Derick Dillard: Breaking the Duggars’ Rules, Partying Behind Jill’s Back (Report)

Over the past few weeks, Derick Dillard has set himself apart as something of an unexpected rebel within the Duggar family.

Now, we should note that we mean Derick’s behavior is rebellious only by Duggar standards, which means he adheres to Jim Bob’s strict fundamentalist views, he just occasionally expresses them in unorthodox ways.

Most of the controversies surrounding Derick have had to do with the 28-year-old’s social media presence.

Back in August Derick attacked Jazz Jennings on social media, tweeting that his fellow TLC star, who’s also a transgender teen, is starring in a deceptive “reality show that’s based on a non-reality.”

Dillard added that “gender is ordained by God.”

Earlier this month, Dillard stirred further controversy when he tweeted about racism in America, informing his followers that it’s virtually non-existent.

It seems Derick has enjoyed stirring the pot on social media lately, but one of his latest posts attracted negative attention from fans for reasons that Dillard probably didn’t anticipate:

Derick posted the above video earlier this week along with a caption reading:

“Had a blast getting to hang out with international friends at the international bonfire last night! #intlbonfire17 #internationalstudents #danceparty #southasianstyle”

It may seem innocent enough–and it is–but according to the Duggars’ mindset the most innocuous activities can hide the greatest temptations.

The Duggars are strictly opposed to all forms of dancing, believing, as Michelle Duggar once explained, that it promotes promiscuity by stirring up “sensual” feelings.

“I thought they didn’t approve of dancing? Looks pretty wild,” commented one fan.

“I didn’t know you danced. I know Jim Bob has strict opinions about dancing and defrauding. Where is Jill?” remarked another.

The video above is still live, but Derick deleted a second clip that shows students dancing to the Luis Fonsi hit “Despacito,” after his followers pointed out that the song contains sexually explicit lyrics.

Interestingly, the uproar comes on the heels of reports that Derick is cheating on Jill Duggar, a rumor that Dillard has yet to address directly.

Thus far, the father of two has responded to the speculation only by tweeting several Bible verses about the evils of adultery, a move that’s only added fuel to the fire, as many fans believe the tweets to be Derick’s way of confessing.

If there was any extramarital activity on Derick’s part, the Duggars are no doubt doing their best to sweep it under the carpet.

But if the Josh Duggar sex scandals taught us anything, it’s that there are some stories that even the Duggar PR machine can’t bury.

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Kourtney Kardashian: Mom-Shamed For Partying With Younes Bendjima!

After over a decade of being weighed down by his constant douche drama, Kourtney Kardashian has finally broken free from Scott Disick.

No one in their right mind would doubt that it’ll be easier for Kourt to provide a stable, healthy environment for her children without the presence of an unhinged raging alcoholic in the home.

But that doesn’t mean Kourt is being given a pass by the many mom-shamers of social media.

As you may have heard, Kourtney is dating Younes Bendjima, and the two have been spending a lot of time together.

The couple likes to travel, and the frequent photos of Kourt enjoying the beaches of the world have resulted in some major smack talk from her social media followers.

“She’s probably spent more time vacationing than with her kids,” one follower commented on a recent Instagram post.

“It’s sad that both her and Scott have decided to travel and party a lot now without the kids! As a mom I couldn’t do it,” wrote another.

“Once you become a parent, u stop doing you every week. It should be doing things w/ the kids n giving them those memories. But what do I no [sic]!” remarked one irate fan.

Sadly, we don’t think that last remark was meant to be ironic.

Here’s the thing:

Yes, it’s important for parents to be there for their children, and for most people that means taking the kids along on vacations.

But Kourtney isn’t most people.

We’re not saying the fact that she can afford an army of professional caretakers exempts her from the responsibilities of parenting.

We are saying that her kids have bevy of devoted aunts and other family members who have nothing but time and money on their hands, and thus, probably don’t mind taking the kids now and then.

