Kelly Clarkson Makes Emotional Plea for Gun Control

Kelly Clarkson seemed like an unusual choice at first to host the 2018 Billboard Music Awards.

She's a singer, after all, not a comedian or even an especially notable performer.

Only a few minutes into her monologue, however, it quickly became clear on Sunday night that Clarkson was the right woman for the job.

Not because Clarkson told jokes and not even because she sang an impressive medley of hits, even though she later did exactly this.

But because the original American Idol is a Texas native and was therefore the ideal celebrity to stand up and talk about last week's tragic school shooting in Santa Fe.

"I’m a Texas girl and my home state has had so much heartbreak over this past year.

"Once again, y’all, we’re grieving more kids that have died for absolutely no reason at all,” Clarkson said as the MGM Grand venue was lit black at the start of this awards ceremony.

On Friday, 10 people were shot and killed at a high school in Texas, while 13 others were wounded.

“Tonight they wanted me to say that obviously, we want to pray for all the victims and families," Clarkson continued.

"They also wanted me to do a moment of silence and I’m so sick of moments of silence. It’s not working, obviously.”

Instead, therefore, Clarkson chose to be loud when it comes to this topic, not quiet.

"Why don’t we stop moments of silence and do a moment of action? Why don’t we do a moment of change? Change what’s happening, because it’s horrible.

"Mommas and daddies should be able to send their kids to school, to church, to movie theaters, to clubs. You should be able to live your life without that fear."

Clarkson is a mother of four young kids, two to whom she gave birth and two she took under her care upon marrying Brandon Blackstock.

She went on:

"We are failing our children, we’re failing our communities. We’re failing their families. I have four children.

"I can’t imagine getting that phone call or knock on the door. So instead of a moment of silence, I want to respect them and honor them with tonight y’all in your community, where you live, your friends, everybody.

"Let’s have a moment of action, let’s have a moment of change."

Clarkson's speech will no doube engender controversy.

Plenty of viewers out there were probably standing and applauding, while others were probably wishing a music awards ceremony would stick to handing out music awards.

Prior to moving on and joking about how she isn't qualified to host anything, Clarkson concluded:

"I hate talking about it but you have to talk about it or no change is going to happen."

Amen, right?

Watch the opening remarks below:

Kelly clarkson makes emotional plea for gun control to open bill

Mark Salling Enter Guilty Plea for Possessing Child Porn

Between Corey Monteith’s tragic death and Naya Rivera getting charged with domestic battery, things aren’t going so well for some members of the Glee cast.

But the worst of all has to be where Mark Salling’s life has taken him. 

And he has now entered his guilty plea for possession of child porn.

Back in October, Mark Salling finally agreed to a guilty plea for his child porn charges.

According to the terms of his plea agreement, he’ll serve from 4 to 7 years in prison, followed by 20 years of supervised release.

Obviously, he’ll have to register as a sex offender and enroll in a counseling program.

Considering that prosecutors had found about 50,000 images of prepubescent children on his personal devices and reportedly discovered a video of a 5-year-old girl performing a sex act, he’s getting off lightly.

He could have faced 20 or more years in prison.

Considering that the little girls whose photos and videos he had in his possession will never get to have normal or healthy childhoods, many feel that Salling should rot behind bars.

The legal process works much more slowly than it does on television, folks.

Mark Salling agreed to the plea deal in October, shortly after the former Glee actor reportedly attempted suicide.

He’s entering the plea now, in December.

And he won’t be sentenced until March 7th.

It would be unorthodox for him to receive a sentence beyond the plea agreement that he made with prosecutors, since usually sentencing following a plea deal is mostly a formality.

But there’s always a chance of a dramatic upset if a judge determines that a plea is, for example, too lenient. Or perhaps if new evidence of further wrongdoings is unearthed.

That’s still very unlikely.

4 to 7 years is a long time to have your entire life on hold, and there are some people who would argue that child pornography is a “victimless crime.”

We have to believe that the children who were victimized on camera would disagree.

Any sympathy we might have for someone whose brain has a few crossed wires that cause a blurring of their nurture instincts and their sexual attraction goes away the moment that they participate in the victimization of actual children.

(The same way that we stop feeling sorry for someone whose instincts for food and sex are blurred the moment that they start, you know, eating people)

If it helps quash any lingering vestiges of sympathy for Salling, he allegedly responded to news of Ed Westwick raping his girlfriend by breaking up with her instead of, you know, confronting him, comforting her, or suggesting filing a police report.

Anyway, Mark Salling will spend time in prison.

We hope, however, that the time that he spends in mandatory counseling after his release will help him to combat his urges.

Given that he had tens of thousands of these horrifying images, we’d say that he developed a wildly unhealthy compulsion.

But since he’s dated adult women, we have to assume that he could one day lead a healthy sex life.

Assuming, of course, that any woman would have him.