Selena Gomez: PISSED About Justin Bieber-Hailey Baldwin Engagement!

As you’ve likely heard by now, Justin Bieber is reportedly engaged to Hailey Baldwin.

Beliebers the world over were stunned by the news, but perhaps no one was more shocked than Justin’s most famous ex, Selena Gomez.

Justin and Selena just got back together for the 40 bajillionth time earlier this year, and many fans assumed that if Justin were to propose to anyone, it would be Gomez.

Sources close to the singer say Selena was utterly blindsided by the report that Justin and Hailey are planning to get hitched.

“Selena was totally shocked and stunned to hear it’s being reported that Justin proposed to Hailey,” one insider tells Hollywood Life.

“She honestly can’t believe it. Selena didn’t think they were even that serious, so the thought of them getting married is just mind-boggling to her.”

Like pretty much everyone who’s familiar with this situation, Selena is mystified as to what Justin was thinking when he popped the question to a woman he’s only been with for a few weeks.

“Selena can’t help feeling that Justin has some ulterior motive going on, like, he’s trying to make her jealous, or he’s proving a point to her that he really is grown up and ready for commitment,” our source added.

“She just can’t get her mind around it otherwise.”

Obviously, Selena is far from alone on that one.

A different source claims Selena blames her mother for her latest breakup with Justin.

“We could easily be talking about Justin and Selena being engaged right now, but the strain that her mom brought to that rekindled relationship basically was the last straw for them to be a forever couple,” the insider says.

“They tried and there was push-back from her family to him and he didn’t want to deal with that the rest of his life. So that is why he found love elsewhere.”

One insider says the quickie engagement has led Selena to question whether Justin’s declarations of love were ever sincere:

“If it is a serious proposal, and Justin is being totally genuine in wanting to marry Hailey, then Selena can’t help questioning what he really felt about her, and if her really did love her, because it was only a few months ago that he was declaring his undying love for her, and swearing he couldn’t live without her,” the source claims.

Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean Justin was lying to Selena.

We get the feeling this is a guy who falls in and out of love very easily.

Like, we wouldn’t be surprised if dude proposed to an Egg McMuffin this morning.


Meghan Markle’s Dad Is PISSED That Trump Gets to Meet the Queen!

When Meghan Markle married Prince Harry last month, her father was not in attendance.

It’s still not entirely clear why Thomas Markle chose to stay home rather than watch his daughter become freakin’ royalty, but not surprisingly, it seems he now regrets the decision.

Thomas, Queen, Donald

It seems Thomas has been shut out by the royals, and he’s not happy about it.

Of course, that could have something to do with his decision to live-chat with TMZ during his daughter’s nuptials.

Apparently, he’s particularly pissed after learning that Queen Elizabeth II will be sitting down for bunless Big Macs with our wacky commander-in-chief, Donald Trump.

“If the Queen is willing to meet our arrogant, ignorant, and insensitive president, she has no excuse not to meet me.” Thomas recently told TMZ.

“I’m nowhere near as bad.” 

But, bruh … you totally had a chance to meet her, and you decided to stay home and Skype with Harvey Levin instead.

Plus, if your argument is that you’re “not as bad” as Donald John Trump, you’re already starting from a losing position.

And as repugnant as Donnie might be, you’ve got to admit that he’s a tad more accomplished than you are, Tom.

Your main point is along the lines of “I didn’t kill nearly as many people as Stalin, but he gets to be in the history books while I’m just frightening people on this public bus?! Absurd, I say!”

Anyway, Thomas says the reason he’s being shut out is that he gave a TV interview Good Morning Britain, best known on this side of the pond as the show that keeps Piers Morgan semi-relevant.

In the interview, Thomas maintained that it was his health that kept him at home.

“The doctors said,’ This is what doctors call the widow maker,'” he said about his heart condition.

“It would have killed me.”

There are those who doubt Thomas’ version of events and feel that he actually remained in the States as a result of his embarrassment over a bizarre mini-scandal involving the sale of paparazzi photos.

Whatever the case, it seems that if given the chance, Thomas would do things very differently.

“I’m a footnote in one of the greatest moments in history rather than the dad walking her down the aisle…So, that upsets me somewhat,” he noted.

