Paris Jackson: Sideboob Tattoo Revealed in Tree-Hugging Pic!

Whether she’s using her modeling work to promote body positivity or just showing off her new tattoos, Paris Jackson isn’t shy about sharing topless pictures.

In her latest photo, the 19-year-old actress and model proves that she’s a tree-hugger by literally hugging a tree.

And, in her shirtless state, she’s giving her fans a look at a tattoo that, well, you don’t normally get to see. And that’s not the only pic from her topless adventures in the great outdoors.

Don’t let us give you the impression that Paris Jackson never wears clothes.

She totally does.

Just recently, she wore a shirt while outside and enjoying some flowers, though the neckline was enough to give a good view of her new chakra tattoo, which runs down her sternum.

She also works, as a model but also as an actress (her first feature film comes out next year!). She also goes places and is a real person.

But she, and clearly some friends and loved ones who spend time around her, is totally chill hanging out in modes of dress that Instagram and maybe some prudish folks would find scandalous.

Honestly, good for her. More people should be comfortable with appropriate, non-threatening nudity.

That doesn’t mean that folks like Harvey Weinstein can undress in front of coworkers, mind you.

Consensual, non-sexual, non-aggressive nudity can be a wholesome thing.

And it can give us a look at more of Paris’ many, many tattoos.

Paris captioned this photo with the numeral, 1, enclosed within a box.

Are we to get the impression that this is the first of what will eventually be a sequence of photos?

We just don’t know.

What we do know is that, one, this is a wholesome photo.

Actually hugging trees can be therapeutic for some people (no joke); sometimes pregnant folks who are past their due dates hug trees to create just a little more pressure in the hopes of inducing labor.

Two, Paris is giving fans a rare glimpse of her sideboob tattoo.

There aren’t a lot of ways of naturally hiding a nipple to show off a tattoo. You’d need to, what, cover up your nip nop with the hand from the other side of your body, all while having a friend photograph you in the awkward pose?

Or you can just hug a tree from the right angle.

We love that the actual tattoo is of a little alien dude. She’s such a treat.

But her adventures in the great outdoors weren’t done.

Paris Jackson captioned this photo:

“Use mamas mud to wash off da filthy makeup from werkk.”

Actresses and models generally wear a ton of makeup.

We can’t speak to the efficacy (or safety) of using wild mud to remove makeup, but we know that people have used mud and clay to treat their skin for ages.

But it’s certainly a natural remedy. No debating that.

In fact, in that tree-hugging photo, it kind of looks like Paris’ arms might have a little mud residue on them, right?

Also, we have no idea what — if anything — Paris was wearing under that wrap around her waist.

But that’s her business.

Paris has spent a lot of time topless in the desert, so it’s good to know that she’s also comfortable being a little less dressed in a less extreme environment.

For Paris, there’s always a strong spiritual element to her nudity that you don’t always get from the #FreeTheNipple folks.

It’s not just about being progressive or about gender equality or whatever — it’s about being natural and following her life path.

Good for her, you know?


Paris Jackson Promotes Body Positivity with Topless Pic!

Contrary to what certain lyrics or very bitter bloggers might tell you, body-positivity isn’t exclusive to those who qualify as plus sized. People of all shapes and sizes can have insecurities.

Even gorgeous actresses who are also celebrities. Like, say, Paris Jackson.

And while Paris Jackson’s gone topless before, this time she’s doing it to discuss body image and being comfortable with your “flaws.”

Paris Jackson is many things.

She’s a celebrity, being Michael Jackson’s daughter.

She’s a deeply spiritual person, as her social media posts make abundantly clear.

She’s also an actress — her first feature film, Gringo, comes out in 2018!

She’s also a model and absolutely has the body type that you’d expect from that profession.

But just because someone is comfortable enough with their body to hang out topless in the deserts of the American southwest or share otherwise innocuous photos of themselves with their followers that don’t happen to feature a shirt … well, they can still be critical of their bodies.

