Phaedra Parks Has No Desire to Return to ‘RHOA’ and Says Show Made Her Physically Sick

Phaedra Parks is in recovery from the drama-filled life she was leading while shooting “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” … and it doesn’t sound like there’s any chance she’ll go back. Phaedra was at LAX when we asked about her post-‘RHOA’ life.…


Phaedra Parks: BEGGING to Come Back to The Real Housewives of Atlanta?

If you’re a star of any show of the Real Housewives franchise, you’ve kind of got it made.

Not just because you’re probably rich if you get to star on it, but because you get a nice paycheck for hanging with your frenemies and being extra and overturning the occasional table. Dream job, right?

Phaedra Parks was booted from The Real Housewives of Atlanta, but she’s now dogged with rumors that she’s begging to get back on the show. But is she, really?

Phaedra Parks’ time with The Real Housewives of Atlanta came to an end after the RHOA Reunion episode last May.

Cast members come and go. That’s how it is.

Phaedra Parks settled her divorce agreement in July, so you might say that it was just a summer of her severing her old ties and starting fresh.

At least, that would be a positive way to try to spin it.

If you’ll recall, her divorce was complicated by the fact that Apollo Nida wanted to set aside their prenup, as Phaedra had become the breadwinner while he had landed himself in prison.

But even with all of that behind her, Phaedra would hardly be the first person to no longer on a reality show who suddenly found that they really, really wanted to get back in.

When rumors cropped up that Phaedra was practically begging to return as a cast member of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, it didn’t sound far-fetched.

But, as it turns out, those rumors aren’t quite true.

Us Weekly reports that Phaedra Parks is not trying to worm her way back onto the show.

But, from what their sources say, you can kind of see why there might be whispers that she is.

“Phaedra has been talking to some of the women of RHOA again but has not filmed any scenes so far.”

Obviously, leaving the show doesn’t mean that she and her former costars can’t still talk.

(Though, after being exposed as a liar during the reunion, it’s not clear who among her former friends would still want to associate with her — which is why she’s no longer on the show in the first place)

“They are still filming so anything could happen and there is room for a cameo but she has not returned and obviously still isn’t part of the cast.”

That sounds very firm and certain.

Everything that we’ve seen about the upcoming season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta (Season 10), in terms of promotional materials, backs up the claim that Phaedra isn’t returning.

(At least, it doesn’t contradict it)

We haven’t seen hair nor hide of Phaedra in the trailer.

In fact, we saw Porsha Williams bonding with Kim Zolciak and suggesting that perhaps she might replace Phaedra with Kim in her life.

(At least … as long as cameras are rolling; even then, she was probably just cracking a joke)

Phaedra’s lie, that Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker planned to drug Porsha Williams and take her home, was so outlandish and awful that you can understand why neither her former costars nor the show itself want to touch her with a ten-foot pole.

Even reality shows have lines that they won’t cross, folks.

Honestly, if Phaedra does make a cameo on the show, we imagine that it will either be a “coincidence” for drama’s sake.

(The reality show equivalent of running into an old rival in the grocery store)

OR it might be a situation where Phaedra comes back to apologize and make amends.

Reality television can be a great vehicle for a redemption arc.

But we wouldn’t expect anyone to push for that any time soon.


Phaedra Parks Finally Reaches Divorce Settlement With Apollo Nida

Phaedra Parks can finally move on with her life, while Apollo Nida can continue to move on with new romance, Sherien Almufti

Yes, Parks and Nida have finally reached a divorce settlement. It only took them around three years, but it’s finally over. 

It sure seemed like the divorce was going to be raging on until the end of time, but we’re happy to report they have now found a way to end their marriage. 

According to TMZ, the settlement includes a parenting plan, so at least the former couple is covering all bases when it comes to bidding adieu to one another. 

It was reported previously that Phaedra had a prenup. Prenups are generally in place to protect one or both parties from destroying their net worth if the marriage goes south. 

The couple decided via the legal document how they would divide everything. That was in 2009, and now things are obviously not very good between the former power couple. 

It was also reported just a few weeks ago that Apollo wanted the prenup voided. Now, it’s entirely plausible that his wealth has taken a nose dive in the aftermath of him being put in the slammer for money fraud. 

Considering the fact that Phaedra became a fixture on The Real Housewives of Atlanta shortly after the marriage, and the drama surrounding Apollo’s money fraud scam, it seems evident Apollo is trying to ensure he has a decent pay packet to come out of the slammer with. 

Obviously, we have no clue about what they did in the end. No details have been revealed, but what we do know is that they can move on with their lives. 

Interestingly, with Phaedra Parks out of the show that made her a household name, there is no need for Sherien Almufti or Apollo Nida to appear on it again. 

Let’s just say the new couple will probably go the Marriage Boot Camp route before long. 

We have no idea what Phaedra will get up to now, but we’re sure she’ll be feeling a sigh of relief right about now. 

What do you think about all of this?


Apollo Nida to Phaedra Parks: Tear Up Our Prenup! Gimme Some Loot!

Every reality series thrives on drama, and Real Housewives is no exception.

Real Housewives Of Atlanta star Phaedra Parks is getting her share of drama … but it’s of the courtroom variety.

