Pete Davidson Accused of Taunting Mac Miller With Intimate Photos of Ariana Grande

In the wake of news that Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson have broken up, fans are understandably consumed with curiosity.

What could have caused such a seemingly intense romance to flame out?

Sources close to the couple say the timing just wasn't right, but it's not hard to see why that explanation doesn't sit well with the public.

After all, Grande and Davidson were engaged; they laid on the PDA at every opportunity, and they seemed to be madly in love.

From the outside, it looks as though some sort of precipitous event must have preceded the breakup.

And now, a new round of reports has Davidson accused of some truly monstrous behavior …

1. A Surprise Romance

Pete davidson and ariana grande
Pete and Ariana’s relationship came as a surprise even to those who knew the former couple best.

2. Rushing In

Ariana grande with pete davidson
Part of the reason for this was that both parties had recently gotten out of very serious longterm relationships.

3. Pete and Cazzie

Cazzie david and pete davidson with cotton candy
Pete was with Cazzie David, who has made a point of refraining from offering direct comment on her ex’s tumultuous relationship with Grande.

4. Ariana and Mac

Ariana grande and mac miller in new york
Ariana was with rapper Mac Miller, whom she dated for over two years just prior to her relationship with Pete.

5. A Tragic Turn of Events

Mac miller tribute
Sadly, Miller passed away from an apparent drug overdose last month.

6. A Shocking Loss

Mac miller image
Miller had struggled with addiction for years, and Grande cited his inability or unwillingness to help himself as one of the causes of their split.

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Catelynn Baltierra Shares Extra Special Maternity Photos

Tyler and Catelynn Baltierra are expecting their third baby.

This would be a special occasion for any couple, but it's an especially meaningful one for the Teen Mom stars because Catelynn suffered a miscarriage several months ago.

The trauma caused her to check into rehab in order to deal with mounting stres and anxiety – and it also put into question whether the couple could or would have any more chilren.

But… amazing surprise!

They announced Catelynn's pregnancy two weeks and have been flying high ever since.

Below, meanwhile, Catelynn shares a bunch of special maternity photos snapped by Tyler in celebration of this "rainbow" baby, which is the term, given to a child conceived after a miscarriage. 

Check out the gorgeous images now…

1. A Very Special Photo

A very special photo
This is not just any maternity photo. It’s a unique rainbow maternity shoot in honor of Catelynn’s third child.

2. #RainbowBaby

Number rainbowbaby
Catelynn Baltierra used this hashtag to caption this photo. A rainbow baby is when a woman gets pregnant after having a miscarriage.

3. Does It Get Any Sweeter?

Does it get any sweeter
We’re pretty sure it doesn’t. What else is there to even say about this official photograph?

4. The Mother-to-Be

The mother to be
Catelynn didn’t hire an official photographer for these images. She used someone she knows and trusts: her husband!

5. The Vision in Red

The vision in red
Catelynn is a vision in this flowing red dress. We cannot wait to meet her third child.

6. A Reason to Celebrate

A reason to celebrate
We love what Catelynn and Tyler have done here and we wish them the absolute best on their journey to parenthood again.

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Amy Roloff Celebrates Anniversary with Chris Marek, Posts GORGEOUS Photos

Amy Roloff has officially won this week.

We’re just gonna go ahead and call it now.

That’s what happens when you get to celebrate both a birthday and an anniversary mere days apart, spending time wth those you love and counting your blessing at every turn.

Indeed, the Little People, Big World star turned 52 years old on September 17.

She marked the occasion by gathering with close friends and family members, as documented in THIS PHOTO GALLERY.

Fast forward mere days and Amy marked a different special occasion with someone who may someday be a family member;

Long-time boyfriend Chris Marek.

As you can see above and below, in some rather intimate and downright gorgeous pictures, the TLC matriarch and her man got together on Saturday to celebrate two years as a couple.

Wrote Amy as a caption to these images:

Anniversary! What? Where did two years go?

It’s been a wonderful adventurous and full of lovely special moments of dating with this guy. So looking forward to the tomorrow’s and days ahead with him.

She concluded her heartfelt post with the hashtags:

#dating #anniversary #lotsoftime #lotsoflove #youandi #lifeisgood.

Marek is in the real estate business and, by all accounts, is a very nice guy who gets along very well with Amy’s children.

Sadly, however, for reasons that continue to defy our comprehension, so-called fans of Roloff don’t just give Marek a hard time…

… they say some really dumb and cruel things about the guy.

We’re not kidding around here.

We mean some REALLY dumb and mean things.

Thankfully, Amy keeps ignoring the haters and the trolls and just keep enjoying what she refers to as her “second act.

A much-deserved second act, we’d like to add.

Amy and Matt Roloff divorced back in early 2016.

They released an amicable statement at the time and have maintained a healthy relationship ever since.

Matt is seriously dating a woman named Caryn Chandler and both halves of this couple has moved on successfully, having established romances with their new significant others.

In this spirit, we’re just gonna go ahead and wish Amy and Chris all the best, while sending them our congratulations and posing one simple question to Marek:

When are you gonna put a ring on it, man?!?


Kendall Jenner Nude Photos Have Anwar Hadid All Horned Up

As you may have heard, Kendall Jenner nude photos circulated on social media yesterday.

Usually, naked pictures of an attractive celebrity that are posted online with said celebrity’s consent are a cause for celebration.

This time, however, the uproar was such that you would have thought Kendall had once again attempted to quell a riot by handing out cans of Pepsi.

