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Cardi B No Place Like Home … Wants Back with Offset

Cardi B wants to return to the way things were … before her split with Offset.

The rapper shared a screenshot Tuesday morning of a FaceTime chat with her husband — who she split with in December — and their daughter, Kulture. She captioned it … “I wanna go home.”

As you know, Offset’s been very public about his desire to reconcile with Cardi, but she hasn’t been as forthcoming … other than announcing how much she misses his penis. It seems she’s longing for some family time with him now, though.

Of course, the couple have been together since their split — including a jet ski-riding vacation in Puerto Rico — and we broke the story … they were working on fixing their marriage in 2019, with Offset vowing to change his ways and be faithful and honest with her.

Still, Cardi hadn’t given any clear indicators she was fully on board with the plan … until now.

Cardi B & Offset Repairing Their Marriage in 2019


Cardi B and Offset are putting the drama of 2018 behind them and turning over a new leaf in the new year … and their friends are confident they’ll be rock solid again soon.

Sources close to the hip-hop couple tell TMZ … they’ve been communicating regularly — including while they were thousands of miles apart over the holidays — and are focusing on fixing their marriage.

We’re told Offset’s vowing to change his ways and be faithful and honest with her, and Cardi’s been receptive … because she misses what they had together.

Cardi’s still not wearing her wedding ring … but not because she’s acting like she’s single. We’re told she’s just not emotionally ready to put it back on quite yet.

We broke the story … the 2 looked like they’d reconciled shortly before Christmas on a fun-filled, jet ski-riding, Puerto Rican vacation — and they admittedly miss each other … at least, sexually.

They were apart for New Year’s, though, because she was touring Down Under, and he was with Migos in Miami … but it seems like they’re always on each other’s minds.

Offset Craps Out in Puerto Rico!!!


Offset hit up a casino Saturday night in Puerto Rico, making the most of his vacation and apparent reconciliation with Cardi B.

Offset and a friend played craps at the Sheraton Convention Center in San Juan. Eyewitnesses tell TMZ, the Migos rapper was betting $ 10k on each roll of the dice. He plunked down $ 60k. Offset won some, but lost more.

The night before Offset was backstage as Cardi B performed at the same Convention Center.

It sure seems like the ice has thawed … after Cardi proclaimed 3 weeks ago her marriage was over.  

We got these pics of Cardi B and Offset jet skiing in San Juan during the trip, and she’s holding on tight.

It looks like they won’t be together for New Year’s Eve. Cardi’s headlining in Sydney, Australia on New Year’s Day, and Migos is performing on New Year’s Eve in Miami. Still, it looks like they’re back together.

Offset to Cardi B The Way Your Sex Makes Me Feel

Turns out Cardi B missing Offset between the sheets is a mutual feeling — he’s still thinking about sex with her too … and what sounds like a recent romp has him fee(hee!)ling some type of way.

The Migos rapper just posted a video of himself wearing a mask and dancing to Michael Jackson‘s “The Way You Make Me Feel” on a balcony … complete with MJ-inspired crotch grabbing and body popping to boot. 

He captioned the post, “P * * * * K N O C K E D M E O F F M Y F E E T B A B Y 9/20 M E R R Y C H R I S T M A S.” September 20th is the day they got hitched in a secret ceremony last year. Maybe this is his way of celebrating their 1 year, 3 month-plus anniversary? Or, maybe, he’s confirming that they’re doing it again. Probably the latter, right?

You’ll recall … Cardi said just last week that she missed Offset as well — or at least part of him, anyway. Looks like he received the message loud and clear, ’cause the on-again-off-again couple jetted down to Puerto Rico for her performance and snuck in a little jet ski action … and probably some bedroom action too. 

Cardi — who didnt’ seem very happy we got our hands on those jet skiing pics — explained her reunion with Offset on Instagram Live, saying quite simply … “I just had to get f*****. That’s all.” The video ended with a big smile on her face. 

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Cardi B explains what happened with her and Offset in Puerto Rico.

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Based on all this, it’s clear they banged. And Offset might very well have been reminded of the fireworks made on the day they both said “I do.” No better to express the feeling than with some Michael magic … especially if you can pull it off, which he did.

No word yet on whether they’ll be linking up for Christmas itself in the wake of their split, but all signs point to another coming-together in the near future. 

Cardi B Butts in at Puerto Rico Concert … Offset Right There!!!


Cardi B shook things up in a big way Friday night, and Offset was right there with her.

Cardi rocked the house at the Convention Center in San Juan, Puerto Rico and Offset was cheering her on. We got this video of Offset in a mask leaving the backstage area after Cardi’s set. He watched the entire concert from that area.

The video shows Cardi chillin’ at one point and Offset is near her in the orange pants.

Goes without saying … the concert was sold out. 

Earlier in the day, we got Cardi and Offset having a blast on a jet ski … she was in the back holding on tight.

There’s no official word of a reconciliation, but it seems Offset’s public campaign to win her back has worked. A few days ago, Cardi said she missed her hubby, or at least parts of him. 

Cardi B I’m Ride or Die With Offset … At Least on a Jet Ski!!!


Cardi B was all over Offset Friday … hugging him and you might even say hanging on for dear life.

Cardi and Offset were vacationing in Puerto Rico, and it’s a real sign his full-court campaign to win her back has worked.

Eyewitnesses tell TMZ they seemed very much like a couple as they laughed and played on and in the deep blue sea.

They were there with friends. No sign of baby Kulture, but it’s a safe bet she’s there.

Cardi has a set Friday night in San Juan at the Electric Holiday festival.

We don’t know for sure if Cardi has taken Offset back, but there have been signs for more than a week that the ice is thawing.  

Cardi announced her split with Offset on December 4. As we reported, he crashed her stage at the Rolling Loud Music Festival in L.A. last weekend, and she was clearly not receptive but it looks like things may have changed.

Fact is … they’ll have to be together for at least part of the holidays. Cardi is scheduled to do a show in Australia for New Year’s Eve.