Again, that’s not to say it’s okay for Kourt to dump her kids off on Khloe every weekend, but some weekends? Sure.

It’s important to consider the specifics of Kourtney’s situation here.

Scott Disick is off on a bender and many believe he has no intention of staying home, sobering up, and being a father to his kids … like, ever.

Kourtney’s trying to cope with that, while simultaneously getting to know a man who might actually have an interest in serving as a father figure to her three beautiful kids.

We can see how it might look like she’s just kicking up her heels with little concern for what becomes of her children, and we can understand why folks might take issue with that.

But whatever the case, Kourt certainly doesn’t deserve the level of hate she’s been receiving online.

“What a joke. She’s really desperate now. Heck with the kids, she wants a man,” wrote one Twitter user in response to a pic of Kourtney on the beach.

“Kourtney Kardashian really thinks she’s like 20 years old traveling the world and leaving her kids at home lmao smh,” commented another.

“Go back taking care of ur kids ugly grandma,” tweeted a particularly angry soul.

“‘Can you watch my kids?’ – Kourtney Kardashian,” another joked.

Alright, that last one was actually pretty funny.

Still, if this keeps up, we might go into full “LEAVE KOURTNEY ALONE!!!” mode.


Malia Obama: Carted Out After Partying at a Music Festival!

So, remember when we told you back in January that Malia Obama "partying" would distract you from the apocalypse?

Those words turned out to be … a little more prophetic than intended.

And you'll see that in the video that we have for you, below.

Malia obama hand to heart

Malia Obama is bright and accomplished.

We don't just mean that her father is one of the most important and beloved Presidents of the past few decades.

Though, obviously, President Barack Obama's legacy is a big deal.

We're not just talking about her mother, Michelle Obama's tremendous legacy.

(We don't agree with her War On Childhood Happiness but other than that she's wonderful — she was on iCarly)

But Malia Obama is a Harvard student.

Unfortunately, we wish that she and Sasha would get better friends … because she's a teenager and she doesn't deserve to be filmed while she's just trying to have fun.

Malia obama close up

Malia Obama was out partying at Lollapalooza, which is an annual music festival.

TMZ got some footage of her rocking out to the Killers, which included her and some of her friends dancing in the dirt.

If you've never enjoyed a song enough to get down on the floor while you're dancing to it, then you haven't been listening to the right music.

(Or maybe you just need to clean your floors)

What really caught people's attention was, as you'll see in the video below, how Malia Obama left Lollapalooza.

She — and, it appeared, some of her friends — left, driven out on a golf cart.

So, yes, she was "carted out."

She looks a little out of it, and while it's always possible that she'd been drinking or whatever, the video was clearly shot at night and she'd just been dancing.

If I'd been doing something illicit every time that I looked groggy while getting a ride, I'd have lived a very different life.

Barack and malia obama image

Now, we didn't see any evidence that Malia was on any substances.

(Tell-tale signs like vomiting or emissions of smoke still wouldn't be proof, but we could at least mention them as evidence)

Even if she were, she's an adult and we have zero problems with her personal choices.

She isn't, for example, using her likability to help a deranged orange push the world to the precipice of nuclear war.

Malia also doesn't take shady meetings with people from a hostile foreign power who are offering to influence American democracy.

Oh, and she doesn't hunt and mutilate wild animals for fun.

Also, Malia's father actually loves her.

That puts her miles ahead of any of Trump's adult children.

She's out there, living her life.

Malia obama image

In fact, the only problem that we see here is that there's footage of it at all.

We're not picking on TMZ — we don't think that their photographers filmed any of what you're about to see.

This was probably just someone else at Lollapalooza — maybe a friend of Malia's, maybe not — who saw Malia and thought that they'd shoot the footage and maybe make a quick buck.

Malia's sister Sasha has been showing up on other people's Snapchats as they take photos literally behind her back.

We know that, realistically, nobody has an expectation of privacy when they go outside.

But these girls deserve to live their lives in peace, okay?

