Plane Makes Emergency Landing After Man’s Body Odor Sickens Passengers

Flying in an airplane is rarely fun. But sometimes, it can be downright unbearable.

While most people would consider sitting near a bad-smelling passenger to be bad enough, unpleasant body odor isn’t usually enough to land a plane.

But that is just what happened here, as one person’s foul odor was enough to sicken others and force the plane to land.

Transavia 01

Transavia may sound like the name of an all-naturla sugar substitute, but it is a Dutch budget airline.

Unfortunately, one Transavia flight from the Spanish island of Gran Canaria, a fairly common vacation destination in Europe, was besieged by a foul odor.

Reportedly, passengers complained of an “unbearable” smell, which they blamed upon an “unwashed” man onboard.

The alleged olfactory assault was so severe that some passengers reportedly became ill.

Once the flight took off from the Las Palmas airport, some people’s reactions were so severe that they were fainting or vomiting.


Transavia 02

One Belgian passenger named Piet van Haut reported that:

“It was a huge stench.”

It certainly sounds like it.

“The man was sitting on the last row of the plane.”

Nonetheless, it sounds like many passengers were impacted.

“And it smelled like he hadn’t washed for weeks.”

Horrific. Unimaginable.

Transavia 03

Apparently, after several passengers grew ill from the relentless assault upon their senses, airline staff asked the man to confine himself to the bathroom.

That was not enough to mitigate the damage, unfortunately.

The plane was headed for Amsterdam in the Netherlands, but had to make an emergency stop in Portugal, at Faro Airport.

It was then that the man was ushered off of the plane.

He was then placed on a bus by medical personnel.

Transavia 04

In a statement from Transavia, it was said that the emergency stop was made for “medical” reasons.

Many people immediately wondered if perhaps the odor arose from something other than poor hygiene. Perhaps this poor man was suffering an illness that created a powerful and noxious body odor.

Diabetes, thyroid issues, and dysfunction in the kidneys or liver can lead to different and unpleasant body odor that can be difficult to mask.

There is another medical possibility: a mutation known as trimethylaminuria.

Trimethylamine is the chemical compound responsible for giving fish their “fishy odor.”

People with trimethylaminuria, which is extremely rare, are unable to break down that compound. This causes it to build up in their systems.

We don’t know what kind of bad smell drove these passengers to their limits. If what they were smelling was similar to fish emulsion, this could be the answer.

But obviously, we don’t know.

Transavia 05

Sometimes, people don’t smell too bad even when they smell a little “ripe.” But please, no matter your personal opinion, tell someone if they are about to go fly somewhere and their body odor is in any way detectable.

We feel so sorry for this poor man and for his fellow passengers.

None of them asked for this to happen.

And honestly? We feel sorry for Transavia. A lot of airlines get bad press, but it sounds like Transavia did all of the right things, here.

There are so many ways to ruin someone’s flight. Let’s all try to avoid being at fault.


Mariah Coogan: 23-Year-Old Instagram Model Passes Away in Plane Crash

Mariah Coogan was 23. She was a beautiful Instagram model with over 30,000 followers.

Tragically, on April 9th, she died in a private plane crash in Scottsdale, Arizona while flying out to Las Vegas.

Five others died with her, though two remain unidentified. Those who have been identified include Anand Patel, who was 26, Helena Lagos, who was 22, and James Pedroza, who was 28.

Mariah is survived by her parents and four siblings.

As much sorrow as her followers are feeling, those who knew her best now mourn her the most.

Take a look at some of the photos that she decided to share before her passing and learn more about this talented beauty who died too young.

1. This was Mariah’s last photo shared to Instagram

Mariah coogan and chapo el guapo
The dog featured is Chapo El Guapo. According to her tags, the drink was ketchup and ice.

2. She was a horse-trainer and enjoyed equestrian sports

Mariah coogan photo
Mariah trained with horses in 2012 and clearly had a love for animals.

3. She left school to pursue modeling in 2012

Mariah coogan flaunts her slim figure
At the time, even the principal of her school praised her adventurous spirit and how likable she was.

4. Mariah recently moved into a modeling house

Mariah coogan in a blue bikini
The house is in Hollywood. It is not uncommon for career-driven models to share a home.

5. Mariah was in Scottsdale for the Phoenix Lights Festival

Mariah coogan in sunglasses
Just two days before her fateful crash, she posted this photo to announce that she had obtained new sunglasses, just for the festival.

6. Mariah was headed to Vegas with friends

Mariah coogan mirror selfie
She shared videos of her fellow passengers and of the plane just before takeoff.

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Jen Selter Kicked Off Plane By Police For Not Staying Seated

Fitness model and social media influencer Jen Selter boasts over one million Twitter fans and nearly 12 million followers on Instagram.

Safe to say these American Airlines personnel, who kicked her off a flight from Miami to New York this weekend, aren't among them.

Selter, 24, and her sister were sitting on a delayed flight home for more than two and half hours, according to media reports.

Despite the order given to passengers to stay seated during this delay, she got something from the overhead compartment.

A flight attendant ordered her to sit down.

At that point, Selter refused, allegedly responding that there where two other passengers currently in line for the restroom.

Then it got weird, and heated. The flight attendant asked if she wished to get off the plane, to which Selter replied, “yes.”

Moments after, she was being asked by the captain to get off the plane … and refused, while starting to post videos on Twitter.

Selter is seen in one video admitting that she did say she wanted off, but insists that she was just being sarcastic at the time.

She continued to protest (see clip below) but police were called to the scene and she was eventually removed from the aircraft. 

“American Airlines calls the shots, they don’t want you to fly on their plane today,” a police officer told Jen before ousting her.

Selter, her sister, and another passenger who got into it, telling captain he was “harassing” Selter (below), were escorted out.

Selter shared a video in which another young woman says the flight attendants were harassing her for no apparent reason.

Jen captioned that clip:

“Here is a video of an innocent passenger who on her own decided to get off the plane based on how badly [they] treated us all.”

After the dust settled, Selter and her sister eventually took another American Airlines flight Sunday morning to New York City. 

Check out the scene below:

Jen selter kicked off plane