“I regretted it because I really wanted to walk my daughter down the aisle…I wanted that moment. But I’m thankful for everything the way it went.”

The English are said to be particularly upset about the snub due to the fact that they named their muffins after him.

Folks, we’ll be here all week.


Scott Disick & Sofia Richie Are Planning to Marry and Her Dad Is PISSED, Source Claims

When the world first learned that Scott Disick and Sofia Richie are dating, it was widely assumed that the relationship would last about as long as one of Scott’s many rehab stints.

But one year later, in spite of frequent rumors that Scott and Sofia have broken up, the couple is still going strong.

And it’s all much to the chagrin of Sofia’s famous father, Lionel Richie.

Lionel might be easy like Sunday morning most of the time, but when it comes to Scott and Sofia’s relationship, the singer-songwriter is not exactly dancing on the ceiling.

In fact, it seems he’s taken steps to ensure that Scott will not be able to get his hands on the Richie family fortune by marrying Sofia.

Insiders say the actions are less about Lionel protecting his finances, and more about dissuading Scott from continuing a romantic relationship with Sofia under false pretenses.

“Lionel’s preparing a $ 200 million prenup,” a source tells In Touch Weekly.

“He hates Scott and has tried to tell Sofia to leave him, but she won’t.”

“Lionel is a multimillionaire and Sofia has a huge trust fund,” another insider adds.

“He doesn’t want Scott getting a cent of it!”

Yes, Scott might have a decent-sized nest egg from his years with Kourtney Kardashian — during which he starred on a lucrative reality show and never had to spend a dime of his own money — but he also enjoys an insanely lavish lifestyle.

Disick’s not sitting on “never work again” money, and while he earns what most of us what consider a very nice living from social media endorsements it’s far from sufficient to support the kind of lifestyle Scott is accustomed to.

Plus, Scott’s been in the business long enough to know that that well is bound to dry up as his relationship with Kourtney becomes a distant pop cultural memory, and he continues to spend less and less time on Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

So Lionel’s not wrong to be skeptical of Scott’s intentions.

And he also hasn’t shied away from expressing his thoughts on Scott and Sofia’s relationship.

“She’s 19. When you’re 19, you know everything. Is it going to be for life? I don’t know,” Richie said in February.

“But for right now, it’s just a phase and I’m going to stand real still in the corner, get me a good drink and not make too much noise.”

Hopefully, he doesn’t stand too far back.

And hopefully Scott doesn’t follow his lead and enjoy a drink or 15 of his own.


Kailyn Lowry: PISSED About Lauren Comeau Pregnancy?!

Yesterday, the world learned that Javi Marroquin’s girlfriend, Lauren Comeau, is pregnant.

And as with everything Javi does, the announcement was beset by controversy.

The main concern among fans was the timing of the news.

After all, it was just four months ago that Javi broke up with Briana DeJesus.

The man has never been a fan favorite, but if it turns out he impregnated Lauren while still dating Briana, he may find himself with fewer supporters than ever.

Then there was the question of Kailyn Lowry.

Just days before word got out that Javi and Lauren had gotten back together, Marroquin and Lowry appeared to be on the verge of reconciliation.

Which means there was almost certainly a time when Kail thought she was repairing her relationship with Javi, little knowing that Lauren was already carrying his baby.

It’s not hard to see how the news might have been very poorly received by Javi’s ex-wife.

But remarkably, it seems Kail was pretty cool about the whole thing.

Or at least that’s what Javi would have us believe.

“Linc [Javi’s son with Kailyn] knew, so I didn’t want him spilling the beans before I did, but she took it well and I think we’re both at a point in our lives where we are happy for each other,” Marroquin recently told Us Weekly.

He went on to detail the moment that he and Lauren received their life-changing news:

“When we realized there was a possibility of having a baby, we decided to take the pregnancy test while together. I was excited at first, then got a little bit of cold feet,” Marroquin revealed.

“Like, I can’t believe this is happening. Lincoln is almost 5, so so many emotions going through my head.”

