Plane Makes Emergency Landing After Man’s Body Odor Sickens Passengers

Flying in an airplane is rarely fun. But sometimes, it can be downright unbearable.

While most people would consider sitting near a bad-smelling passenger to be bad enough, unpleasant body odor isn’t usually enough to land a plane.

But that is just what happened here, as one person’s foul odor was enough to sicken others and force the plane to land.

Transavia 01

Transavia may sound like the name of an all-naturla sugar substitute, but it is a Dutch budget airline.

Unfortunately, one Transavia flight from the Spanish island of Gran Canaria, a fairly common vacation destination in Europe, was besieged by a foul odor.

Reportedly, passengers complained of an “unbearable” smell, which they blamed upon an “unwashed” man onboard.

The alleged olfactory assault was so severe that some passengers reportedly became ill.

Once the flight took off from the Las Palmas airport, some people’s reactions were so severe that they were fainting or vomiting.


Transavia 02

One Belgian passenger named Piet van Haut reported that:

“It was a huge stench.”

It certainly sounds like it.

“The man was sitting on the last row of the plane.”

Nonetheless, it sounds like many passengers were impacted.

“And it smelled like he hadn’t washed for weeks.”

Horrific. Unimaginable.

Transavia 03

Apparently, after several passengers grew ill from the relentless assault upon their senses, airline staff asked the man to confine himself to the bathroom.

That was not enough to mitigate the damage, unfortunately.

The plane was headed for Amsterdam in the Netherlands, but had to make an emergency stop in Portugal, at Faro Airport.

It was then that the man was ushered off of the plane.

He was then placed on a bus by medical personnel.

Transavia 04

In a statement from Transavia, it was said that the emergency stop was made for “medical” reasons.

Many people immediately wondered if perhaps the odor arose from something other than poor hygiene. Perhaps this poor man was suffering an illness that created a powerful and noxious body odor.

Diabetes, thyroid issues, and dysfunction in the kidneys or liver can lead to different and unpleasant body odor that can be difficult to mask.

There is another medical possibility: a mutation known as trimethylaminuria.

Trimethylamine is the chemical compound responsible for giving fish their “fishy odor.”

People with trimethylaminuria, which is extremely rare, are unable to break down that compound. This causes it to build up in their systems.

We don’t know what kind of bad smell drove these passengers to their limits. If what they were smelling was similar to fish emulsion, this could be the answer.

But obviously, we don’t know.

Transavia 05

Sometimes, people don’t smell too bad even when they smell a little “ripe.” But please, no matter your personal opinion, tell someone if they are about to go fly somewhere and their body odor is in any way detectable.

We feel so sorry for this poor man and for his fellow passengers.

None of them asked for this to happen.

And honestly? We feel sorry for Transavia. A lot of airlines get bad press, but it sounds like Transavia did all of the right things, here.

There are so many ways to ruin someone’s flight. Let’s all try to avoid being at fault.


Cruise Ship Brawls: Horrified Passengers Ran For Their Cabins

Cruise ships are just supposed to be places where a bunch of drunk strangers form a giant petri dish of potential ailments while trying to enjoy themselves.

But one recent South Pacific cruise was totally derailed by brawling passengers engaging in fights. The cruise line lays the blame at the feet at 23 members of one Italian family.

Warning: the video below, which shows just one of the brawls from aboard the cruise ship, may be disturbing due to its content.

Cruise ship brawl 01

At the beginning of this video — a recording of one of multiple brawls, only some of which were filmed — a quick-thinking cruise passenger on this Carnival Legends ship can at first only see the periphery of the fight.

And, of course, hear the screams.

Most of the passengers were apparently Australian. The man recording the video below certainly sounds like he was.

As the brawl moves closer, a number of people flee to avoid being drawn into it or injured by the participants.

You'd think that a fight on a boat would have a vibe like something out of a pirate movie, at least.

instead, this looks like an unarmed version of The Purge.

Cruise ship brawl 02

To add to the disturbing elements of this video, people who appear to be cruise ship employees are shown appearing to engage in two different unacceptable behaviors.

One person who appears to work security is shown repeatedly kicking a man who is laying on the ground. It appears that someone throws themselves over that man's body to protect him.

