Meghan Markle Nude Photos Released: Are They Real?

In less than two months Meghan Markle will marry Prince Harry, thus becoming a member of the British Royal Family.

The last time an American married a royal, it resulted in a constitutional crisis and the abdication of the throne.

Needless to say, this is something of a big deal, and Buckingham Palace is keen to avoid any sort of scandal.

So the news that naked photos of Markle are currently making their way around the internet probably wasn’t greeted with tremendous excitement by the queen and company.

The alleged nudes appeared earlier this week on Celeb Jihad, a site that’s every bit as incendiary as its title would lead your to believe.

Fortunately, it seems those currently clutching their pearls across the pond can rest easy.

Those ho have seen the pics (which have since been deleted) say there’s solid evidence to indicate that they were doctored.

“These are fake photos,” a palace representative declared unequivocally today.

Of course, even if it turned out the pics were real, we highly doubt that would do much to interfere with Harry and Meghan’s relationship.

After all, she wouldn’t even be the first royal to have her private parts put on display for all the world.

That title belongs to Sarah Ferguson (aka the OG Fergie), who was photographed nude while sunbathing back in 1992.

The pics were published by the Daily Mirror, because British tabloids have a long and proud history of being gross.

Anyway, the bogus photos come at a time when everything else is coming up roses for Ms. Markle.

Earlier this week, Meghan and Harry mailed their wedding invitations, which means there’s no going back now!

Those who know the couple best say the invites were printed using American ink and English card stock in order to reflect the heritage of both partners.

Yes, Meghan has officially entered that strata of obscene wealth where people know what country produced the ink they’re using for their wedding invitations.

She has no time for your fake nudes, peasants!


Sommer Ray Gushes About Sophodes Clothing Line, Tantalizes in Hottest Photos Ever

Sommer Ray is a gorgeous model whose careful fitness routine and body sculpting has given her a dynamite figure.

This Denver resident was born in 1996 and has achieved early success as a model, and her jaw-dropping photos explain exactly why that is.

Her older sister is a social media star and her parents were both bodybuilders. The apple — or, as you'll see from her pics, the peach — doesn't fall far from the tree.

Sommer loves a grungy, '80s vibe and she also enjoys comfortable clothing, and she sings the praises of the Sophodes clothing line by Sophia Hodes.

To date, Sommer has over 18 million followers on Instagram … and that number continues to grow.

When you look at these tantalizing photos, you'll see exactly why she's so irresistible — and why her nascent career is destined for even greater heights.

1. Meet Sommer Ray

Sommer ray in sophodes
While there are many more examples to come of Sommer Ray’s modeling, check out her gorgeous face. She’s a fan of comfy yet stylish shirts, and this Sophodes top is exactly what she likes.

2. Sommer loves clothing that makes a statement

Sommer ray in her hottest look yet
Before Sommer was modeling for the Sophodes line, she and designer Sophia Hodes were friend. “I see her vision and I think she’s so creative,” Sommer says. “I want to see her win”

3. She’s selective about which brands she’ll model

Sommer ray flaunts sophodes jacket
“I feel like the clothes match my style and my 80’s vibe, which I love. I stand behind Sophodes because I will wear these clothes all the time,” Sommer Ray says. “Plus, it’s not a trend, it’s a statement, it’s a lifestyle.”

4. Check out this behind-the-scenes glimpse of her modeling work

Sommer ray behind the scenes
Sommer says that she wears Sophodes off-camera because it feels right for her. “The brand makes you feel so creative to yourself, it’s unique to you, special for you.”

5. Not all fashion is glamour, and that’s a good thing

Sommer ray masked for fashion
Sommer Ray says that she likes fashion that fosters independence. “My goal is to inspire/empower women and girls out there to feel secure in themselves.” This Sophodes attire creates a unique and powerful look.

6. More than anything, Sommer wants to see people be themselves

Sommer ray in clothes by sophia hodes
The stunning Sophodes model says: “We live in a world where everyone wants to be like everyone else, but you don’t have to. Just be yourself.”

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Khloe Kardashian: See All the Photos from Her ADORABLE Baby Shower!

Say what you will about the Kardashians, but one thing is for sure …

Those ladies sure know how to throw a hell of a baby shower.

