Beyonce, Jay-Z’s House Developers Sued For Not Paying Contractors for Dirt Work

The folks who built Beyonce and Jay-Z’s new Bel-Air house apparently scored a fortune off them, but screwed the little guy who did the dirty work … this according to a new lawsuit. Qwest Engineering is suing famed real estate developer Dean…


Adam Lind: Not Paying Child Support, Buying Meth Instead?!

Adam Lind … every time we hear about this jackass, he just sounds worse and worse.

Which is surprising, considering that we already know he’s a deadbeat dad with a penchant for meth and murdering puppies.

“How could he possibly get worse than that?” you may find yourself wondering.

And to that, we say this:

Adam Lind always finds a way.

For his latest act of awfulness, Adam has — surprise, surprise — fallen behind yet again on his child support payments.

This time, to the tune of over $ 9,000.

In court documents obtained by Radar Online, Taylor Halbur headed to court back in August to let the powers that be know that Adam was slacking again when it came to making payments for their daughter, Paislee.

To make up the missed payments, he was ordered to cough up $ 9,062.68, which of course he didn’t do.

And you probably won’t be surprised to learn that he still hasn’t paid.

Because hey, why provide child support for a child you never really see when you could buy meth and steroids instead?!

Yep, this new information fits along nicely with a report we heard about Adam earlier this month — one that claimed he was still on drugs.

Things have gotten so bad for him that his longtime girlfriend, Stasia Huber, has moved out of their home because of lies he told her about his drug use.

An insider said that he “doesn’t set up time” to visit with Paislee, and that he “hardly” ever visits Aubree, his daughter with Chelsea Houska, either.

“He has the potential to be a good dad when there aren’t obstacles in his way,” the insider explained.

“At the end of the day all that matters though is his actions and his effort and it’s just not there. He only works on his cars and sleeps a lot.”

And spends his money on anything put supporting his children, apparently.

If he owes over $ 9,000 for Paislee, then it’s pretty safe to assume he’s fallen behind on payments for Aubree, too.

The difference is that Paislee’s mother isn’t a successful reality star with a salary to match — Chelsea has said that Adam’s child support payments goes straight to a separate bank account that she rarely looks at, so she may have not noticed a lapse in payments yet.

It’s also worth noting that this isn’t the first time Adam has fallen behind on his child support payments — not by a long shot.

About this time last year, two warrants were issued for his arrest: one for falling $ 3,805 behind in payments for Aubree, and one for falling $ 5,489 behind in payments for Paislee.

That time, he managed to pay the money he owed, but this time, things aren’t looking so good.

He finally kept his promise in quitting Teen Mom 2 this season, and if he really does have that bad meth habit he’s rumored to have, he probably doesn’t have any money squirreled away from his time on the show.

So maybe a couple more arrest warrants will be issued — and maybe he’ll actually see some consequences for his actions this time.

We can only hope.


Usher: Accused of Infecting Partner with Herpes, Paying $1.1 in Hush Money

According to an explosive new report, Usher and an unnamed woman recently engaged in “rigorous unprotected sex” …

… without the singer revealing to his partner at the time that he was infected with herpes.

In court documents obtained by Radar Online, the singer was diagnosed with this sexually transmitted diseased around 2009 or 2010.

Following his divorce from Tameka Foster, Usher started sleeping with a celebrity stylist, only to have a “greenish discharge” ooze from his penis at one point.

Doctors determined that the artist was an “asymptomatic carrier” and he had no other signs of infection, the legal documents state.

After initially discussing the situation with his lover, Usher convinced her that his STD test came back negative and the two continued to have unprotected sexual intercourse.

“Believing Raymond’s statements that (the discharge) had been nothing and cleared up, (she) continued her relationship,” the legal papers read, using Usher’s last name and referencing his victim.

About three weeks after she started sleeping with Usher, the woman woke up “feeling very sick” with a “fever of 100 degrees, chills, headache, and aches and pains.”

She also “developed lesions and blisters in her vagina” and was eventually diagnosed with herpes herself.

The lawsuit states that Usher wrote a check for $ 2,754.40 in order to cover the woman’s medical expenses at the time.

But she later filed a lawsuit against the artist, accusing him of “consciously and purposely” withholding his diagnosis from her, despite the pair carrying on with an unsafe sexual relationship.

“In a series of telephone conversations and online chat sessions, [Usher] has apologized for infecting [her] and told her he would take care of things,” reads the lawsuit.

In a legal declaration also in Radar’s possession, the accuser said she “feels that her health and body have been ruined,” and she “has suffered severe emotional distress and has been extremely depressed … knowing there is no cure.”

Usher finally settled this case with his ex-fling on December 28, 2012, paying her a total of $ 1.1 million.

It’s a pretty ugly issue to bubble to the surface for Usher all these years later.

But we guess he can take solace in one thing:

At least he isn’t R.Kelly.