We hope that Malia's friends will look out for her and anyone who might try to capitalize on her fame or embarrass her.

The bad guys shouldn't get to use Malia Obama as a distraction.

Malia obama carted out after partying at a music festival

Blac Chyna: Spotted Partying With Tyga & Lamar Odom?!

It’s a Kardashian exes party, everyone!

Yes, according to E! News Blac Chyna was spotted hanging out with both Tyga and Lamar Odom at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Los Angeles last night.

The trio – each of whom is most famous for enduring messy breakups with members of the Kardashian clan – were all on hand to celebrate the launch of the I.Go Live app.

If that’s not a 2017 sentence, we don’t know what is.

Anyway, it’s a little odd that the three were spotted being civil together.

Lamar has no cause for beef with the other two, but Tyga and Chyna haven’t gotten along very well in recent years.

As followers of the Kard clan know, there’s a whole lot of history between those two.

For starters, Blac and Tyga were once engaged, and they have a child together.

On top of that, of course, Chyna dated Rob Kardashian at the same time that Tyga was going out with Rob’s sister Kylie Jenner.

Both of those relationships ended in ugly fashion recently, but Chyna definitely wins the ugliest breakup award, as Rob posted nude photos of her on social media and publicly accused her of cheating on him and using hard drugs in the presence of her kids.

Throughout it all, Tyga claimed he warned Rob about Chyna, but if she was angry about her ex’s words of caution, she certainly didn’t show it last night.

In fact, she was so enjoying the unexpected reunion with Tyga that onlookers say at one point she grabbed his arm to make sure he wasn’t leaving the party.

“I’m just going to the bathroom,” T-Raww replied. “I’ll be right back.”

The whole thing is sure to spark another round of “Blac and Tyga are getting back together” rumors, but sources say their interaction appeared to be platonic.

Later in the evening, Chyna, Tyga, and Lamar were spotted conversing with Jennifer Lopez’s ex Casper Smart.

So let this be a lesson to all you young people out there.

Don’t bother going to school or developing a skill.

In the 21st century, you can just have sex with a famous person and get invited to fancy parties for the rest of your life.

Sadly, it seems Scott Disick was unable to attend last night’s festivities.


Scott Disick: I’m Drinking and Partying Because I Miss Kourtney!

Scott Disick swears that he isn’t a sex addict, and we have to agree — since sex addiction has yet to be recognized as being a real thing and not a convenient excuse.

But he definitely has some kind of problem. One of them is just drinking himself to death, so we guess that he has a few problems.

His life right now might sound like a fantasy for some people, but he is reportedly far from living the life that he wants right now.

People‘s source close to the situation gives some insight into Scott Disick’s state of mind these days.

And it’s not pretty.

“In his ideal world, he would still be with Kourtney.”

We sort of figured that.

But absolutely none of his behavior shows him acting like it.

Like, if his plan was to make Kourtney jealous … it’s backfiring pretty spectacularly.

(We kid, though — we don’t think that Scott is putting that much thought into his actions before carrying them out)

“He wants her back, but he just isn’t taking the steps needed to make that happen.”

That much is abundantly clear.

Everything that he does — publicly, anyway — seems almost precisely calculated to drive a further wedge between them.

Scott seems to be on a rollercoaster of self-destructive behavior (however fun some of it may be).

We don’t see it ending until he hits his rock bottom, whatever that may be.

The source describes Scott’s relationship with Kourtney as “is pretty fractured right now.”


“Scott is really sad about it, and it’s part of why he’s lashing out.”

His lashing out takes a few forms.

One of them, of course, is his self-destructive behavior that hurts his relationship with Kourtney.

Part of that is making sure that it’s seen, which is hurtful to Kourtney but also seems to be defiantly thrown in the face of the media.

It’s like he’s mocking the world for paying attention to him … by acting more and more outlandish.

But, mostly, he’s just partying all of the time.

“He’s in a partying mindset, and Kourtney is obviously not happy with that.”