Some reports claim that the man on the ground is a 17-year-old boy. Either way, that looks horrible.

Multiple employees appear to try to deter filming, which is not even acceptable when actual police do it.

Some reports claim that cruise ship employees stole people's phones in order to delete incriminating videos.

Cruise ship brawl 03

The key culprits in the actual brawling and fighting, however, were reportedly members of a 23-member Italian family.

One cruise passenger described this "big Italian family' assailing other passengers, resulting in people "getting strangled and punched up."

"Very violent, they were full-on attacks."

At least one passenger called his father in Australia to plead for him to get the government to send help.

Though members of the crew eventually locked a number of passengers in their rooms after days of terror, there wasn't really a place where they could lock up a couple dozen troublemakers.

Cruise ships don't have the authority to make people walk the plank, folks.

Cruise ship brawl 04

Some passengers point to what they believe to be the real culprit.

One chose to blame alcohol, as many passengers have unlimited passes to the bar.

Which, she claimed, means that a lot of people are just super drunk by 6 or 7 in the evening.

The problem with that accusation is that this cruise ship, which was traveling from Melbourne to New Caledonia, had 2000 people on board.

Two thousand. Versus what, a couple dozen — let's say a few dozen — troublemakers.

This wasn't an alcohol problem, this was a terrible people being violent problem.

Cruise ship brawl 05

The frightening brawls sent a number of guests to lock themselves in their cabins for their own safety. Not exactly an ideal vacation.

Carnival Cruise Line says that they've sent people to provide comfort to passengers who were understandably upset.

Apparently they offered passengers 25% off on a future cruise, which is … well, that's gotten a mixed reception.

Some passengers aren't planning on ever going on another Carnival Cruise Line, as you may recall that some were just as horrified by the behavior of employees as they were by the brawlers.

So a 25% discount — or one of 100% doesn't mean that much.

Watch this video, if you're feeling up to it, and decide for yourself if that's an experience that you'd want to risk repeating:

Cruise ship brawls horrified passengers ran for their cabins

Southwest Airlines Woman Smokes, Threatens to Kill Fellow Passengers

There are a lot of rules on airplanes, but most of them are fairly common sense. You know, don't smoke, don't shove the flight attendants, and definitely don't threaten to murder everyone onboard.

Unfortunately, one woman apparently didn't get the memo, as she managed to do all three in a very short amount of time.

It doesn't sound like anybody actually got hurt, but she's obviously in major trouble. And yes, folks. There's video.

Valerie curbelo plane threatener 1

As you're about to see in the video below, a woman named Valerie Curbelo seemed to lose her mind on a Southwest Airlines flight.

Now, plenty of people feel like they're "gonna lose it" on a flight.

Maybe a kid keeps kicking their seat. Maybe they're sitting beside someone with poor boundaries or who won't stop talking or who snores loudly.

(There are other potential complaints that one might have — airplanes are metal tubes that cram as many humans into them as possible for hours at a time)

But feeling irritated by circumstances is very, very different from what happened to Valerie.

She's in jail, folks.

Valerie curbelo plane threatener 2

Apparently, Valerie Curbelo went into the bathroom, tampered with the smoke detector, and smoked.

On an airplane.

Like it's the 1960s or something.

That is, to be clear, absolutely inexcusable. The do-not-smoke signs are impossible to miss, and it's been more or less understood in society for years and years that you don't just start smoking in an enclosed public place like it's The Purge.

As bad as that is, though, it's what Valerie did next that got her into so much more trouble.

And that's the part that was captured on video.

Valerie curbelo plane threatener 4

Valerie can be seen irate, having apparently grabbed her belongings and even donned a hat.

Angrily, she yells:

"I have a destination for myself!"

That's a worrisome and also very strange thing to say, let alone yell while dressed as though you're about to try to leap out of the plane with the expectation that you'll suddenly learn how to fly.

"I swear, if you don’t … land."

Oh boy, threats.

"I will f—ing kill everybody on this f—ing plane!"

She reportedly then shoved an airline attendant and had to be restrained for the rest of the flight.

Upon landing, she was arrested on a felony charge of making a death threat. Obviously.

Valerie curbelo plane threatener 3

As you'll also see in the video, she is now at a loss to explain her behavior on the plane, saying only that it was brought about by anxiety.

