Tyler Baltierra to Catelynn Lowell: Please Come Home Soon!

Last month, Catelynn Lowell checked into rehab after publicly revealing that she’d been battling suicidal thoughts and severe depression.

Lowell has remained at the faciity ever since, and while she’s been unable to update her many social media followers, her husband, Tyler Baltierra, assures fans that she’s making steady progress and hopes to be home soon.

“My wife is incredibly strong & courageous,” Tyler tweeted earlier this week.

“She inspires me to just be a better human being all around & I’m so honored to share my life with such a selfless soul. I love her so much & can’t wait for her to be home.”

He added the hashtag” #CatelynnStrong,” which Teen Mom: OG fans have been using to discuss their own battles with mental illness and the strength that they’ve gained from seeing Lowell be so candid about her struggles.

The weeks since Catelynn checked into treatment have not been without their fair share of drama, but thankfully, Lowell has been shielded from it for the sake of her mental health.

Just this week, Catelynn’s cast mate Farrah Abraham attacked her on Twitter, claiming that she still smokes pot regularly (despite her claims to the contrary) and that Baltierra is secretly gay.

Tyler dealt with the situation himself on Twitter.

“Well today I thought of every way to kill myself.. so I’m going to treatment #makeChesterProud @TalindaB #KeepTalkingMH #thiswontlast,” Catelynn tweeted just prior to entering treatment back in November.

She referenced the late Linkin Park Chester Bennington, who took his own life in July, and tagged the Linkin Park singer’s wife, Talinda.

“I’m taking the time I need right now to take care of myself for good,” Lowell told Us Weekly in a statement issued later that day.

“On November 17th I thought of every possible way to commit suicide … From wrapping a belt around my neck to just running my car into an electric pole.

“THANK GOD I have a support system and a HUSBAND and a DAUGHTER … thank god I am self-aware,” she added.

“I’m seeking treatment and I WILL get better … anyone feeling alone you ARE NOT ALONE! This world needs all of us! We are all here for a reason … Thank you for your support during this tough time.”

There’s no word yet on when Catelynn will receive treatment, but Baltierra says her treatment has been going smoothly, and 

“We’ve been in Arizona for the past 2 weeks visiting her every Sunday,” Tyler recently wrote on Instagram.

“I have taken a break from everything & chose to really take this time for me and Nova … Without her mom around, she needs me & my devoted attention. Family always comes first!”

Here’s hoping Catelynn continues to receive the love and support she needs.

Watch Teen Mom: OG online for more on Lowell’s valiant struggle.


Chicago Bears’ Zach Miller Gets Emotional Discussing Horrific Injury, ‘Save My Leg, Please’

Bears TE Zach Miller is finally opening up about the gruesome injury that nearly cost him his left leg … tearing up as he describes all that’s gone down in the aftermath.  Miller says he knew the injury was “pretty severe” … so when…


Matt Lauer to Ex-Colleagues: Please Forgive Me!

According to a new report, NBC is treating Matt Lauer like Matt Lauer allegedly treated many former NBC staffers.

That is, the network is showing the disgraced ex-anchor no respect.

The New York Post writes that executives are doing all they possibly can to pretend as though Lauer never worked for their company.

This seems like quite a challenge, considering Lauer was co-host of Today since 1997 and considering his firing last week is maybe the biggest entertainment story of the year.

But props to the network for giving it a shot!

“NBC News is bulldozing and erasing all memory of Matt Lauer,” Page Six reports, claiming the department is “demolishing his office, ripping off his name plate from the building and destroying all pictures of the shamed anchor.”

What about the button underneath Lauer’s desk that automatically locked his office door?

The one he allegedly used when a former employee was inside, after which he bent her over a chair and reportedly assaulted her?

Sources say it is also getting destroyed.

Indeed, this was the most disturbing aspect of the Lauer story that broke several days ago.

Prior to details of the alleged rape even being made public, NBC fired Lauer as co-anchor of Today due to a troubling report by a different former staff member.

Saying the complaint represented “a clear violation of company standards,” NBC News Chairman Andrew Lack explained that he had no choice but to “terminate” Lauer’s employment immediately.

He also said he had reasons to believe there were incidents aside from the one that got Lauer fired.

And, in the days since, those alleged other incidents have been brought to life; with reports claiming Lauer dropped his pants in front of at least one woman and demanded a sex act.

