Josh Duggar Dares to Show His Face Online, Expects Us to Forget the Stuff He Did

We hate to say it and we really hate to see it, but…

… Josh Duggar is back in our lives.

He’s not on television again. And he isn’t actually saying anything.

But whatever.

Any Josh Duggar is too much Josh Duggar, in our educated and totally accurate opinion, at least.

The disgraced ex-reality star, who has admitted to both cheating on his wife AND molesting his sisters, was featured in a photo shared by that same wife, Anna Duggar, on Monday.

As you can see above, Anna used the occasion of Labor Day to shove her husband stupid face back into the lives of her followers, writing as a caption to a family photo:

“Hope you are having a #HappyLaborDay and spending it with ones you love most! We spent some time with family [and] friends at #FarmlandAdventures today!”

This is the second time in just a few weeks that Anna has posted a photo that include Josh.

Back in early July, the ex-TLC personality actually gushed over Josh in a caption to the photo immediately above.

“June was an exciting month for our family,” Anna wrote, explaining why as follows:

“Marcus, Michael and I are are officially a year older + Josh and I celebrated our 10 year engagement anniversary!”

She then singled out Josh in particular and added:

The past 10 years have been a wonderful adventure. So thankful for God’s redeeming grace and His blessings to us along the way, especially our 5 M’s!

Yes, a wonderful adventure.

That certainly is one way to describe what Anna and Josh have gone through.

Their relationship hit a tiny snag back in May of 2015 when it came out that Josh had inappropriately touched two of his siblings when he was a teenager.

This was a rather unfathomable scandal at the time, especially by the standards of the Duggars, who think it’s a sin to even look at your girlfriend in shorts before she becomes your wife.

(And even then… it’s probably questionable.)

We later learned that Duggar was also an Ashley Madison client and used the website to find women with whom he could sleep.

None of these women were his wife, in case that wasn’t clear. Josh was outed as a serial cheater and subsequently went to rehab for an alleged sex addiction.

The couple has five kids together and we feel worse and worse for Anna with each passing day.

It’s as if she’s a member of some cult and simply cannot leave it for any reason.

But that’s not what Anna says.

She has credited God and her faith for helping her forgive Josh and move on from these crazy scandals, once saying in a Counting On confessional:

“For my heart, it was like how could this happen in our marriage. Josh was my first love, he’s my one and only.

“My only hope was to cling to my faith because I know if I went off of what I was feeling I would turn a mess into a disaster.

“So in the stun and in the shock of everything, I was praying to God, ‘Help me to know how to respond to all of this.’ I didn’t know what to do.

“I knew we needed help and I was just praying that God would give the help and the wisdom that we needed to take the next step.”


Johnny Bananas-Hannah Teter Sex Tape Leaks Online

Former reality star John Devenanzio — better known as Johnny Bananas — got his start on The Real World: Key West way back in 2006.

But while his castmates faded into obscurity, Bananas has stubbornly clung to his last shred of fame, and amazingly, he’s actually managed to hold onto a modicum of relevance.

Johnny Bananas

He still appears on new seasons of The Challenge, but at 44, Johnny’s drama is starting to seem increasingly absurd, and it’s anyone’s guess as to how much longer he’ll be a draw for MTV’s increasingly youthful audience.

So perhaps it should come as no surprise that J-Nanners has officially entered the sex tape phase of his career.

According to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, Johnny stars — alongside his ex-girlfriend, Olympic snowboarder Hannah Teter — in a very explicit video posted today on the uber-oddly-named porn site Celeb Jihad.

As though having your most intimate moments plastered all over the internet isn’t degrading enough, Mr. Bananas’ banana doesn’t even receive top billing.

In fact, the site doesn’t mention Johnny at all, and is instead promoting its new “Hannah Teter Sex Tape.”

A teaser posted by Celeb Jihad reads as follows:

“Olympic gold medal winning snowboarder Hannah Teter appears to have just had the sex tape video and nude photos below leaked online.”

As you can see, that sentence has the vague taint of having been run through a translator until it sounded like something written by a red-blooded American perv, and not some Moscow-based bot that’s become sentient and grown weary of posting the same fake news stories day after day.

