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Da Brat I’m Not Muting R. Kelly … BTW, Where are the Parents in all This?


Da Brat has quite the hot take on R. Kelly – she’s questioning the role of his alleged victims’ parents, and asking one simple question … do ya keep track of your kids?

We got the legendary femcee Saturday at the Trumpet Awards in Atlanta, where we asked her about R. Kelly — whom she says she’s close with and has shared history. DB and R. Kelly went to the same Chicago high school, and he even wrote her 1st demo record.

Da Brat tries to walk a tight rope here at first, saying she doesn’t believe the women in “Surviving R. Kelly” are lying — and acknowledging R. Kelly probably does need to get help — but she eventually makes it clear where her allegiance lies … it’s with him. 

Then she drops a bomb — asking point blank, “Where are the parents?” She says the parents of the young women who are allegedly being held captive by R. Kelly need to take responsibility and get a grip on where their children are at, and who they hang out with.

Regarding his music … she says she’s not deleting one R. Kelly song from her playlist.

R. Kelly Former Manager Surrenders … For Allegedly Terrorizing Alleged Victim’s Parents

One of R. Kelly‘s former managers has surrendered to authorities on charges he made terroristic threats against a family of one of the singer’s alleged victims.

As TMZ first reported, Joycelyn Savage‘s father told us James Mason called him in May 2018, and threatened, “I’m gonna do harm to you and your family, when I see you I’m gonna get you, I’m going to f***ing kill you.”

The Henry County Sheriff’s Dept. issued an arrest warrant last August for felony terroristic threats and acts and, Friday morning, Mason turned himself in. 

He was released on $ 10,000 bond.

Joycelyn Savage has said she is not being held against her will, but her parents firmly believed their daughter has been brainwashed and they have mounted a full-court press to free her. 

Missing 13-Year-Old Girl Found Alive!!! 3 Months After Kidnapping, Parents’ Murders

Breaking News

A 13-year-old girl who went missing 3 months ago after her parents were murdered was miraculously found alive … and her captor is now in police custody.

Jayme Closs was found in the rural town of Gordon, Wisconsin (population 645) after escaping from a cabin and pleading with a neighbor walking her dog for help. According to reports … Jayme was malnourished and disheveled … wearing dirty clothes and shoes too big for her.

The dog walker then frantically knocked on a neighbor’s door telling him to call 911. Minutes later, a large police presence descended on the suspect’s nearby home where he was arrested and taken into custody. Authorities have not named the suspect.

Jayme was reported missing back on October 15 after her parents — James and Denise Closs — were found shot to death in their Barron, Wisconsin home … about 65 south of where Jayme was found. Cops believe Jayme was home when her parents were murdered.

Officials say they received thousands of tips, watched dozens of surveillance videos and thousands volunteered for a massive ground search … but she never turned up.

After calling 911, the neighbor offered Jayme food and water but she declined. She was taken to a hospital where she was evaluated and has since been reunited with family.

Tyrese Judge Allows Daughter to Play Soccer … After Parents Squabble


Tyrese‘s daughter is now allowed to bend it like Beckham, after a judge ordered that she can.

Tyrese and ex-wife Norma Gibson were in a fight over whether 11-year-old Shayla can enroll in her school’s soccer program.

Tyrese had refused, saying her grades weren’t up to snuff and she should focus on academics. Norma countered Shayla is “emotionally devastated” she’s not allowed to play, adding her grades are good enough. Norma says it got to the point where Shayla “cries, feels humiliated and does not want to go to school.”

The judge ruled Norma can enroll Shayla in the soccer program. When Shayla is in Tyrese’s custody, however, the judge says he does not have to let her play.

The judge wants to hear more on the subject next month.

This isn’t the first argument of its kind. Back in October, Norma wanted Shayla to play basketball but Tyrese refused. He eventually relented. Norma claims Tyrese also refused to let Shayla participate in a school play, saying it costs too much money. He agreed to let her do it when Norma agreed to pay half.

And, there’s more. According to Norma’s docs, there was a school field trip to a downtown eatery and Shayla was on the bus when Tyrese had her taken off the bus. 

Kansas City Royals Prospect Surprises Parents for Xmas I’m Paying Off Your Entire Debt!!!

Grab your tissues … this tear-jerker’s brought to you by Kansas City Royals prospect Brady Singer who surprised his parents with a VERY expensive gift that’ll earn him an award for Son of the Year.

Singer posted this video on Christmas Day … which begins with Singer’s mom opening a red envelope. She starts reading Singer’s heartfelt letter … and if it doesn’t give you all the feels, nothing else will. Singer’s mom reads out loud: “I just wanna thank you everything you’ve done to help me reach my dreams … Both of you constantly took off of work and spent every dime you made just to put a smile on my face.”


Singer was selected by the Kansas City Royals with the 18th overall pick earlier this summer. He’s a right-handed pitcher with huge potential … which explains why the Royals paid him $ 4.25 million to sign with them instead of returning to Florida for a shot at repeating as national champs.

Another sign the Royals wanted Singer badly? They paid him well above the slot value of an 18th overall pick. Yeah, he’s that good. And he’s a byproduct of his parents’ hard work and sacrifices … which is why Singer wanted to SHOCK them with an incredible gesture.

You’ve done good, Singer. Now sit back and relax, mom and dad.

Avicii Parents to Inherit His $25M Fortune

Avicii‘s entire fortune will go to his parents — who stand to inherit upwards of $ 25 million after his suicide.

Legal docs in his native Sweden reveal … because the DJ was single at the time of his death and he left no will … his mom and dad — Anki Liden and Klas Bergling — will inherit the massive amount of money he left behind. His accumulated wealth of 231 million Swedish Krone rounds out to roughly $ 25.5 mil.

We broke the story … Avicii killed himself with a shard of broken glass this past April in the Middle Eastern country of Oman. There are conflicting accounts on where exactly he cut himself to bleed out, but we’re told it was either his neck or wrist. 

Avicii’s parents released a statement shortly after his death that seemed to confirm heir son committed suicide, saying in part … “He could not go on any longer. He wanted to find peace.”

He was 28. RIP