And even though the family has welcomed a good few babies recently, they still managed to go all out for Khloe, who's expecting her first child with Tristan Thompson next month.

There are flowers, animals made of flowers, more flowers — it's all just really, really beautiful.

So let's check out the pictures!

1. The Mom-to-Be Herself!

The mom to be herself
Khloe posed for this photo with Kourtney, and just look how big and cute her bump is! Just look at it!


So cute
Another photo with Khloe and Kourtney in front of those beautiful decorations — and it looks like a blurry Penelope worked her way into the shot, too!

3. So Much Pink!

So much pink
Kourtney shared several shots of those decorations, because she’s a good person. Here you can see just how pretty this party was!

4. Elephants!

She also showed us this preciousness, which looks like a mama elephant and a baby elephant made of shrubs and flowers? Whatever, we’re into it.

5. Fancy

And here’s a closer look at those place settings. It looks like the theme was pink/African animals, and we’re pretty much living for it.

6. Food!

And while we’re talking about the plate settings, we might as well talk about the food — here’s the menu given to the guests.

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Lauren Burnham: See Her Sexiest Instagram Photos!

Lauren Burnham is now known as the Bachelor winner/runner-up who Arie Luyendyk finally decided he wanted to be his wife.

After a good bit of waffling on the issue, of course.

But Lauren Burnham used to be known as an aspiring model.

It's true!

Under that alias of "Libby," which was short for her middle name of Elizabeth, Burhman has a profile on the website

We don't know the last time she updated it, but Lauren's bio currently reads as follows:

I started modeling about 8 years ago when I lived in Seattle and took a bit of a break, but I would love to start getting back into it.

I’m on MM because modeling for me is a way to express myself and have fun. I’ve also been super lucky to have met so many awesome people through different shoots and shows I’ve been a part of.

I’m partial to doing swimwear, fitness, fashion, editorial and beauty/glamour shots. However, I’m open to other concepts as well.

We're guessing Burnham's modeling dreams are now over.

But scroll through the Instagram photos below to see why she may very well have succeeded in this industry.

In short: it's because she looks REALLY good in a bikini…

1. Happy with Arie

Love them or hate them
Burnham is happy to have aspirations now that include being Mrs. Arie, as opposed to being a magazine centerfold. But you’re about to find out why plenty of magazines out there may have wanted Lauren to pose for them.

2. Burnham on a Boat!

Burnham on a boat
Lauren Burnham sure is enjoying herself on this boat. In turn, we are enjoying looking at her on this boat.

3. A Dog Day

A dog day
Arie’s chosen wife-to-be is rocking a bikini in this photo, while also chilling with a very cute dog. Sexy and adorable!

4. Butting Way Out

Butting way out
Lauren Burnham is the woman on the left in this photo. We’d understand if you weren’t entirely sure, based on the direction she is facing.

5. Coming Right at Ya!

Coming right at ya
Lauren confidently struts her stuff in this sizzling look at the Bachelor runner-up/champion of Season 22.

6. Is She Topless?!?

Is she topless
We don’t think so. We think Lauren’s friend’s are simply covering up the top half of Lauren’s bikini here.

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June Shannon Makes Like Marilyn Monroe: See the Unexpected Photos!

Look out, all corpses buried in the same cemetery as Marilyn Monroe.

Because this legendary actress must be rolling in her grave right about now.

And it’s all thanks to June Shannon.

The WEtv reality star is posing here for a special photo shoot in which she channels the most famous movie scene in Monroe’s extensive resume.

You know the one, right?

That one in which Monroe stands over a grate in The Seven Year Itch and we see her iconic white dress get blown up over hear body and nearly over her head?

It may be the most famous few moments in big screen history.

And now Shannon is doing her best impression of Monroe, striking a very similar pose in a very similar outfit, something we never thought we’d see just a few years ago.

Seriously, remember when Shannon weighed over 300 pounds?

Heck, when she weighed over 400 pounds?!?

Before she underwent that drastic weight loss?

That was way back then and this is now… and now Shannon fancies herself a role model for plump individuals who want to change their appearance and lifestyle.

Hence this pictorial.

