Selena Gomez: Pining After Justin Bieber, Wishing SHE Were His Fiancee?!

There have been recent claims that Justin Bieber always knew that Hailey Baldwin was the one, even while he was with Selena Gomez.

So it’s only natural that we’re hearing from Selena’s camp on Justin, Hailey, and their looming nuptials.

According to one source, Selena hopes that the fateful wedding day never arrives.

According to HollywoodLife, a source close to Selena Gomez says that she is hoping that Justin and Hailey never make it to the altar.

The insider claims that “Selena is quietly, secretly hoping and praying that Justin never goes through with his marriage to Hailey.”

The source says that, despite having broken up with the Biebs for what many fans hope will be the final time earlier this year, Selena is waxing nostalgic about her time with him.

“The times Selena was most happy in life were days when she was with Justin,” the source claims.

“And she always thought she would be the one marrying him,” the insider reveals. “Not Hailey.”

Justin and Hailey are engaged, though some very believable reports say that they’re not rushing and are instead waiting until next year.

But this source says that any delay is music to Selena’s ears.

“Selena can’t help but feel like the longer Justin and Hailey stay engaged the less likely they will actually get married,” the source claims.

She and Justin have a long history and, despite their many troubles, she allegedly feels that they’re not done with each other.

“Selena fears a marriage between Justin and Hailey would crush her,” the insider describes.

That said, if you’re waiting for her to rush in like a lovesick fool and ask Justin to take her back … don’t hold your breath.

“Selena would never interfere with Justin’s relationship with Hailey though,” the source clarifies.

“So,” the insider continues. “She is not going to say anything to him.”

Well, that sounds healthy.

“But she also feels that as long as Justin and Hailey do not get married,” the source says. “She stands a better chance at having her own happy ending with Justin.”

It’s sort of odd to hear that Selena is still pining after Justin.

One would imagine that, after their latest reconnection didn’t pan out, she would have realized that they are simply not meant to be.

He may no longer have the same alleged substance issues that he had through the bulk of his relationship with Selena.

But sometimes, as Selena herself no doubt discovered last winter, a person’s individual failings can go deeper than, say, struggles with sobriety.

Does Selena really want to relive that, only to learn the same hard lesson again?

Here is what we are totally willing to believe: that Selena Gomez is hoping and perhaps even praying that Justin and Hailey’s wedding day never arrives.

Why? Because Selena is a good person.

And she wouldn’t want Hailey’s life to be defined by making the same mistake that Selena has made multiple times, but amplified with marriage vows.

It’s very believable that Selena hopes that a younger, lovestruck woman can learn from her mistakes instead of repeating them.

The bit about wishing that she were engaged to Justin … we get the feeling that if that’s what Selena wanted, they’d be engaged.