Fred Goldman to O.J. Simpson: You Owe Me $70 Million, Jerk!

It’s been three months since O.J. Simpson was released from prison, and we have to say – so far, things are going pretty smoothly.

O.J. hasn’t some forward as Khloe Kardashian’s father, but he also hasn’t murdered anyone, so we consider it a net positive.

The Juice is one of like three things you’re still allowed to joke about in 2018, so we like to poke fun at him whenever we get the chance.

But it’s important to bear in mind that there’s nothing remotely funny about Simpson’s (alleged) crimes.

Though he was acquitted of the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman in his criminal trial, the former NFL running back was found liable in a 1997 civil case and ordered to pay $ 33.5 million to Goldman’s family.

As he has yet to fork over a dime in the 21 years since, that amount has more than doubled due to penalties and interest and O.J. is now indebted to the Goldmans in the amount of roughly $ 70 million.

Quite understandably, Ronald’s father, Fred Goldman, is tired of waiting, and this week, he filed a motion to force Simpson to pay what he owes.

Goldman is asking a judge to order O.J. to turn over revenue that he “has and could make from any autograph or memorabilia signing, promotion, or other commercial enterprises.”

Since that revenue accounts for 100 percent of O.J.’s earnings these days, he obviously has a good deal riding on the outcome of this case.

It might seem like an open-and-shut scenario, as Simpson’s debt is more than two decades old, but it seems the Goldmans have already hit a snag:

“The judge said if you want to do that, you are going to have to identify who is paying Mr. Simpson,” Goldman’s attorney David J.Cook explained in an interview with Radar Online.

“It’s a temporary pause in our tempo, but it won’t stop us. We can call it a low-level speed bump.”

O.J.’s attorney, Ronald P. Slates, claims his client has done everything in his power to make good on his debt to the Goldmans.

He says that Simpson offered the Goldmans $ 5 million and 25 percent of all future earnings at the 

In response to Slates’ plea for clemency, Cook reminds us that there is no mercy for the Goldmans, who live with the loss of their son every day:

“They live with the loss … and anyone who sees their children die before they do, the loss of a child can be very consuming,” he told Radar.

“Fred rejects, as many people do, what’s called ‘closure.’ Closure for anybody who has lost a child is an obscene word.”

We’ll have further updates on this story as more information becomes available.


O.J. Simpson Addresses Khloe’s Pregnancy: Is He the Grandfather?!

For years, people have speculated that Khloe Kardashian might be O.J. Simpson’s daughter. With O.J.’s release from prison, the topic’s come up more and more recently.

Now that Khloe Kardashian has confirmed her pregnancy, some of those same people believe that O.J. may be the grandfather.

O.J. is finally speaking up. What does he believe?

The O.J. Simpson trial was one of the most infamously divisive trials in the history of the US.

But there are people who believe that O.J. is responsible for more than a couple of alleged murders, an armed robbery, and a series of brutal domestic assaults against his late ex-wife during their relationship.

Quite a number of people believe the conspiracy theory that O.J. Simpson is responsible for Khloe Kardashian.

In that these people believe that Kris Jenner cheated on Robert Kardashian with O.J. Simpson back when they were all friends. They believe that Kris then got pregnant and passed off Khloe as Robert’s daughter.

It might be absurd. It might also be a veiled insult against Khloe for being “bigger” than her sisters (she’s only 5-foot-10, folks; that’s not actually tall; call me when she hits her head on a regular doorframe while walking without heels).

Khloe Kardashian is pregnant with Tristan Thompson’s baby, and the couple is delighted.

Well, okay. Khloe is tired of unsolicited advice from her sisters.

She’s also pretty tired from concern-trolling on social media about things that she continues to do, like exercise.

She’s said that her doctor told her that she should keep doing whatever she’s been doing before she became pregnant.

And, despite the claims of mom-shamers everywhere, people who exercise in a healthy manner while pregnant aren’t endangering their babies.

But is O.J. Simpson going to ruin her party by publicly announcing that he’s excited about “his” grandchild?

TMZ caught up with O.J. and asked him what he thought about Khloe’s pregnancy, using language that clearly suggested the possibility that Khloe is his secret daughter.

He says that congratulations are in order.

“Well, for Bob, God bless his soul, yeah.”

It will always be sad that Robert Kardashian died knowing that he’d been part of keeping O.J. out of prison.

“I don’t know for me.”

Wait … is he saying that he doesn’t know if he’s Khloe’s dad?

“I don’t think for me I have nothing to do with it.”

He then pivots to talking about Kris’ daughters in general.

“Khloe and the girls are all terrific girls … I think today they’re still nice and terrific.”

Remember, folks, that he knew those girls as they were growing up.

He also comments on their sex appeal that they have going now, which is gross to the max.

Finally, he commends Khloe and Tristan on their impending parenthood.

“I’m happy for them. Congratulations to her.”

And then denies that this will be his grandchild.

“But, trust me, I had nothing to do with it. I would be proud if I’d had anything to do with it.”

One, trust me is not a great choice of words here, my guy.

Two, he would be proud if he’d slept with his best friend’s wife?