Playboy Mansion To Host Tarantino’s ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ Party

Quentin Tarantino will host his “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” premiere party at the Playboy Mansion — this after recently filming some scenes there … TMZ has learned. QT and co. are going to have their after-party at Hugh Hefner’s romping…


Ben Affleck Returns to Rehab Following Visit With Playboy Model Girlfriend

As you’ve likely heard by now, Ben Affleck checked into rehab last month following an intervention from his estranged wife, Jennifer Garner.

What you may not have heard, however, is that the Oscar winner lasted just two weeks in treatment before retreating to the comfort of his Batfleck Cave and his 22-year-old girlfriend.

Yes, Affleck left rehab yesterday and was spotted being driven to his Pacific Palisades home looking disheveled and out of sorts.

Shortly after his arrival, Ben’s rumored girlfriend Shauna Sexton paid him a visit.

At first, there was an outpouring of concern on social media, as it was widely assumed that Ben had decided to bail on his treatment program several weeks ahead of schedule.

Fortunately, several media outlets have reported today that Ben has returned to rehab after spending just a few hours at home.

Reps for the actor claim he made the trip simply so that he could utilize his home gym.

Of course, since Shauna stopped by during Ben’s brief furlough, we’re guessing his workout session wasn’t limited to free weights.

So the good news is, Ben returned to treatment after stopping by the crib to keep his bat-body in fighting form.

The bad news is, those who know him best are deeply concerned about his casual attitude toward recovery and his continued association with Shauna.

“He had stayed in touch with Shauna the entire time he was in rehab and the people at the facility and friends had huge concerns about it because she isn’t sober,” a source tells E! News.

“She is a huge, red flag to everyone that is trying to support Ben with his process. Shauna is giving him false confidence and that is their biggest concern.” 

During Ben’s brief visit home, the insider claimed that Jen was so angry that she considered paying her ex another unannounced visit.

“Jen knows he is back at the house with Shauna and she is so painfully frustrated,” the source stated at the time.

She held off, however, ultimately realizing that Ben must be the author of his own recovery:

“She knows he has to do this for himself,” the informant claims.

While Jen may be taking a more hands-off approach at this point, she’s well aware of just how high the stakes are:

“It has been an intensive challenge but he had no choice,” the source says.

“For Ben this was a life-and-death situation. It was very dire and that is the main reason Jen had no choice but to get involved.” 

Unfortunately, despite realizing the severity of the situation, Affleck has been choosy about what sort of advice he’ll accept from the professionals assisting with his treatment: 

“He believes he is strong enough to venture outside the facility with sober coaches,” says the source.

Here’s hoping Ben is able to accept the help he needs before it’s too late.


Jennifer Garner: PISSED Ben Affleck Is Dating a Playboy Model!

Earlier this week, the world learned that Ben Affleck and Lindsay Shookus have broken up after just over a year of dating.

Given the fact that the couple went to great pains to keep their relationship as private as possible, perhaps it should come as no surprise that there was no official statement confirming the split.

Ben and Shookus

What is surprising, however, is the fact that Ben moved on within days of the breakup.

Yes, these days, Affleck is dating Playboy model Shauna Sexton.

Aside from drunkenly posting all-caps rage comments on an article suggesting that it’s time for Tom Brady to retire, dumping a successful career woman who’s at least close to his age in favor of a 22-year-old centerfold is the most Ben Affleck thing Ben Affleck has ever done.

Those who know him best probably aren’t shocked by the decision — but that doesn’t mean they like it.

According to Us Weekly, Jennifer Garner has been quite vocal about her distaste for Ben’s new relationship.

A source close to the situation tells the tabloid that it’s not a matter of jealousy — rather it’s the fact that Jen desperately wants her three children to have a relationship with their father, but she feels she can’t trust Affleck when he’s spending his time with hard-partying college-aged women.

“Jen realized a long time ago that she cannot fix Ben and that his problems are not hers to solve,” says the insider.

“She’s not his babysitter. She just wants to protect the kids. But she does wish Ben would keep his life more private.”

The source goes on to claim that while Ben’s reckless rebound behavior was not unexpected, Jen had hoped for a shred of maturity from her ex.

“Of course she’s not pleased he’s dating a 22-year-old Playboy model,” the insider adds.

“But she’s also not surprised. Jen has come to expect this from Ben. She’s not going to get involved. She can’t make decisions for him.”

And this isn’t a case of Jen being skeptical of Shauna simply because of her age or profession.

You see, Affleck is still newly sober, and Shauna is, well … not.

Her Playboy bio she reveals that she loves whiskey, and Ben was recently spotted carrying a case of the hard stuff into his home.

Sources close to the actor swear the booze was for Shauna, but members of his inner circle are still concerned.

Even if Ben is still off the sauce, taking up with a hard-drinking girlfriend half his age doesn’t exactly improve his chances of staying sober.

Here’s hoping Ben will slow things down a bit before he spirals out of control once again.


Ben Affleck DUMPS Lindsay Shookus For Playboy Model Shauna Sexton!

Lindsay, we hardly knew ye.

Yes, after just over a year of (official) dating, multiple media outlets are reporting today that Ben Affleck and Lindsay Shookus have decided to call it quits.

Ben and Shookus

Not only that, it seems Ben has already moved on.

According to E! News, Affleck was spotted at LA hotspot Nobu with Playboy model Shauna Sexton over the weekend.

And it seems this was no platonic dinner among friends.

