Amal Clooney: Will Someone Please Bang Jennifer Aniston?!

It’s been eight months since Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux filed for divorce, and in that time, there have been countless rumors about both parties’ romantic prospects.

As is often the case with this sort of thing, those reports have run the gamut from absurd to completely plausible.

Justin dating Emma Stone falls on the “plausible” end of the spectrum (especially since the actors star in a new Netflix series together).

Jen getting back with Brad Pitt?

Well, we probably don’t need to tell you that that one sounds a little too good to be true.

Anyway, just because she’s not knocking boots with her ex, that doesn’t mean Jen is lonely.

According to a new report from Life & Style, Jen has recruited none other than Amal Clooney to help her locate attractive young rich guys to keep her company while she decides her next move.

“Amal knows plenty of intelligent, sexy, successful men who would jump at the chance to date Jen and has been busy compiling a list of eligible bachelors,” a source tells the tabloid. 

“Jen’s ready to get back out there. She completely trusts Amal’s judgment.”

But from the sound of it, Jen is in no hurry to rush right back into a serious relationship:

“[She’s been] asking her girlfriends to set her up with someone in his 20s or 30s who won’t get too attached,” the insider adds.

“Jen’s sick and tired of being portrayed as the heartbroken one and thinks being spotted with a handsome new man on her arm could help set the record straight.”

And the source says Aniston has been quite clear with regard to what she’s looking for:

“Jen’s telling friends that she wants to date a younger guy. But she needs help. She wants her friends to set her up.”

We say go for it.

No one expects rich and famous men to settle down right away after they get divorced.

In fact, they’re encouraged to play the field for a while.

So while we very much doubt that Jen was waiting for our approval to go bang some 21-year-old male model, we hereby officially give her the thumbs-up.


Cheyenne Floyd: I’m Not Racist! Please Watch Me on Teen Mom OG!

Like it or not, Cheyenne Floyd has joined the cast of Teen Mom OG.

And, as it turns out, most people don’t seem to like it.

This is for many reasons.

One, Cheyenne is already kind of celebrity from appearing on other MTV reality shows like Are You the One? and The Challenge.

Does she really need to be on a third show?

Two, she gave birth to her daughter when she was 24 years old, so she is not nor has she ever been a teen mom.

And since that’s the title of the show, it seems like one of the most basic requirements for the main cast members.

Three, the show is called Teen Mom OG, with the “OG” standing for “Original Girls.”

Up until last season, the cast consisted of Amber Portwood, Catelynn Lowell, Maci Bookout, and Farrah Abraham, all girls from the first season of 16 and Pregnant and all girls who have been the Teen Moms from very first episode of the franchise.

Sure, Farrah got herself fired, but still, lots of fans thought the show would be just fine going forward with only Maci, Amber, and Catelynn.

Adding anyone else would take the OG out of Teen Mom OG, and that’s just not cool.

Still, it seems like MTV got super into the five girl format of Teen Mom 2 since Briana joined that show, and so they went and added two new cast members.

That’s how we have not only Cheyenne starring on the show when the season premieres on October 1st, but also Bristol Palin.

What did we do to deserve this?

And on top of all those other reasons why so many people don’t want to see Cheyenne, there’s still a great big one left …

Remember those super weird racist tweets of hers?

She posted them several years ago, but they resurfaced earlier this summer when reports began circulating that she’d be joining the show.

One from 2011 read “My mom said I can’t see The Help, she knows I already have a problem white people.”

Later, she followed that one up with “Last night I saw it and I wanted to kill every white person I saw.”

A few months later, she retweeted a friend who wrote that she and another friend “are the only nazi-loving, black power-having, ‘kill-a-white-baby-if-I-could’ people i can accept and adore.”

It goes without saying that tweeting about killing people, and specifically babies, is not great, no matter what race these imagined murder victims happen to be.

Since MTV hadn’t announced the big news about Cheyenne at that point, there was some speculation that they’d just let her go quietly without having to make a big statement about it.

But since they made the news official earlier this month, clearly they’re still going through with it.

And now, at long last, Cheyenne is speaking out about those infamous tweets.

In a written statement she shared in an Instagram Live post, she explained that “As a mom of a baby, with a biracial Dad and a member of a new blended mix-raced family, I am so sorry that these messages resurfaced and they do not represent me at all.”

