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President Trump forgot the name of the California town he was visiting, which had just been burned to ashes by wildfires … calling it “Pleasure” instead of Paradise.  DT was touring the wildfire wreckage in CA Saturday alongside Governor…


Jenna Cooper: Inside Her Bachelor in Paradise Cheating Scandal

It's the Bachelor in Paradise scandal no one saw coming.

On the Season 5 finale of this ABC reality series, Jordan Kimball got down on one knee and proposed to Jenna Cooper… and she said yes!

Hooray, right?!?

Not so fast.

Around the same exact time this proposal aired, a handful of text messages went viral that Bachelor guru Reality Steve alleges were sent back and forth between Jenna and her actual boyfriend/lover this summer.

It certainly appears as if Cooper was sleeping with someone else while she was being wooed by Jordan on the aforementioned series.

What is actually going on here? And s there any chance Jordan and Jenna still walk down the aisle next year?

Scroll down to get caught up…

1. What a Perfect Looking Couple

Jenna cooper
Ah, yes, but looks can deceive. This is the most recent photo Jenna shared of herself and Jordan on Instagram prior to the cheating bombshell getting dropped online.

2. The Proposal

The ask
Jordan asked for Jenna’s hand to wrap up Season 5 and the two then asked Chris Harrison to officiate their wedding in June of 2019.

3. The Wedding Would Have Been Televised, Too

Paradise peeps
They announced on the finale that the date would be June 9, 2019 and Cooper said the following about the planned union to People Magazine: “I want our wedding to be extra and fun, just like our personalities. There will be some performances, some outfit changes.”

4. But Now?

Jordan and jenna
YIKES! It’s hard to believe the reality stars make it down the aisle, not when an unnamed person contacted Reality Steve and claimed to have been in a relationship nearly this whole time with Jenna.

5. Why Did This Man Come Forward?

Jordan and jenna photo
“Jenna is a manipulator. She manipulated me. She manipulates the other guys she ‘networks’ with and is apparently manipulating this Jordan guy,” he told Reality Steve, explaining that he met Jenna prior to Bachelor in Paradise filming and was still with her two days before the finale aired.

6. More Jenna Bashing:

Cooper j
Added this individual of Cooper: “She uses men for money and business help and loves the attention along the way. And she just loves to rub in your face that she’s pretty and everyone wants her and how she can easily move onto the next. I’m tired of the bullshit and am calling her out.”

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Bachelor in Paradise Finale Marred by Stunning Cheating Scandal

On the Bachelor in Paradise season finale Tuesday night, Jordan Kimball got down on one knee and proposed to Jenna Cooper.

It was a beautiful moment, as you can see here:

the ask

But the proposal, the acceptance, the finale and possibly the entire relationship has now been marred by an explosive allegation:

Has Jenna been cheating on Jordan?

Indeed, the same day ABC aired footage of Jordan and Jenna agreeing to marry and asking Chris Harrison to officiate their June 2019 wedding, Reality Steve shared text messages between Jenna and the man with whom she has allegedly been sleeping.

Reality Steve, as you may know, is the Internet’s leading purveyor of Bachelor spoilers and Bachelorette spoilers.

The man has his connection. He knows his stuff.

According to Steve, Jenna has been cheating on Jordan all summer with an unnamed man that she met prior to Bachelor in Paradise filming.

A professional relationship between the two, during which they teamed up for a failed business venture, eventually turned intimate.

This is an exchange Steve alleges took place just this past weekend:

jenna text

In another exchange published by Steve, Jenna apologizes for her actions on an episode and tells this lover that she’s only on the show for her “business.”

There’s also this semi-graphic back and forth:

jenna cheats

Yikes, right?

Poor Jordan, right?

This is what he told People Magazine about the depressing development:

“I’m weak in the knees and I feel like I have rocks in my stomach.”

Did Jenna actually cheat, though?

No, she tells this same publication in a statement:

“I am aware of the allegations being made against me and they are simply untrue. I am choosing to focus on my relationship right now. Thank you for respecting my privacy at this time.”