Onlookers say Ben and Shauna were very obviously on a date, and those who know the former couple best say Ben and Lindsay have definitively called it quits.

Ben Affleck-Shauna Sexton

“[Affleck] feels it is over with Lindsay,” says one insider.

Fans have noticed that Shookus deleted her Instagram account over the weekend, seemingly in an effort to avoid scrutiny from the press.

It’s unclear exactly when Ben and Lindsay started dating — or, for that matter, when they broke up.

They first went public as a couple in July of 2017, but there’s been speculation that Ben became romantically involved with Lindsay while he was still married to Jennifer Garner.

Ben Affleck, Lindsay Shookus

(Strictly speaking, Ben is still married to Jen, but insiders say he started hooking up with Lindsay before the two actors were formally separated.)

Whatever the case, the relationship eventually became serious enough that multiple sources confirmed Affleck and Shookus were planning a wedding.

It seems unlikely that we’ll ever get a definitive answer to the many lingering timeline questions at this point, as Ben already seems eager to put his relationship with Lindsay behind him.

While it’s unclear how long they’ve been dating or whether or not they’re officially a couple, there’s no question that Ben and Shauna (below) are more than just friends.

Shauna Sexton Pic

“Ben seemed like he was in a somber mood,” one witness tells Us Weekly.

“He comes in from time to time,” the source added, noting that on this occasion, Affleck “came in with a big team. He had bodyguards all around.

“He sat outside with Shauna, and they got a lot of food.”

The “a lot of food” remark is interesting for a number of reasons.

It seems Affleck is still sober, but he has no qualms about indulging in nicotine and calories, and witnesses say he ate his fill and stepped out for smoke breaks several times over the course of the evening.

As for Shauna, one doesn’t typically think of LA models consuming a lot of food on a first date, so if she kept pace with the Batfleck, it could mean they’ve been dating for longer than anyone realized.

Or maybe Shauna wanted to earn her “cool girl” cred right out of the gate by proving she fears no carb.

Whatever the case, it seems yet another Affleck relationship has bitten the dust, and in keeping with his pattern, Ben has already found someone new.

Best of luck, Shauna!


Donald Trump: CAUGHT on Tape Discussing Secret Payouts to Playboy Model

If you need to do a whole bunch of shady, sleazebag stuff, you need a shady, sleazebag attorney to handle it. The only problem is that, well, your lawyer is a shady sleazebag.

On Friday, the world learned that Michael Cohen had apparently recorded Donald Trump discussing payouts to cover up his alleged affair with a former Playboy model.

Those recordings may be evidence that Trump violated campaign finance laws in the 2016 election.

Being a woman who goes public with her story of having had sex with Donald Trump can get you stalked, harassed, and threatened.

Recently, it even got Stormy Daniels arrested in a transparent sting operation that many believed was designed as part of a harassment campaign against her.

In this case, we’re talking about former Playboy model Karen McDougal.

It has now come to light that, just months before the 2016 election, Trump spoke to his attorney, Michael D Cohen, about payments made to McDougal to ensure her silence.

According to The New York Times, Cohen recorded his conversation with Trump … and the F.B.I. now has those tapes.

According to lawyers and others familiar with the tapes, the F.B.I. acquired these recordings earlier in the year.

Remember their big raid on Michael Cohen’s office? That’s when they got their hands on them.

The Justice Department is invesigating Cohen over payments to women in order to bury embarrassing stories about Trump during his Presidential campaign.

If so, it is believed that this was a violation of campaign finance law.

The Trump campaign has insisted that it had no knowledge of any such payments. Considering the amounts of money exchanged, some find this hard to believe.

Karen McDougal says that her affair with Donald Trump spanned for nearly a year, beginning in 2006.

It apparently began a short time after Trump’s current (and then, new) wife, Melania Trump, gave birth to his youngest child, Barron.

During the final months of the 2016 Presidential campaign, McDougal sold her story for $ 150,000.

Unfortunately, she sold it to The National Enquirer, a tabloid whose owner is friendly towards Trump.

After purchasing her story, the tabloid declined to publish it. This is known as the “catch and kill” method for handling scandals.

Rudy Giuliani took a break from claiming that porn stars are worthless as human beings to confirm to The New York Times that the recordings do include Trump and Cohen discussing these payments.

He says that the recordings are about two minutes long.

Giuliani claims that Trump did not know that he was being recorded … which is what most people had figured, anyway.

However, Giuliani also claims that Trump did nothing wrong. He says that Trump was discussing a totally separate deal to buy McDougal’s story.

Giuliani says that Trump considered buying McDougal’s story from the Enquirer, which would have effectively reimbursed the tabloid for buying McDougal’s unwitting silence, but that the payment was never made.

Cohen is being intensely scrutinized under suspicion of a lot of things for his work on behalf of Donald Trump.

Though he was a firm loyalist for Trump (and Sean Hannity, his other client), Cohen has recently been changing his tune, and said that he will put his family and country first.

Some are skeptical, however, and think that if Cohen is really willing to put his country first, he should tell the Justice Department everything that he knows about Trump’s illegal dealings immediately.

Others are unsure of his credibility, but are inclined to listen to evidence such an an audio recording.

Some suggest that this revelation about Trump discussing payouts to McDougal might lead to his downfall. It might seem unimportant compared to Trump kissing Putin’s ass in what many consider to be an act of treason.

But breaking election laws is still serious. It matters.