“They came from a shared social media account (with many users), during my teenage/college years,” she continued.

“Although I didn’t write them, they were in poor taste and hurtful.”

She finished things out with “Through this experience I have grown up so much and thank God everyday for the woman I am becoming.”

So … hmm.

It’s kind of hard to imagine a teenage girl sharing a Twitter account with many other people, because who does that?

And even if that’s true, her friend still tagged her specifically in the tweet about killing white babies, and by the wording of the tweet, it’s very clear she wasn’t talking about a group of people.

It’s also interesting that she kept quiet about the scandal until she officially became a Teen Mom, isn’t it?

In another post, Cheyenne wrote “I know I was not a teen mom, as did MTV when the reached out to me.”

“As a young mom, I have had to overcome many struggles and face similar issues. It was my hope that my willingness to do the show and share my personal life and struggles could possibly help someone else.”

She said that she also wants “to bring awareness to my daughter’s medical condition, which has very little funding and research.”

(Her daughter has VLCAD deficiency, a condition that makes her body incapable of breaking down certain fats into energy, and it can be serious.)

That’s fine, we guess, but the whole situation is still pretty weird.

But, like we said, she’s going to be on the show whether we like it or not.

Guess we’ll see how everything turns out soon enough!


Kim Kardashian: Please Don’t Hate Me for Meeting with Trump!

Earlier this week, Kim Kardashian did a good deed.

And it didn’t have anything to do with gratuitous nudity, believe it or not.

Nope, while Kim usually brightens the world with selfies or fashion or mindless reality television trash, she used her powers for good by going to the White House to meet with Donald Trump about a woman named Alice Johnson.

You probably know the details on this already — the story and the photo of Kim meeting Trump were pretty widely mocked.

But just in case you missed it, Alice Johnson is a 63-year-old grandma who was sentenced to life in prison without parole for non-violent drug charges — her first arrest, even — all the way back in 1996.

Kim took an interest in Alice, who was obviously unbelievably failed by the justice system, and she used her voice to help take the issue directly to the president.

It worked: Trump granted Alice clemency, and she was released from prison on Wednesday.

After hearing the good news, Kim tweeted that she was “grateful” to Trump, Jared Kushner, and to everyone who helped achieve the goal, because “her commutation is inspirational and gives hope to so many others who are also deserving of a second chance.”

“I hope to continue this important work by working together with organizations who have been fighting this fight for much longer than I have and deserve the recognition,” she added.

So that’s really nice, right?

It was weird to see Kim at the White House with Donald Trump who is somehow still the president, of course, but it’s an undeniably good thing that Alice Johnson was able to be released.

But still, lots and lots of people have been mocking Kim for what happened, and she acknowledges that in a new interview she did with Van Jones.

For one, she admitted she was starstruck — not by Trump, but by the White House itself.

“I never get starstruck,” she said. “I was starstruck over the Oval Office … It really felt powerful, and felt like, you can just feel the history in there.”

“I just took a second to take it all in, and then we talked about it.”

As for Trump, she explained that he told her that the situation with Alice “just isn’t fair,” and that “he knew that this is the right thing to do, and he said that from the start after he had heard her whole story and situation and he knew it was the right thing to do.”

When it was mentioned to her that many other celebrities have been avoiding the White House these days, she said that “Kanye’s already given him legitimacy … you know, in that way.”

Yeah, he has.

Kim didn’t think she would be “used” in any kind of weird way for her celebrity, but “at the end of the day, he heard me out. We got the job done.”

“I juat have to stay focused, and I have to know that if he is the only person in the world that could have done this for her, why wouldn’t I go talk to that person, if I had the opportunity to?” she asked.

“Forget about my fears. Forget about my life. That was the right thing to do.”

That’s actually pretty admirable, right?

She’s been open about her dislike of Trump and his platforms and his ideals and pretty much everything he stands for, and we’ve heard several times that she struggles with how much Kanye likes him.

So after all that, she still met with Trump, despite knowing how hard she’d be mocked and ridiculed, because Trump was the person who could help Alice, and she knew that was more important than her own image.

We’re proud of you, Kimmie!


