Caitlyn Jenner to Interview O.J. Simpson on New Talk Show?!

Considering that Kris Jenner is already majorly resentful over Caitlyn Jenner’s tell-all book, this sounds like a mistake. Or maybe Caitlyn’s fine with it if the Kardashians want nothing to do with her.

But, reportedly, there are plans in the works for Caitlyn to sit down with and interview infamous alleged murderer O.J. Simpson.

Even without a formal announcement, this is being slammed as extremely insensitive, unwise, and in poor taste.

Caitlyn Jenner isn’t any old public personality.

Through her marriage to Kris Jenner, she became friends with O.J. Simpson and his late wife, Nicole Brown Simpson.

You know, before “someone” murdered Nicole, and Ron Goldman, in a brutal and bloody attack on that fateful day in June of 1994.

Though O.J. Simpson has been found financially for the despicable murder, he was famously acquitted in criminal court despite overwhelming evidence.

Obviously, Kris and even O.J.’s long-time friend Robert Kardashian distanced themselves from him following his acquittal.

Probably because they’d been friends with Nicole, too, and felt that they owed it to her to not be too chummy with her alleged murderer.

Still, we have to ask:

Is Caitlyn really willing to sit across from O.J. and interview him?

O.J. Simpson has already insulted Caitlyn Jenner in an interview with TMZ.

His words were probably an attempt at humor, though his “joke” is transphobic in nature and involves misgendering and deadnaming Caitlyn, both of which are unacceptable.

(But we’re talking about a guy accused of beating his wife for years before allegedly murdering her and a stranger, so there is literally no vile act that most people would put past this guy)

“I don’t know Caitlyn,” Simpson said to the camera. “I’ve never met Caitlyn.”

Obviously, he means that he hasn’t seen her since her transition.

“As far as Bruce is concerned, I don’t really know him that well.”

You don’t bring up someone’s deadname.

“If he wants to choose to live his life out as an old lady instead of an old man, hey, women live longer,” he somehow said.

Nicole Brown Simpson didn’t.

He then doubled down on misgendering Caitlyn.

“He may be onto something.”

Just because you can, uh, run on grass while holding an oddly shaped ball, a skill that someone catapulted O.J. to fame and fortune because our society has weird values, doesn’t mean that you can tell a joke.

According to Life & Style, producers haven’t yet approached Caitlyn Jenner about interviewing O.J. Simpson.

But apparently they hope to sell her on the idea.

They reportedly plan to pitch it as “an informative, interview-type show,” in which Cait could grill the alleged double-murderer to her heart’s content.

“If they do it right, it would be fascinating.”

Well, so would genetically engineering a bunch of dinosaurs and letting them loose on an island full of children. That doesn’t mean that anyone should do it.

“Love them or hate them,” a source told the tabloid, “putting Caitlyn and O.J. in the same room would be must-see TV.”

That’s … true.

Some feel strongly that O.J. Simpson should not be awarded any sort of respect. That includes interviews and anything else for which he might be paid money that he doesn’t deserve.

At the same time, others point out that O.J. would be required to pay at least some of any money that he makes to the Goldmans, who won their lawsuit.

(So many people forget Ron Goldman. Nicole didn’t deserve what happened to her, but neither did Ron)

Maybe the producers will get cold feet. Again, entertaining television doesn’t mean that it’s worth it. We can practically smell the advertiser boycotts.

But this is 2017. We live in interesting times, and anything could happen.


O.J. Simpson Kills Many Drinks, Gets Booted from Vegas Hotel

Might O.J. Simpson be headed back to prison?!?

Before you bust out in a celebratory touchdown dance of some kind, allow us to explain…

Both TMZ and Radar Online report that the former running back and accused murderer was kicked out of the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas Wednesday night after allegedly getting drunk and then growing very belligerent.

Simpson has been residing in Sin City ever since his release from prison.

Sources say he’s been frequenting bars at the aforementioned hotel on a frequent basis during his most recent run as a free man.

Around midnight last night/this morning, though, Simpson became disruptive at the Clique bar, TMZ writes.

He yelled at various hotel employees for some reason and even broke a few glasses at the bar.

Here’s a picture of The Juice strolling through the premises, as captured by a TSN reporter on the scene named Brian Munz.


Security guards were reportedly called to the bar and removed Simpson from the establishment.

He’s since been banned permanently from the hotel.

How might all this play into the bigger picture?

Why might O.J. end up back in jail as a result of his inebriated actions?

As a condition of Simpson’s parole, he is not permitted to drink to intoxication in public, meaning he could be prosecuted for these actions and end up back in the slammer.

Is this likely to occur?

No, let’s not get our hopes up.

For starters, it’s unclear just what is spelled out in his probation.

And it would be very difficult to prove Simpson was actually drunk, at least in terms of whatever it says in his legal documents.

But a source tells Radar that Las Vegas police have a “permanent tail” on Simpson and are “waiting to pounce the minute he screws up.”

They’re aware that he may be free right now, but that he’s also a sociopath who has an anger problem and could very well violated his parole at any time.

A nation can collectively hope, at least.

Simpson was released from prison last month after serving nine years for a botched hotel robbery in 2007.

He also probably killed his ex-wife and her boyfriend many years ago.

We’re pretty sure he did, in fact.