We aren’t exactly doing that.

We’re a celebrity gossip website and it’s our job to discuss allegations of this nature.

All we can do is share the information we’ve received or we’ve seen, however. We cannot verify the above text messages with 100% certainty.

Kimball says he has spoken to Cooper since this story broke — and that he believes the cheating charge to be true.

“I know my Jenna, and I read those texts and in my heart, I know it’s her,” he says, adding to People:

“She was saying she didn’t do it, but hinting towards the fact that there’s a possibility that it happened. In all reality, I don’t expect her to own it.”

paradise peeps

Jordan also says the two were planning an engagement party next month in North Carolina. His parents were planning to attend and everything.

What now?

He can’t say for sure.

But Jordan denies all assertions that the couple faked anything for the camera (“This was not a TV romance. This was real. And whether you like me or not, I deserve love.”) and admits his universe has been rocked by this scandal:

I don’t know how to handle this. All I know is I obviously only knew a limited amount of information about Jenna. This is embarrassing and it hurts my pride. And our friendship is just tarnished.

I don’t even know what piece to pick up or how to put it back.


Bachelor in Paradise Recap: What the Actual F–k, Man??

Just prior to Fantasy Suite night on Bachelor in Paradise this season, at least one contestant faced her biggest nightmare.

But we’ll get to that in a moment.

Monday evening’s installment of this controversial ABC series depicted TWO couples calling it quits, although one split went far smoother than the second.

Let’s start with the amicable before we get to the ugly, shall we?

Joe and Kendall (pictured above) were seemingly in a good place when he joked about getting engaged.

At least we thought he was joking.

Perhaps there was a serious nature to the reference as well — but, either way, the mere topic caused Kendall to pump the breaks on their romance. Hard.

“There’s a part of me that obviously loves you, and I’ve known that for a while, but I don’t know what kind of love that is,” Kendall attempted to explain in response, adding that she thought thers sta were pursuing a relationship because they “had to,” not because they really wanted to.


“I’m with you all day long. I’ve been falling in love with you since day two. I haven’t been able to express it because all you’ve said is… ‘I want to keep things open,'” Joe replied, pointing to her past with Leo and John and adding:

“The truth is, you don’t know how you feel about me… you’re looking for so many excuses not to be with me.”

sad woman

And, with that, Joe was basically done.

“We’re just not in the same place. That’s what I’ve been scared about this entire time… The fact that you’re not happy about where we’re at after everything is really just the answer,” he continued.

“That’s it. I’m going home. Alright, I’m leaving. Bye.”

The guy was serious, too.

He got into a limo and, like Keyser Soze, was gone.

“I have a huge fear that I’m never going to see Joe again,” Kendall lamented on air. “My heart breaks imagining not being with him. I’m going to leave feeling regret.”

Remember, now… we said this was the AMICABLE break-up.

Elsewhere, Kevin also decided to end things with Astrid.

“I’m like, having an actual mental breakdown right now,” he confessed, aiming for sympathy and earning none whatsoever.

Kevin cried about how his former experiences with fantasy suites and how the evenings didn’t pan out as he’d hoped.

“I don’t know if it’s forever,” he said of his relationship with Astrid.


“Are you breaking up with me?” Astrid asked, bursting into tears and then turning angry:

“What the actual f-ck, man? I don’t eve know what to say. I’m mind-boggled… The one thing I asked you not to do was blindside me!”

Lik Joe before her, Astrid then left to pack her things, leaving Kevin a tear-filled on the daybed.

“She’s going to hate me,” he said. “She’s going to be embarrassed. This is a nightmare.”

Finally, Bachelorette alum Robby Hayes showed up!

He tried to ask out Jenna, only to be shot down and then told off by Jordan for making a move on his woman.

“From what I understand, he cheated on Amanda Stanton … after Paradise,” Jordan told his fellow contestants. “I mean, cheating on a single mom? C’mon.”