As for what’s next for him and Lauren, Javi’s not talking wedding plans yet, but he says he and Comeau are at least planning to spend more time in the same state:

“We are gonna find out the gender and have a gender reveal planned with Linc,” he continued.

“We have a solid plan of when she is coming to Delaware! [Lauren currently lives in South Carolina]. As of now, we’re enjoying this first one before we even think of any more kids.”

When you’re starting a family with someone, it’s always good to spend as much time as possible in the same state.

We’re sure that would be an expression, if there were more situations like Javi’s.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online for more on the bonkers love life of Mr. Marroquin.


Rob Kardashian and Tyga: PISSED at Blac Chyna Over New Pregnancy!

Sources are insisting that Blac Chyna is pregnant again, this time by her 18-year-old boyfriend YBN Almighty Jay. But without confirmation, fans remain bewildered.

You know who else isn’t sure what to believe? Chyna’s confirmed baby daddies, Rob Kardashian and Tyga.

But while Rob and Tyga don’t know if Chyna’s really expecting, they’re both reportedly very concerned about their own children.

HollywoodLife reports that Rob and Tyga are concerned over Chyna’s pregnancy rumors. If true, this story could impact them, too.

“Rob and Tyga are both freaking out over Blac Chyna’s latest pregnancy rumors.”

Rob and Chyna, of course, have one-year-old Dream Kardashian. Tyga and Chyna have five-year-old King Cairo Stevenson.

Apparently, their bond over being Chyna’s current baby daddies is leading to them leaning on each other during these uncertain times.

“Rob has reached out to Tyga asking him what he knows about Blac’s new boyfriend.”

Obviously, any parent wants to make sure that any adult around their child is good and trustworthy. (And yes, YBN Almighty Jay does count as an adult)

“And if he thinks she really could be pregnant with his child.”

Even celebrities sometimes don’t know what to make of rumors, at times.

It sounds like Rob is angry at even the idea of Chyna being pregnant again so soon.

“Rob is furious and doesn’t want to believe it could be possible.”

And he’s looking for answers from anyone.

“So he has been texting on Tyga about what he might know about the awkward situation.”

But it doesn’t sound like Tyga knows, either.

“Neither of the guys have much trust in Blac.”

At this point, even a direct answer might not be enough to satisfy them.

“So no matter what she tells them, they are not sure what to think.”

According to this insider, Tyga has a theory.

“Tyga thinks Chyna may have setup her new guy and planned to get pregnant with his baby since they first started dating.”

Tyga has been dealing with Chyna for longer, and is apparently unwilling to put this past her.

“Even though he is angry about it too, Tyga is not surprised at all about the rumors and believes it could be true.”

Both have understandable parental concerns for Dream and King.

“Neither Rob nor Tyga like the idea of a much younger rapper, that Blac barely knows, having a child with Blac and in the same house with King and Dream.”

Obviously, Rob and Tyga have every right to be concerned about anything that might impact their children … they’re not the only ones who might be feeling concerned.

Blac Chyna is a hot model, but the potential benefits for YBN Almighty Jay dating her are obvious.

His visibility is on the rise thanks to this relationship — and especially thanks to this relationship rumor.

If it’s fake, this is great for his career. But if it’s real … this might be the worst news that he’s ever gotten.

Unlike Rob, he’s not loaded. His net worth is currently unknown, but was just in the six figures not too long ago.

That’s a lot of money for an 18-year-old to have, but not a lot of money at Chyna’s level, you know?

Speaking of his age, though, we’re talking about someone who’s barely old enough to be in college. That is not a good age to become a parent.

Unless YBN Almighty Jay knows that this rumor is false … he has to be worried, right?

For the sake of everyone involved, one hopes that Chyna is not pregnant. She already has two young children with two different baby daddies.

If Chyna’s pregnant again with a teenager’s baby, people will stop seeing her as a clever, calculating seductress who “trapped” Rob …

… And they’ll start seeing her as a walking disaster. Like one of the Teen Mom stars who never got her life together even after a decade of fame.

If you have to be seen as something negative, be viewed as an evil mastermind and not as a walking, talking trainwreck.

That said … there’s a line between concern for someone’s kids and mom-shaming someone for having a hot boyfriend.

Let’s all be sure to not cross it.