This doesn’t appear to be a case in which either party had any previous knowledge that the tape would be leaked.

In fact, according to The Ashley, Johnny was in the middle of a live interview with People magazine at the time the footage went public.

As is so often the case with this sort of thing, Twitter quickly went bonkers as word of the explicit video went viral.

Bananas and Teter have yet to comment on the release themselves, but we’re guessing they’re both feeling a bit exposed today.


Farrah Abraham: Petition to Prevent Cam Girl From Killing Another Dog Circulates Online

Farrah Abraham is many things — a former reality star, an adult film actress, an aspiring celebrity boxer, a peddler of plastic vibrating molds of her own vagina. 

And now, some believe “dog killer” should be added to that list.

As you may recall, Farrah’s dog, Blue, died last month, and the circumstances surrounding the pooch’s passing were … a bit strange.

For one thing, just days earlier, Farrah encouraged her daughter, Sophia, to “prank” a friend by telling the poor girl her dog died.

On top of that, there was reason to believe that Sophia may have killed her own dog.

We sincerely hope that’s not the case, but regardless of what sort of event ushered Blue from this mortal coil, it’s quite clear the dog wasn’t properly cared for during his tragically foreshortened life.

And it’s for this reason that Teen Mom OG fans hope to stop Farrah from ever owning another dog.

Yes, as In Touch Weekly reports, folks have been signing a petition to “Stop animal ownership by Sophia Abraham & her mother.”

“Sophia Abraham had a little dog named Blue and because the dog didn’t wanna go outside, she viciously grabbed his throat and threw him outside and he died as a result,” the petition reads

“Sophia and Farrah Abraham do not need to own any more animals and have their horse and current puppy removed from care.” 

So far, the petition only has 240 signatures of the 1,000 needed, and even if it reached that goal, it’s unclear who would enforce the new rule, but it’ll still be interesting to see where this thing goes.

Earlier this week, Sophia posted the above photo of herself holding a dog (yes, the girl has her own Instagram page), along with a caption implying that she’d like to adopt it.

As you might expect, the comments section quickly became a war zone.

“Please don’t kill this dog, too,” one person wrote.

“Dogs deserve love. Not to die because you didn’t want to let your last dog go to the bathroom.”

Another added, “OMG the last thing you need is another dog, if anything happens to this one there should be extreme measures taken because you tossed Blue out the window, no child just no! Hope y’all do right by this one.”

“Oh f–k!!!! Devil child put the dog DOWN,” a third remarked.

Shortly after Blue’s death, Sophia attempted to clear the air with an explanatory social media post:

“I miss Blue super super much, but he is in good hands now in doggy heaven,” she wrote on Instagram.

“He went into shock and then 30 seconds later, he past away the emergency room note said the little doggy was found with no heartbeat. I miss him so so so much and he was my favorite dog and I always played tag with him and I’d always give him love and his kong and he’d go crazy over it.

“I miss you Blue very very much!” 

So this is either a sad story about a little girl losing her dog to a freak accident, or Sophia is covering her tracks following a vicious murder.

Honestly, the girl’s being raised by Farrah freakin’ Abraham, so there’s really nothing she could do that would surprise us.


Jenelle Evans Posts Drone Pic of Fence 100 Feet From Pool, Threatens to Sue Radar Online

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans hit back at reports that she’s a bad parent and possibly breaking the law for not installing a pool fence.

Tweeting a photo that allegedly proves her argument, the Carolina Hurricane threatened legal action against one celebrity gossip site.

If you watch Teen Mom 2 or read any celebrity gossip at all, you know Evans failing at parenting is a commonplace occurrance.

In this case, though, it is much, much worse.

It’s potentially illegal and life-threatening.

Last year, after building a house on The Land atop of a sinkhole, Jenelle decided to get a pool for her rapidly-expanding brood.

She’s shared a lot of pictures of it on social media, because that’s what she does, but those photos revealed a glaring omission:

A fence around the in-ground swim hole.

Her legion of obsessive, vocal social media followers have been all over this alleged oversight, dating back to last fall in fact.