There’s nothing healthy about their dynamic right now, and we can only see it getting worse.

And none of that appears to be Kourtney’s doing.

Kourtney, Younes

The same source claims that Kourtney’s relationship with Younes Bendjima isn’t much more serious than Scott’s innumerable flings.

“Everyone around her knows she’s just having fun and no one expects it to turn into anything serious.”

In case people are wondering if Kourtney is hypocritical for being so furious with Scott when she’s enjoying a boy-toy … these are not the same situation.

Kourtney isn’t getting photographed in Cannes touching Younes’ nipple.

Younes isn’t almost naked and eating a burger out on Kourtney’s lawn for reasons that we may never truly understand.

(You know that Bella Thorne didn’t spontaneously decide to do that without Scott’s knowledge)

Kourtney isn’t making sure that she’s seen with a new hot young model at every turn, as if she’s deliberately trying to make it hard for tabloids to keep track.

And, not for nothing, but Younes is 23. Unlike most of Scott Disick’s recent … “friends” … he’s old enough to drink and therefore quite a bit more age-appropriate.

To be clear, Scott has the right to drink as much as he likes, and there’s nothing inherently wrong with promiscuity.

As we’ve mentioned before, the problem with Scott’s behavior is that he’s a father with real responsibilities to his children.

That doesn’t just mean loving and providing for them — it also means behaving responsibly.

These tabloid stories aren’t going to vanish from the internet in a year.

They’ll follow his children, even though they’re shielded from them now, for the rest of their lives.

That’s not fair to them.

And, on some level, Scott knows it.

As we’ve mentioned before, Scott appears to be trapped in a horrible spiral.

He acts impulsively, drinking and having sex.

He looks back on what he’s done and is filled with regret and self-loathing.

That self-loathing doesn’t motivate him to try to repair the damage.

Instead, he’s driven to still more self-destructive behavior.

This is a guy who’s basically been on a bender for the past, what? Seven months?

Benders, like parties, always come to an end at some point.

When he hits his rock bottom, whatever form that ends up taking, he might decide to change.

If he survives.


Brad Pitt: Partying at Nightclubs as Friends Fear Relapse

Back in May, following months of rumors about his personal life and the state of his mental health, Brad Pitt admitted to struggling with a drinking problem and seeking treatment for substance abuse.

In a surprisingly candid interview with GQ, the 53-year-old Pitt revealed that he had been drinking heavily since college and couldn’t recall going a single day in his adult life without some sort of inebriant.

After a tumultuous year, Pitt’s life is reportedly settling back down these days.

His formerly contentious custody battle with Angelina Jolie is said to have reached a more civil stage in which both parties are working together to figure out an arrangement that works best for their kids.

The actor is working again, and there are rumors that Pitt is romantically involved with Sienna Miller.

Of course, his sobriety is still relatively new, and thus, rather fragile.

Anyone who’s struggled with addiction can tell you that at the point Pitt’s at now, it’s a near-constant battle.

So it’s no surprise that friends are said to be concerned by reports that Pitt was recently spotted partying at a nightclub into the wee hours.

According to Radar online, Pitt was “the last man standing” at the Rabbit Hole Club in England on June 23, where he partied until 3 am after spending the day at the Glastonbury Festival.

“At this rate, Brad’s heading for a major relapse, and he’s only going to push Angie’s buttons if she thinks Brad’s flirting with Sienna,” a source close to the situation tells Radar.

A relapse, of course, would be devastating not only in terms of Pitt’s health and overall well-being, but also with regard to his custody rights.

Insiders say he and Jolie have reached a point where they’re amicably co-parenting their six children, but that peace is rumored to be tenuous.

“Right now Angie holds all the aces in terms of custody, so Brad needs to keep on her good side,” says the source.

Hopefully, Pitt’s been able to party without getting drunk or high.

If that’s not the case, we hope for both his sake and the sake of his children that he’ll be able to find the help he needs.