The man makes a solid point there.

“Robby’s a tool, he’s just a tool,” Jordan added to the cameras.

“He dated Amanda for the social media following and then he broke up with her in the way that he did to look like a player. Like, ‘Oh I don’t need Amanda in my life.'”

Still, Shushanna agreed to go on a date with Robby and then confronted Hayes about the Stanton allegations prior to the rose ceremony.

He claimed he never cheated on Amanda…but did she on another ex in the past.

Shushanna ended up giving Hayes her rose during the final ceremony.

However, when the remaining couples were faced with either heading to the fantasy suites or going home, the new twosome chose to pick things up back in the United States.

“I don’t think in 48 hours that our relationship is there,” Hayes told Shushanna of having sexual intercourse. “But we’ll hang out when I’m in Utah. We can grab dinner, or I can take you on a date.”

Where will all the other relationships head to close out Season 5?

Find out when the finale of Bachelor in Paradise airs on ABC on Tuesday, September 11 at 8/7c.


Bachelor in Paradise Recap: It’s a Non-Rigged Witch Hunt!

We don’t mean to go all President Trump on readers, but Tuesday night’s intense episode of Bachelor in Paradise can be summed up by two words.

They are maybe the Commander-in-Chief’s two favorite words in the English language, too:


Let’s start with Shushanna, shall we?

The contestant, pictured above, found herself still hung up on Kamil this week, as Jordan wanted to explore his relationship with the Russian beauty, Shushanna basically told him to go away.

She said to focus his romantic efforts on Cassandra instead.

From there, Shushanna pulled Kamil aside again to see if he was secretly into her. Maybe? Just a little bit? In secret perhaps?

However, he insisted he didn’t feel a connection between them — but Shushanna wouldn’t accept this as an answer. She maintained hope of a future with Kamil.

This is about where things got REALLY weird…

water cuddling

Annaliese confronted Shushanna because Kamil told her he believe she might be using “Russian witchery” on them by staring at him.

We’ll just let that sentence and that allegation sit there for a moment. We’ll let it sink right on in.

Annaliese explained to her rival that Kamil was off limits and asked her about putting spells on them. Shushanna denied such talk (just like a witch would, right?!?) and became visibly upset.

Later on, Diggy asked Shushanna on a date, which she declined, prompting him to settle for Olivia.

Shushanna started to think that she should have given Jordan a chance, clearly confused by what her hearts wants and what her head thinks it’s best… and even cried a bit after Jordan told her he wanted to pursue his connection with Cassandra.

This poor alleged witch. We feel a little sorry for her.


Jade and Tanner Tolbert and Carly Waddell and Evan Bass had no such problems this week.

Instead, they spoke to each of the couples to see which was most deserving of a date and, in the end, selected Joe and Kendall.

But there was a catch:

The two had to babysit their daughters (Emmy and Bella) while the foursome went on a luxurious outing that included spa treatments, jet skis and a pool.

Joe and Kendall struggled with this assignemtn at first, but they ultimately enjoyed the glimpse into their own future as parents.

When the Paradise alums came back, they sent Joe and Kendall on an actual date as a reward for their assistance.

Off on their own, away from the children, the stars talked about commitment while Joe noted that he could see his romance with Kendall leading toward marriage.

How exciting!

There was also this:

Cassandra questioned Eric about about their relationship, wanting an answer on where it stands.

Following that whole Angela situation, he initially didn’t think he was ready for anything serious, referring to himself as “emotionally drained” and feeling bad that he could only give only a portion of himself to Cassandra.

So he decided to leave.

Eric also lamented Angela – who he called “my girl” – on his way out, saying he wanted them to work so strongly and telling his friends that half of him departed with her.

Sad stuff.

Finally, to wrap this recap up, Chris was psyched to go on a date with Krystal because then he could tell her he loved her without any distractions.

However, a raccoon crashed their dinner just as Chris was about to open up about his feelings.

