Justin Timberlake: Playing the Superbowl Halftime Show!

Last week, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary. They posted sweet tributes to each other and reminded the world that they are just an adorable couple.

And it turns out that they — or Justin, at least — have more to celebrate than their anniversary.

Because JT is going to be playing the Superbowl Halftime Show. And the (super cute) announcement video is below!

Justin Timberlake — the man who was the singing sensation and teen heartthrob named Justin well before Justin Bieber ever uploaded his first YouTube video — is still a popular man to this day.

While many of his former bandmates haven't been treated as well in their lives or careers as he has, Justin has enjoyed success and fame well beyond his boy band years.

The fact that he's playing the Superbowl Halftime Show is evidence of that.

Jimmy Fallon's still trying to live down the backlash that he got for ruffling Trump's hair and thereby normalizing him and all that he represented before the American audience.

(The backlash at this point might be a little excessive, since Fallon doesn't deserve all of the blame — that lies primarily with, well, any voter who helped get Trump elected)

In the video that you'll see below, Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon do goofy British accents in a back-and-forth that segues into the revelation that yes, JT is officially headlining the Halftime Show.

Some don't watch the Halftime Show, while others tune in exclusively for it and ignore the sports game that plays before and after it.

But one way or another, millions of Americans will see it, so it's always a huge deal and a ridiculous spectacle.

Remember, this is where we got Left Shark. This is cause for celebration.

Or … is it?

As we mentioned back when Justin Timberlake doing the Halftime Show was but a rumor, this is a little controversial.

We're all very familiar with the term "wardrobe malfunction" these days, but Justin Timberlake is the first person to publicly use the phrase.

He used it to apologize for "accidentally" baring Janet Jackson's breast during the 2004 Superbowl Halftime Show.

And "wardrobe malfunction" has been part of the English lexicon ever since.

Janet, in the mean time, has been basically blacklisted from major networks for the audacity of not using enough layers to hide her nipple, we guess.

(Gotta keep that sinful woman flesh hidden, you know, or children will be scarred for life)

Is it fair for Justin Timberlake to get another bite at the apple while Janet Jackson is still viewed in such a negative light?

Many say that it is not.

There are other concerns, too, if we're being honest.

Like … what was Justin Timberlake's last big song?

Wasn't it for that awful movie with those trolls from the early '90s? Or did we just hallucinate that during the liminal space that was 2016?

(We did not dream that into being and the song was titled "Can't Stop The Feeling!")

it does occur to us that, just as the Spice Girls got back together for the London Olympics, maybe Justin Timberlake will arrange for a little NSYNC reunion during the Halftime Show.

(Let us dream!)

Still … there's a chance that his performance might be less than memorable. That would be a real shame.

For our part, though we're maybe a little anxious to see if Justin Timberlake puts on a good show, we know what we're really looking forward to about the Halftime Show:

The inevitable Illuminati analysis by deranged conspiracy theorists afterwards.

Remember, these are people who think that Paris Jackson might be an Illuminati clone or whatever. They can and will believe anything that fits their deeply paranoid worldview.

Each year, you see, these bloggers post their interpretations of the Halftime Show which is, for some reason, a secret ritual performed in plain view for all of the world to see.

(Because the first thing that you want to do as a secret society that controls the world is put up coded messages about it)

The "Illuminati rituals" which are somehow simultaneously Satanist, Pagan, and Freemason, even though those are all different things and always seems to be designed to represent some deeply salacious ritual normally performed behind closed doors, Eyes Wide Shut style.

Obviously, these are just projections of the blogger's own suppressed desires and fantasies, but that doesn't make any of it less weird.

We cannot help but wonder what they'll have to say about Justin Timberlake and whatever he comes up with.

Maybe Janet Jackson will come out and rip off his pants before the cameras, but we somehow doubt that. Alas.

Anyway, here's the announcement video! It's pretty goofy.

Justin timberlake playing the superbowl halftime show

Peter Kraus: Was Rachel Lindsay Just Playing Me the Whole Time?

The Bachelorette‘s big finale was brutal and intense.

Watching Rachel make her final choice was like watching someone order mushrooms and sardines as their pizza toppings when there’s perfectly good barbecue chicken and bacon as an option.

Well, while Peter Kraus decides if he wants to be the Bachelor while nursing a wounded heart, he’s reportedly also wondering if Rachel was just stringing him along all season.

HollywoodLife reports that a Bachelor Nation insider says that Peter Kraus thinks he may have been played by Rachel Lindsay.

Understandably, like most viewers, he’s grappling to understand what happened in the finale.

“His feelings for Rachel were very real and they ran deep.”

That much was clear, well before he broke down sobbing after Rachel ended their relationship.

“Having it end so abruptly with no real closure has been a huge kick in the heart. When it first happened he couldn’t talk about it without getting tears in his eyes.”


But while time may not quite heal all wounds, time and distance can help you recover from an emotional loss.

(And time Peter spent cuddling with his dog, Daisy)

“But now he’s at a point where he’s questioning if Rachel was ever even sincere with him, he feels like he got played.”

That’s an understandable thing to wonder.

“Peter was devastated by Rachel’s decision, he wasn’t expecting it at all.”

Neither were a lot of viewers.

While we warned everyone in The Bachelorette Spoilers that Peter wouldn’t be Rachel’s final choice, some people like to go into these things blind.

But going in blind — as, of course, Peter did — leads to getting blindsided.

“Right now he’s doing damage control and trying his best to cover up how badly this hurt him but the pain is still there.”

Oh that is so sad. Though you can kind of tell that when he’s interviewed, you know?

“He was so shocked by her decision, he thinks she made a huge mistake but he doesn’t want to seem bitter so he’s trying to keep those thoughts to himself, at least publicly.”

Well, whoever is revealing this isn’t doing him any favors then.

(Or are they? None of this is changing our opinion of Peter)

We suddenly find ourselves wondering if Rachel Lindsay, after realizing that Bryan Abasolo was (inexplicably) the guy for her, strung Peter along like she did with greater purpose.

Not for drama on the show or because she wanted to keep her options open with the Hunky Wisconsin native.

What if Rachel saw that Peter was absolutely perfect to be the next Bachelor, so she strung him along and left him devastated like that on television — almost making herself a villain in the process — setting him up perfectly in terms of storyline (mending his broken heart) and viewer sympathy.

He was a strong contender for The Bachelor before, but after that finale, it’s hard to imagine them announcing someone else without outrage.

(Even precious sweetheart fan favorite Dean Unglert, though we remind you that Dean himself wants Peter to be the next Bachelor)

That way, Rachel gets her happily ever after (or happily however long that lasts) with Bryan Abasolo and she sets up a sweet, handsome guy perfectly for his next role.

Rachel did say that she doesn’t want Peter to be the Bachelor, but that could either be honest or part of that elaborate scheme.

But … enough conspiracy theories.

Whatever the case, whatever was going on in Rachel Lindsay’s mind, we don’t have a way of knowing the truth for certain.

But we can understand why Peter would be agonizing over this, wondering how anyone who felt a connection like he did with Rachel could say goodbye to that.

In interviews, though, Peter is being totally cool about it — and that’s how you know that he’s a perfect fit to be the next Bachelor.