Chris Martin & Dakota Johnson Are Having a Baby, Star-Studded Gender Reveal Party

Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson are having a baby, and the timing of their gender reveal party is pretty interesting … considering what Chris’ ex just celebrated. Chris and Dakota, who’ve been dating for about a year, had a party at his place on…


Justin Bieber: MAKING Hailey Baldwin Have a Boring Bachelorette Party?

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are engaged and they’ve been piling on the PDA as they race to the altar.

Unlike their public outings, however, it sounds like Hailey’s bachelorette party plans are going to be decidedly less wild and steamy.

Is Justin the one insisting that Hailey tone down her last night as an umarried woman?

Life & Style reports that Hailey Baldwin’s bachelorette party is going to be a pretty tame affair despite the celebrity guests.

Hailey and her guests “will play games about the groom,” their insider reports.

She and the likes of Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner will do that “and take tons of pictures in a photo booth,” the source describes.

“Hailey and Justin want it to be a classy and fun-filled celebration,” the insider explains.

In other words, there are some things that Hailey will not be doing.

Allegedly, it’s Justin who insists that the event be dialed down a little.

“So,” the source continues. “What you won’t see are any of the girls wearing wedding veils and playing beer pong,”

And they certainly won’t be “getting a five-minute lap dance from complete strangers,” the insider says.

(We get the feeling that they won’t be getting lapdances from close friends, either)

The source says that there will be no wild antics “or doing any of the other things young brides usually do.”

It sounds like a very PG-13 affair.

Now, this is pretty believable, even though most wouldn’t considering beer pong to be especially out-of-control.

Hailey may be a young, hot model, but she’s also a pretty hardcore Christian.

That is one of the things that she and Justin have in common. You know, aside from fame and terrible dads.

A lot of their “dates” have been to attend Hillsong Church together.

Maybe this super-tame bachelorette was Hailey’s idea.

But … maybe it’s true that this is at Justin’s insistence.

We should also acknowledge something else.

This recent photo of Justin looking very nurturing had an interesting caption.

Justin’s formerly deadbeat dad, Jeremy Bieber, wrote: “To be Father.”

This led some to believe that the man was hinting that Justin and Hailey have their own bun in the oven.

If so, the insistence on a low-key bachelorette party could simply be a cover for why a secretly preggo Hailey might avoid alcohol.

If Justin’s the one laying down the law in this respect, it sounds … very hypocritical.

It seems that he doesn’t trust Hailey and that he might be a little controlling.

But more to the point, he’s done all of this stuff.

This is the guy whose own manager was worried that he’d die from his substance abuse issues just a couple of years ago.

And the guy worried about his fiancee getting a lapdance has reportedly slept with sex workers while touring in different countries.

This isn’t the first time that we’ve seen signs that Justin might be a little jealous or even controlling.

Remember Hailey’s close personal friendship with the oh-so-desirable Shawn Mendes?

Hold on to that memory, because Hailey purged every photo of Shawn from her entire Instagram account.

The two of them went to the Met Gala together earlier this year. Now, from her IG, you’d think they’d never even met.

Shawn is a Canadian singer and heartthrob. He’s younger and hotter than the Biebs.

Did Justin demand that Hailey do that out of jealousy?

There is just so much here that we don’t know.

There is so much here that we cannot know, really.

If Hailey wants her bachelorette party to just be having a nice dinner and then playing scrabble with some of the (other) hottest models on the planet, that’s fine.

Not every bachelorette party needs a stripper or a sexy pillowfight or a human sacrifice.

We just hope that it’s her choice — and that Justin respects her enough to make his own party toned down to match.

Surely the Biebs has sown enough wild oats for a dozen lifetimes.


Party Mom Arrested After Leaving 4-Year-Old Home Alone All Night

The world is full of terrible parents, but only a few stories are so outrageous that they get circulated around the globe.

Like the dad who stuffed his son into the trunk of his car, this woman’s story is grabbing people’s attention in the worst way.

This “party mom” left her 4-year-old child home alone for hours so that she could go out and party all night.

Alex Ciliento 01

Alexandra Ciliento is 29 years old and has a 4-year-old daughter. They live in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Authorities say that she left the house at 11pm on Saturday, leaving her young daughter home alone.

While Ciliento was gone, her daughter managed to escape the home.

What could have ended in tragedy — well, a greater tragedy than this kind of neglect and endangerment — was averted because the girl had the presence of mind to go to a neighbor’s.

The neighbor waited for a full 45 minutes, perhaps hoping that Ciliento had just stepped out and would return. Then, the neighbor called the police.