After the animal made his exit, though, L Bombs were dropped and the installment concluded on a happy, non-witchy note.


Bachelor in Paradise Recap: Most Awkward Engagement Ever!

If you’re a fan of the Bachelor franchise, you likely read months ago about Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon getting engaged.

But did the much-discussed and celebrated proposal live up the hype? To many articles written about it? To the hopes and dreams of everyone who has followed the adventures of these reality stars?

We found out on Monday evening.

With Ashley’s ex, Kevin Wendt, standing right there on the beach, Haibon got down on one knee and popped the pressing question to his girlfriend, just as previously advertised and anticipated.

“Isn’t it crazy, three years ago we met right at this spot on this very beach. I love you so much… You’ve always been there for me,” Jared said, as Ashley started crying.

“You’re everything to me,” he added.

A diamond ring by jeweler Neil Lane in hand, Haibon then got to the crux of his romantic point.

“You’d make me the happiest man alive if I got the opportunity to spend the rest of my life with you. So, Ashley, will you marry me?”

“Yes!” she screamed, referring the stunning sparkler as “perfect,” probably because it was in her contract to do so, and adding:

“You’re my soulmate and I love you.”

Ashley and Jared first met on Bachelor in Paradise Season 2.

They dated for a little while and Ashley was convinced early on that Jared was The One — but it took him a little bit longer to arrive at the same conclusion.

After Jared dissed her on Season 3 of this same show, the stars remained friends until Haibon got jealous that Iaconetti had found a new lover and finally decided to make his ultimate move.

The thing is… Kevin watched the entire proposal called down and called it a “slap in the face” after their breakup in March.

Indeed, he and Ashley for several months earlier after they connected on Bachelor Winter Games in 2017.

The Canadian firefighter evn accused Ashley of cheating on him with Jared on the premiere episode of Bachelor in Paradise this season.

“That really hurt me,” he said at the time. 

Later on Monday night, while talking to Jordan, Kevin seemingly alluded to Ashley’s virginity.

Was he not only an ex-boyfriend, but the first person to ever go to bed with Iaconetti?

“I am a very monumental part of her dating life, let’s just put it that way,” he said on Bachelor in Paradise. “I’m a big part of her life.”

We wrote three years ago about this possibility, putting it out there online that Wendt may very well have put it to Iaconetti.

But that was then and this is now and the future is the future. It’s all about Jared and Ashley going forward, with fans wondering when the two will get married.

“We wish we could do it on TV, but, you know, we haven’t really had the offer, so we’re doing it on our own right now,” Ashley told Entertainment Tonight of wedding planning last month, adding:

“It’s more stressful than we thought.”

“It’s a little surreal,” Haibon added.

It’s also very exciting!

Congratulations, you crazy and in love kids!


Bachelor in Paradise Recap: FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!

Viewers basically heard Leo roar on Tuesday night’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise.

(That’s a very funny joke because the astrological sign Leo uses a lion as its symbol and the sound most commonly associated with a lion is a roar.)


On the cliffhanger that closed out Monday evening’s installment of this booze and sex-heavy reality series, Leo told off Kendall for kissing another guy.

In response to this verbal attack, Joe intervened to kick off the follow-up episode, asking Kendall to take a walk with him in order to break up the confrontation.

Kendall said she was all set to focus on her relationship with Joe at this time, despite her concerns.

However, later John laid a smooch on Kendall shortly after, much to her dismay… but not to her confusion.

She went right up to Joe afterward and made it clear that, anxietites be damned, she still wanred to purse him.

Joe was very understanding (of course he was, right?) and even referred to Kendall as “my girlfriend.”

How sweet, right? But also, how great of a set-up for The Cocktail Party Straight From Hell…

its leo

At the nightly gathering, multiple contestants lined up to make a toast.

Once Leo stepped up to do so, he said Kendall was “full of sh-tt” and wished her good luck with the “grocery store bitch.”

Leo made his way to the exit, but Joe followed and implored him to say such an insult to his face.

