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DJ Paul on MLK Day It’s Cool to Be Black Now, But Racism Won’t End Until …


DJ Paul says African-Americans have a lot to be happy about as the nation celebrates Martin Luther King Jr. Day … because being black is in right now.

We asked the Three 6 Mafia rapper how he felt about the state of race relations heading into the holiday — and he was totally optimistic … probably more so than most people would be.

DJP, who’s from Memphis — the city where Dr. King was assassinated — called 2018 a great year for black people, and he named some milestones to back up his claim.

Bottom line for Paul, this year’s a big W for Dr. King.

As for the “I Have a Dream” speech — Paul says we’re almost there, and Drake will be the ultimate barometer of when racism is dead. Puzzled? Just watch his take.

DJ Paul on R. Kelly His Musical Legacy Will Live On … Even if He Goes to Jail


DJ Paul says R. Kelly will continue being a musical legend despite what happens with the fallout from Lifetime’s docuseries — even if the guy gets charged and convicted.

We got the Three 6 Mafia rapper Sunday at LAX, where he agreed with French Montana that R. Kelly should be allowed to enjoy his legacy … despite allegations of sexual misconduct and abuse.

Paul takes it one step further, saying R. Kelly’s personal life is separate from his music. He says Robert Kelly is totally distinguishable from R. Kelly.

The MC seems to be well aware of what Kelly has been accused of, but even so … he insists R. Kelly’s music will live on forever no matter what comes from all this.

Many others beg to differ. The #MuteRKelly movement is catching fire, and Celine Dion and Lady Gaga have already pulled their collabs with R. Kelly from streaming services

Boxing Star Ryan Garcia Logan Paul Used As Punching Bag … ‘F*** Me Up, Ryan!!’

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Here’s a sight that’ll make KSI VERY happy — Logan Paul took an absolute beating from a real deal boxing star on his podcast … and the video looks painful as hell!!

20-year-old Ryan Garcia — a 17-0 rising boxing star — turned the social media megastar into his own human punching bag on the “Impaulsive” podcast on Monday … as part of the Body Shot Challenge.

If you can’t figure it out … the Body Shot Challenge is when someone tries to punch you as many times as possible (usually wearing some sort of padding).

Paul volunteered to be Garcia’s guinea pig … but the dude was clearly shook.

“I am f*cked. I am SO f*cked,” Paul says before taking 20 straight punches to the gut and falling backward.

BTW, Garcia’s known to be a heavy hitter — he’s knocked all but 3 of his opponents. But, Logan takes the hits like a champ, though … and even takes one WITHOUT the padding!!

KSI, take notes for the rematch … if it ever happens.

Logan Paul KSI ‘Broke Contract’ for Rematch … Let’s Fight Already!


Logan Paul says KSI is pulling some shady crap when it comes to their rematch — saying the YouTube star is breaking their contract by refusing to fight in February. 

Remember, the two squared off back in August but fought to a draw in a crazy 6-round slugfest at Manchester Arena in the U.K. 

The two had signed a contract requiring a rematch — but the two sides can’t seem to agree on a date. 

On Wednesday, KSI posted a video pointing the finger at Logan’s camp — saying Team Paul was supposed to take the lead with planning since it’s supposed to happen in the U.S. … but he’s failing.

KSI claims Logan wants the fight to go down on the West Coast — but says it doesn’t make sense because time zone issues would make it difficult for U.K. fans to watch the fight live. 

KSI is demanding an East Coast location and says he wants the fight pushed to November so they can properly train and promote the event. 

But, when we saw Logan at Warwick in Hollywood on Wednesday night … he told a different story. 

“He already broke the contract. It was supposed to happen in February. He already broke that sh*t.”

Logan continued … “He needs time to prepare. I’m okay. I tried to do it in December but he wouldn’t do it.”

Both guys clearly want to fight — but they need to figure out a date and venue stat. 

Logan Paul Hey, Dana White ‘Get Your Head Out Your Ass and Sign Me!!!’


Logan Paul says Dana White needs to “get his head out of his ass” and sign him to a UFC fight already — because it’s easy money for everyone involved. 

Remember, Paul fought YouTube star KSI in a boxing match earlier this year — and got real praise from real UFC stars including Tyron Woodley and UFC color commentator Joe Rogan

Paul had said he wants a UFC fight next, but White shot him down saying he’d get hurt if he got in the Octagon with a real MMA fighter. 

But, Paul says that’s a bunch of crap — telling TMZ Sports he’s already proven he can hold his own in a fight … and would dedicate himself to training if the two sides worked out a deal. 

“If I get the chance to fight in the UFC, that’s my life,” Paul says. 

“Dana, what’s good? The people want it man!”

Of course, Paul’s opponent would be a huge factor — Logan says he understands he’s not ready for a shot with a killer like Khabib … but he WOULD be down to fight Conor McGregor

“I would be honored for Conor to rip my head off.”

Stay tuned … 

Logan Paul to Andrew Johnson Don’t Let That Racist Ref Bring You Down!!!


Logan Paul hates everything about the wrestling story out of New Jersey, where a white referee forced a black high school wrestler to cut his dreadlocks before his match … and says that ref should be out of a job for good.

We asked the YouTube star for his thoughts on the incident as he leaving The Cheesecake Factory in Beverly Hills Friday, and he summed it up pretty good, saying … “That’s f***ed!”

Paul was a stud wrestler himself back in H.S., and tells us he was never asked to cut his hair, so he thinks it’s ridiculous Andrew Johnson was put in that position … and feels badly for him.

As we reported … NJ state athletic officials are investigating the ref, Alan Maloney, and he will not be working any matches while they do so. Maloney had previously been disciplined for making a racist comment in 2016, and obviously many believe what he did to Johnson was racially motivated.

Logan’s clearly one of them, but he’s got a positive message for Johnson — don’t let this one bad dude bring you down.