Heineken Trolls Pepsi, Releases Politically-Charged Ad

Just three weeks after Pepsi released an ad starring Kendall Jenner as the sole solution to social issues that divide our country, Heineken has come out with its own politically-charged commercial.

But this one is very different than the video that earned Pepsi such stunned backlash.

The beer company has released a four-minute YouTube spot titled “Worlds Apart: An Experiment” in which six strangers with different political and social beliefs are divided into three partnerships.

They are then tasked with working together to build stools, and, eventually, a bar.

If this all sounds very complicated and drawn out for a beer commercial… it is.

But the message does resonate in the end.

After teaming up with one another, the participants were then informed about their partner's viewpoints on various topics; for example, one transgender woman discovered that her her assigned other half believed that being transgender was “not right."

Another duo realized they disagreed vehemently on climate change.

Despite their significant differences, each tandem stuck around to talk and work through their opinions – over beer, of course, hence the tie-in to Heineken.

The commercial has been praised by such stars as Sarah Silverman.

It stands in stark contrast to the notorious Pepsi ad because it's not exploiting a movement such as Black Lives Matter.

Nor is it using real-life conflict between police and citizens as fodder for how Pepsi tastes so great that it can put an end to any kind of tension.

Instead, it's simply emphasizing the importance of having an open dialogue – and, hey, what better way to have said dialogue than over a bottle of beer?

Watch the ad for yourself and then react. Does this commercial also cross a line? Should companies avoid politics at all costs?

Or does this video manage to walk that fine line in suitable, even admirable, fashion?

Heineken trolls pepsi releases politically charged commercial

Caitlyn Jenner Defends Kendall’s Pepsi Controversy, She’s Just a Model (AUDIO)

Caitlyn Jenner says her daughter got a raw deal after the debacle of that Pepsi protest commercial, because after all … Kendall Jenner’s just a model who showed up for a job. The Pepsi ad came up during Caitlyn’s interview Tuesday on Andy…


Kendall Jenner Pepsi Ad: Some People Actually Like It!

By now you’ve almost certainly heard about the calamity of performative woke-ness that was the Kendall Jenner Pepsi commercial.

When the spot first hit the Internet last week, it seemed like everybody hated it.

The reactions on social media were overwhelmingly negative, and eventually Kendall’s ad was pulled, and Pepsi was forced to issue an embarrassed apology.

But was the outcry as extreme and unanimous as we’ve been led to believe?

Because we live in the age of outrage, there appears to be a backlash in response to the backlash going on, as many are now voicing their support for Kendall and Pepsi.

Obviously, some folks are just enjoying being contrarians on Twitter because, well, that’s the nature of 2017, but apparently there’s a large segment of the population that really enjoyed the commercial and can’t see what all the fuss is about.

A recent poll conducted by The Morning Consult found that a full 44% of respondents took a more favorable view of Pepsi after viewing the ad.

Interestingly, blacks and Hispanics took a more favorable view of the ad than whites.

The research indicates that 75 percent of Hispanic respondents and 51 percent of African American respondents felt more favorably toward Pepsi, compared to just 41 percent of white respondents.

Kendall didn’t fare as well, as only 67 percent of Hispanics and 31 percent of African Americans and 25 percent of whites had more favorable feelings toward her.

Of course the percentages who didn’t take a more favorable view represent tens of millions of people, a large enough percentage of whom were vocal enough on social media to get the ad pulled.

But it seems you can count Alec Baldwin among the small percentage of whites who take a kinder view of Kendall these days:

“Don’t blame @KendallJenner for that spot,” Baldwin tweeted yesterday.

“Kendall is still a very young, inexperienced woman in an awful business. Blame her management.”

Um … what?

Regardless of your feelings toward the commercial, surely we can all agree that Kendall is an adult who’s responsible for her own career choices, right?

Here’s the thing:

Is Kendall’s ad dumb? Yes.

It was a poorly-conceived effort to squeeze profits out of a demographic that’s famously media savvy and cynical about crass commercialism.

Many of the people that Pepsi was targeting this ad saw right through it, and it’s mind-blowing that execs didn’t realize that they would.

So should Kendall and Pepsi be shamed for their attempt? Nah.

The ad was misguided, but not mean-spirited, and both Pepsi and Kendall seem duly chastised for their ignaorance.

