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Kelly Rowland On Super Bowl … I Would Not Perform!


Kelly Rowland has a ton of respect for Gladys Knight — but tells TMZ Sports she would NOT have made the same choice to sing the national anthem at the Super Bowl.

Of course, Rowland is playing Gladys Knight in the BET series, “American Soul.” She’s previously talked about what an “honor” it is to play the 74-year-old singing legend. 

So, with Knight at the center of the NFL controversy — we asked the former Destiny’s Child singer what she would have done if the NFL asked her to perform “The Star-Spangled Banner” at the big game. 

Rowland tells us … she would have turned them down — though, she doesn’t go into detail. 

As we previously reported, there’s been a backlash from stars like Nick Cannon and Common who have told us they wish stars like Travis Scott would pull out of the Super Bowl over the way the league has treated Colin Kaepernick

Despite the criticism, Knight has doubled down on her decision to perform — saying she hopes to use the Super Bowl platform to unite the country

Rowland has worked with the NFL multiple times in the past — in fact, she performed with Beyonce at the Super Bowl back in 2013. 

But, after watching this clip … don’t expect another DC reunion any time soon. 

Gladys Knight ‘Proud’ to Perform Nat’l Anthem … at Super Bowl

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Gladys Knight says she’s IN for the Super Bowl — she’s decided to perform the National Anthem before the big game … and it’s all for reasons bigger than football. 

“I am proud to use my voice to unite and represent our country in my hometown of Atlanta,” the 74-year-old said. 

“The NFL recently announced their new social justice platform Inspire Change, and I am honored to be a part of its inaugural year.” 

Knight’s statement sounds similar to Travis Scott — who agreed to perform during the Super Bowl halftime show after the league agreed to donate $ 500k to Van Jones’ social justice organization. 

There has been backlash from some high profile people — including Common — who says the NFL doesn’t care about black people and he wishes artists would boycott the league. 

Common and others (including Jay Z) have said they’re extremely upset with the way the league has treated Colin Kaepernick and they want no part of the Super Bowl. 

Meanwhile, other stars like Nelly have said it’s pointless to boycott NFL pre-game and halftime entertainment if you’re juts gonna watch the game anyway. 

As for Knight, she’s following Pink — who sang the anthem in 2018. Luke Bryan had the honors in 2017. And Lady Gaga in 2016.