Fredo Santana Dies; Popular Rapper Was 27

Fredo Santana, a popular rapper who originally made a name for himself as part of the Chicago music scene, was found dead on Friday night.

He was 27 years old.

According to TMZ, per close family members of the late musician, Santana was discovered by his girlfriend around 11:30 p.m. in Los Angeles.

He has recently been hospitalized for kidney and liver problems, allegedly due to an addiction to the substance known as “lean.”

(Lean is a mixture of prescription-strength cough syrup and codeine. It is typically mixed with other ingredients, such as lemon-lime soda and/or pieces of hard candy, like Jolly Ranchers.)

Santana had talked openly about this addiction.

Lean is also believed to cause seizures, which is likely what led to the rapper’s death.

In response to this sad piece of news, a number of artists have taken to social media in tribute of Fredo Santana.

“Rest In Peace Santana,” wrote Drake as a caption to the following image, for example.

“RIP Fredo Santana f–kkkk man, @ChiefKeef is going to need a lot of love and support, Fredo was his number 1,” Milonakis added.

After going to the hospital in October for his lean problem, Santana posted the following message on Instagram:

“Been in here since Friday doctor say a nigga had kidney failure an liver failure. Thanks for everyone who prayed for a nigga I wouldn’t wish this on my worse enemy.”

He later admitted that he was thinking of checking into rehab.

“Hopefully I can be the face to sho niggas to slow down an we got our whole life ahead of us fuck being rock stars gettin high I got ptsd,” he Tweeted, adding:

“I was running from my old life tryna get high didn’t want to face them demons…I’m getting help I might just go to rehab.”

Alas, Santana never followed through on this consideration.

with baby mama

Fredo Santana was the cousin of Chief Keef.

He burst on to the scene via collaborations with his famous relative, but eventually carved his own niche via such mixtapes as “Fredo Kruger,” “It’s a Scary Site and his “Trappin Ain’t Dead” album. 

Santana was working on the second installment in his Walking Legend mixtape series before he passed.

The rapper also became a father for the first time eight months ago.

He is survived by his young son, Legend.

Strangely enough, Santana is the latest big name to pass away at the age of 27, as noted below:

May Fredo Santana rest in peace.

UPDATE: Lil The Based God has also weighed in on the tragedy as follows:

“Let one off in the air for fredo santana !!

“For life they cudnt stop that man SSR for life CHICAGO for life Chief Keef chop durk Reese Gino sd the whole Chicago what it do joe we living it up joe Chicago joe for life too fredo.”


Shane Dawson, Wildly Popular YouTube Star, Apologizes for Pedophilia Joke

You know what?

We’re starting to think these YouTube personalities only care about making money…

In the wake of Logan Paul being whacked in the wallet by this platform after he shared a video of a dead body on his account, Shane Dawson has now come out and issued an apology of his own.

Like Paul, Dawson is well known for having a popular YouTube account and for posting basically anything and everything on there.

He has over 11 million subscribers.

On Wednesday evening, however, a YouTube channel named “Pop Blast” posted footage to its 677,000 fans titled “I think Shane Dawson is a pedophile. Here’s my proof.”

Cue a troubling clip in which Dawson is heard making quips about a “sexy” child.

When followers started to voice their outrage at the star’s words, the YouTuber chose to respond with his own video, opening the 14-minute reply by sharing the controversial quotes in question.

“I went to Google and I didn’t want to see child porn,” says Dawson in the scandalous footage.

He continues:

“I just wanted to see, let me pretend I’m a pedophile for a second. So I typed in naked baby. First of all, I don’t understand why anybody would be turned on by that.

“But, they were sexy. I’m kidding.”

Few, though, found this attempt at a joke to be funny.

In his response, Dawson explained why he played it again for everyone.

“I wanted to play that clip in full – that moment especially in full – just for context because that seems to be missing nowadays,” he says in the video below, adding:

“I can’t believe I’m having this make this video. I’m going to start by saying I’m not a f-cking pedophile. I go on record saying I am not a f-cking pedophile. Got it? Great. There’s my statement.

“It’s disgusting that people are saying I’m a f-cking pedophile because of some s—ty ass f-cking jokes from six years ago on a podcast.”

Despite clearly being pissed that he’s in this situation, Dawson did acknowledge the misguided language he chose to use in the original clip.

“I’m going to apologize first. I’m sorry that I used to make really s—ty f–king jokes,” he said on Wednesday, going on as follows:

“I’m sorry that I was so f-cking insecure and playing this character of this guy who’s crazy and will say anything and tries to make people laugh by shocking them. That was my thing. That is what I did on YouTube.

“Back in the day, 2008-2012ish, that was my thing. I loved the feeling of making somebody shocked and laugh because they couldn’t believe what was coming out of my mouth.

“I wasn’t confident enough to make smarter jokes. I was making the easy jokes…I was doing some f-cked up comedy stuff that I’m not proud of.”

Dawson proceeded to remind fans that he, himself, has been molested and has evolved significantly over the years as a content creator.

He concluded:

“I think that’s why it hurts the most is having my name put next to the word pedophile is actually the most triggering and the most heartbreaking thing I’ve literally ever seen.

“I’ve been called everything. I’ve been on YouTube for a long time.

“I’m so sorry if that triggered you or offended you or hurt your feelings. It triggers me listening to that.”

