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Jenelle Evans Posts Drone Pic of Fence 100 Feet From Pool, Threatens to Sue Radar Online

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans hit back at reports that she’s a bad parent and possibly breaking the law for not installing a pool fence.

Tweeting a photo that allegedly proves her argument, the Carolina Hurricane threatened legal action against one celebrity gossip site.

If you watch Teen Mom 2 or read any celebrity gossip at all, you know Evans failing at parenting is a commonplace occurrance.

In this case, though, it is much, much worse.

It’s potentially illegal and life-threatening.

Last year, after building a house on The Land atop of a sinkhole, Jenelle decided to get a pool for her rapidly-expanding brood.

She’s shared a lot of pictures of it on social media, because that’s what she does, but those photos revealed a glaring omission:

A fence around the in-ground swim hole.

Her legion of obsessive, vocal social media followers have been all over this alleged oversight, dating back to last fall in fact.

All the way back in September, she tweeted that “of course” she put a fence around it, with “a pull lock like at public pools.”

This is obvious, dude. “To get your permit approved,” the MTV star insisted, you have to get a fence, also to protect wildlife.”

Good answer, except it’s summer now, and as she posts more photos and videos than ever … there’s still a lack of fence.

Right? WRONG, says Jenelle, who took to Twitter to post this EXCLUSIVE evidence and threaten to sue Radar Online:

According to Jenelle, this drone pic absolves her of any wrongdoing, because open your eyes. There’s a fence, haters. See?!

Yes, laugh-cry emoji and all.

We’re laugh-crying alright, but not for the reason she thinks. The fence, while existing, covers pretty much the entire backyard.

By little kid standards, this is around 3.5 miles from the pool, with ample room to romp directly in and around it as they see fit.

(Also, the David Eason shirtless cameo represents a proud moment for redneck husbands normally confined to above-ground pools.)

But back to the lecture at hand: North Carolina building codes state that pools must have barriers that meet certain standards.

There are specific measurements that barriers must have, but it’s all academic, as there’s clearly nothing constituting a “barrier” here.

Will anything come from this scandal? Probably not. Does Evans’ fence, as it stands now, in the next town over, pose any real threat?

Probably not.

But the idea that she’s sticking it to a celebrity news outlet and proving the haters wrong with this tweet is nothing if not hilarious.

Are sites like Radar and THG making a bigger deal out of something than necessary? There’s an argument to be made there.

Are we wrong, though? And are we doing anything beyond analyzing her own photos and her own fans’ remarks online? Hardly.  

It pales in comparison to many previous Jenelle scandals, to be fair. But not because the lack of a fence isn’t worth mentioning.

We’re just talking about a girl who’s done heroin, abused animals, stolen her mother’s credit cards and had DCS show up 20 times.

It’s all relative.


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