Amazingly, Kendall was body-shamed by an army of idiot trolls.

It’s a bit discouraging to see supermodels being brutally body-shamed (What hope do the rest of us have?!), but for a moment, we were ready to  the world is in shambles and the internet is dominated by the angriest and most envious members of our society.

But then, a ray of light shined through in the form of a horned-up male model.

Kendall Jenner-Anwar Hadid

You may know Anwar Hadid as the brother of Bella and Gigi, or as the dude who’s been making no effort to hide his persistent Kendall-inspired boner in recent weeks.

Not surprisingly, the president of the unofficial Kendall Jenner Fan Club was quite taken by his crush’s latest pics, and he’s reportedly been talking about them to anyone who cares to listen.

“Anwar is drooling over the leaked Kendall nude pics,” a source close to the Hadids tells Hollywood Life. 

“He thinks she looks amazing and he wants her bad,” the insider continues.

“Anwar has been crushing on Kendall for years, he thinks she is smart, successful and funny too.”

Clearly unconcerned about the possibility of coming on too strong, Anwar didn’t stop there:

“He can’t believe how beautiful and sexy she looks without any clothes on in the leaked pics,” the source claims.

“Anwar can’t stop thinking about Kendall since seeing those pics.”

Fortunately for Anwar, it seems there’s a good chance that his dream of dating 22-year-old model will soon become a reality.

Kendall recently broke up with Ben Simmons after several months of dating.

There have been rumors that Kendall was caught cheating with Anwar, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

However, Hadid seems to have swooped in immediately after learning that Kendall was single, and the two were spotted “getting close” at a party next week.

Sounds like Anwar won’t have to rely on pics and his imagination for much longer.


Teen Mom OG: New Footage! New Photos! New Stars!

Are you ready for new challenges?

New battles?

And, oh, right, new Teen Moms?!?

MTV has unveiled the first extended trailer for Teen Mom OG Season 8… and it will feature two mothers who are not exactly originals.

But they do promise to bring with them brand new drama and interest.

One is Bristol Palin, the daughter of former Vice President Sarah Palin.

The other is Cheyenne Floyd, an ex-MTV personality who is already stirring up controversy with fans.

Get to know these ladies a bit better in the following trailer and then check out a slew of images from the season ahead:

1. Teen Mom OG Season 8: Watch the Trailer!

Teen mom og season 8 watch the trailer
Ready for a whole new season of Teen Mom OG? With two brand new stars? Check out this promo.

2. Amber and Andrew on Season 8

Amber and andrew on season 8
In the first of many photos ahead from Season 8, we see Amber Portwood and Andrew Glennon on their couch at home, taking a break from some parenting.

3. But Tough Times Will Be Ahead

But tough times will be ahead
Amber looks a little to a lot stressed in this Season 8 scene, doesn’t she?

4. Pregnant Amber!

Pregnant amber
Amber is no longer expecting, of course. But remember that Season 8 was filmed months ago.

5. Here’s the Child!

Heres the child
Welcome, James! Amber cradles her newborn son in this Season 8 image. How cute!

6. Check Out Little James

James up close
He’s a precious tiny child. We’re so happy for Amber and Andrew.

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Chelsea Houska Shares New Maternity Photos, is the Actual Best

Pregnant Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska is marking the final days of her third pregnancy with some stunning new maternity photos.

We don’t throw the word “stunning” around lightly, but let’s be real: Chelsea’s latest maternity shots certainly earn that designation.

The Housk gave photo credit to Kate Jones and baby credit to husband Cole DeBoer on Instagram when sharing the above image.

You know, because she took the breathtaking photos of her, and he put the baby in there. Well done, both of you. Good work.

Naturally, because it’s Chelsea, the responses were much more positive than you’d normally see on the Internet these days.

Especially for a cast member of Teen Mom 2.

“I so wish I would have done a pretty maternity shoot when I was pregnant,” one woman wrote, in the ultimate compliment.

“I always [thought] that it was corny,” the Houska fan added, “but @ChelseaHouska has changed my mind. STUNNING.”

Chelsea is changing lives, people.

In all seriousness, Houska actually agreed, responding to that tweet by revealing that she had similar thoughts about this process.

She writes: “I’ve never done them either, definitely out of my comfort zone! But the photographer talked me into it and I’m SO glad I did!” 

It’s hard to argue that the pride of South Dakota makes pregnancy look maternal and sexy, which is not the easiest thing to pull off.

Good lighting helps, but still.

It’s even harder to argue that Chelsea has defied the odds by settling in to a very happy, drama-free and quiet life these days.

With the exception of the dark cloud that is Adam Lind hanging over her as he always will to some degree, she’s on cloud nine.

As her dad, Randy, says, she flies so far under the radar that MTV forgets she exists. Maybe not quite, but you get his point.

For a show focused on drama – on and off the air – this is no easy feat, especially in today’s 24-hour news and social media enviroment.

We’ve now reached the point where producers are accused of enabling or encouraging feuds, as Chelsea and Kailyn Lowry alleged.

The fact that Chelsea and Cole continue to share their lives with TV viewers, yet maintain their boundaries and stability, is impressive.

We’d argue she’s the real MVP of the show.

Houska, of course, shares a daughter, Aubree, with Lind. She recently welcomed Aubree’s little brother, Watson Cole DeBoer.

With the arrival of her third baby next month, her precious family is ready to become even cuter, if that’s humanly possible.