the new year if you ask us … on everyone’s part. 

Wayne Brady Louis’ N-Word Convo All Bad On All Fronts


Wayne Brady thinks Louis C.K. using the n-word in front of some comics — including Chris Rock — is as unacceptable now as it was then … but he’s wringing everyone’s neck here.

We got the “Whose Line Is It Anyway”‘ alum Sunday at LAX and asked for his thoughts on a 2011 HBO clip of Louis chatting with Chris, Jerry Seinfeld and Ricky Gervais … and, at one point, dropping the n-word when CR calls him the “blackest white guy” he knows.

The clip resurfaced Saturday and went viral, with lots of criticism aimed at Chris for co-signing Louis and Ricky hurling the word back and forth in front of a very uncomfortable Jerry, who lots of folks are seeing as the hero in this scenario for speaking out against it.

Wayne isn’t as conciliatory. He tells us Louis shouldn’t have said it, Chris shouldn’t have allowed it, and Ricky definitely shouldn’t have chimed in with so much glee. He also says Seinfeld isn’t a saint for his mild protest … calling him more tactical than anything. Ouch …

It’s a harsh rebuke for sure, but Wayne makes valid points. What’s weird is that Louis has been using the n-word in his stand-up for years, and this clip has been in circulation for a while. 

So, again, it begs the question … why all the outrage now? 

Louis C.K., Ricky Gervais, Chris Rock Hurl N-Word … During 2011 HBO Special

Louis C.K., Ricky Gervais and Chris Rock hurled around the n-word during a TV chat back in 2011 … and it’s getting a lot of criticism now — the question, what about then?

The conversation aired as part of an HBO special called “Talking Funny.” Chris Rock calls Louis C.K. “the blackest white guy I know” which unleashes Louis, who asks, “You say I’m a n*****?”

There’s a discussion of using the n-word in comedy.

Jerry Seinfeld does not use the word, and says he never has.  

The group then discusses the use of the term in comedy and in public vs. private life. Seinfeld chimes in, “I don’t think he can do that.” On the other hand, Louis C.K. says he and Gervais use the word in private.  

The clip is getting a lot of heat now, but back in the day there was not much public criticism.  Entertainment Weekly praised the special and does not criticize the use of the n-word.

Priyanka Chopra Keeps it Gangsta at 3rd Wedding Bash … While DJ Raps N-Word

Day 106 of Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas celebrating their marriage nuptials might have been the most interesting — thanks to the bride’s dance moves, and their MC’s Notorious B.I.G. impression.

Nick and Priyanka had their third wedding reception Thursday night in Mumbai for Priy’s Bollywood industry friends. She danced her ass off while the MC rapped to Biggie’s “Hypnotize.” Worth noting … dude with the mic rapped the n-word.

No one was fazed by the lyrics, and everyone seemed more interested in Priyanka doing attempting the Milly Rock. Nick stood there watching … in admiration, we’re sure. Also, he’s gotta be tired of dancing at wedding receptions by now.

Priyanka also danced to some traditional Indian music … some of which looked choreographed.

It’s becoming a thing. You’ll recall, the families had an intense dance off some 20 days ago when the nuptials began. There was also a Wednesday bash for the media in India.

No word if Nick danced at that one. Ya gotta feel for the guy.