Alex Ciliento 04

Police were unable to reach Ciliento until after 8am the following morning, which makes it sounds as though Ciliento was partying until after dawn.

Ciliento admitted to police that she left her apartment and that she did not try to get a babysitter for her 4-year-old.

According to court documents, she “was not aware that her child could open a locked door and leave the residence.”

Ciliento normally shares custody with the child’s father.

At present, the child is with him, and Ciliento has been instructed that she is to have no contact with her daughter for the time being.

She is being charged with one count of child abuse.

Alex Ciliento 02

Ciliento reportedly works as a pilates instructor and fitness trainer.

“Always do what makes you happy and be kind to others,” she says in her gym profile. “For everyone is fighting some kind of battle “

She also says that, as a child, she wanted to grow up to be President of the United States.

(There are seemingly no qualifications for that job anymore except for the age limit, so who knows?)

The judge appointed a public defender as Ciliento’s attorney to represent her.

Alex Ciliento 03

Obviously, a huge factor in why this particular story has gone viral is that it reminds so many people of Casey Anthony.

Ciliento, thankfully, did not murder her daughter. And there have been no reports of her binding or drugging her, either.

But leaving a 4-year-old alone for 9 or more hours is a huge risk. Ciliento is a grown adult — she was born in 1988. She should know this.

It is difficult to imagine what sort of excuse she might use to try to justify this. It is almost impossible to imagine any defense being well-received by anyone.

We hope that, whatever happens, the court puts the life and safety of this 4-year-old girl above all other priorities.


Mark Burnett Brawls with Tom Arnold at Pre-Emmys Party!

Who said pre-Emmy Awards parties were boring and pointless?

Okay, fine, no one has ever said much of anything when it comes to pre-Emmy Awards parties in general.

But Tom Arnold and Mark Burnett did what they could to change that on Sunday night.


According to multiple outlets, along with the participants themselves, Arnold got into a physical altercation with the reality show producer and his wife, Roma Downey, at a gathering in Los Angeles.

Both sides have their own stories pertaining to what transpired, but Arnold was the first to Tweet about it just after midnight, writing:

“Mark Burnett just went apes–t & choked me at this huge Emmy party then he ran away with his torn Pink shirt & missing gold chain. I’m waiting for LAPD.”

tommy a

About an hour later, however, Downey shared her own Twitter post and her own version of events.

“Got this bruise tonight when Tom Arnold tried to ambush my husband Mark and me at a charity event. Is your TV show worth it Tom?Please stop,” the actress wrote.

Downey is referring here to “The Hunt for the Trump Tapes,” a series on Viceland that premieres on Tuesday night and which centers on Arnold’s search for various tapes that would embarrass or shame President Donald Trump.

He has alleged in the past that tapes exist of Trump saying the N-Word during his time as Apprentice host — and that Burnett, as creator of that program, has helped bury them.

downey post

In response to Downey’s above accusation, Arnold Tweeted the following early this morning:

“Bullshit. You lie your crazy husband attacked me you psycho. I’m filing a police report & suing you for defamation.”

He reiterated this same threat on social media this afternoon:

“Sitting in West LAPD filing charges against your best bud Apprentice Outtakes Mark Burnett who lost his mind, attacked & chocked [sic] me last nite at Katzenberg’s Night Before The Emmy’s Party.

“Mark Burnett is scared:) #TrumpTapes.”

Many people out there think Arnold is only taking these steps to stir up publicity for his show.

A witness tells TMZ, for example, that Arnold attacked Burnett as soon as he saw the producer at the party.

Burnett then pushed Arnold back, after which Arnold ripped Burnett’s crucifix off his neck, breaking the item in the process.

The confrontation lasted about 30 seconds and everyone involved remained at the party afterward.

Earlier in the day, Arnold told that he wanted to approach Burnett at the Emmys ceremony in a confrontational manner; he also called the reality show creator a “pussy.”

Arnold’s attorney, Marty Singer, confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter today that the incident occurred.

He claimed Burnett “attacked” his client, but said little else of relevance.

Alyson Hannigan, who was also in attendance, Tweeted that the fight broke out in front of her. But she can’t say for sure who started it.

“I thought it was a joke until security jumped in!” she wrote, adding that Survivor host Jeff Probst tried to jump in and break it up.

Phew. At least Probst wasn’t hurt in the scuffle.

Because, let’s face it: No one cares about Burnett or Arnold. But if Jeff Probst got injured in any way?!?

We’d have a real problem on our hands.


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