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Pete Davidson Addresses Personal Crisis on ‘SNL’ … And It’s Funny

Pete Davidson was in good spirits on ‘SNL’ Saturday night and turned his personal crisis into a pretty funny bit.

During the Weekend Update segment, Pete appeared with John Mulaney and addressed the rough patch he’s had, in particular, the alarming suicide threat he made back in December.

Mulaney says he spent a lot of time with Pete trying to get him back on the straight and narrow, and Pete’s response will make you laugh, even though the subject is dark.

Social media gave Pete mixed reviews, but judging from last night he seems like he’s back in the game.

Pete Davidson, MGK Chillin’ at Nuggets Game

Pete Davidson‘s lookin’ good these days … chillin’ with his buddy Machine Gun Kelly Saturday night at the Denver Nuggets game.

Pete and MGK were sitting courtside at the Pepsi Center in Denver, as they watched the Charlotte Hornets lose to Nuggets by a score of 110 to 123.

The two are best buds and have been hanging out a lot together recently. MGK was by Pete’s side after the scary Instagram post last month, but all has been well since then. Pete was recently at one of Machine Gun Kelly’s show … hanging out for a time on stage. 

Pete Davidson Chats Up Poolside Hottie to End 2018 … Rockin’ a New Fade Too


Pete Davidson is ending the year on a good note — he’s got a new haircut … and, possibly, a new girl by his side.

The ‘SNL’ star was hanging out in Miami Saturday with a mystery girl at the Mandarin Oriental hotel, where eyewitnesses tell us they were chatting over lunch. Hard to tell who this chick is, but one thing’s for sure … Pete seems to be happy in her company.

It’s been a rough year for Pete, so it’s great to see he’s enjoying himself to round out 2018 … and going wherever the hell his heart desires. 

You’ll recall … he was just in Cleveland last weekend watching Machine Gun Kelly‘s concert, and had the best seat in the house. He was covered up then, so we couldn’t make out his new ‘do. Now that we’re seeing it in all its glory, we gotta say … he looks fresh.

As for whether this was another date for Pete — he recently went out to dinner with a previous mystery girl — or just chillin’ with a friend … we simply don’t know.

There aren’t any giveaways here to tell us this was romantic, but if it was … good choice, PD. 

Pete Davidson Watches MGK Show from Way High Up Week After Suicide Scare

Pete Davidson wanted a bird’s-eye view at Machine Gun Kelly‘s concert Saturday, and he got it … and then some. 

The ‘SNL’ star was spotted at MGK’s show inside the Wolstein Center at Cleveland State University, where he was taking in the scene seated on an elevated stage platform. He was wearing a dark hoodie and seemed to be covering his head … but rocked out regardless.

You can see one concert goer zoom in on Pete as Kelly performed ‘Rap Devil,’ and he puts his hands up while seemingly rapping along. “Saturday Night Live” is on break for the holidays and won’t be back ’til January … so Pete had some time on his hands this weekend.

It’s great to see him out and enjoying himself — albeit all by his lonesome up there near the rafters. Pete’s outing comes one week after an alarming social media post that appeared to imply he was suicidal … which set off a wave of support from loved ones.

MGK gave us a bit of a mixed update on his pal earlier this week … telling us things were weird for Pete and co. during this time. We’d been told he was still in a dark place following the suicide scare, but he now seems to have turned a new leaf for the better.

Good on him.

Ariana Grande Puts Pete Drama Aside … Let’s Make a Music Video!!!

Ariana Grande‘s putting a tumultuous week behind her … and getting back to business.

The pop star was spotted at a home in the Hollywood Hills Friday, all glammed up to shoot a music vid. Ariana’s back to her classic look too — a sexy black getup … to go with her long ponytail.

As we’ve reported … it’s been topsy-turvy times lately for Grande. Not long after the release of her massively successful “Thank U, Next” video, she got into it with Kanye West on Twitter and subsequently offended her ex-fiance, Pete Davidson, with a comment about mental health.

After Pete posted an ominous note suggesting he was suicidal, Ariana rushed to check on him at 30 Rock … but he refused to see her.

Dr. Drew suggested she should just stay away from Pete for now … and it looks like that’s what she’s doing.

Dr. Drew To Pete Davidson Stay Away From Ariana Grande … Your Life Depends on It


Pete Davidson‘s life is on the line and Ariana Grande is putting it at risk by trying to contact him … so says Dr. Drew.

Drew was in Culver City Thursday and he railed on the trolls who have been attacking Pete, calling them “evil.” He says Pete is in a super delicate state after a gut-wrenching breakup with Ariana, and people need to get off his back … because, at this point, his life depends on it. 

As we reported, Ariana rushed to see Pete at 30 Rock Saturday after he posted apparent suicide threats … something that was triggered by one of Ariana’s posts in which she went after Kanye West, saying “stop weaponizing mental health. everyone.” Pete, who suffers from mental health issues, took it in a deeply personal way.  

Bottom line … Dr. Drew says Pete needs some space to heal.  

Pete Davidson Turning a Corner on Mental Health Issues


Pete Davidson is turning over a new leaf thanks to the immense support of his loved ones … and he’s getting professional help as well. 

Sources close to the ‘SNL’ star tell TMZ … he’s now hunkering down and focusing on his mental health issues and his well-being. We’re told friends and family members rallied around him this week, and calls of support and encouragement have been coming in nonstop.

Our sources say Pete’s been overwhelmed by all the love and it’s lifted his spirits … and he plans to be back on ‘SNL’ when it returns in mid-January.

We broke the story … Davidson was really in a dark place last weekend when he posted an ominous note suggesting he wanted to die, and he even believed his friends and colleagues didn’t care about him. We’re told what spun him into that dark place was Ariana Grande’s tweet seemingly making fun of mental health issues.

Pete now realizes … his friends and family do indeed care about him … a lot. 

As for his ex-fiance, Ariana Grande, being turned away by security when she rushed to comfort him … we’re told it’s because he was hurt by what she tweeted

Pete Davidson Still In Dark Place Thinks the World is Against Him


Pete Davidson thinks the world is against him, and not just internet trolls.  He believes even his friends and colleagues don’t care if he lives or dies … even though that’s not the case.

Sources close to Pete tell us he’s reached out to people in his life and at times lashed out, claiming they were ignoring him and his struggles, and if he did end his life … they wouldn’t care.


Now it’s clear what Machine Gun Kelly was saying when he told us it was a really “weird time” for Pete and those around him.  

We’re told Pete has reached out to those in his circle, including co-workers at “SNL,” asking for help, but at the same time putting up a wall and even accusing them of ignoring his pain.

As we reported, Ariana Grande was so concerned after Pete posted what seemed like a suicide threat over the weekend she rushed to 30 Rock to offer him comfort, but he turned her away and even had security block her.

Our sources say Pete’s friends have expressed their love for him and they’re doing whatever they can to offer him support, but it doesn’t seem to be working.