Leo then obliged — and threw his drink in Joe/s before crew members dragged him away. It was awesome! 

The instigator left immediately, and Kendall, who was glad to see Joe defend her honor, checked on the man with whom she’s smitten.

leo tweet

Elsewhere this week, in non drink-throwing developments…

Eric and Angela went on their first date, during which time they came right out and said they were all-in on a relationship, with Eric even saying Angela was The One.

So… when is the wedding? Not so fast, folks.

Cassandra came in later in the week and caught Eric’s attention.

He started flirting with her and told her he was “open” to doing even more. Heck, he even accepted when she asked him on a date.

Eric explained to Angela he felt differently about their romance when he woke up that morning and wanted to test the waters. So much for that whole The One thing, huh?

This obviously left her feeling bitter and mad that he’d lied to her, as the other women became nervous about their own “stable” relationships.

Meanwhile, Benoit made Jenna feel terrible for dumping him by questioning her basis, which was that she felt the choice was best for him.

When Jordan found Jenna crying in a hammock with a pillow over her face, she attempted to convey what transpired — and Jordan proceeded to lash out at Benoit for upsetting her.

Also at the cocktail party, when shade and drinks were NOT being thrown, Chelsea became Bachelorette for the night, with Benoit, Connor, John and David all competing for her rose.

This was a difficult decision for her, but Chelsea eventually gave the much-desiredflower to John because she could see herself with him, leaving the remaining to join Leo on his way home.

Finally, Olivia arrived the following day and staked her claim on John.

The tandem said they wanted to spend the rest of Paradise getting to know each other, leaving Chelsea high and dry … yet again.

How will things pick up in six days? Will anyone else get doused with any alcohol?

Bachelor in Paradise airs on ABC Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c.


‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Star Grocery Store Joe Bats Away ‘Grocery Store Bitch’ Attack

Grocery Store Joe sure didn’t seem to appreciate being called a bitch on “Bachelor in Paradise” — but you might not be able to tell by how he defends himself here. We got Joe Amabile Monday at LAX ahead of this week’s first ‘BiP’ episode, which…


Bachelor in Paradise Recap: Tia and Colton Forever?

Will they or won’t they?

And will viewers even care once they do or do not at this point?

On Monday night’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise, Tia Booth and Colton Underwood were once again in the spotlight, with the status of their relationship once again up for debate and analysis.

But did they actually arrive at a resolution this time around?

To kick off this installment, Tia gave Chris crap for kissing Krystal behind her back, but Chris tried to argue that nothing had changed between him and Tia.

He still liked her and didn’t understand why she had an issue with how the game is played: You flirt with everyone, you develop some connections, you kiss a bunch of people.

Rinse and repeat, right?

Krystal, meanwhile, awkwardly interrupted Tia and Chris’ conversation to give her point of view… margarita in hand.

“It’s weird talking about someone I like who likes someone else who likes someone else,” she said.

When Tia told Chris she was taking herself out of this love triangle, he made it sound like it was his idea.

That meant that Chris was suddenly available, much to Krystal’s excitement. 

As for Tia?

She realized she was still interested in Colton after he came to her about Chris and Krystal.

But she grew emotional when Jacqueline arrived and asked Colton on a date.

(Are you following along? Don’t worry. There won’t be a test later.)

However, Colton turned Jacqueline down because he wanted to finish his conversation with Tia.

Still, this exchange didn’t appear to be going anywhere until Bibiana lit a fire under Underwood and he decided… the heck with the dilly and especially with the dallying.

He wanted to give a relationship with Tia a chance!

And she felt the same way! Hooray! At last, the back-and-forth of the past six months was over!


There was some non-Tia and Colton news as well this week…

Annaliese, for instance, had been hanging out with Kenny and lot and was about to take things to the next level… when Jacqueline swooped in and asked him on a date. Darn it!

He and Jacqueline had “interesting conversation,” to use his words, over dinner and kissed as they watched fireworks.