Paris Jackson hinted at just that with this photo and the accompanying caption:

You might look at this and go: “Wow; she’s beautiful! … What flaw are we supposed to be seeing?”

For that, you need to look to her very assertive caption:

“comfortable in my rolls. f–k wit me.”

Now, any “rolls” that Paris might have would be hidden by her underwear, which appears to be the only article of clothing that she’s wearing.

And it’s pulled up conspicuously in a way that would hide any “rolls.”

But we should all remember that, just as people’s tummies look flatter when a person is laying flat on their back or tightening their abs, just about anyone is going to get some “rolls” when they lean forward while sitting.

Or even just while they sit.

Yes, even super skinny models. It’s part of having a human body.

Even though Paris Jackson is hiding this “flaw,” her bold caption and her willingness to discuss the subject are important.

Remember, many of her fans and followers are teenage girls who are a few years younger than she is. There is no time more full of insecurities for young women than adolescence.

Acknowledging that even she has skin rolls on her tummy when she’s sitting is important to help young women realize that their bodies are totally normal.

Plus size girls have role models, and that’s fantastic. But slender girls — and there are many of them — need to see realistic depictions of women with bodies like theirs.

Just as Paris Jackson flaunts her leg hair as a reminder that shaving isn’t mandatory and that hair is hair, she talks about her tummy and gives people realistic impressions of the human body.

Though nudity is just more comfortable than wearing clothing, Paris often has a purpose to her nudity.

Sometimes, she goes topless to show off a new tattoo and has to go to creative lengths to censor a photo enough to make it appropriate for Instagram.

Other times, well, it’s pretty clear that she was just cuddling with her dog while topless and decided to snap a carefully angled selfie.

But you know what? Paris is living her best life and using her platform to promote body positivity.

She really is such a treasure.


Kim Kardashian Receives… Apology Letter from Armed Paris Robber?!?

Nearly one year ago, the life of Kim Kardashian changed forever.

We don’t mean to sound overly dramatic, but that’s what happens when you get robbed at gunpoint.

As you’ve very likely heard all about by now, the reality star was in Paris for that city’s Fashion Week last October when multiple men broke into her apartment and tied her up.

They threatened her life while demanding to know where she kept her expensive jewelry.

In subsequent interviews, Kardashian has said she thought she would be raped and/or killed.

Forget all the jokes one typically makes about this mother of two, or all the ways in which she should be deservedly mocked… this was an unimaginable experience.

Kim has reacted to it by scaling back her use of social media and by receding from the spotlight a bit.

She won’t be attending Paris Fashion Week this year, either, as she continues to try and move on from the frightening incident.

But she just receive a stark reminder of it. 

Per TMZ, the man who orchestrated this armed attack against Kardashian, Aomar Ait Khedache, actually wrote a letter to his victim this week.

The note was handwritten in French and sent to Kardashian’s legal team. This is an excerpt from it:

“After observing your emotion and realizing the psychological damages I inflicted … I decided to write to you, not to obtain from you some sort of indulgence.”

It continues:

“I want to come to you as a human being to tell you how much I regret my gesture, how much I have been moved and touched to see you in tears.”

Did Khedache pen this letter out of true remorse?

Does he really feel guilty for what he and his fellow robbers put Kardashian through?

We have strong doubts.

You see, Khedache is about to go to trial. This letter was first sent to the judge in his case, who sent it on to Kardashian’s attorneys.

The most likely scenario here is that Khedache is trying to win favor with the court ahead of potential sentencing; not that he simply decided to write to Kim out of the goodness of his heart.

“Know that I fully sympathize with the pain you are enduring, your children, your husband, and your close ones,” the letter also reads, concluding:

“I hope that this letter will allow you to forget little by little the trauma that you suffered by my fault.”

Kardashian had over $ 10 million in jewelry stolen in this robbery.

She basically went into hiding for months afterward.

You can go back and watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians online to hear her talk about the ordeal last season, as it was the primary storyline each Sunday night on E! for weeks.

We hope she’s doing a lot better these days.