Jenelle Evans: Will Someone Please Pay David Eason For SOMETHING?!

If you're a Teen Mom 2 fan, then you're probably well aware that David Eason is unemployed.

For a while there, he was making a nice six figures in exchange for allowing an MTV camera crew to document his life of inactivity, but Eason was fired because no amount of money could convince him to keep his homophobic views to himself.

So now David has been forced to rejoin the working world.

Fortunately, he has his residual reality TV fame to help him drum up publicity for his latest business venture.

Unfortunately, he seems utterly clueless about the fact that his marriage to a woman who's been arrested more times than Pablo Escobar hasn't really done any wonders for his reputation.

As much as we can't stand David, we're sort of hoping MTV gives him a spinoff about his little scuba diving company because this promises to be wildly entertaining …

1. Scuba Dave

Scuba dave
David Eason has purchased a business in which he’ll provide “diving and underwater services” to locals in the Jacksonville, North Carolina area. But will anyone be willing to hire him?

2. Buying In

David eason on insta
Based on the company’s page Facebook page, it seems David and Jenelle purchased Elite Marine Diving & Underwater Services for an undisclosed sum and are hoping to hold on to existing clients, as well as attract some new ones.

3. Smart Move

Jenelle evans david eason on instagram
Wisely, the day-to-day operations of the business are being left up to David. From what we’ve seen, Jenelle doesn’t have the temperament for customer service.

4. An Interesting Strategy

Jenelle evans david eason kids easter
The best thing that David could do would be to downplay his marriage to Jenelle and his involvement with Teen Mom 2. But of course, he’s not doing that…

5. Facepalm Moment

Facepalm moment
Yes, Dave is making sure his potential customers know he’s the same David Eason whose wife has been arrested dozens of times for charges ranging from heroin possession to assault.

6. Guilty By Association

Jenelle pointing fingers
Jenelle is currently in another legal mess thanks to an incident in which she allegedly brandished a weapon and threatened a strangers life after being cut off in traffic. Not the sort of thing that’s great for business …

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John McCain: Please Keep Donald Trump Away From My Funeral

About 10 months ago, Senator John McCain revealed his brain cancer diagnosis. It is grim news for the season politician’s loved ones and his many admirers.

McCain reportedly has a final request that is turning heads.

Whenever his funeral may be, he does not want Donald Trump to attend.

John McCain doesn’t know how much longer his extraordinary life will last.

Final requests are a tradition for those who know that their end may be near. Whenever reasonable, they should be respected.

McCain’s final wish … is bound to ruffle some political favors.

Friends and loved ones have been visiting him at his home in Arizona.

Multiple outlets, including The New York Times, have reported that John McCain doesn’t want Trump at his funeral.

Some have seen this as McCain disliking Trump so much that he doesn’t even want him around his remains.

McCain has often voted along with Trump’s agenda. Though he tends to speak out when he disagrees with his party’s efforts and policies, he usually votes along party lines.

But, dating back to before Trump dissed McCain’s military service saying that he prefers soldiers who weren’t captured, there has been no love lost between the two.

So, is this request meant to be “McCain throwing shade” at Trump?

It seems more likely that McCain is thinking of his family and other loved ones. His wife and daughters should not have to deal with the attention-grabbing maelstrom that is Trump, especially on such a solemn day.

Especially since McCain has apparently asked that Mike Pence be sent in Trump’s stead.

That, many feel, speaks more to a man hoping for an uneventful funeral than it does to a man sending a political middle finger.

McCain has reportedly been receiving visitors. Longtime friends and loved ones have come to see him in recent months.

Despite his prognosis — and things do look grim — visitors are apparently not telling him “goodbye” just yet.

McCain is apparently not a fan of what he considers excessive sentimentality.

Some of us may find that shocking, but McCain is a War Hero who survived years of captivity and torture.

He’s tough.

Besides, we think that it is safe to say that the “goodbye” is understood.

McCain’s critics would like to remind people that he is not blameless in the current political crisis.

In 2008, McCain’s team picked Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate, hoping to capitalize on her charismatic appeal to the Republican base in a way that would compete with then-Senator Obama’s “star power.”