That doesn’t always translate well to reality TV’s ever-present cameras, especially when one of the parties is behind bars.

But legal drama is always a treat to follow.

Even if we don’t know how much of this can make it onto the small screen.

Apollo Nida and Phaedra have a prenup, but we can get to that in a moment because that is its own thing.

So, just a few days before the couple got married back in 2009, Apollo and Phaedra signed a prenup. Apparently, in addition to an agreement on how to divide their shared property, the prenup specified that neither of them would receive alimony in the event of a divorce.

Sounds simple, right?

We don’t have the luxury of looking over their detailed financial histories, but it stands to reason that, when they got married, Apollo was confident that he’d be the one paying alimony if the two of them ever split.

The guy’s in prison for money fraud, so he probably believed all sorts of things about wealth.

As it turns out, crime doesn’t always pay. Who knew?

Well, now TMZ reports that Apollo Nida wants his and Phaedra’s prenup voided. Because of course he does.

It sounds like Apollo legal troubles — to put it mildly — have adversely impacted his finances, and like he’s hoping to be supported by his ex, Phaedra.

It wasn’t long at all after their marriage that Phaedra was cast on RHOA, and that must have turned their financial situation on its head in the best way.

Except, of course, Phaedra’s not interested. Just because she became the breadwinner while his life collapsed doesn’t mean that she owes him a thing, and she wants the prenup upheld.


We have to talk about prenups themselves, though.

Sometimes they’re a great idea — to prevent, like, nightmare universe versions of Cinderella from marrying rich and then filing for divorce in a quick grab for half of somebody’s assets.

They’re usually assumed to be legal tools to “protect” husbands from manipulative femme fatales, but that’s because men are generally valued by their success while women are in so many cases still valued by their looks.

Isn’t sexism fun?

But it looks like those sexist stereotypes and how they must have influenced his own assumptions are coming back to bite Apollo Nida in the you-know-where, because Phaedra’s the one rolling in dough.

There’s no sure way to know how this case is going to end — there’s some extra drama around Phaedra spelling Apollo’s name wrong on the prenup, so for the first time ever, your kindergarten teacher’s insistence that correct spelling matters is actually sounding kinda real.

But it seems to us that a prenup is a binding contract. Unless it was made under duress or false pretenses, and it doesn’t sound like either of those were the case, shouldn’t it be every bit as ironclad as Phaedra believes it to be?

Legal cases can surprise you, though. We may never know the whole story with this messy pair of exes.

Maybe if Apollo had spent less time on money fraud and more time working on his relationship with his wife, he wouldn’t need a court battle to enjoy some of her wealth.


Phaedra Parks: What’s Next for the Fired Real Housewife?

Earlier this month, Phaedra Parks was fired from The Real Housewives of Atlanta for doing something bad.

But now the embattled reality star is intent on doing some things that are good.

First, a flashback:

On the fourth installment of this season’s Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion, the truth finally came out about an unconfirmed, disturbing rumor that had dominated the series throughout the previous several weeks.

Did Kandi Burruss and her husband actually plan to drug Porsha Williams?!?

With the intention of taking her home and raping her?!?

Absolutely, positively not, according to Burruss, who had no idea how such wild chatter ever made its way around the Internet.

Until we found out on the aforementioned reunion:

Parks got it started. She’s the one who spread it. All because some unnamed person “brought” it to her, Phaedra said in her (weak) defense.

Parks made this stunning emotion in oddly serious fashion.

She didn’t seem remotely ashamed of her actions, which may have contributed to why Bravo let her go the day after the reunion special aired.

Yes, The Real Housewives of Atlanta is centered on over-the-top fights and feuds and an endless array of scandalous situations.

But the network had to draw the line at one cast member claiming that another planned to DRUG AND RAPE a co-star.

Phaedra hasn’t really addressed her firing, but she did write “New day, new week! Have a magnificent #Monday! #letsgo” on her Instagram account shortly afterward, including that message along with a poster that read:

“Don’t let yesterday take up too much of today.”

So, in other words, Parks was ready to move on from the drama.

And now we know how she plans on doing so.

First, Parks will appear on an episode of USA Network’s upcoming new program Big Star Little Star.

Hosted by Cat Deeley, the game show will test celebrities and their kids to see how much they know about each other, pitting three famous families against one another each week.

Parks will be a contestant along with her seven-year old son, Ayden.

However, Phaedra has said she will donate any winnings to charity.

From there, the Bravo alum will focus on her own nonprofit for children.

“Phaedra is currently working on her Phaedra Foundation,” an insider tells Radar Online, adding that she also has a rather big personal project on tap:

“She’s starting the renovation process for the $ 1.9 million dollar mansion she bought last October.”

Will her future plans include any sort of reconciliation with Porsha? We doubt it.

“[Parks] was like my best friend,” Williams has said of Phaedra. [She was] someone I talked to on the phone every single day.

“And for me to feel like she had betrayed me like that, and the fact that I was sitting right there and watched her continue to lie on me about it…

“That’s the part I can’t get past and I don’t know if I ever will. Right now, I just can’t talk to her.”

We don’t blame Porsha, do you?

If anyone ever made up stories about how a friend was scheming to drug us and take advantage of us sexually, we’d be royally pissed.

We’d probably never talk to that individual ever again.