All the way back in September, she tweeted that “of course” she put a fence around it, with “a pull lock like at public pools.”

This is obvious, dude. “To get your permit approved,” the MTV star insisted, you have to get a fence, also to protect wildlife.”

Good answer, except it’s summer now, and as she posts more photos and videos than ever … there’s still a lack of fence.

Right? WRONG, says Jenelle, who took to Twitter to post this EXCLUSIVE evidence and threaten to sue Radar Online:

According to Jenelle, this drone pic absolves her of any wrongdoing, because open your eyes. There’s a fence, haters. See?!

Yes, laugh-cry emoji and all.

We’re laugh-crying alright, but not for the reason she thinks. The fence, while existing, covers pretty much the entire backyard.

By little kid standards, this is around 3.5 miles from the pool, with ample room to romp directly in and around it as they see fit.

(Also, the David Eason shirtless cameo represents a proud moment for redneck husbands normally confined to above-ground pools.)

But back to the lecture at hand: North Carolina building codes state that pools must have barriers that meet certain standards.

There are specific measurements that barriers must have, but it’s all academic, as there’s clearly nothing constituting a “barrier” here.

Will anything come from this scandal? Probably not. Does Evans’ fence, as it stands now, in the next town over, pose any real threat?

Probably not.

But the idea that she’s sticking it to a celebrity news outlet and proving the haters wrong with this tweet is nothing if not hilarious.

Are sites like Radar and THG making a bigger deal out of something than necessary? There’s an argument to be made there.

Are we wrong, though? And are we doing anything beyond analyzing her own photos and her own fans’ remarks online? Hardly.  

It pales in comparison to many previous Jenelle scandals, to be fair. But not because the lack of a fence isn’t worth mentioning.

We’re just talking about a girl who’s done heroin, abused animals, stolen her mother’s credit cards and had DCS show up 20 times.

It’s all relative.


Leah Messer: Her New Boyfriend Used to Beg for Meth Online

It’s been a matter of days since fans learned of Leah Messer’s new boyfriend.

While they want to be happy for her, they can’t help but be a little worried at a series of hastily-deleted videos that fans uncovered.

Across multiple strange videos, Leah’s new boo begs for meth. Oh dear.

Just a short time ago, there was a series of disturbing YouTube videos about a West Virginia Meth Man.

One was titled “West Virginia meth man finds his woman?” And yes, Jason Jordan was the man in question.

“Reckon I could be persuaded, given you’re providing some meth,” Leah’s new boyfriend said on camera. 

“Maybe we could talk a little bit?” he continued, suggesting: “Maybe meet up? Have a drink? Maybe? I need my meth!”

In a subsequent video, he resorted to singing.

“Bout to go score me some meth!” he sang. “Meth, I love you. I shoot it in my veins. I snort it up my nose. I smoke it in a pip. Meth, meth, meth, you’re my best friend.”

Remember the world’s collective horror when that elevator video showed Ray Rice punch his fiancee?

Unfortunately, Jason Jordan had some commentary on that.

“Just want to make a little comment about Ray Rice,” he said in yet another West Virginia Meth Man video.

If you’re thinking that there’s no way that this can end well … you’re right.

“Think he can go around punching women in the mouth?” he asked. “Knocking them out cold?!”

The now-deleted video continues: “When I was high on meth one time, I did it and nobody got mad at me!”

“They just expect it out of me,” Jason Jordan concluded.

In his very first video in the YouTube series, he at least avoided joking about domestic violence while referring to meth.

“You do meth for six months,” he lamented on camera. “And people think there is something wrong with you.”

“Come on!” he said. “Everybody’s doing it! I’m fine!”

While all of that would understandably make anyone cringe, let’s be clear — this is not a series of videos of confessing to using drugs.

Instead, these are strange parody videos that Jordan made with the hope of amusing himself and others.

“My meth man videos got me kicked off fb lol,” he tweeted after getting banned from Facebook.

He then advertised that they would be appearing on YouTube … and provided a little context.

“Jason Jordan meth man on YouTube lol,” his tweet continued. “Making fun of West Virginia meth addicts lol.”