But Kenny also kissed Annaliese after she expressed feelings for him and ended up giving her his rose — after he also made out with Jacqueline and Bibiana at the cocktail party.

Also on this episode:

– Jordan went a bit crazy when David gave Jenna a huge stuffed dog for her birthday.

– He dragged the plush animal across the beach, choked it and threw it into the ocean in a fury.

– Then he flipped out on Chelsea and Jubilee when he felt like they were gossiping about him.

– Jordan eventually apologized after some prodding from Eric and Annaliese.

In closing, here is how the rose ceremony played out:

  1. Kimball gives his rose to Cooper.
  2. Ravitz gives his rose to Chelsea Roy.
  3. Randone gives his rose to Nielson.
  4. John Graham gives his rose to Jubilee Sharpee.
  5. Joe Amabile gives his rose to Kendall Long.
  6. Kevin Wendt gives his rose to Astrid Loch.
  7. Underwood gives his rose to Booth.
  8. Eric Bigger gives his rose to Angela Amezcua.
  9. Kenny Layne gives his rose to Annaliese Puccini

This all meant that Bibiana Julian, Caroline Lunny, Nysha Norris and Trumbull packed their bags and were sent home.


Bachelor in Paradise Recap: Becca is Back!!!

The Colton and Tia Show continued on ABC on Monday night.

By which we mean Bachelor in Paradise, of course, but early installments of Season 5 have focused heavily on television’s most famous virgin and the woman he briefly dated a long time ago.

Early on this week, Chris, Nick and Jordan confronted Colton Underwood after he came back from his date with Tia.

Was he really open to a renewed romance with his quasi ex?

Yes, Colton told the fellas, but he was also still exploring other bikini-clad options while he pondered this possibility. Underwood just wanted to “figure things out,” he said for the 972nd time.

Colton also noted that he couldn’t simply turn his feelings for Tia back on after being in love with Becca Kufrin and pursuing her for two months.

See, these are the challenges that face the men who go straight from The Bachelorette to Bachelor in Paradise. It isn’t easy, folks.

Fast forward a short bit and Tia got irritated with Colton when she realized he was flirting with Angela, concerned he was just keeping her on the side for whenever he felt giving her attention.

Afraid she’d end up like Dean and Kristina, Tia stood up for herself to Underwood.

Playing all innocent and trying to be honest, Colton told Tia he intended to talk to other women…  but he didn’t know what he wanted.

(This is sort of the entire point of the series, right?)

However, Tia wanted for Colton to be jealous of her smooch with Chris — and when he didn’t really seem to care, she said she had enough.

She refused to stay in the situation because she knew she deserved something wonderful, something Colton was not providing.

So… did Colton survive the night?

He didn’t get Tia’s rose and he struggled with Angela, but then Bibiana swooped in and saved the hunky football player.

The next day, Becca paid the women a visit.

She was on hand to offer them advice, but her presence caused Colton to break down in tears, forced to relive the heartbreak that resulted from her elimination of him a few months prior.

Seeing Becca brought back all these difficult memories, as the episode concluded with Kufrin making her way over to the man she sent packing on The Bachelorette.

Elsewhere this week…

– Kenny took Krystal on a wrestling date, despite the fact that she’d swapped spin with Kevin the evening before.

– Kenny then got in the ring and showed off some impressive moves, and the two later connected over their experiences on two-on-one dates.

– Back at the beach, Kevin grew tired of having concerns over his relationship with Krystal. He therefore decided to pursue other women.

– He and Astrid hit it off in an unexpected matter and before we knew it… they were kissing and holding hands!

– David warned Annaliese about Jordan, which made her anxious, yet her nerves were calmed a bit when Jordan arranged a romantic dinner on the beach for the two of them.

– They made out and she gave him her rose later in response.

– John and Kendall also kissed this week, but the latter actually gave Joe her rose, while Angela handed hers to John.

– Finally, Nick failed to win Chelsea over and our beloved Wills went home roseless.

Can ABC just go ahead and make him The Bachelor already?!?