Was the commercial more than a little cynical and opportunistic?

Yes, but for other examples of the same attitude, please see every other advertising campaign in history.

Pepsi made a dumb commercial, and Kendall willingly participated for a whole lot of money, and now they’ve both been knocked down a peg as a result.

There. Now we’ve voiced the opinion that will finally bring Internet users of all political stripes together in perfect harmony, and we trust that no one will take to the comments to call us names.

It’s morning in America, people! Someone toss us a damn Pepsi!


Kendall Jenner to Appear at Coachella Following Pepsi Debacle

Quick: What do Kendall Jenner and Sean Spicer have in common?

Well, aside from the fact that they both owe their careers to gigantic asses over which they have no control, they’ve both been involved in disastrously tone deaf PR blunders in recent weeks.

Sure Kendall didn’t defend Hitler on Passover or anything crazy like that, but her personal press nightmare was the result from a move that was astonishingly out of touch with the current zeitgeist, particularly by the standards of a globe-trotting 20-year-old who prides herself on her woke-ness.

As you’ve no doubt heard, Kendall starred in a Pepsi commercial last week.

But this wasn’t your grandfather’s Pepsi commercial, in which Kendall just shows up, looks pretty, and pretends to enjoy the taste of carbonated brown sugar water.

No, this was an attempt on Pepsi’s part to cash in on our nation’s political strife by demonstrating that rich white girl plus can of name-brand soda equals the answer to all the world’s problems:

We won’t even bother to delve into the ridiculousness of the ad, as social media has already roasted this thing to a crisp, but we recommend you watch it again if you’ve forgotten why it didn’t turn out to be pop-peddling classic, a la “I’d Like to Buy the World a Coke.”

(We think they made the mistake of having mid-bender Don Draper write this thing instead of yoga Don.)

Anyway, not surprisingly, Kendall has been keeping a low profile in the weeks since Twitter turned its wrath on her.

But we assume Kris Jenner sat her down and informed her that this family can’t afford another Recluse Rob, because Kendall is planning to make her big return to the spotlight at Coachella this weekend!

Okay, not actually at Coachella, but at a pair of corporate-sponsored events that are indirectly tied to the music fest.

First, Kendall will host a party thrown by the dating app Bumble.

We’re assuming host means “take the stage and stand around awkwardly for a few minutes, possibly while drinking a Coke.”

After that she’ll reportedly make six figures DJ-ing at 1Oak, because DJ-ing is apparently comething Kendall does now.

Sources say Kendall will be joined by sister Kylie at both events.

Attendees should know that there will be no harassment of Kendall, as security will be out in force at both parties.

Although if they get in your face, just offer them a can of soda, and they’ll probably back off.


D.L. Hughley Nails Pepsi, Kendall Jenner’s Dating Record Doesn’t Make Her a Black Activist (VIDEO)

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Kendall Jenner Pepsi Ad: ROASTED by Saturday Night Live!

It's been a rough week for Kendall Jenner.

And for Pepsi. And for people who like commercials that aren't literally the dumbest thing they've ever seen.

On Tuesday, Pepsi debuted their brand new ad: the idea was that a bunch of people of all sorts of walks of life come together for a peaceful protest. Kendall Jenner is nearby modeling, and decides to get involved.

Just when it looks like the police might be ready to take action, Kendall hands an officer a Pepsi. Everyone cheers, because the Pepsi has saved them all.

It's utterly ridiculous, and it's hard to believe that it got made in the first place.

But thank goodness it did, because last night, Saturday Night Live took it on in just the most delightful skit.

In the skit, the director of the commercial takes a phone call from his sister, and describes the premise to her. And it does not go well.

She tells him it's "sorta tone-deaf," so he talks to her husband instead, who tells him that he's just using people from different races to sell soda.

He then asks his sister put a neighbor on the phone, "a black one." He only gets as far as saying the commercial is "an homage to the Black Lives Matter movement" when she tells him not to even touch it.

There's even a special appearance from Kendall Jenner, telling one of her sisters how "cute" the ad is going to be.

Oh, you guys …

Check out the skit in the video below:

Kendall jenner pepsi ad roasted by saturday night live

Kendall Jenner Pepsi Ad May Have Crossed Legal Line with San Francisco Police Dept.

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