Palin, who quickly demonstrated that she was woefully unprepared to be President if needed and lacked a great deal of policy knowledge as well as what some consider to be basic information, changed the political landscape.

She “went rogue” repeatedly during the McCain campaign.

It is not difficult to see the easy parallels between Palin’s lack of preparation, impulsive statements that are contrary to fact, and galavanizing effect on the GOP base with Trump’s campaign.

Many say that, had McCain made a wiser choice in 2008, the Trump Presidency would never have happened.

Many have brought up McCain’s voting record.

Satirical news source The Onion published a headline:

“Lindsey Graham Vows To Uphold John McCain’s Legacy By Blindly Supporting GOP Agenda After Grumbling For A  Few Minutes”

Some consider that headline to be harsh. Others say that it’s a fair assessment. It’s arguably both.

Whatever one thinks of McCain’s political career, voting history, or status as an alleged “maverick” in D.C. … this is a man who has led an extraordinary life of public service to the United States.

His family and loved ones will miss him, as will countless colleagues. Even those who knew him from across the aisle.

And we can all agree that most people would probably prefer that Trump not attend their funerals, either.

Let’s hope that McCain outlives Trump’s political career.


Erika Girardi: Quitting The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? Please, No!

On the heels of last week’s shade-filled reunion, many fans of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are concerned about cast shakeups.

Someone tweeted a rumor that Erika Girardi might be leaving the series — of her own volition!

This could be devastating to her fans.

This heartbreaking rumor was broadcast on Twitter.

“Hearing that @erikajayne has quit #RHOBH and that a statement will be published after this season airs.”

Even the tweeter acknowledges that this dire prediction is not confirmed.

“Could just be a rumor.”

But she thinks that it’s the real deal.

Here is the tweet itself:

Erika Girardi rumor

The tweet continues, this time with less rumor and more opinion.

“However after this season plus Reunion Part 1, I would not be surprised if this [were] true.”

Clearly, not everyone would be sorry to see Erika go.

“And I can’t say I would care either, bye girl!”


It’s understandable that people might believe that this is a sensible time for Erika to leave.

After all, Erika seemed to be a little “checked out” during recent The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills episodes. Including the reunion.

Normally not one to half-ass anything, particularly in defense of herself or of others, she’s limited responses to lines like “I am so confused.”

What’s the most heated that Erika has been on the show lately? The confrontation over “fake amnesia?”

Additionally, look at Erika’s career.

She’s still popular, and her recent memoir made the New York Times Bestseller’s list.

There’s a wisdom in quitting while you’re ahead.

What’s more, Reality Blurb says that their source close to production says that Erika has been threatening to quit.

But … threats aren’t the same as follow-through.

At time same time … Erika might make a mistake if she leaves.

For example, not every Real Housewife gets to become a meme that’s used by people who don’t even know that it’s from a Real Housewives show.

The above gif has been widely used for years across social media platforms. Meme status is something to treasure.

Additionally, though Erika was famous before she ever became a Real Housewife, she might expect for her visibility to fall if she leaves the show.

Just as people might point to her recent book sales making this a great time to leave, it could also be a reminder that being a Real Housewife has its advantages.

If you want to sell something, being on a show makes that a lot easier.

Just saying.

The best evidence that Erika probably isn’t leaving the franchise doesn’t come from speculation about the timing or whatnot.

Recently, Erika was seen doing promo work with Cynthia Bailey and Kandi Burruss.

It would be very strange to be taking promo photos with fellow Real Housewives (especially from a different series) if you’re not, you know, staying with the show.

It sounds to us like Erika threatened to quit, which created rumors that she’s leaving the show, but ultimately stuck with it.

But that’s just our guess, based upon these reports. You never know.


Lamar Odom to Khloe Kardashian: Can I Please See Baby True?!?

Khloe Kardashian likely feels very alone right now.

Yes, the reality star has a number of family members in her corner, but she just gave birth to a little girl while living in a foreign city (Cleveland), which she moved to in order to be close to Tristan Thompson.

And then she found out that Thompson had been cheating on her. A lot.

We feel terrible for Khloe.

We can’t imagine what she has been going through over the past few weeks.

But we’re comforted by the knowledge that she isn’t truly going through it alone.

No, aren’t talking about Khloe’s famous sisters or her mother.

