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Post Malone R. Kelly Did a Lot of ‘F***ed Up S***’ … So Yank the Collabs


R. Kelly deserves what he’s getting — especially with artists pulling their collabs from streaming services — because he’s done a lot of “f**ked up s***” … so says Post Malone.

We got the rapper leaving The Grove in L.A. Monday night, hand-in-hand with his lady friend, and he made it clear he’s not down with French Montana and DJ Paul … both of whom said R. Kelly’s musical legacy will live on despite Lifetime’s docuseries.

Post was tentative at first, but ultimately he speaks his piece … he believes the women accusing R. Kelly.

As we’ve reported, Lady Gaga, Celine Dion, The Pussycat Dolls, Chance the Rapper and Ciara have either pulled their R. Kelly featured tracks, or are in the middle of doing so. 

Kylie Jenner Loses Most Liked IG Post to an Egg … 18M+ and Counting

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It’s official … more people like a photo of an egg (handsome in its own right) than they do a pic of Kylie Jenner‘s baby, Stormi, latching onto mama bear. 

Kylie lost the coveted title of Instagram’s most liked post on Sundyay to an account called world_record_egg … which was created earlier this month with only one goal — beat Kylie on IG. The account features just one post on its timeline … a pic of a brown egg.

The photo of the egg just passed Kylie’s milestone of 18,186,810 likes on Instagram, and the number’s still rising. Prior to the defeat, Kylie’s post from last February showing Stormi squeezing her mom’s thumb with her tiny baby hands was the record holder.

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stormi webster 👼🏽

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Congrats to the egg gang for … this … we guess. Kylie’s still rich, and we’re sure she’ll be back with something even cuter soon enough. 

But for now … Egg is King.

Post Malone Next Cowboys Prediction?? We’re Going To Kick Seahawks’ Ass!!!


Looking for the inside track when it comes to NFL betting this weekend?

Here’s Post Malone … who’s friends with a bunch of the Dallas Cowboys and says he’s seriously convinced they’re gonna beat the dog snot out of the Seahawks on Saturday.

Hey, so far this season Post has been pretty good with predictions — he put out a song last weekend correctly calling the outcome of the Cowboys vs. Giants game. 

But, Post ain’t using rap lyrics to make his next Miss Cleo forecast … ’cause he’s straight-up guaranteeing a Seahawks ass kicking this weekend AND a Cowboys trip to the Super Bowl!!

“We’re going to kick some ass. I know it for a fact, we’re going to kick some ass. I know we’re going to get it on and make some trouble.”

“And, I’ll see you at the Super Bowl. Let’s get it on.”

BTW … if you’re wondering how Post will celebrate another correct prediction — we’re pretty sure it ain’t gonna look much different than this

Post Malone to NY Giants Fan You Lost, So Put on My Jacket Bro … Talk About Wow., Huh?


Post Malone is out here rapping Cowboys victories into existence — and with a crazy win over the Giants, he celebrated in the best way possible … making the other guy wear your team’s gear.

The Texas native was at the Cowboys/Giants game Sunday in NY, where he was surrounded by Giants fans … one of whom we’re told he made a bet with. It was simple — if my Cowboys win, ya gotta rock my Cowboys jacket. Well, they won all right … in epic fashion.

With just about a minute left, Dak Prescott threw what you might call a Hail Mary down the field to Cole Beasley, who made an incredible catch in the end zone. At first, it looked like he was out of bounds and the pass was incomplete, but upon further review … it was ruled a TD. 

The Cowboys made a two-point conversion after that and went on to win it 36-35. Post, of course, was ecstatic … and, of course, followed up on the bet by making the Giants fan put on his Dallas coat. In this clip, obtained by TMZ, you can see the guy was a good sport.

What’s even crazier … Post rapped about this exact same scenario happening in his new single, “Wow.” … almost down to a tee. 

No words … literally, none. 

LeBron James Meant No Harm w/ ‘Jewish Money’ Post Says NBA Agent Daniel Hazan


LeBron James not getting fined for his “Jewish Money” post was the right call … so says NBA agent Daniel Hazan who is also Jewish.

We got the super agent out Monday night in NYC and had to ask him about LeBron’s XMAS Eve Instagram post that sparked backlash. ICYMI … LeBron posted a pic on IG with the caption “getting that Jewish money” which he THOUGHT was a compliment to Jews. It’s not, so LeBron apologized.

Hazan — the CEO and founder of Hazan Sports Management — dropped a little knowledge on us about the term and why it’s seeded with anti-Semitism. Hazan also explains what he thinks LeBron was trying to convey with the message. Bottom line … LeBron shot and missed with his post but Hazan does give LeBron credit for one thing.


Post Malone On Target for XMAS!!!


Post Malone took advantage of some deep, deep discounts hours before Christmas Day … hitting up a Target and getting some super sweet deals.

P.M. had his eyes on electronics at the Salt Lake City store … just after 4 PM on XMAS Eve. He was there with a woman … eyewitnesses say it’s his GF.

Post was the beneficiary of the last-minute sales and plunked down more than $ 200 on stuff.

$ 200 doesn’t sound like a lot … but it looks like he hit a bullseye to land what he needed before XMAS.

LeBron James Apologizes for ‘Jewish Money’ IG Post

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LeBron James busted out a big “Sleecha” to Jewish people on Sunday — after posting a photo on Instagram with the caption, “Getting that Jewish money.”

Long story short, LeBron says he thought it was a “compliment” to Jews. 

James was actually quoting a lyric from the 21 Savage rap song “ASMR” — but there was a backlash online from people who felt someone as famous and powerful as LeBron shouldn’t be pushing old Anti-Semitic stereotypes. 

“Apologies, for sure, if I offended anyone,” James told ESPN … “That’s not why I chose to share that lyric. I always [post lyrics]. That’s what I do. I ride in my car, I listen to great music, and that was the byproduct of it.”

“So, I actually thought it was a compliment, and obviously it wasn’t through the lens of a lot of people. My apologies. It definitely was not the intent, obviously, to hurt anybody.”

Despite LeBron’s intent, there have been hundreds of books and articles written over the years about why the “Jews and Money” stereotype is a dangerous one.  

Quite simply, it’s been used a rallying cry to fuel anti-Semitism for hundreds of years. 

As far as the NBA is involved, ESPN reports he will not be fined for the posting the lyrics.