In the end?

“I’m sorry for making offensive jokes. I’m sorry that these are making people uncomfortable but it’s also very out of context. When you listen to the full thing, it’s still s—ty and creepy and bad jokes but it’s not me being a pedophile.

“This is not proof of me being a pedophile.”

He probably has a point.

But still: perhaps fewer people ought to admire and support these random people who have nothing to offer the world except lots of attention-seeking videos.


Game of Thrones: Officially More Popular Than Porn!

On Sunday night, Game of Thrones set a ratings record.

With 10.1 million viewers tuning in for the original broadcast, “Dragonstone” became the most-watched season premiere in the history of HBO.

Heck, it even shattered the mark for the highest number of concurrent viewers on HBO Go and HBO Now.

This doesn’t really come as a shock, of course. We all know Game of Thrones is a big deal in pop culture.

But the above records only tell a small part of how popular Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 1 turned out to be.

For further, truly insightful analysis, we turn to the good folks at… Porn Hub?!?


The website has kept a running tally for years on the effect Game of Thrones episodes have on its traffic… and it just released a chart that depicts how viewership dropped 4.5% this past Sunday night when compared to typical Sunday nights on Porn Hub.

As you can see below, this is usually a popular evening for men (or women!) to log online and ogle some bare butts, boobs, penises or vaginas.

They may even masturbate to these body parts and/or to what these body parts are doing to each other.

hub, porn

But Game of Thrones has been known to feature its own fair share of boobs and butts.

Moreover, there are dragons!

And White Walkers!

And palace intrigue, murderous young members of the Stark family and even Ed Sheerhan!

This season’s opener provided a slightly more significant drop than last year’s premiere, when traffic was down only 4.1 percent.

However, if last season is any indication, every Sunday night will see a dip going forward, as the following Porn Hub chart illustrates:

porn vs. got

Following a Game 6 finale in which hundreds of people died and Cersei took over the Iron Throne, the Game of Thrones Season 7 premiere was pretty tame.

But it did move various characters in various players, setting up clear battle lines and setting the stage for two major battles to come:

  1. Dany and company against Cersei and company.
  2. Everyone against The Night King.

Both of these storylines are interesting enough that people around the Internet would prefer to see how they play out instead of seeing how porn stars online scream out in ecstasy.

Winter is coming, indeed, but no one else is on Sunday nights.


Austin Jones, Popular YouTube Star, Arrested on Child Porn Charges

Austin Jones, a YouTube star with over 500,000 subscribers to his online channel, was arrested Monday night on child pornography charges.

Known for his a capella covers of pop songs, the 24-year old was charged this week with two counts of production of child pornography.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, which broke this disturbing piece of news, Jones is scheduled to appear in court tomorrow for a detention hearing.

He must remain in federal custody until then because, according to prosecutors, the singer is a “risk to the community and there’s a danger he’ll flee.”


If convicted, Jones could spend 15 years behind bars.

Court documents obtained by the aforementioned newspaper outline how Jones was allegedly in communication with a pair of underage females in August of 2016 and May of this year.

The exchanges took place via Facebook.

In one instance, a 14-year old told Austin that she was his biggest fan and he asked her to “prove” it by sending him sexually explicit videos.

A resident of Bloomingdale, Illinois, Jones was taken into custody at O’Hare Airport by Customs and Border Patrol and Homeland Security agents.

He reportedly gave a recorded interview at the scene in which he confessed to the charges against him.

In May of 2015, Jones issued a lengthy statement/apology in regard allegations that he lied about his age to solicit “twerking” videos from underage girls.

“I’m embarrassed,” Jones said on Facebook, adding at the time:

“I’d have conversations online with girls that would involve me asking them to create a video of themselves twerking. Sometimes I’d make videos of myself doing some twerk moves in return.

Here’s the truth: I NEVER asked them to do anything more than send a twerking video. Nothing EVER went beyond that.”

Continued Jones by way of explanation two years ago:

“I’ve been in therapy, seeking help to discover why I communicated with my fans in a way that I have come to fully realize was not appropriate…

“To anyone that I have made feel uncomfortable or awkward, I am deeply sorry for the hurt and shame I may have caused you.”

He concluded:

“To those who have and will continue to support me, please know I never meant to let you down and I am doing everything I can – with the help of my family and friends – to pick myself back up and be a better person.

“Thanks for believing in me. Please be good to each other and we’ll see each other soon.”

Austin has achieved viral fame by covering artists such as Justin Bieber, Twenty One Pilots and Fall Out Boy; his videos have garnered over 25 million views since he started his YouTube page in 2007.

In 2014, he released an EP titled “We’ll Fall Together.”

According to his Instagram, which boasts more than 300,000 followers, Jones was previously on tour and recently performed in Poland.

According to this criminal complaint, he asked one 14-year old girl to send him 10 videos of herself exposing her body, telling her what to wear and how to dance in them.

In a conversation last August with another victim, Jones allegedly acknowledged the girl was 14 and that he was 23 at the time.

He supposedly said to her that if she was “lucky,” she would get to perform a sex act on him.

Federal agents say this girl sent him 25 videos, including eight of her exposing her genitals.

After his arrest, Jones admitted requesting and receiving videos from the victims, and he admitted it was for sexual pleasure, based on the complaint.