We’re actually talking about her ex-husband, Lamar Odom.

“Lamar’s been texting Khloe, checking on her and the baby and making sure she’s good,” an insider tells Life & Style, adding:

“He just wants to be a bed of comfort to her.”

First: LOL. Who actually talks like that?

It makes us question whether this supposed insider exists.

Second: Odom actually wants to be more than a “bed of comfort.”

The same source goes on to say the following:

“He’s hopeful to meet baby True soon. Like her mother, he knows that True will be absolutely gorgeous and he’d love the honor of holding her in his arms.

“He’s adores that name and only wishes he could have lived up to her name when he was with Khloe.”

This last part has been fairly well-documented.

Ever since he and Kardashian divorce many years ago, Odom has made it clear that he wishes he had acted differently during their marriage.

By the end of the four-year union, Lamar had fallen off the wagon and was back to using drugs.

Sadly, he also admitted to cheating on Khloe during this difficult period of his life.

But that was a long time ago.

Just a day after Thompson’s cheating scandal became public knowledge, Odom supposedly dialed up Khloe and said he wanted to get back together.

We somehow doubt this will happen, despite the strong feelings that still exist between the stars, but a reconciliation with Odom would certainly be a worthy act of revenge on Khloe’s part.

She could really stick it to Tristan that way, sort of how he’s been sticking it to many random women over the past several months with his penis.

Lamar really wants to be part of Khloe and True’s life,” says this same tabloid source, concluding:

“He still loves her and doesn’t want her to have to be a single mother given the state of her relationship with Tristan. He really feels heartbroken for her.”

So do we.

We also feel sort of bad because for her daughter because, well… True Thompson?!?

Where did that name come?

An explanation is below:


Jenelle Evans to Fans: Please Stop Sending David Eason Death Threats!

Jenelle Evans’ reputation has hit rock bottom so many times that we’re not even remotely surprised when she sinks to a new low.

The past week has seen Jenelle drawn into an ugly conflict with her castmates that began with an unprovoked remark from her unemployed husband, David Eason.

For reasons that defy explanation, Eason commented on a photo of Leah Messer’s 8 -year-old daughter, and it was every bit as creepy as it sounds.

David thought the girl was wearing too much makeup, and because it’s not at all weird AF for 30-year-old men to sit around thinking about young girls’ makeup, he decided to let the world know.

But David apparently got upset when people said mean things in response, so now he’s enlisted his wife to defend him:

“Now to me, it looked pretty heavy. To my friends, it looked heavy. So David was the only one who commented on it,” Jenelle said in a video posted to Instagram today.

“He commented on some cheerleading makeup and you guys are sending him death threats. Do you understand how wrong that is?”

Oh, the irony of a woman complaining that people are being mean to her grown-ass husband because he thought it would be smart to publicly to bully a child.

Proving once again that she hasn’t the foggiest notion of how normal people think, Jenelle went on to “defend” Eason by admitting that his main motivation for trash-talking a third grader was revenge against the girl’s mom:

“He doesn’t hate Leah, but when you go on someone’s podcast talking pure shit and when you go on Snapchat talking pure shit, people don’t forget that Leah,” she continued.

“So David decided to comment on it, he didn’t have to go onto her Instagram and comment on it, but you know what, he did and I mean whatcha gonna do about it?”

You almost have to admire the lack of self-awareness here.

Jenelle absolutely lost it when David got fired from Teen Mom 2 for spewing idiotic comments on social media, but now that he’s back at it, she’s trying to act like a nonchalant badass about the whole thing.

The question, Jenelle, is what are you gonna do about it, and this time, it’s not rhetorical.

You see, as long as you’re employed by the network and easily butthurt by fan comments, you’re far from impervious, so you might want to exercise your authority as the sole breadwinner and rein David’s ass in a little bit.

Evans concluded her video with a sarcastic apology to Leah:

“I’m so sorry if my husband got on your account and commented on your Instagram, maybe you should block him or delete him and then you won’t see his comments anymore. Problem solved.”

Does Jenelle remember that she was the one who sent cease and desist letters to her castmates because they made jokes about her on Twitter?

If not, we’ll be happy to remind her,

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to remind yourself of just what an absurd human being Jenelle is.