“They are so sickened by his behavior it is almost like they want to pretend he never existed,” Page Six also writes of NBC higher-ups.

Lauer, however, is trying to remind his former colleagues that he’s still around.

And he’s very ashamed.

The embattled journalist is supposedly “offering groveling apologies to…former colleagues by sending personal emails saying, ‘I am truly sorry,” claims an insider, who adds:

“Many of the Today staffers are so shocked and outraged by Lauer’s behavior they have been unable to find the words to write back.”

Or perhaps they simply want nothing to do with this predatory goon.

Al Roker has said that trying to understand the allegations against Lauer is a “process,” while Savannah Guthrie admitted on air that she’s “heartbroken” over the turn of events.

Lauer, meanwhile, has expressed regret and sorrow for his actions in a statement.

“Repairing the damage will take a lot of time and soul searching and I’m committed to beginning that effort,” he said last week, concluding:

“It is now my full time job. The last two days have forced me to take a very hard look at my own troubling flaws.

“It’s been humbling. I am blessed to be surrounded by the people I love. I thank them for their patience and grace.”


He sucks.


NeNe Leakes Sobs About Rape Joke: Please Forgive Me!

NeNe Leakes has always been one of the more controversial cast members of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and that's because she has no filter when it comes to her mouth. 

Long story short: NeNe Leakes was performing standup comedy in Oakland on Saturday night, and she crossed the line by saying that she hoped an Uber driver raped one of the women in the audience. 

"I ain't even gonna tell you about the goddamn Uber driver. I hope he rape yo' ass tonight when he take you home, bitch," she yelled. Instead of laughing, the audience erupted and turned against the outspoken reality TV star.

"And steal yo' funky hello kitty, bitch," she added as the crowd reacted with shock and anger at the crazy scenario. 

Simply put, NeNe should stick to having the Bravo cameras on her, because her stint on the stage was anything but entertaining. The only funny thing about it is that people legit paid money to see NeNe crack some jokes. 

When one fan recorded the whole ordeal, it went viral on the internet, and NeNe realized this was a PR nightmare for her, so she took to her social media accounts thinking she could nip it in the bud with a good old apology. 

"I truly regret and apologize for what I said from the stage in Oakland over the weekend," she began in her message. 

"Sometimes words can cut deep and hurt when you have no intentions of them doing so."

"As a woman and someone who has survived abuse, I regret the words that I used."

"I made a mistake and I should have known better. I hope people accept my deepest and sincerest apologies. I am sorry," she concluded. 

It's always good to apologize, but fans were not buying it. People felt like she only apologized because of the crazy backlash she got in the aftermath of the video going viral. 

So, the latest stage in her apology tour was a live video in which she used tears to her advantage as she tried to stress to fans that she was really sorry. 

While the video does not give all the details, it does appear to hint that the woman who NeNe lashed out at had already tried to cause some drama and NeNe's words were in retaliation. 

"It’s ’cause I said the wrong thing back," NeNe says to an unidentified woman in the video. 

But, the unidentified woman's response actually made a whole lot more sense. 

"And you said it in a moment of passion! It wasn’t something that you sat in the back and that you wrote into your script: “Hey, I’m gonna go out here and call these mother f***ers racist” and do all of that, that was something that happened in an instant," the woman begins. 

"Hell, what we’re doing and what we’re dealing with at this day and age right now — racism is very real, and it’s unfortunate that it had to come out that way, but you know, it’s unfortunate to tell somebody to go kill theyself too because had you killed yourself that night, would this woman be going through that? Would they know that this is happening?" 

It's easier to understand now that there is at least a little bit of context to the story, but NeNe stressed that she should not have reacted the way she did. 

"No because they don’t care. All they care about is what I said. I said — at the end of the day, I just want to be — I never want to cause harm to anybody else, not in that kind of way. Everybody who know me knows that I never would want that to happen," the star concludes. 

It does sound like she's sorry, but being in the spotlight, she should have known that the joke would become a media sensation. 

She may be hating herself right now, but the RHOA producers will love all of the increased attention for the series which returns November 5. 

Watch the full video below and join us in the comments with your thoughts on it. 

Is NeNe sorry? Do you care?



Nene leakes cries about rape joke please forgive me

Dancing With the Stars Recap: Will the Contenders Please Stand Up?

Dancing With the Stars’ 25th season is in full swing on ABC, and there have already been some surprising results to show for it.

Would this week yield more of the same?