Having a hankering for a cigarette is not an excuse for anything, but … what if there's something more?

Everyone's brain is a little different. If this is an isolated incident, it may be that this woman's body responds to a change in air pressure in a dramatic way that made her behavior beyond her control.

If there's an identifiable and treatable mental illness behind this, she could go on to live a fairly normal life.

But we don't imagine that she'll be welcome on many airplanes in the near future.

Those No-Fly lists are not a laughing matter.

Southwest airlines woman smokes threatens to kill fellow passeng

Woman Comforts Crying Child, Proves Not All Airline Passengers Suck

No one likes when a child cries on a plane.

But do you know who hates when a child cries on a plane the most?

The parent holding said child!

Still, for some depressing reason, fellow passengers often give the adults riding with young kids a hard time when these kids get sad.

That's what happened when a woman named Kesha Bernard was flying from Seattle to Denver and a toddler started wailing.

As documented on Facebook (and below), Bernard was aghast at the reaction of those around her, prior to jumping into helpful action herself…

1. This is Kesha Bernard

This is kesha bernard
She has two kids of her own… two young kids of her own even. So she understood exactly what a passenger was going through on board a flight that featured a mother flying alone with THREE small humans.

2. This is Kesha Bernard and a Child Who is NOT Hers

This is kesha bernard and a child who is not hers
Kesha shared this photo on her Facebook page and then explained its origin to her friends.

3. And This is What Happened:

And this is what happened
Yes, a baby started crying. How dare it do such a thing, right?!?

4. She Could Ignore a Baby Crying

She could ignore a baby crying
But not the complaints other passengers dared to file out loud while the plane was grounded.

5. Hell to the NO!

Hell to the no
Yes, a woman actually did this to a child.

6. No One Offered to Help in Any Way

No one offered to help in any way
Not even the flight attendant.

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Woman Live Tweets Every Airline Passenger’s Worst Nightmare

When Jessie Char arrived at her seat on a recent JetBlue flight, she witnessed the most glorious sight any airline passenger could ever hope to see:

An empty middle seat and an empty window seat.

The surprise was so beautiful that Char had to Tweet about it, right then and there:

empty seats

On her flight home Long Beach to San Francisco, the 30-year old would get to relax with no concern over anyone’s elbows or any fellow passenger forcing her up to use the bathroom.

It’s what we all dream of when board a flight, right?

But then Char’s fantasy turned into a nightmare.

Prepared to maybe even lie across all three seats and squeeze in a nap, Char wrote a mysterious Tweet.

“You guys will never guess what happened next,” she teased to followers.

char tweet

“I noticed one of the armrests collapse and so I looked over only to see a foot emerge from the row behind me,” Char explained to People Magazine, adding in horror:

“It was writhing around on one armrest and there was a significant amount of toe wiggling.”

No. Oh God… no.

This didn’t really happen, did it?

Yes, it did:

flying nightmare

Char says she crouched down into her seat “to remain undetected.” She couldn’t help but snap a photo of the bare feet that will forever haunt her sleep.

And then things got even worse!

“While I was logging onto the airplane Wi-Fi, I saw the left foot stretch over to open the window, and then close it again,” she told The Today Show, which also picked this story up.

“I looked to the front and back for the nearest flight attendant and caught someone’s eye, but by the time she reached me the feet discreetly retracted back into the abyss of row 6.”

gross feet

Why didn’t Char say something to this individual?

“I was in literal shock,” she told People. “I think I needed another human with me in the moment to reassure me I wasn’t just seeing things.”

Char’s tweet of the feet has been Liked on Twitter over 26,000 times and received over 5,000 retweets.

flight advice

Will she ever fly again? Yes, of course, don’t be silly.

But she does have some advice for anyone who encounters a similar situation.

“I tried not to breathe super heavily while [the bare feet] were present,” she said.

She’s a better person than we are, that’s for sure.

Forget breathing heavy. We’d have drank heavily and then “accidentally” spilled our beverage on the inappropriate appendages extended across the seats next to us. 

When she got up upon landing, Char said she spotted the woman who committed this traveling sin.

She’s in her mid 40s, Char estimates, and is approximately 5’3″.

So beware if you see someone who looks like this on your next flight! Prepare to take action!