The fine folks behind Mama June: From Not to Hot sent us these photos in promotion of this Friday’s midseason finale, which the network bills as follows:

June undergoes another surgery to keep from going blind. Jennifer keeps a huge secret from Sugar Bear. Pumpkin is rushed into labor and June risks everything to be with her- despite her doctor’s orders!

Sounds pretty exciting, doesn’t it?

Mama June is down to around 200 pounds these days, a transformation she credits to some dieting, a bit of exercise and a lot of plastic surgery.

Like, A LOT of plastic surgery.

Will she undergo any more down the line?

This is a question that continues to surround the unexpected reality star.

Shannon isn’t planning any more procedures as far as we know, but if it helps her land another season of her popular series, we’re guessing she’d gladly go under the knife.

What do you think of Shannon making like Monroe in these images?

Is it a sign of empowerment? Of how far Shannon has some in her weight loss journey?

Or is this the most sacrilegious thing you’ve ever seen in your entire life?


Safaree Samuels Nude Photos Leak, Twitter Loses Its Mind

If you hear someone say that she'd rather "be on safari," she might be talking about Safaree Samuels.

There was a time when he was best known for being Nicki Minaj's ex, or perhaps for getting a beat-down from Meek Mills.

Right now, his biggest claim to fame might be his leaked nudes.

And we do mean biggest. Based on Twitter's response, it looks like Safaree is what one might call anatomically blessed.

Obviously, no one deserves to have their nudes leaked. Those are private photos and for someone to broadcast them to the world is a terrible violation.

But those who saw the images — often without looking for them, as leaked nudes make quite a splash and it's easy to see them without ever meaning to — couldn't help but comment.

Social media is a great platform for comedy, and many of these responses were next-level.

Take a look:

1. Safaree Samuels

Safaree samuels on twitter
Here’s the man himself in a clearly-not-nude photo that he shared. So that we’re all on the same page as you read these reactions.

2. Naturally, someone had to involve Kylie Jenner in this

Safaree samuels 01
Honestly, it’s always nice to see a “this photo made me pregnant” joke that isn’t directed at One Direction. 2012 was a different time.

3. It looks like some men just aren’t measuring up in comparison

Safaree samuels 02
Not the last Simpson’s meme

4. Safaree’s getting new fans, it seems

Safaree samuels 03
A “stan” is a diehard fan, folks

5. They think that Safaree might make some new "friends"

Safaree samuels 04
Most of the Kardashians are a little busy popping out babies left and right.

6. Safaree’s been the butt of jokes in the past

Safaree samuels 05
People view him in a different light.

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Farrah Abraham Admits to Storing Nude Photos of Daughter; Fans React

It's tough to imagine being as clueless as Farrah Abraham.

Farrah has been fired from Teen Mom OG for what essentially amounts to sheer idiocy, but she still finds new and interesting ways to eff up on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, much of her fooliahness involves her 9-year-old daughter, Sophia.

Farrah is obsessed with Sophia's "modeling career," and she goes to great lengths to mold her daughter into both her clone and her best friend.

And sometimes that leads to some truly questionable parenting…

1. Farrah and Sophia

Farrah and sophia abraham image
To say that Farrah and Sophia have an unusual relationship would be to put things very, very mildly. Farrah probably introduces herself to her daughter’s friends as a “cool mom.”

2. Farrah, the Sequel

Farrah abraham with sophia in italy
Farrah clearly wants Sophia to follow in her footsteps in every way. This has led to some extremely awkward comments and situations.

3. Beyond Wrong…

Farrah abraham sophia abraham petes dragon tickets pic
Farrah has spoken at length about her inappropriate relationship with her daughter. This has included remarking on Sophia’s future in the adult film industry.

4. Farrah Sounds Off

Farrah abraham camgirl
Recently, Farrah was asked for her thoughts on a topless photo of Kim Kardashian that was taken by Kim’s daugher, North. As usual, she didn’t hold back.

5. Farrah Unfiltered

Farrah abraham underwear pic
The Teen Mom OG star stunned fans by admitting that she has inappropriate photos of Sophia stored on her phone. Yes, she really said that.

6. Somebody Stop Her

Farrah and sophia abraham in hawaii
“My daughter and I, we run around the house naked and we just live life free,” Farrah recently told TMZ when asked about the Kim situation. Things got MUCH weirder from there…

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