This week, the contestants only had to perform a single routine, as opposed to the two they had to learn and perfect a week ago.

The task? A previously unlearned dance to reflect their favorite guilty pleasure, in non-traditional styles like Charleston and jazz.

Let’s break down the performances and the scores. 

Drew Scott and Emma Slater – Argentine Tango – “Red Right Hand” by Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds

Drew Scott has struggled throughout the first few weeks of Dancing with the Stars Season 25, and it was a pleasant surprise to watch the improvement during his performance with Emma this week. 

Drew dressed as a sexy detective, while Emma went with the look of a witness. It worked, and the judges were glad there was a noticeable improvement with the duo. 

Score: 23/30

Derek Fisher and Sharna Burgess – Cha-Cha – “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” by DJ Jazzy Jeff and Will Smith

Like Drew, Derek has struggled to adapt to the routines, so he took extra care to get to grips with everything before the big performance. Being a fan of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, he found himself dancing along with Sharna to the main track from the iconic series. 

He and Sharna dressed up in ’90s clothing and looked the part. The judges noted there was an improvement, but there was still a lot of room for some more. 

Score: 21/30

Victoria Arlen and Val Chmerkovskiy – Quickstep – “Tubthumping” by Chumbawamba

Victoria and Val have been middle of the pack throughout the first few episodes, and this number did nothing to set them apart. There was meaning to the dance and the song choice. 

It was about bullying in high school and how one person overcame it. There was nothing spectacular about the performance, but there was also nothing exactly horrible about it either. 

Score: 22/30

Vanessa Lachey and Alan Bersten – Jazz – “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” by Cyndi Lauper

Unfortunately, Maks was out of the competition for the evening due to a personal matter, and it allowed Alan to step in for some dancing fun. The quality dips when there are changes to a strong duo.

Their routine was exciting and a welcome surprise considering the speedy switcheroo. Despite some middling feedback, it was still a successful performance. 

Score 23/30

Nikki Bella and Artem Chigvintsev – Viennese Waltz – “Love on the Brain” by Rihanna T  

Nikki is a huge fan of romance novels, so we’re kind of surprised she’s a fan of 50 Shades of Grey because what’s romantic about the relationship between Anastasia and Christian? 

They went with a risky performance that was not one we would normally expect from the show, but the judges are all for embracing change. That’s why Len has been giving out some positive feedback this season. 

Score: 21/30

Frankie Muniz and Witney Carson – Samba – “It’s Gonna Be Me” by *NSYNC

Meh. That’s the best way to sum up this performance. Frankie has been a clear frontrunner since the beginning, but this performance seemed way too ambitious to keep it grounded. 

His confidence seemed to take a hit throughout the routine, and that was not a good thing. 

Score: 21/30

Lindsey Stirling and Mark Ballas – Jive – “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” by Wham!

Okay, so this was the big shocker of the night. Dealing with a breakup is not fun, and Mark helped Lindsay through it with a wonderfully choreographed dance routine that got the judges talking for all the right reasons. 

More like this one, you guys!

Score: 27/30

Sasha Pieterse and Gleb Savchenko – Jazz – “I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch)” by The Four Tops

It was one step forward and two steps back for this duo. They went for far too many props for the whole baking guilty pleasure angle, and it hindered their performance. 

The judges took notice, and they raced back down the leaderboard. Sigh. 

Score: 19/30

Nick Lachey and Peta Murgatroyd – Jazz – “Jump (For My Love)” by The Pointer Sisters

Being a fan of romantic comedies, this duo went for a surprisingly romantic performance, and they utilized their skills very well, but it was not enough to gain more traction in the scoring department. 

Score: 21/30

Terrell Owens and Cheryl Burke – Salsa – “The Breaks” by Kurtis Blow

So, Terrell felt bad about liking breakdancing, so he decided to use it in his salsa with Cheryl, and it helped the duo garner their best results of the season. See! Changing things up works. 

Score: 21/30

Jordan Fisher and Lindsay Arnold – Charleston – “The Glory Days” by Michael Giacchino

This performance was colorful, and you can thank Jordan’s love of comic books for that one. It was great, and the sync was amazing. Jordan and Lindsay are so great together that if they don’t make it to the final, we will be very mad. 

Score: 25/30

In a true stunner, there was no elimination, so everyone gets to dance another day!

What do you think of the scores?

Sound off below!

Dancing with the Stars continues next Monday on ABC!