So no, Jason Jordan isn’t a meth addict who begs for meth on the internet.

He has just, in the past, exhibited wildly questionable taste. Perhaps he was hoping that his “edgy humor” would make him achieve viral fame.

You have to actually be funny for that, folks.

Whatever it is that Leah sees in him, we hope that it’s not a sense of humor.

But we’re happy for her that she’s moving on romantically. And since he’s deleted these videos, it looks like he’s embarrassed about that chapter of his life online.

If he had tried to defend them, well … that would be another story. If all that someone’s done is cracked some bad jokes, let them move on.


Jeremy Roloff and Audrey Roloff Book Title, Excerpts: Leaked Online!

We have an update on the book Jeremy Roloff and Audrey Roloff teased to their social media followers in March.

And it’s a rather HUGE update.

Earlier this year, the Little People, Big World stars excitedly told fans about this very cool project, explaining that they “have received thousands of comments, messages, and e-mails containing questions about dating, long distance, purity, conflict, love, and how we prepared for marriage.”

So they decided to do something helpful with all of these notes.

They decided to write a book!

“The book is essentially our love story,” Audrey explained at the time, adding:

“We are spilling never before told tales from our dating journey, and all the ups and downs and ins and outs of our love story…

“We cant wait to share what we’ve learned from our own dating journey in order to equip our readers to build Godly relationships from their first date to “I do” and beyond.”

Aside from announcing a multi-week social media hiatus to complete this manuscript, neither Audrey nor Jeremy has said much about it…

… until now!

First, we can confirm that the memoir/self-help book will be titled “In A Love Letter Life” and it will be released in April of 2019.

Second, in her most recent Instagram Story, Audrey filmed a video of her computer screen, exposing some of the writing from this book and captioning the footage:

“Pushing hard to get this thing done on time.”

What did the footage reveal?

It appears as if one section will be advice from Audrey on how to land an awesome husband such as Jeremy.

“Jeremy and I are advocates for being friends first,” Roloff writes, explaining:

“Friendship lays the groundwork for pursuit. All the single ladies, volume up. You’re not giving a man the chance to pursue you if you’re the one doing the chasing, chances are the guy you’re after does not want to be caught.”

Audrey has often felt comfortable giving marital advice, although she’s sometimes gotten criticized for trying to profit off of it.

Adds the TLC star in this portion:

“If you start by building a friendship, the kind of man you want to marry will be empowered to pursue you. He will be willing to risk rejection, determined to be thoughtful and he will text you first, at least the majority of the time.

“Our period of friendship gave Jeremy the opportunity to pursue me.”

There’s something a little antiquated and even sexist about this, as Audrey states that a woman should never be aggressive, that she should turn dating into some kind of game.

It’s 2018. Are we really arguing that men need to always text a woman first?

Roloff goes on to give a very specific account of her first date with Jeremy in the book.

Fans can expect it to follow the sort of Instagram posts she’s often published over the years, many of which adhere to her Christian beliefs and her strict views on dating/marriage.

For example, after Jacob Roloff got engaged late last year, Audrey seemed to actually shade her brother-in-law for moving too quickly with his girlfriend.

She appeared to essentially judge the couple for having premarial sex.

“Some words on dating from a Christian perspective,” she wrote at the time, standing on her pedestal and adding:

“Let’s just say you recently hurried into a relationship, dabbled with sexual intimacy, and then became emotionally attached.

“The main problem with this scenario is that it blinds you to red flags. It’s the classic ‘love at first sight’ trap. You begin to see the person you are dating as the ‘the most talented, most interesting, and most extraordinary person in the universe.

“As time passes, your friends and family may raise concerns about the person you’re dating, but you won’t be able to rationalize with them because all you will see is perfection.

“This is a titanic problem.”

In other words:

Once you have sex with someone, you’ll never be able to see his or her flaws because your mind will be consumed with lust. You’ll just be thinking about the awesome intercourse and you’ll be unable to think rationally.

That’s an interesting take, we guess.

Do you agree with it?

And will you buy Audrey and Jeremy’s book?