Aretha Franklin Makes Obama Cry: See the Stunning Performance

It's nearly impossible to choose the most memorable Aretha Franklin performance of all-time.

How could you?!?

This is an artist who performed at two Presidential Inaugurations, belting out "My Country Tis of Thee" in 2009 for Barack Obama and "I Dreamed a Dream" for Bill Clinton in 1993.

There was also her classic "Think" cameo in the beloved film The Blues Brothers.

But a cover that is receiving lots of attention on this sad day, the day Franklin died of cancer, is the version of "(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman” at the 2015 Kennedy Center Honors.

Franklin took to this stage as part of a tribute to Carole King, who was in attendance, along with President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama.

As you can see in the video featured on this page, the number opens with the legendary artist in a floor-length fur coat, sitting down at the piano as the voice many believe to be the greatest in history reverberates around the hall.

Just a few lines into the song, the camera cuts to President Obama…

… who wipes a tear away from his eye.

Franklin eventually rises and stands in the middle of the stage, getting into the track's conclusion like only she can, as King cheers and screams in awe from the crowd and Aretha is given a standing ovation before she's even finished.

It's a mesmerizing performance.

It tells you almost all you need to know about the first female ever inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, along with the person Rolling Stone once named the greatest singer of all-time.

This is how celebrities around the world are reacting to Aretha's passing…

… and this is what Franklin sounded like even at the age of 73.

Listen to the footage featured here now.

Aretha franklin makes barack obama cry see the stunning performa

“Liberal Cuck” on $100,000 Pyramid Mixes Up Obama and Bin Laden

Over the past few years, we've shared the the occasional game show flub here or there.

There was THIS catastrophic Wheel of Fortunate guess, for instance, as well as THIS mind-numbing attempt to solve a puzzle.

But nothing, and we mean nothing, compares to the snafu made on-air by Evan Kaufman during a round of $ 100,000 Pyramid.

Kaufman was competing with ex-Saturday Night Live cast member Tim Meadows on the game show hosted by Michael Strahan.

He was given perhaps the simplest clue anyone could possibly be given, having to simply list to Meadows "People with the last name Obama" in order to the actor to guess that the answer was…

People with the Last Name Obama.

But instead of naming Barack or Michelle or Sasha or Malia (heck, even Bo Obama, dude) after a very pregnant pause, he said, "Bin Laden."


To Kaufman's credit, he didn't make any excuses or conjure up any tales over why he made such a grave mistake.

Heck, he even admitted there was some "racism" tucked deep inside his head. How else to explain such a mix-up?

"This just goes to show you that even a liberal Globalist Cuck like yours truly has some inherent racism lurking in my brain. What a disaster," Tweeted Kaufman as one of 13 messages he posted online after the slip-up went viral.

"What you don’t see in this clip is me, shocked, correcting myself and saying Barack," he adds, continuing;

"Tim gets the answer. We get stumped on Margarita a few questions later. Turns out Margarita is Tim Meadow’s Grandmother’s name."

Concludes a humilated Kaufman:

Tim feels bad he lost the money for me, because he's sweet. Kathy Najimy can't look me in the eye. I leave knowing that my day of reckoning is coming. Maybe they can cut it out? They can't… it's timed.

I leave with $ 8500… and the story of the worst pyramid guess of all-time.

Watch this amazing/horrifying clip now. It's remarkable.

100000 dollars pyramid globalist cuck mixes up obama and bin lad